Friday, August 26, 2016

Episode 45 - 8/26/66

In the Blue Whale, Bill Malloy calls for Roger and leaves a message that he's waiting for him, and Roger knows where. Burke Devlin arrives and the two men sit down for a drink. Bill says he doesn't like or approve of what Burke is trying to do to the Collins family. Bill mentions Blair, and Burke says he's jumping to conclusions. Bill asks if he can prove Burke's innocence, will he leave the rest of the Collins family alone—the ones who didn't have anything to do with the accident.

In his office, Roger plays darts. Carolyn drops in looking saying she's looking for Joe. She then admits she came to see him. She's worried about what Bill Malloy had been saying to Liz. Malloy bursts in at that point and says they have to talk. Carolyn asks where she can find Joe, and Bill says she can ask at the front gate. Roger proceeds to throw darts with Bill standing right next to the target. Bill says what he knows isn't as important as what Sam Evans knows. Bill demands that Roger go talk to the police—or he will.

Carolyn reads from a book of Collins history in the drawing room. Roger enters and asks if she was talking to herself. She says she was talking to Jeremiah, whose portrait rests above the fireplace. She tells her uncle that she met Burke for lunch, and he gave her a gift. She shows him the pen, and Roger says she can't accept a lead pencil, let alone a fountain pen, from Burke Devlin. He yells at her and she walks out on him.

Bill calls Roger to see if he plans to go to he police. Roger threatens to have Bill fired and hangs up on him. Bill then calls Burke and asks him to meet at the Blue Whale.

Roger takes a drink and is back to calling Carolyn 'Kitten.' He offers her the pen back. Carolyn then fills Roger in on the discussion about Blair with John, Liz and Bill. Roger figures out why Bill is pushing him, and tells Carolyn he won't be Bill's sacrificial lamb.

Burke and Bill meet in the Blue Whale. Burke confirms that Bill will hand him Roger Collins if he lays off the rest of the Collins family. He asks how he can be sure no one other than Roger was involved. Bill clarifies he has a 'hold card' to play that he's prepared to play tonight. They agree to meet at 11pm at Roger's office, and Bill says all the players will be involved.

Our thoughts

John: I like how Bill knows Burke so well. It's like he's been reading Burke's scripts.

Christine: He loves him, he loves him not, yet he still loves Burke more than Roger Collins.

John: I was beginning to think Roger was going to kill Bill with his darts when they met in his office. I don't think I would have trusted Louis Edmonds filming those scenes.

Christine: We never actually see him throw any darts toward Bill Malloy because the shots of the darts hitting the board are in close-up.

John: What a cliffhanger to leave us on this Friday afternoon! Of course it's a safe bet that things aren't going to work out as Bill has planned. But where does that leave Roger, Burke, and Bill's 'hold card'... Sam Evans...

Christine: The meeting is set, their fates are determined, and it's bound to open up a new dimension on Dark Shadows.

Burke: You give me credit for being a lot smarter than I am.
Bill: No I don't. I give you credit for being smarter than I am.

From the Collins Family History Book: "Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the founder of Collinsport. In 1830 married Josette la Frenière of Paris, France. The construction of Collinwood, the family mansion, was begun the same year."

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Episode 44 - 8/25/66

Carolyn arrives at the Blue Whale to find a nearly drunk Bill Malloy. They discuss how she had been in Bangor with Burke Devlin. Bill explains that Joe mentioned it, and that he wasn't spying on her.

Liz tries unsuccessfully to reach Ned Calder on the phone. A knock at the door signals the arrival of John Harris, Liz' banker. They've known each other a long time, but haven't seen each other in years. Liz is setting up a trust fund for David. John asks if Bill Malloy is giving her headaches. He says he's no Ned Calder. Malloy hasn't been able to take his place, and Roger is no good to run the company. John says she needs Ned Calder back. Liz says John sounds like Ned - right after he asked her to marry him. The phone rings and it's Ned Calder. She asks if he'll return, and she explains that she hasn't changed her mind 'about that.' From the sound of it, Ned isn't coming back without a promise of marriage. Setting up the trust fund ties up Liz' liquid assets. John explained that the demand notes for her loans could be called in at any time—for example if someone tried to take over control of the company. He says someone in New York was asking about buying up demand notes.

