Friday, September 21, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 585 - 9/20/68

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Julia and Barnabas return home. He says Adam will be there as soon as it's dark. Julia suggests that they tell Adam the truth. Barnabas grabs a rifle, and says there's only one way to stop Adam. He says he'll kill him as soon as he walks through the front door.

Julia reminds him that killing Adam may cost him his own life, based on what Lang said in his recording. Julia says he can't save Vicki if he dies after killing Adam, because there's still Adam's co-conspirator, likely Nicholas Blair. Barnabas sends Julia to Collinwood to take Vicki away. He says he'll stay to deal with Adam.

Julia opens the door, and Adam is standing outside. He asks her where she's going. Barnabas says she's going to get Maggie Evans. Adam asks if she'll provide the life force, and Barnabas says they can start as soon as she gets there. Adam suspects that they're lying to him, and offers to escort Julia.

Barnabas tells him that would be too dangerous, and Adam calls him a liar.

Julia tells Adam what Willie has done with Maggie. Barnabas tells her she's wasting her time. Adam doesn't believe them, and says he's going to do what he has to do. He says no one can stop him, and Barnabas pulls the gun on him. He tells Julia to go while he keeps Adam at bay. Adam says he will find Vicki no matter where she goes.

Barnabas tells him to sit down, and he grabs the gun from him. He then knocks Barnabas out, and runs to catch Julia before she gets to Vicki.

Julia makes her way through the woods, with Adam close behind her.

Barnabas comes to, and realizes Adam has gone after Julia.

Adam grabs Julia in the woods. She screams as he puts his hand over her mouth.

Vicki is reading a book when there's a knock on her bedroom door. She lets Roger in, and he mentions that Carolyn said she wants to take a leave of absence. She indicates that it's because of Jeff, and she needs to get away for a few days. She says that she thinks David will be fine, and he says that it's Liz that he's concerned about. He asks Vicki to reconsider. She tells him that she'll stay. He leaves her to go to bed. Adam is outside her bedroom window.

Barnabas finds Julia unconscious in the woods. She says she thought Adam was going to strangle her. She says he's go to go to Collinwood, as Adam is on his way. He leaves her on the forest floor.

Adam opens the window to Vicki's room and sneaks in. He locks her bedroom door and prowls around her room.

Barnabas arrives at Collinwood and begins looking for Vicki. After checking downstairs, he heads upstairs.

Adam stands over Vicki. He considers that he doesn't hate Vicki, but she is the only way he can get back at Barnabas. There's a pounding on her door, and Barnabas calls to her. Before she can respond, Adam grabs her and covers her mouth so she can't scream.

Our thoughts

John: I was impressed that Barnabas knew how to operate the bolt on the rifle. Of course, I lost all respect when I saw how he dropped the ball when confronting Adam with it.

Christine: What would you expect him to do after Julia reminded him of his connection with Adam, and warned him that shooting him may cause him to be harmed as well?

John: So Julia is finally convinced that Blair is the one coaching Adam. If that were true, why wouldn't they head over to his house? Instead, we get more of Barnabas whining that there's nothing they can do...

Christine: He's only human. I'm sure they realize that Blair is more powerful than Angelique, which is terrifying considering all the damage she caused.

John: Quite impressive to see Adam lurking outside Vicki's window on the second story of Collinwood, as if he were just standing in the garden.

Christine: Wow! He's taller than I thought! Roger makes a guest appearance today so we won't think that he and Liz moved out of the house. Perhaps David will also appear soon, since he's been mentioned quite a few times lately.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 584 - 9/19/68

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Barnabas arrives home and comes downstairs to see Julia in the lab. She asks if he saw Maggie, and he tells her that he got into her house and went into her bedroom, but she wasn't there. He's convinced that Willie kidnapped her.

Willie carries Maggie's unconscious body through Eagle Hill Cemetery. He enters the Collins family crypt and opens the secret door.

