Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 384 - 12/14/67

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André meets Josette in her room. He asks what he can do for her as Angelique enters. Josette tells her father that Ben brought Jeremiah a letter from Barnabas, and they are going to fight today. Angelique listens in, and is concerned. André says it's a matter of honor, and he cannot interfere. Josette says she can't bear to be responsible for anything happening to one of them. André asks which one, and says she should have thought of that before marrying Jeremiah. She pleads with him to talk to Barnabas, and he says he'll do so as a token gesture. Angelique runs out of the room.

Angelique finds Barnabas with his dueling pistols. She begs him not to fight today, and he asks if her mistress sent her. She denies it, and says that she told him before that she loved him. He asks if she still believes in love. She says she does, She says if they were in Martinique, he could just find another woman.

He asks if she knew Josette was going to marry Jeremiah, and she says yes. He asks why he didn't tell him, and she says he would have said she was a jealous woman. She asks if he's every fought a duel, or killed a man, and he admits that he has not. When she realizes that she cannot stop the duel, she gives him something to wear for luck that will keep him from harm. He puts it around his neck.

André knocks on the door, and when Barnabas lets him in, he asks Angelique what she's doing there. She makes up an excuse and then leaves. André points out the duel is ridiculous. He says that Barnabas loved his daughter yesterday, and that there must be some small part of him that still wishes happiness for her. He asks if he would destroy her life to save some pride.

Josette tells Jeremiah that she can't talk to him if there's going to be a duel. He explains he has no choice. She begs him to go see Barnabas. He explains that they grew up as brothers. She points out that was true until she arrived. She says that the two of them shared madness together, but not really love. He tells her if he lives, he'll provide her with a good life. And if he dies, she'll be able to remarry. She suggests that he wants Barnabas to kill him. André returns, and says Barnabas wishes to see Jeremiah. He refuses, and André says they must meet.

Barnabas returns his pistols to their case. Jeremiah comes to see him. Barnabas says he's glad he came, and Jeremiah says he's glad he asked him to. He then says that Barnabas is not glad he came, and he is not glad he's there. Jeremiah asks what he wants him to say. He says he is sorry. Barnabas says that if he does not love Josette, he ruined all their lives for nothing. Jeremiah says that Josette came to him. He said he tried to go away, but it was as if they were under a spell. Barnabas says he'll be talking of witchcraft next. Barnabas says he went behind his back and took advantage of Josette. He says that he must have hated him all his life. Jeremiah denies that. Barnabas asks if he would do it again, and Jeremiah says under the same circumstances, he would have no choice. Barnabas says that neither does he, and he removes a pistol from its case.

Josette is at her desk when Angelique enters. She says that Barnabas and Jeremiah have left with the pistols. Josette faints, and Angelique wipes her face with rosewater. She tells her that she must stop the duel.

Jeremiah and Barnabas stand back to back.

Barnabas tells him that they will take ten paces, turn, count to three, and then fire. Jeremiah tells him that prior to this, he never lied to Barnabas. They take their paces. They turn to face one another. Barnabas counts to three, after which Josette runs up screaming for them to stop.

There's a gunshot, and Jeremiah lies wounded. Josette tells Angelique to get help, and calls Barnabas a monster.

She says he killed the only man she ever loved. Barnabas puts down his pistol and offers to help Jeremiah. Josette rebuffs him, and he gets up and walks away.

Our thoughts
John: The grand duel has happened, Jeremiah is near death, and poor Vicki never got to say goodbye this time.

Christine: Surprising that it happened on a Thursday. What big event will top it tomorrow?

John: Do you think Jeremiah even fired his pistol? Or do you think he sacrificed himself to Barnabas out of shame?

Christine: He definitely sacrificed himself. He never raised his pistol and there was only one shot. He closed his eyes and was murmuring something to himself before Barnabas shot him.

John: How will the rest of the folks in Collinwood react to Barnabas' potential killing of his uncle? Surely this will have huge ramifications on the family dynamic. I guess we'll soon find out, as word of the duel reaches the other family members.

Christine: They will probably think he was well within his rights to do it, though no good can come of it. The Collins family was cursed when Barnabas spurned Angelique.

Barnabas: I will be not sit here accepting this.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 383 - 12/13/67

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Jeremiah and Josette kiss. She points out the matching marks on their hands.