Carolyn returns home and Liz asks if she met with Burke Devlin. Liz tells Carolyn she doesn't want her to have anything to do with Burke Devlin. Bill Malloy then shows up and tells Liz he has something to say about Roger. She says if it's about Roger at work, he's going to try harder. Bill says he's no Ned Calder. Bill then says Burke came back to Collinsport to prove his innocence in the accident.  Liz says if Burke wasn't driving the car that hit the man 10 years ago, then Roger was. Liz says Burke had a fair trial and was found guilty. Bill asks if she would want to hear about evidence not introduced in the trial.

Carolyn keeps John company while Liz and Bill talk. She asks him if he knew Burke Devlin. They talk about finances, Burke's money, and Carolyn mentioned meeting Burke's 'banker' James Blair. John tells Liz that Blair was the man who asked about the demand notes. When Bill hears this, he says he may have to go against Liz' wishes for the first time. He storms out.

In the Blue Whale, Bill calls Roger and tells him they need to meet, and if Roger refuses, he'll have no choice but to go to the police.

Our thoughts

John: So adding to Carolyn's growing list of affectionate nicknames, 'Princess' is what Bill Malloy calls her. Now can someone tell me why she stopped into the Blue Whale if not for a drink?

Christine: She wanted to show off the new haircut she got in Bangor. Also, it's her favorite hangout.

John: Ned Calder was after Liz, too? Holy smokes!

Christine: Was it before Malloy and Stoddard, in between or after? Liz is a hot property.

John: The jig is up! Burke Devlin's scheme is now out in the open, but perhaps more importantly, Bill thinks he knows what happened 10 years ago, and he seems to know that Burke was innocent.  Tomorrow's episode should be pretty exciting!

Christine: Definitely looking forward to the Friday bombshell.

The alcohol continues to flow freely on DS. Don't try this at home, kids.
This is Patrick McVey's only appearance as John Harris. He appeared in many popular TV shows in the 50s and 60s. You may also recognize him as Sergeant Flamm in North by Northwest.

Carolyn is having a good day after her lunch date with Burke in yesterday's episode.

While John Harris wishes he could handle Burke's bank account, Carolyn does a tongue twirl.

We can only speculate what this is all about.

Perhaps she had french fry grease still on her lips from lunch.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Episode 43 - 8/24/66

Bill Malloy comes to see Maggie at the restaurant. He asks if she's noticed anything strange about her father recently. He says he's worried about him. He mentions the long talk they had last night, and that he learned that Sam has some important information. Maggie asks if it involves Roger Collins or Burke Devlin. Maggie said her Pop blew his top when she mentioned calling Roger Collins to ask what was up. Burke asks if Sam ever said he was afraid of Roger Collins, and then tries to call him.

Vicki stops in after walking down the hill from Collinwood. Maggie fixes her a soda, and Bill returns from trying to call Roger. Vicki asks if Bill had seen Carolyn. She said that Mrs. Stoddard wants him to call her. He says he'll be in touch, but she's not going to like it, and then heads to the Blue Whale in search of Roger.

Maggie asks if Vicki has heard anything about her Pop up at Collinwood. She asks if Vicki has met her father. Vicki doesn't think so. Maggie talks about her father starting to drink 10 years ago, right after selling a bunch of paintings for a lot of money, but she doesn't know who he sold them to.

Joe arrives at the Blue Whale looking for Carolyn, and finds a drunk Bill Malloy. Joe mentions that Mrs. Stoddard is trying to find him. Bill asks Joe to join him for a drink, but Joe declines, as he's still working off his own hangover from the night before. Bill says he thought he had problem 20 years ago, and he thought he buried them like Elizabeth Collins did with hers. Joe mentions his problems with Carolyn, and Bill tries to convince him that he's at no risk of losing Carolyn to Burke.

Maggie asks Vicki to join her and her Dad for dinner. Vicki accepts the invitation, and as she's leaving, passes Sam Evans. Maggie says he just missed Vicki, and Sam says he's met her, but she hasn't met him. She mentions Bill Malloy is at the Blue Whale, and Sam leaves to meet him.

Bill tells Joe he should take Carolyn out of Collinwood. He tells Joe not to make the same mistake he did, alluding to not making a move, and then watching as someone else swept in. Sam enters and asks to speak to Bill privately. Sam asks what he told Bill while drunk. Bill asks if he wants him to repeat what he said in public, and Sam says no. Sam asks what Bill thinks he has learned, and Bill says, "much too much."

