Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 323 - 9/20/67

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Maggie sleeps with Sarah's doll.

Two police officers outside the Evans' place see someone approaching the house.

A figure appears outside Maggie's bedroom window. The police call to him, and then several shots are fired. Maggie wakes up screaming, and Sam and Joe rush in. A policeman enters, and tells them the intruder was shot 5 times.

Maggie and Sam are in the front room. Joe comes in and says it was Willie Loomis who was shot.

The sheriff enters to use the phone, and says that Willie isn't dead. He calls Dr. Woodard and says they caught the kidnapper. He says Willie has been shot, but is still breathing. Sam says he's surprised to hear it was Willie. He assumed the kidnapper would have been a bigger person. Joe describes how Willie changed for the better after working for Barnabas. Maggie asks if it might have been a mistake. The sheriff says his men didn't do anything until they were sure Willie was breaking in.

Barnabas looks at the portrait of Sarah in the family album. There's a knock at the door, and he opens it to find Julia. She's impressed that he followed her advice. Barnabas explains that he did not. He started off to kill Maggie when he heard Sarah's music. Another knock at the door comes in the form of the sheriff. He tells Barnabas that Willie was shot outside Maggie's house. Barnabas is shocked.

The sheriff says he'll need to ask Barnabas about Willie's behavior. Barnabas asks if Willie has made a statement, and the sheriff confirms he did not. He then asks if it would be okay to visit Maggie, and the sheriff invites them both to join him.

In the forest, the sheriff points out to Barnabas and Julia where Willie was shot. They then enter the house, where Barnabas extends his condolences. He apologizes for thinking he could rehabilitate Willie. Sam says he seemed to be succeeding. Sam points out the trap worked, and Barnabas perks up. Sam details how they lied about Maggie getting her memory back. Julia asks her if she remembers anything, and Maggie says no. The sheriff mentions that he talked to Woodard, and Willie is in a coma.

Barnabas paces around the old house in a smoking jacket. Julia returns to the old house and updates him on Willie's condition. She says Willie isn't expected to survive.

Joe and Sam drink coffee and breathe easy.

Barnabas runs through the list of those left who can expose him. He thinks of his cousin David, who he must get under control soon.

Our thoughts

John: Once again, if I didn't know better, I'd believe Willie was done. Put a fork in him!

Christine: You can expect he'll survive, but how will he beat the kidnapping charge? It was a nice twist the way we were led to believe that Barnabas was at Maggie's french doors and had been shot, but would not have been harmed by ordinary bullets and got away.

John: Barnabas was shocked to hear that a trap was set to catch Maggie's abductor. I wonder if he realizes that he was lucky to have not made it out to Maggie's place after all.

Christine: It has also not occurred to him that having Willie take the fall for Maggie's kidnapping works out nicely for him. He is overly concerned that Willie will talk, but is not considering the fact that no one will believe him if he does. He needs to do some more voiceover thinking and staring out the window to come to that conclusion.

John: And just like that, David is back in the spotlight! Let's see how he manages to avoid Barnabas' wrath.

Christine: I think we can expect Sarah to put the kibosh on any nefarious plans he has for his little cousin David.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 322 - 9/19/67

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Barnabas prepares to leave the old house to kill Maggie. As he steps outside, Julia is waiting for him. She says she must speak to him, and he invites her in. She tells him she know he plans to kill Maggie. He points out that she's been talking to his 'trusted servant' Willie. He says Willie tends to exaggerate what he says. He tells Julia that he would only have to kill Maggie if her memory returned. He tells her that he trusts her implicitly when she says Maggie won't remember. She points out that he's lying to her. He tells her if that's true, she'll accept Maggie's death as necessary.

She says that if he does kill Maggie, he'll be revealed for what he is and destroyed. She says that she gave a letter to a trusted friend to turn over to authorities in the event of her or Maggie's death. He points out that she might be bluffing, and she suggests that he not take that risk.

Maggie wakes up with a start and calls for her father. She speaks of feeling like she's being watched, and we see Barnabas staring out the window of the old house. Sam reminds her that the house is surrounded by policemen.