They discuss how they do not regret the two and a half days since the ceremony in which they were married. She asks if they can go back, and he says they can whenever they'd like. She says they'll stay in this room forever. He asks if she's afraid of leaving. She says she is. She says they can't be the same anywhere else. If they return to their ordinary lives, they'll miss their homes.

While Jeremiah sleeps, Josette stares into the fireplace. She hears her father's voice, disappointed in her for leaving them all. She then hears Barnabas saying that she told him she loved him.

Jeremiah wakes up and she tells him they must return to Collinwood. She realizes she's let her family down.He tells her  that they knew if they had told anyone, they would have talked them out of it. He reaches for her and she tells him not to touch her. He asks her what's wrong. She demands that he taker her back, now, in the middle of the night. She tells him to get a carriage. He suggests it's just a mood. She says she realized the unhappiness she caused. She says they have no right to be happy. She asks him if he really loves her. He says yes, and she says that he has to go down and get them a carriage. He goes to kiss her hand, and she notices the mark is missing from her hand.

Barnabas comes downstairs, looking forlorn. André enters, and Barnabas tells him that Josette will return just as his father did. André asks if Jeremiah will. He says what if they ran away together. Even Barnabas had such a vision. André ensures Barnabas that Josette loved him. He says something he doesn't understand has happened. Joshua walks in and says he is right. He says that Jeremiah and Josette are the victims of witchcraft. He says that his sister and André's sister have discovered concrete evidence in Miss Winters' room. He says Reverend Trask is on his way from Salem. Barnabas tells his father to stop the man from coming here, and he will protect Miss Winters if he has to. His father tells him that doing so will make him an enemy as well.

Riggs is cleaning the mantle when Jeremiah arrives. He asks where everyone is, and asks him to fetch his brother. He also asks about Barnabas, who Riggs says is at the shipyard. Riggs leaves and Jeremiah notices the mark missing from his hand. Josette enters, and he says he told her to wait in the carriage. He says no one is there, and he has sent for Joshua. She seems distraught, and he says that she wanted to come back and face them, so that's what they are going to do. He says she shouldn't be involved in what's going to happen. She says it wasn't worth it. She says they feel no love for one another. He seems to disagree with her sentiment, and says they should be kind to one another. Josette starts to leave when her father enters. Joshua follows, and points out the prodigal has returned. He asks Jeremiah what he has to say for himself.

He tells them that they are married. André says that Jeremiah promised he'd stay away from his daughter. Jeremiah says they have no explanation. They understand they are not welcome, and will be at the Inn in the village. Joshua says they are married, and he will stay in Collinwood. Barnabas enters and is pleased to see Josette. Joshua explains that they are married. He refuses to believe it, and asks Josette to tell him herself. She says she is married. He asks her why, and says he was wrong about her. He asks Jeremiah how he could steal her from him. He says he thought he loved her. Barnabas asks if he loves her now. Jeremiah explains they couldn't fight it. Barnabas tells Jeremiah that he will fight him, and slaps him across the face with his glove.

Josette cries out. Barnabas tells him to choose the weapon. Josette asks him not to do it, and he tells her that she lost that right. Joshua says there will be no duel. Barnabas says you cannot stop a duel by words—they will fight.

Our thoughts
John: Maggie's bedspread has now followed Jeremiah and Josette to their marital bed. Forget the witches and vampires—that's the supernatural thing in this show that I fear the most...

Christine: I still maintain that the portrait of Isaac Collins is the most supernaturally charged object on the show, though the quilt is a close second. I do hope his portrait will appear at the Great House once it's finished. 

John: So do you think Ben had the day off, and that's why they needed a new servant in Collinwood? Too bad that Riggs missed out on all the excitement in the house.

Christine: Barnabas and Jeremiah will need seconds for their duel. Ben wouldn't be able to cover both, so I suspect Riggs has arrived to back up Jeremiah, when the time comes.

John: Nice bitch slap, Barnabas! Taking the glove right from Jeremiah's hand! How will poor Vicki live with having lost her flashback love interest—if not to Josette, to Barnabas!

