Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 409 - 1/18/68

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Josette and the Countess search for the book Vicki referred to. The Countess is interested in Vicki's claims of coming from the 20th century. Josette finds the book on the Collins family in America. It says it was published in Bangor, Maine in 1965. Josette opens the book to her portrait that only just arrived from Europe. She reads the entry saying she arrived in Collinsport in 1795, and then says she would never do what it says. The Countess asks what—and Josette says she dies by her own hand in 1795.

The Countess says Miss Winters is the devil, and takes the book from Josette. She says the book is full of lies. People can't come from the future, and Josette would never take her own life. Josette asks for the book. The Countess says she'll read it first. Josette says she needs to read what happened to Barnabas. She says it's no different than her Tarot cards. The Countess tells her to let her read it first, and Josette tells her to read it out loud. She agrees, and says Jeremiah met her in Martinique. She points out that didn't happen. The Countess continues saying Josette came to Collinwood to marry Jeremiah. Josette points out that it's almost accurate, as if written by someone who didn't know the truth. The Countess continues, saying legend has it that Jeremiah's nephew Barnabas was in love with Josette, but knowing he could not be with her, he moved to England. Josette points out that means he lived. She asks the Countess to continue. The book slams shut and the candles in the room go out.

Naomi watches over Barnabas as he moans about a bat. Joshua arrives to check on his son, and Naomi tells him Barnabas will fight harder knowing he's there. Joshua tells him that everything will be all right. They will make right everything that went wrong. Joshua tells him that it was wrong for him to interfere with Barnabas' marriage. Barnabas asks his father if he remembers being wounded in the war. He says he cried then, but he knew his father would be angry. He says if Joshua lived, they'd never fight again. He then deliriously says the bat is coming for him.

Joshua checks in on Barnabas again. He tells him that Josette is here. Barnabas asks his father to help him sit up. He tells his father to keep Angelique away from him, and to let Josette in. Joshua does, leaving the two of them alone together. She says he looks better, and he says it's because he sees her. He asks her to promise to stay with him. She tells him he's going to live in England and be very prosperous. He tells her he keeps hearing the bat. In a moment of clarity, he tells her that he never stopped loving her. He tells her that he'll be back for her, and asks if she'll wait. She says she will wait for him.  Barnabas goes limp, and Josette calls for Naomi.

Downstairs, Naomi and the Countess see a large bat fly through the room which then disappears. Joshua comes downstairs, and Naomi asks if he's dead. He nods.

The Countess uses smelling salts to wake Josette. She says he's gone. The Countess says it will grow easier, and Josette says that she loves him. She says the book is wrong. She wanted to believe it was right about Barnabas.

Naomi sits downstairs, distraught, when Joshua comes in. He asks if Angelique is with Barnabas, and she says yes. He says he will stay in the old house, and she and Josette will stay in the new house. She asks what decisions he made, and he asks what the people in town would think if Barnabas died of the plague. Josette and the Countess come downstairs. Joshua asks them to escort Naomi to the new house. He explains that for various reasons, he wishes to keep Barnabas' death a secret. He says he will tell everyone tomorrow that Barnabas left on a trip to England. Josette turns to the Countess and tells her that what the book said was true.

Our thoughts

John: Let's be honest. If the Countess had a book that claimed to have future history documented, she'd have read it cover to cover in a single sitting. I can't believe we're getting stuck with the Reader's Digest version of events!

Christine: Did you want to see an entire episode of the Countess reading the Collins history book? Do you remember the last time Grayson Hall carried the majority of an episode by herself? It was touching to see Joshua's concern for his dying son and to learn that he actually has a soft side.

John: Okay, I don't mean to beat a dead bat, but it's almost like they keep trying different ways of doing bat effects more successfully. Unfortunately, they are not succeeding. Today's chroma key work was particularly unsophisticated after having recently seen what could have passed for a real bat's head...

Christine: Are you sure they were trying to do a bat effect more successfully, or perhaps more efficiently? I'll have to agree this time that it was the weakest effect we've seen so far, though it's easy to criticize and forget they were putting this stuff together on live tape. I would have preferred to see Bil Baird's bat, though it was probably a lot more expensive than Chroma-bat. Why is there a bat flying flying around at the moment of Barnabas' death anyway?

John: Interesting to see how the Collins history is being written. Kudos to the writers for not just taking the easy way out and ignore what has come before.

Christine: We can't blame them for making a few changes. Back in Episode 45, Carolyn read the following from the Collins family history book:
Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the founder of Collinsport. In 1830 married Josette la Frenière of Paris, France. The construction of Collinwood, the family mansion, was begun the same year.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 408 - 1/17/68

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Josette finds Barnabas lying on the floor, bleeding from the neck He doesn't notice her in his delirium, and continues to call her name. She tells him she's here, and he tells her she must go away before he dies. She asks him who the witch is. He turns to see Angelique standing in the doorway and collapses.