Joe arrives at Collinwood. He wanted to report back to Liz that he saw Bill Malloy. The phone rings and it's Carolyn calling from Bangor. She mentions Carolyn having lunch, and Joe realizes it was with Burke. Vicki tries to convince Joe that he needn't worry about Burke.

Back at the Blue Whale, Sam speaks of torment. Bill asks if it's been 10 years of torment—the same time Burke, Roger and Laura were in a car wreck together. Sam tells Bill he went up to Collinwood to tell Liz the whole story, but couldn't. He then walks out on Bill, who realizes he may be the one who needs to tell Liz what he believes.

Our thoughts

John: Aha! It sounds to me like Bill has always had a thing for Liz, but failed to act on it. He then watched as Paul Stoddard swept in and has regretted it ever since. And now he's going to have to tell her something about her brother that may cause her to hate him.

Christine: I wonder if she doesn't already know. She doesn't seem to exhibit a lot of affection for her brother, though protecting the Collins family name from scandal is a priority for her, so I expect she might try to encourage Malloy to keep his info to himself.

John: I'm also thinking that we're going to find out Roger Collins is the patron who bought all of Sam's paintings 10 years ago... as a form of payoff. And maybe they're all behind that locked door in the basement of Collinwood.

Christine: And Paul Stoddard is locked up in there sobbing at night because he has to look at them? Have you seen Sam's artwork?

John: I cannot help but wonder if Sam really couldn't bring himself to tell Bill what happened 10 years ago, or if he just forgot his lines.

I tried. I swear I tried. I just couldn't remember my lines.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Episode 42 - 8/23/16

Sam is looking for Roger. Liz introduces herself as his sister, and Sam introduces himself as the painter. They had met more than 18 years earlier. Sam wants to talk to Liz about Roger. He brings up the auto accident from 10 years ago. Liz asks him to get to the point. He mentions how her husband Paul had asked about having a portrait done back then.  It then comes up that Burke has commissioned a portrait from Sam.

Burke meets Mr. Blair in a Bangor restaurant; Bronson won't be joining them. Blair explains Burke can obtain control over any Collins property he's interested in. Carolyn sneaks into the restaurant and sits at a table close to Burke. Burke mentions the pleasure or ruining the Collins empire, and somehow Carolyn doesn't hear it. Devlin catches a glimpse of Carolyn and joins her at her table

Sam finishes what we can only assume is yet another drink, and tells Liz that he has something to share with her about her family. As Liz berates Sam for attempting to extort money, there's a knock at the door. She goes to answer it, and it's Joe.

Joe tells Liz that Carolyn is likely in Bangor with Burke Devlin. She asks him to talk to Sam while she makes a call.

Carolyn tells Burke she followed him. He explains Mr. Blair is his banker, and introduces Carolyn to him. He jokingly says Mr. Blair is arranging for him to buy out Carolyn's mother's interests and she gets a good laugh out of that. Blair leaves and Burke proceeds to flirt with Carolyn. He orders lunch for the both of them (though she changes hers from a baked potato to french fries) and he gives her a fancy silver pen.

Back at Collinwood, Bill Malloy's name comes up in conversation, and Sam says they should ignore anything Bill says about him. Liz presses Sam to say what he came to say, but he can't, and leaves.

Our thoughts

John: Considering how the actor playing Sam had already changed within the first few weeks of the show, I love that Sam tells Liz that he's changed since he had last seen her.

Christine: I'm surprised Sam and Liz don't flinch when something crashes nearby in the foyer. In Vicki's opening narration, she states that "130 years ago, the love of a man and a woman built this mansion on the crest of Widow's Hill. Today, fear, distrust and hatred have almost destroyed it." That's a bit melodramatic though, isn't it? Is Collinwood nearly destroyed at this point? Also, I thought the house was built 150 or more years ago, though I don't remember which episode I heard that information.

John: Interesting that Liz fixes Sam a drink without asking him what he wants. Of course he quickly downs it.

Christine: It doesn't matter to Sam as long as it has al-kee-hol. Liz acknowledges that her brother keeps "quite a supply on hand." We hear another mention of Paul Stoddard today. Could this mean we'll be meeting up with him soon?