Christine: Vicki has got a date with Reverend Trask, so she may have no time to mourn another loss. Incidentally, someone in costume design really needs to address the wardrobe malfunction of 1795 trousers.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 382 - 12/12/67

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Vicki arrives at Collinwood, and says she hopes that when—or if—she ever gets back, she never knows anyone's secrets. She also worries about letting on that she knows what happened to Josette and Jeremiah. The Countess enters and asks her how long ago she knew that Josette and Jeremiah were going to elope. Vicki says she didn't know, and the Countess asks her if she arranged her cards so she'd know. Vicki denies knowing, but the Countess knows that Vicki knows the future, and begs her to tell her what she knows. Vicki says she knows nothing and runs upstairs.

Naomi sits in her room with the cat on a nearby chair. She pours herself a drink.

When there's a knock at the door, she downs it and hides the bottle. Abigail comes in and shoos the cat away. She says it's the sign that the devil is laughing at them. Naomi says she heard that from the Countess. Abigail says she doesn't need to talk to anyone to know how the devil works, and Naomi says that she must be quite an authority. She replies that someone in the house must fight the prince of evil. Abigail gives her grief over her drinking, and Naomi explains it's a tonic for her nerves. Abigail blames Josette for luring Jeremiah away.

The Countess joins them, and tells them she believes there is a witch in the house. Abigail says it's Victoria Winters. Naomi dismisses the notion, and the Countess suggests that she ask Miss Winters about what she knows about the future.

The cat sits next to Vicki, who flips through the family album. Abigail knocks on her door. Vicki hides the book before answering the door. Abigail notices the cat is in Vicki's room. Vicki says she doesn't mind, as she likes cat. Abigail is not surprised to hear it. She tells Vicki that Mrs. Collins would like to see her. She goes to leave and Abigail lingers. Vicki reminds her that this is her room, and Abigail asks if there's anything there she shouldn't see. She says she does not. Abigail explains  that it's not Vicki's house. She tells her that she is her enemy, and she has fought her from the start. She tells her to go see Mrs. Collins.

Abigail tells the cat that she is protected by her faith. She then proceeds to search the drawers. The cat explodes, and Joshua is sitting on Vicki's bed. He asks what he's doing in that room, and what the stench is.

Naomi questions Vicki about her life before she came to Collinwood. She says she can't, and the Countess asks if she can't or she won't. She asks why Vicki told Nathan Forbes that Josette would not marry Barnabas. She tries to say that she was confused by so many names. The Countess says she said that Jeremiah would marry Josette. Naomi says that the Countess is questioning Vicki, when she was going to. She explains Vicki's behavior as perfectly legitimate.

Joshua walks in, and they tell him they are excited to have him back. He asks Abigail to fetch Jeremiah. She calls on the witch to tell what happened. Joshua demands facts. The Countess asks him to excuse she and Vicki. Abigail stops her, and tells him that Jeremiah and Josette have eloped. She says it was witchcraft. Joshua sends the Countess and Vicki away. Abigail stops them. She explains the cat was in Vicki's room, and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naomi sends Vicki to the kitchen to tell the cook to get food for Joshua. Abigail says she will keep an eye on Vicki. Joshua tells her that the business regarding Miss Winters can wait. Alone with Naomi, he asks about all he has missed.

The Countess and Abigail enter Vicki's room while she's downstairs. The Countess asks about Vicki's clothes. Abigail says she sent them to be burned, but Jeremiah saved them for her. She finds them in a drawer and the two women examine them. There's a bracelet with all the signs of the zodiac, and the devil himself. Abigail says she'll send for the Reverend Trask from Salem, as he knows how to deal with witches.

Our thoughts
John: I can only imagine how excited they must have been to get rid of the cat. At least he went out with a bang!

Christine: The screechy sound was the most jarring part. I will miss the Joshua cat.

John: Even if she weren't under such suspicion, isn't it pretty stupid of Vicki to 'hide' things in dresser drawers? At least make someone have to go to the trouble of looking under the bed for the things that will get her into trouble if discovered...

Christine: She's really going to be sunk if they find the Collins family album. She'd better start prying up floorboards. Does Vicki really own a devil bracelet, or was it planted there?

John: Reverend Trask is coming to town! Vicki is going to be in real trouble. I wonder how many episodes it will take for Abigail's letter to reach him, and for him to arrive. I'd guess we'll see him before next week is out.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 381 - 12/11/67

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André interrogates Angelique as to his daughters state when she was helping her prepare. She says Josette told her nothing. Barnabas enters and tells him that the Reverend is upset. Ben enters and tells André that Josette and Jeremiah's horses are both missing from the stable. Barnabas asks André if he thinks Jeremiah had anything to do with Josette's disappearance. André goes upstairs to see if Jeremiah is still in the house.