Barnabas lies in bed. Angelique tells Josette that she should not have disturbed him. She points out that Angelique said he had gone away. The Countess enters and Angelique tells them she's trying to protect him, and they both must leave. Josette says Barnabas says it was witchcraft, Angelique tells them that it's the plague. The Countess asked what the doctor said, and Angelique says no one must know. The Countess says that a doctor must see him. Angelique says that she will take care of him. Josette says that she may be right. The Countess insists on a doctor seeing Barnabas. Angelique tries to stop her, saying the doctor won't know what's wrong with him, as it's no common malady. The Countess says that's why she's getting a doctor immediately and leaves. Angelique asks Josette to leave, and she agrees to wait in the drawing room until the doctor has seen him. Barnabas continues to call to Josette.

The doctor examines Barnabas. The Countess asks the doctor for his conclusions, and Angelique suggests that the discussion should be between she and the doctor. The Countess counters that, and the doctor says Barnabas appears to have been bitten by a diseased rat. Angelique asks if he means the plague, and he says that is his best guess. He explains there's very little he can do. Josette enters and asks if there's any hope for Barnabas. The doctor says Barnabas must be removed from the house and community immediately. The Countess asks the doctor to leave him with his wife, to avoid creating panic with so little evidence. He reluctantly agrees. Josette says that he will be well again. The Countess escorts the doctor out. Angelique tells Josette that Barnabas should be isolated. Josette says that gives them time to find the witch, and she thinks she knows who it is. She says she hopes to return with the means to save him.

Josette visits Vicki, asking her what she wants. She says she'll do anything to save Barnabas. She begs her to raise the spell to save him. She says if Vicki can save Barnabas, she may be able to save Vicki. Vicki denies being a witch. Josette says if she heals Barnabas, she'll be set free. Vicki says there is something she can do, but for Josette, not Vicki. She tells her she's in danger and that she should leave. She says she doesn't know if one can change the past, but Josette must go away to avoid a terrible death. Josette asks how she could say that if she's not a witch. Vicki tells her to read the book on the Collins family she brought back with her. She implores Josette to find the book, read it, and leave Collinwood.

Angelique checks on Barnabas and says she knows he almost told Josette about her. She says the Countess told his family of his condition, and they will want to speak to him. Angelique tells him that Josette's destruction is certain if she learns the truth.

Josette and the Countess search for the book Vicki referred to. The Countess is interested in Vicki's claims of coming from the 20th century. Josette finds the book on the Collins family in America. It says it was published in Bangor, Maine in 1965. Josette opens the book to her portrait that only just arrived from Europe.

She reads the entry saying she arrived in Collinsport in 1795, and then says she would never do what it says. The Countess asks what—and Josette says she dies by her own hand in 1795.

Our thoughts

John: The plague? Really, Angelique? Wouldn't it be too late for everyone in the house at that point?

Christine: You'd think if the doctor was going to agree not to send Barnabas away, he'd quarantine everyone in the house at the very least to limit the contagion.

John: So Vicki continues to explain she's not a witch, just a time-traveler. When will our governess ever learn?

Christine: Don't blame Vicki for the foolishness of the writers, though if she weren't acting like a witch, Josette might rightfully suspect Angelique.

John: How is it that Josette opens the book directly to her portrait? What will she and the Countess make of this book, and will they share it with the rest of the Collins' clan?

Christine: She opened it to where Vicki had left it bookmarked.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 407 - 1/16/68

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Angelique attempts to clean up the blood on the floor where she was shot. She hears a knock at the door, after which Naomi enters looking for Barnabas. She explains that Barnabas is out. Naomi says she'll wait, and Angelique says that he left town, and she doesn't know when he'll be back.

In his room, Barnabas pulls the bandage off his neck wound.

Naomi asks if Angelique has any idea where Barnabas was going, or why he was leaving. She asks if there's something she can do to help Naomi. Naomi says no, but continues asking about Barnabas' hasty departure. Angelique suggests it may have been business related, and Naomi says that if it were, his father would know. She tells Angelique she's coming with her to stay at the new house until Barnabas returns. Naomi says they can leave a note for Barnabas, and notices a large bloodstain on the floor. Angelique tells her it's just wine that she spilled.

Upstairs, Barnabas hears his mother, and gets out of bed.

Angelique says she feels safe with Victoria Winters confined. Naomi says that Vicki is not what she sees as a threat. She prepares to leave when there's a sound upstairs.

Barnabas has knocked something off his dresser.

Angelique convinces her it was nothing, and and Naomi leaves.

Barnabas opens the door to his room and calls for his mother before collapsing to the floor.

Angelique finds Barnabas on the floor. He says he heard his mother's voice, and tried to call her. Angelique helps him back to bed. She tells him to rest, and he asks her what's happening to him. She gives him something to drink that she says will help him.