Willie paces in the garden at Collinwood when Julia returns. She tells him that Maggie is safe. She tells Willie about the letter she told Barnabas about, and then admits that it doesn't exist.

In the old house, Barnabas ponders whether Julia is lying to him. He decides she was in fact lying, and resumes his plan to kill Maggie. Suddenly he hears the London Bridge music, and he calls out mournfully to his sister Sarah.

Joe arrives to see Maggie with the doll from Dr. Woodard. Maggie wonders aloud if Sarah knows who kidnapped her. She then feels a strange warmth, and asks Joe and Sam if they feel it. She slowly drifts off to sleep.

Willie thinks to himself that Julia didn't fool Barnabas. He's sure that Maggie will be Barnabas' next victim. He decides he has to warn Maggie, but then admits that he can't.

Joe and Sam stand in the woods. Joe suggests they should get Maggie out of town as soon as possible. Sam agrees, and says they should return to the house.

Two police officers outside the Evans' place see someone approaching the house.

A figure appears outside the door to Maggie's room. The police shout, followed by several shots fired. Sam and Joe rush in, and a police officer says they shot someone five times.

Our thoughts

John: Wouldn't it be funny if Julia's letter was in the hotel safe next to Sam's!

Christine: Julia and Barnabas continue to be a delight to watch when they are sparring. I loved her cheshire cat grin when he declared her the victor.

Congratulations, Doctor. Once again, you seem to have the upper hand. -Barnabas

John: If you were lying to Barnabas, would you really choose Willie to confide in? Something tells me that decision is going to come back to haunt Julia.

Christine: She may not fully understand the power he has over Willie that would enable her to realize why confiding in him could be a mistake.

John: Barnabas having a discussion with his internal monologue was certainly awkward.

Christine: As was his blubbering over sister Sarah shunning him.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 321 - 9/18/67

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Willie accuses Barnabas of planning to kill Maggie Evans. Barnabas indicates that he has no choice. He's going to kill her tonight.

Willie tells him he'll never get away with it. Barnabas says he isn't concerned with the idiots protecting her. Willie says Julia might turn on him if he kills Maggie. She walks in to give him his injection. She says that she's pleased that Barnabas truly trusts her, and that he's not worried about Maggie.

Sam returns home and tells Maggie there's nothing to be afraid of, since there are men hidden everywhere to protect her. Outside, Sarah appears.

Maggie falls asleep in her chair, and Sarah appears in her bedroom. She wakes Maggie and tells her she shouldn't sleep in a chair. Maggie asks if she's real or if she's dreaming. Sarah tells her she's real. Maggie asks why she's there, and Sarah tells her because she wanted her to come. She asks how she got in, and Sarah said she found a way. Maggie points out that all the doors and windows are locked, and Sarah says she has ways of getting in. Maggie asks her to stay while she gets a glass of milk. Sarah says she'll leave if Maggie leaves, or if anyone else comes in the room. She says she came to see Maggie and no one else. Sarah asks Maggie why she wanted her to come. Sarah asks her where her doll is. Maggie says she loaned it to Dr. Woodard. Sarah says she has to get it back. She has to have it. Sarah says she has to go. Maggie asks her to wait a minute. She tells Maggie not to call her father, but Maggie does, and Sarah disappears. Sam comes in, and Maggie explains that Sarah was there. He probes to see if she was sleeping or imagining it. Maggie tells him that Sarah told her she needed to get her doll back from Dr. Woodard tonight.

Julia is outside the main house when Willie whispers to her. He says he has to talk to her. He says she has to stop Barnabas from killing Maggie tonight. She asks if he's sure, and Willie says she's the only one who can stop him. She tells Willie she believes him. He asks what she's going to do, and she says she's going to the old house and will reason with him. She tells Willie to wait until she returns.

Sam tells Maggie that none of the men guarding the house saw Sarah. Maggie says she's sure Sarah was trying to warn her. Sam confirms that Joe is getting the doll from Woodard and will bring it to her. She tells Sam that if Sarah could get in past the guards, someone else could. They hear the wolves outside.