John: Carolyn's middle name is Collins? Maybe it's Elizabeth Collins Stoddard's middle name, too.

Christine: Foolish, naive Carolyn is playing right into Burke Devlin's clever hands. Liz probably named Carolyn with Collins as her middle name as a way of keeping the powerful name, but in Elizabeth's case, I would think that she simply retained her surname after marrying Paul Stoddard.

John: Don't make me implement a sarcasm sign. One more thing we've learned about Burke in these past few weeks—he sure loves his steaks. So much so that he's not particular about specifying a particular cut of beef.

Christine: Was Sam going to spill the beans to Liz about what happened ten years ago? Roger will bust a few of his stitches when he finds out.

Was Dan Curtis on a rant during today's taping? The slate holder looks like he wants to cry.

Isaac is on the move again. The portrait hung to the left of the bay windows in yesterday's episode.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Episode 41 - 8/22/66

Roger calls Sam to find out what happened between he and Bill Malloy. Sam sets the phone down to get a drink while Roger continues to rant. Sam then hangs up on Roger, and tears up all his sketches of Burke.

Elizabeth finds Roger in the drawing room. He tells her he interrupted Carolyn's meeting with Devlin. He then mentions how he spent his inheritance. Liz explains that she bought the shares he sold publicly to ensure control of the company stayed within the family. Roger brings up her husband Paul, but she refuses to discuss him.

Maggie comes home to find her father with his torn up Burke Devlin sketch. He asks her why she didn't let him run away when he has the chance. She says not to worry, they'll lick them yet. After another outburst, Sam leaves, and Maggie calls Roger Collins. Vicki answers, tells Roger, and he hangs up the phone without speaking to Maggie.

As he's leaving for the office. Liz asks Roger to look for Carolyn in town. He says he'll be too busy in the office. Roger leaves and Liz asks Vicki if she knew where Carolyn was. Liz is concerned she's off with Burke Devlin. Vicki goes to tutor David, and Liz calls Joe looking for Carolyn. Joe explains that he hasn't talked to Carolyn all day. She asks him to come see her when he gets a chance, and Joe agrees.

Sam returns for another drink to find Maggie still at home. She says she tried to call Roger Collins to find out what's bothering her Dad. Sam flips out, and says Maggie may have literally signed his death warrant.

Roger shows up at the Evans' place and bangs on the door. Sam goes for a drink and Roger takes it from him. He asks what Sam told Bill Malloy. Sam says he doesn't remember. Sam explains he almost raised his hand to his daughter, and Roger says that maybe he should have. Roger leaves with a warning that he won't let Sam's weakness bring him down.

Vicki tells Liz she's going to walk into town. Liz' never leaving the house comes up and is quickly dismissed. She asks Vicki to look for Carolyn, and after she leaves, she tries to call Ned Calder again.

There's a knock at the door, and Liz opens it to find Sam Evans.

Our thoughts

John: I don't know what's more surprising; how much Sam drinks in this episode, or the fact that Roger doesn't drink at all in this episode.

Christine: Did you notice how Liz flinched when Roger refers to Paul Stoddard as a "departed husband." I believe it's the first we heard the absent hubby referred to by name. It's a wonder we haven't heard more about him by now.

John: I know Sam gets frustrated with Maggie, but I'm beginning to wonder about their relationship. If he's that close to hitting Maggie when he gets drunk, there's no way I'm believing he hasn't done that before.

Christine: Could that be what happened to Maggie's mom? Sam's a jerk. He tells his daughter to go back to her job in her "fancy restaurant" and leave him in peace. Sam mustn't get out much if the diner is his idea of a fancy restaurant.

John: It's fancy compared to the Blue Whale. Roger 'Scarface' Collins is on a tear this episode. Nice to get some more backstory, and confirmation that he's not only blown his inheritance, but that Liz bought the shares in the company that he sold. That certainly won't help Burke's attempts to buy out the Collins family.

Christine: Roger is also a jerk. No wonder he and Sam hate each other so much--they're too much alike. Did you notice the Alternate Closing Theme in today's episode? It's got a little more bass note or something to it.

That really is a nasty scar. It seems to be sliding down his face.

The Scar in Episode 39 was a bit higher on his forehead.

Good News Everybody! Isaac Collins has finally returned to his original location.

We must caution viewers not to drink whenever Sam Evans drinks.

Does he ever run out of whiskey?