He asks what it is, and she says it's the only thing that will help him now. She tells him that he's going to get better. She tells him to keep his eyes closed and she pulls back the drapes to let sunlight in. She tells him to open his eyes and he does, screaming in pain. She closes the drapes and says the medicine didn't work. What's done can't be undone.

Naomi tells Joshua she's worried about Barnabas. He says he's surely run off with Josette. He says she's seen the last of the two of them. There's a knock at the door, and Naomi goes to answer it. It's Josette and the Countess.

Josette explains that they had to return to Collinwood. Naomi says she's not clear why they left. The Countess asks if anything happened to Barnabas. Josette tells Naomi that Barnabas said she was in terrible danger. He was to meet them last night, but never arrived. Naomi says he's not at the old house—Angelique told her he was gone, and she didn't know where. The Countess says the things she's concerned with must be affecting Barnabas. Josette says she's going to the old house.

Josette and the Countess arrive at the old house. Angelique rebuffs them. The Countess says she can feel it in the house. Josette tells Angelique that Barnabas was supposed to meet them last night, and Angelique tells them she wants them to leave immediately.

Barnabas hears Josette's voice downstairs.

Angelique says Barnabas is not in danger, and again asks them to leave.

The Countess tries to impress upon Angelique that Barnabas may be in danger.

Barnabas makes it to his bedroom door.

Josette and the Countess prepare to leave when they hear Barnabas upstairs. Josette goes upstairs, and when Angelique tries to stop her, the Countess holds her back.

Josette finds Barnabas lying on the floor, bleeding from the neck.

He doesn't notice her in his delirium, and continues to call her name.

Our thoughts

John: Okay writers, would you like to explain why sunlight would only affect Barnabas with his eyes open?

Christine: They are rewriting the vampire myth, so they can do anything they want. Barnabas must really love that superb dressing gown since he continues to wear it in 1967.

John: Angelique is polite with Naomi, but by the time Josette and the Countess arrive, she just gives them the cold shoulder.

Christine: I think it's understandable since she knows Josette has been secretly meeting with her husband, who's decided to add insult to injury by hanging her portrait above the mantle. 

John: Hmm. Angelique will be in a bit of a pickle now. She can't kill off Josette and the Countess, so word is bound to get back to Naomi that Angelique lied to her.

Christine: She'll be less likely to believe the story about the spilled wine. Naomi surely knows what a wine stain looks like. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 406 - 1/15/68

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Angelique threatens Sarah, so Barnabas pulls a pistol and shoots her. Before she dies, she curses him to eternal unrest, during which time anyone he loves will die. A window breaks, and a bat flies in. It attacks Barnabas, biting him on the neck. Barnabas cries for help, bleeding from his neck wound.

The Countess notices something wrong with Josette, She says she felt a strange vibration. She feels her throat, and thinks it has something to do with Barnabas. She thinks he's in danger. The Countess says she'll arrange a reading of her Tarot cards to prove there's nothing wrong with Barnabas.

Ben returns to the old house and finds Barnabas unconscious next to Angelique's dead body. He takes Barnabas up to his room.

The Countess doesn't understand the arrangement of her Tarot cards. She says the card of the lover is surrounded on all sides by symbols of death and destruction.

Josette says she was right, and that Barnabas is in danger. The Countess notices that Josette's neck is bleeding.

Barnabas asks how he got into his room, and Ben tells him he found him downstairs. He asks what happened, and Barnabas tells him she put a wicked curse on him. He says she made a bat appear and attack his throat. He says it's too late for a doctor. He warns Ben to watch out for the bat. Barnabas asks about Angelique, and Ben says she's dead. Barnabas asks him if he's sure, as Angelique walks into the room.

She says she's not dead, and she's not going to die. She tells Ben she doesn't want Barnabas to die. Ben says he's delirious. Angelique says she wants Barnabas to know how sorry she is. She asks Ben if Barnabas told him what he did to her. She says she cursed him when she thought she was going to die. She says she'll remove the curse if she can. She tells Ben that no doctor can cure what's wrong with him. She tells Ben he has to trust her, and help her save Barnabas. Ben asks if a bat really attacked him, and she says it's true. She says if he dies, there will never be a way to remove the curse, and something far more terrible will happen to him. He'll become one of the living dead.

The Countess is unable to stop the bleeding on Josette's neck. She says they have to go back to Collinwood immediately to help Barnabas. The Countess tells her they have to wait until morning. The Countess retires to her room and Angelique sits by the fire, unable to sleep.

Barnabas gets up and starts to pack a bag to go see Josette. Angelique comes in and he tells her to leave. She asks what he's doing, and he says he's got to go to Josette. Angelique says only she can help him. If he tells her where Josette is, she'll bring her to him. He says she's safe from her. He finally collapses on the bed.