In the old house, Barnabas prepares to leave to kill Maggie.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas is playing Julia, and she's completely unaware. You'd think she'd be the slightest bit suspicious, him even prodding her about it being time for his injection.

Christine: Julia's judgement may be clouded by the fond feelings she has for Barnabas. I thought it was funny the way she winced while giving him his injection.

John: If Sam hadn't previously seen Sarah, I could see him writing off Maggie's experience as a dream or hallucination. But he did, and he still doesn't seem worried that whoever's after Maggie might slip past her protectors as well...

Christine: I'm assuming Sarah wants Maggie to have the doll so that Barnabas won't kill her when he sees it, but why doesn't she just show up herself to stop him? Is there some reason she can't appear before him?

John: Poor Willie likely has another beating coming his way when Barnabas finds out he told Julia of his plans.

Christine: He may get more than a beating. Barnabas may decide to do away with Willie and have Julia take his place as vampire servant, to punish them both.

Goodbye, Maggie Evans. I might have loved you. I might have spared you. But must die. -Barnabas

Friday, September 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 320 - 9/15/67

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In a dream, David sees Barnabas baring his fangs and screams. He wakes up screaming when Vicki and Burke run in to check on him. He says he was scared, but that he'll be fine. They tell him they'll be downstairs if he needs them, and he asks Burke not to turn off the light.

Outside his room, Vicki says David has been disturbed for days. David comes out and asks to speak to Burke privately. They go into his room, and he tells Burke that he does remember his dream. He didn't want to tell Vicki, as he thought she'd be mad since the dream was about her friend Barnabas. Burke asks what his dream was. David says he was in a dark spooky place, and he turned around to see Barnabas, who was going to do something horrible to him. He describes his face as twisted, mean and ugly. Burke asks if he has any reason to fear Barnabas. He says no, but he says he doesn't like how Barnabas looks at him sometimes. Burke tells him his relative wouldn't harm him. David asks Burke to promise not to let Barnabas come near him.

Vicki tells Burke she doesn't understand why David would have such a nightmare about Barnabas. He was very concerned when David was missing. Burke says that kids can be a better judge of character than adults. Vicki gets upset at Burke for being suspicious of Barnabas again. There's a knock at the door, and Vicki answers it to find Barnabas. He asks about Miss Hoffman. VIcki says she's out, and he asks her to send her to the old house as soon as she arrives, for an urgent matter. Burke points out that Barnabas has never been in such a rush that he didn't even say hello to Vicki.

Burke is staring at the Barnabas portrait when Julia returns home. He passes on the urgent message from Barnabas. She says he must have new information for her book. Burke asks who else she's talked to about her book. She doesn't provide any specifics. She says Barnabas has been her first interview, and she'll explore others once she's done with him. She leaves to go to the old house, and Burke returns to the portrait of Barnabas.

Barnabas asks Willie where Julia could be. There's a knock at the door and Willie lets Julia in. Barnabas tells her she's blundered, and that Maggie's memory is returning. She says it's not possible, and Willie explains what he heard at The Blue Whale. She reiterates that the only way she could regain that memory is if she hypnotizes her again and tells her to. Barnabas tells her to go to Maggie immediately. She tells him she can't, because she's no longer Maggie's doctor. Barnabas tells her that this blunder may cost Julia her life. She tells him he has to trust her. Barnabas says that perhaps his fears were without cause. She tells him he's being sensible. He asks if it's time for his injection, and she says yes.

After she leaves, Willie tells Barnabas he knows that he's still planning to kill Maggie Evans. Barnabas tells him that he's going to do it tonight.

Our thoughts

John: The black and white kinescope enhances David's dream in which he sees Barnabas as a vampire.

I'm crushing your head, David.

Christine: That was some nightmare! I'm partial to B&W, but I think it would have also been scary in color.

John: Barnabas was very out of character when he dropped by Collinwood looking for Julia. But only Burke picked up on it. And he's pushing his luck with Vicki again.