Barnabas says Willie and Maggie could be miles away by now. He wonders if Willie told her about the experiment, and then decides she'd assume he was mad. Julia suggests they could get someone else for the experiment, and Barnabas explains that it's impossible. She then suggests that she could provide the life force. Barnabas says she needs to conduct the experiment, and she says they could bring Jeff in to help. Barnabas says he doesn't trust Jeff, and she must conduct the experiment. Julia reminds him that if they don't start the experiment tonight, Adam will go through with his threat.

Willie watches as Maggie wakes up. She screams when she sees the coffin. He tells her it's all right. He apologizes for abducting her, and she asks where they are. He says he can't tell her, and he prevents her from leaving.

She asks why he's doing this to her, and he tells her he's helping her. He says that someday she'll know he's right. She says she doesn't believe what he told her about Barnabas wanting to hurt her. She asks Willie what Barnabas was planning, and he says maybe he'll tell her someday. She tells him she doesn't care if the danger truly exists, and that he has to let her go.

Maggie notices that the room they're in is familiar. She says she's been in it before. He says that couldn't have happened, and she says it must have happened during the two-month period she couldn't remember.

She says someone brought her from her room in Windcliff. She says a woman brought her into the graveyard to see if she remembered being there before. She remembers Julia bringing her to Josette Collins' grave, and then into the Collins family crypt. Julia had asked her to remember what the place meant to her, but she could not. She then felt as if someone would kill her if she stayed there.

Maggie asks Willie why someone would have brought her there, and who would have wanted to kill her. Willie tells her she shouldn't worry about it, and then says bringing her there was his worst mistake. She accuses him of knowing why she was brought there before.

Julia and Barnabas return home. He says Adam will be there as soon as it's dark. Julia suggests that they tell Adam the truth. Barnabas grabs a rifle, and says there's only one way to stop Adam. He says he'll kill him as soon as he walks through the front door.

Our thoughts

John: Boy, Barnabas was a pessimistic brat all day today. Once again he refuses to explore any alternatives, cutting off Julia every time she offered up a suggestion.

Christine: He should know Willie well enough to know that he wouldn't be miles away with Maggie, as he continues to stay close to Barnabas, no matter what happens.

John: You'd think if Willie is willing to show Maggie the secret room in the Collins family crypt, there's really not much point in keeping any secrets from her.

Christine: He can't tell her about Barnabas' plans in the past or present as he'd have to admit his role in assisting with those plans, losing out on any chance he may dream of having with Maggie.

John: If Barnabas is willing to kill Adam, why wouldn't he have chosen to go that route as soon as he threatened Vicki and the Collins clan?

Christine: I think he hasn't been willing to kill Adam because he and Julia realized after Barnabas was buried alive that Adam and Barnabas share a connection. Apparently he has forgotten that now. Hopefully she'll remind him of their link before he goes off half cocked. Interesting flashback to the past today. I was wondering if they used actual footage from the episode where Julia took Maggie to Josette's grave, and then remembered that it wasn't in color. Viewers may note that before Vicki's trip to 1795, Josette's gravestone indicated that she was born in 1800 and died in 1822. The gravestone we saw today shows she was born in 1774 and died in 1795.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 583 - 9/18/68

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Willie goes downstairs and hovers over the body of Adam's mate. He picks up a scalpel and tells the lifeless body that Maggie Evans isn't going to die for her. Barnabas interrupts him, telling him that if he touches the body, he will kill him himself. He demands that Willie drop the scalpel. He does, and Barnabas asks why he tried to sabotage the experiment.

Willie says it's because he was going to use Maggie to bring it to life. Barnabas says someone has to, and Willie tells him to use Vicki. Barnabas flatly says no. Willie asks why Maggie, and Barnabas says she's the most available. Barnabas asks Willie to promise not to disrupt the experiment. Willie says he will if he doesn't use Maggie. He even offers to find another girl, and Barnabas refuses.