A bat flaps outside the window of the room Josette is in.

Our thoughts

John: I guess it would have been too easy for Barnabas to just shoot and kill Angelique, though you think she'd be aware of that, too.

Christine: Well, she was in mortal agony and suffering from blood loss, so she may not have been thinking too clearly. I wondered why Barnabas didn't just strangle her before she could curse him, though I realized why when she reappeared, just as Ben was telling Barnabas how dead she was. Angelique has been given the opportunity to redeem herself and lift the curse, though we can be sure that's not going to happen.

John: Nice job on the make-up today. Barnabas was looking particularly pasty, I assume due to a significant loss of blood.

Christine: Yes, he did look rather ill without his usual blush and eye shadow.

John: The sympathy bleeding is an interesting effect, but Josette does not appear to be suffering any of the other symptoms that Barnabas is. Of course, it apparently is enough for the bat to sniff her out.

Christine: Part of the curse was that whoever loves Barnabas will die. Angelique did not offer to lift that part of the curse. Wait—doesn't that mean she's cursed herself to die for loving Barnabas? Or does her survival indicate that she does not really love Barnabas?

For the tarot enthusiasts.

I wonder if we'll be visiting The Three Bells often, since they made this nifty sign.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 405 - 1/12/68

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The Countess finds Josette in the drawing room. Josette tells her that she's leaving Collinwood in an hour, and she can't explain why. The Countess asks what Barnabas said to her. She says that nothing anyone says or does will stop her from leaving.

The Countess suggests that the only danger appears to be Barnabas. She says if Josette is leaving, she'll go with her. She sends Josette to her room when Abigail enters. She starts talking about Reverend Trask and the trial of the witch. The Countess stops her and says she needs her to explain to her brother that she and Josette will be leaving Collinwood tonight. Abigail is shocked. She says they're all counting on the Countess to be a witness at the trial. She says there are plenty of other witnesses, and she goes upstairs to pack.

Josette listens to a music box. Barnabas tells her it was going to be a wedding gift, and he wants her to keep it with her.

She says she's worried about him. He says things will be fine after he does what he needs to do. He will see her in Boston soon. She asks about his marriage to Angelique, and he says the next time she sees him, they will not be married. With a kiss, he sends her off to her carriage.

Abigail visits Angelique at the old house. She asks why there's a portrait of Josette above the fireplace. Angelique explains that Barnabas hung it over her objections.

Abigail asks if Angelique will still appear as a witness at Victoria's trial. She says that Josette and her aunt have left Collinwood. Angelique is shocked. She asks where they went, and why. Abigail tells her she does not know, and notices that Angelique appears upset.

Barnabas comes downstairs as Abigail leaves. He leaves a box by the staircase. Angelique tells him he's made a great mistake trying to betray her. She says Josette will not be safe just because he sent her away. She tells him to look at the portrait, and he watches as it transforms into a ghoulish rendition of Josette.

He says her powers are limited to making the portrait appear different, since she doesn't know where Josette is. Angelique says she'll force him to tell her. He says if she forces him to do anything, he'll never be the faithful husband she wanted him to be. She calls him foolish. She says that Josette may be safe, but no one else is. He asks what she means and she runs upstairs.

He opens the box he brought downstairs, which contain his dueling pistols. Angelique comes back downstairs with Sarah's doll. She stabs it with needles.

He pleads with her to remove the pins, promising to do whatever she asks. She says Sarah will die if he deceives her again. Barnabas pulls one of his dueling pistols and shoots her.

He grabs the doll and removes the pins from it. Angelique tells him he didn't do the job well enough, and as long as she lives and breathes she will have her revenge. She places a curse on him, telling him that he will never rest, and never be able to love anyone through all eternity.

She falls down, dead. A window breaks, and a bat flies in. It attacks Barnabas, biting him on the neck.

Our thoughts

John: I love how strong Barnabas is when finally standing up to Angelique. And to think, it almost worked.

Christine: I loved the transformation of Josette's portrait. That was an interesting effect.

John: And now we know where they got the look for the aliens in John Carpenter's THEY LIVE!

John: The deed is done! The vampire curse has been inflicted on Barnabas Collins! I can't wait to see him roaming the countryside in search of blood!

Christine: That is likely to cause problems at Collinwood.

John: The epic finale of today's episode was marred somewhat by the appearance of the bat-fisherman and his pole.

Christine: It was so fleeting you would have missed it if you'd blinked. Can we just enjoy the moment? I think they did pretty well keeping that string hidden through most of the shot. Admittedly, I did laugh a little over Bil Baird's puppet bat inspiring so much terror in Barnabas, because it is so cute. Props to Frid for acting so terrified with a bat on a string at his throat. What a great episode! Next week should be interesting.