Christine: Barnabas is losing his cool. Could it be a side effect of Julia's experiments?

John: So Willie noticed, and we noticed. How could Julia not tell that Barnabas was making plans to kill Maggie regardless of what she said?

Christine: She may want to believe that she's got some influence over him and that he is beginning to trust her.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 319 - 9/14/67

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Sam is worrying when Maggie returns home. He asks where she was, and she explains she just went out for fresh air. Sam tells her that something happened, and shows her a newspaper headline reading ANOTHER GIRL ATTACKED. He tells her she has to be more careful than ever.

There's a knock at the door, and Sam heroically offers to get the door. He opens it without asking who it is, but it's only Dr. Woodard. He tells Maggie that he treated the girl and she'll be all right. He says she had some scratches on her neck and lost a little blood. He asks her if he can speak to her father alone. She leaves to make coffee, and Woodard tells Sam that the attacker is far from ordinary. He tells Sam he's got a risky plan. He wants to set a trap for the maniac. He wants to tell the townspeople that Maggie is getting her memory back, as a means to lure him out of hiding. Sam is angry that he would ask him to risk his daughter's life, and he refuses.

Barnabas reads the newspaper headline and tosses his copy into the fireplace. Willie comes in and asks why he did it. He says the police are asking questions all around town. Barnabas tells Willie that he doesn't have to explain himself. Willie tells Barnabas that he did it because he was scared. Scared of Sarah, and scared of losing his power. Barnabas barks at Willie to be quiet. Barnabas sends Willie into town to find out what's being said.

As he works with her, Maggie tells Woodard that she still doesn't remember anything. She asks what he talked to her father over. He says he had a plan to lure her attacker out of hiding, but Sam said no. She asks for the details, and he explains he wants to let people believe she's getting her memory back. She says she wants to help, and she'll persuade her father, so she can stop living in fear. He leaves, and she picks up the phone to make a call.

The sheriff arrives at Maggie's and says she thinks there's a flaw in her plan. Sam walks in and asks what the sheriff is there for. Maggie says she told him about Woodard's plan. Sam says he forbids it. She asks the sheriff to convince Sam. He says that if Sam told people she was getting her memory back, it would be an obvious trap, since he wouldn't willingly risk her life. Maggie says it wouldn't be true if he were drunk. The sheriff says he could attempt to keep him from talking to make it seem true. She pleads for her father to help her. Sam asks if the sheriff can guarantee her safety, and reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan.

Willie is in The Blue Whale when Sam and the sheriff enter. Sam appears to be drunk. The bartender asks if there's any news on the attack. Sam blurts out that it will all be fine soon enough. The bartender quizzes them about what he means, and the sheriff tries to shush Sam.

The bartender asks if Maggie is starting to remember things, and the sheriff asks him to forget everything Sam said. They retire to a table to congratulate each other on their ruse.

Willie tells Barnabas what he heard, saying they hinted at Maggie's memory returning. Barnabas says Dr Hoffman will have to prevent that from happening.

Our thoughts

John: ANOTHER GIRL ATTACKED is probably the most ridiculous newspaper headline I've ever seen. And when Maggie asks if the girl got a good look at her attacker, Sam says yes, and then described him as just a dark figure. So she got a real good look alright.

Christine: POLICE BAFFLED makes a great subheadline to a ridiculous headline. Willie has some interesting thoughts on why Barnabas went back to attacking young girls in town, but may have hit the nail on the head when he suggested that Barnabas was afraid he couldn't live as a normal man. 

John: How fitting that Sam couldn't turn down an opportunity to play drunk! I'm just surprised he didn't actually drink.

Christine: I think he snuck in a few tipples to enhance the act. I love when Sam said, "Bobarooney, give me a...a double martooni on the rocks, huh?"

John: Wow! The bartender speaks! A Dark Shadows first?

Christine: Bartender Bob Rooney first spoke to Carolyn in Episode 270, suggesting she'd had enough to drink and should go home, though the amount of dialogue he had today should have merited an end credit. Here's to you, Bartender Bobarooney!