Vicki and Maggie commiserate over their lost men while having coffee in the garden. They agree that both Joe and Jeff have changed. Maggie says she ran into Joe in town, and he said hello and just kept walking. Vicki says she dreams that Jeff will come to her and say he was wrong.

Barnabas shows up and they invite him to join them. Vicki goes to get a cup for him, and he asks Maggie how she has been. He brings up her father's absence, and how she must be lonely. She says she'll need to get a job soon, and may look for something in Boston. Barnabas asks if he's told anyone else her plans, and she says just Vicki. Vicki returns with a cup, and Maggie excuses herself. Vicki asks if she'll see her again before she goes to Boston and Maggie says probably not.

She leaves, and Barnabas tells Vicki she looks well. He brings up Jeff, and tells her he's sorry if she's upset. He offers to take her to a concert in Bangor next week, and she accepts his invitation. Barnabas notices Adam watching them, and leads Vicki away.

Maggie is writing a letter when Willie knocks at her bedroom door. He apologizes for frightening her, and asks her if she'd like to go away for awhile. He offers her $50, tells her there's a bus leaving for Bangor and he'll drive her to it. He says there are people with plans for her, and she doesn't know about it. He says she's in danger and he's worried about her. She asks what people he's referring to, and he tells her Barnabas is involved. She doesn't believe Barnabas has plans that will put her in danger. He tells her she's not crazy. He says that he's loyal to Barnabas, but if she's not there, he can find someone else. She asks for what, and Willie struggles with the fact that he can't tell her. She tells him she can't leave tonight, and she knows Barnabas wouldn't do anything to harm her.

Adam confronts Barnabas outside Collinwood, complaining that he's not working on the experiment. Barnabas says he is living up to their agreement. Adam asks him if he should kill Vicki tonight.

Willie comes downstairs to the empty lab, trying to figure out how to protect Maggie. Willie takes chloroform and inadvertently knocks down a stool. From upstairs, Barnabas calls down to Julia. There's no answer, so he enters the lab. He looks around, notices the stool was knocked over and stands it back up. He leaves without noticing Willie crouched behind the machinery.

Willie sneaks into Maggie's bedroom with the chloroform. She wakes up screaming as he applies it to her mouth, and she passes out.

Barnabas knocks at her door and announces that he must see her. He lets himself in and finds that her bedroom is empty.

Our thoughts

John: I love how Barnabas talks to Willie like he's a dog. Stop! Put it down! Look at me! Roll over!

Christine: Willie tells Maggie that he's loyal to Barnabas because he's been good to him. How has Barnabas been good to Willie?

John: So there you have it. Willie offers another girl to provide the life force for Adam's mate, and Barnabas says no. What is the real motivation behind choosing Maggie?

Christine: I was thinking it was because he held a grudge against Maggie for not accepting the role of Josette the vampire bride, but now I think his motivation for choosing Maggie is because he knows Willie is in love with her. He should have considered that if he used Vicki for the life force, then Adam would be unable to harm her.

John: Barnabas is one smooth operator. First thing he mentions to Maggie when he gets her alone is her dead father, and once he's alone with Vicki, he brings up her break-up with Jeff before asking her out on a date. I have to give him credit, both women still appear to be big fans, and Vicki agreed to go on the date!

Christine: Everybody loves Barnabas, so he can do no wrong, even when he does wrong. Do you think he's taking her to see The Beach Boys in Bangor? Wouldn't it be nice? Incidentally, I thought Julia was keeping that cabinet locked. I guess it's a good thing she left it unlocked so Willie could get the chloroform to use on Maggie. Let's hope poor, misguided Willie is successful in saving the girl of his dreams, though he's sure to get a wolf's head imprinted on the side of his head for it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 582 - 9/17/68

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Angelique lies on an operating table opposite Adam's mate. She tells Jeff to start the experiment. He flips switches and turns dials. Angelique begins to moan in ecstasy.