Ben tells Barnabas he's sorry for what has happened. Barnabas tells Ben and Angelique that neither of them is to tell anyone what happened that night. He sends them to their respective rooms, and tells them not to retire as he may still need them. They go, and André returns. He says Jeremiah is not in his room, and his and Josette's luggage is gone. Barnabas is not pleased with the implication. He's sure it's just a coincidence. André is curious as to Jeremiah's whereabouts, and Barnabas suggests that Josette's whereabouts are of greater concern. Barnabas suggests that Josette's horse may have been stolen, and she may be in danger. He says he's going to his room to get his pistols, and then go look for her.

Angelique lies down on her bed. She sits up just before Ben enters. She says he's supposed to knock before entering a room. She says she has no need for him right now. He congratulates her for manipulating everyone. He says Joshua is a saint compared to her. She calls him stupid, and when he goes to grab her throat he stops short. She says he should stick around to see what's in store for Barnabas. She explains that he will turn to her out of his own free will. She says she wants Barnabas to know before the night is over that Josette and Jeremiah have run off together. She says Barnabas is in the woods right now looking for Josette. Ben says he should be with him, and she says he's not alone. He'll have all the company he needs.

Barnabas searches the woods, calling out to Josette. He hears a rustling and draws a pistol. He then hears laughing. Someone materializes, claiming to be Jeremiah. He tells Barnabas Josette has run off with him, and that Barnabas is a fool. He shoots at the apparition, which disappears.

André runs to him and asks why he fired his pistol. He says he saw a man who claimed to be Jeremiah, saying Josette ran off with him. André suggests he imagined it, and tells him they should return to the house. A woman's voice calls to Barnabas and tells him to go to the road. He asks what road, and André asks who he's talking to. The voice tells him to go to the road to Collinsport, so he does, with André following him. They go to the road and find Josette's wedding veil in a tree.

Angelique tells Ben that he's found her wedding veil. She says they will soon return to Collinwood, and Barnabas will be changed. She says they must leave her room separately, and Ben suggests that she's concerned Barnabas might think there's something between them. She tells him she'll turn him into a moth if he doesn't show her respect.

Barnabas and André return to the house with Josette's veil. He asks if André thinks she might have been abducted. Ben enters and asks if everything is alright. He says it's not. He tells Ben he was looking for him earlier to help in the search, and then sends him to bed. Angelique enters and asks if there's any news on Josette. André suggests that Barnabas get some rest, but he says he plans to sit up and wait for her. Angelique tells him he should rest, and he tells her that in spite of what he's been through, he still loves her, and will always love her.

Our thoughts
John: Someone really should have cleaned the dust and dirt off of the slide of Collinwood shown under the opening narration.

Christine: The gathering dust is an indication that time stands still at Collinwood, or it could be that there's a really bad lint storm happening in 1967. Someone realized that we might be wondering why Angelique doesn't just cast a love spell on Barnabas and thought to explain it today. 

John: So why exactly would phantom Jeremiah not be portrayed by the same actor as Jeremiah? Worse yet, the blue screen shot is probably the worst to date, making it look like he's in front of Barnabas, who is looking behind him.

Christine: Did you mean Phantom of the Opera Jeremiah? All he needed was a mask. Wow! That sure was something! Thanks for leaving it to me to address his over-the-top, maniacal, falsetto laugh and overdramatized voice. And what was up with the funky hat? The overall effect was incredibly creepy, even with the poor positioning of the blue screen effect. Did I say creepy? I meant laughable. Angelique is not very good at witchcraft, though, is she?

"Stop it! Stop it!"
Yes. Please.

John: So things aren't quite going as planned for Angelique. She may have to go back on her no-potion plan to get what she wants.

Christine: I enjoyed how Ben challenged and mocked Angelique throughout the episode, seeming to forget the Joshua cat incident. It was funny that his suggestion that Barnabas might think they had something going on was what pushed her over the edge, prompting her to remind him of her transformative abilities. He did not appear to relish the idea of becoming a moth.