Barnabas arrives home and hears machinery running downstairs. He goes downstairs to find Jeff working. He startles him, and Jeff says he was just checking out the experiment.

Barnabas asks who was lying on the other table, which is now empty. Barnabas tells Jeff that he knows he was trying to destroy the body. He claims that Jeff hates Vicki so much that he wants her to die. Barnabas tells him that he's now free of his responsibilities, and that he never wants to see him in the lab again. He says that they will save Vicki's life without Jeff's help, and tells him to get out.

In the woods, Jeff runs into Angelique. He asks how she can disappear, and claims she's not human. She tells him that she couldn't let Barnabas see her. She tells him he must help her tomorrow night. He thanks her for freeing him from having to work on the experiment, and she says he must help her. She tells him to take her hand, and asks if she feels human.

Julia can't believe Jeff would try to destroy the body. She says he loves Vicki too much, and he tells her she's too much of a romantic. Barnabas wonders who they can take into their confidence to risk their life providing the life force. He says it must be someone they know and can control. Julia realizes that he's already made his decision. Barnabas tells her it will be Maggie Evans.

Julia says she's been through enough, and he assures her she will never know what she's doing. He reminds her that without a life force, Vicki and the others will die. He reminds her that she's hypnotized Maggie before. He says he's grateful Julia has helped him in the past. He says she can get Maggie to come to the house without knowing, and make her forget everything once it's over. Willie overhears their discussion, as Barnabas tells Julia it will be Maggie unless she can find someone else.

Julia prepares to return to Collinwood, and Barnabas asks if he should talk to Jeff Clark. She says he might scare him into talking, and says that she'll do it. As she leaves, Willie comes downstairs. Willie wants to talk to him, and Barnabas asks if it can wait until tomorrow. He agrees, and goes upstairs.

Willie stops Julia before she leaves, and asks her to speak with him. He brings up how he wanted to get out, but he stuck around. He tells her he feels sick inside, and he's going to stop now. She reminds him his work  is already done. He tells her they can't use Maggie in the experiment. She says he'll have to talk to Barnabas about that.

He tells her that she can refuse to perform the experiment. Willie says she doesn't know what it's like when you care about someone, and you think about them going through the experiment. Julia reminds him that she did the experiment with Barnabas, and she leaves. Barnabas comes upstairs and Willie tells him he's going to go downstairs and clean up.

Willie goes downstairs and hovers over the body of Adam's mate. He picks up a scalpel and tells the lifeless body that Maggie Evans isn't going to die for her.

Our thoughts

John: I'm trying to place the sounds coming from the lab. It's got a beep-boop rhythm that sounds more like a carnival ride than expensive lab equipment.

Christine: There was no beeping or booping going on when Julia initially performed the experiment, so that was all Clark's doing, and perhaps the reason why Angelique had a more ecstatic experience than Barnabas.

John: I love Jeff's great startled pose when Barnabas finds him! Of course I want to know how Barnabas managed to miss Angelique, considering she was still writhing in ecstasy when he first came downstairs.

Christine: That was a great pose! It seemed totally out of place, which made it all the more delightful. There was quite a lot of head grabbing from Clark in this episode. I was disappointed that Barnabas didn't see or hear Angelique squealing, but it seems we will continue to be teased about the magic moment when the two former spouses meet up once again. I'm still hoping Barnabas will have the satisfaction of learning that Angelique is the new vampire about town.

John: Barnabas speaks of Maggie as if she's the only one susceptible to hypnosis. If Julia can hypnotize her, couldn't she just as easily hypnotize one of the 'ladies' down by the docks that Barnabas used to fraternize with when he first arrived in Collinsport?

Christine: I don't think those ladies are around anymore due to their fraternizing with him, though I was also wondering why it had to be Maggie Evans. I think he's holding a grudge against her for rejecting his plan to make her stand-in for Josette as his vampire bride, and it's his way of getting back at her for it.