Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Episode 198 - 3/29/67

Roger descends into the basement of Collinwood and begins working at the padlock on the door. Liz interrupts him, and he refuses to stop unless she opens the door. She tells him if he puts his hand on the door, he can leave Collinwood for good. He says she can't be serious. He implores her to check for the paintings. He says he told Sam Evans he could use them in a showing. Liz says that he wouldn't go to such trouble for Sam. She says she hope he has no reason to have to do a favor for Sam Evans. He denies keeping something from her, and he asks if she's keeping something from him. She says the room has old things of Paul's that she doesn't want disturbed.

Sam is sure Roger won't be able to find his paintings. Maggie asks who has them, not knowing it's Roger her pop is referring to. He says it's just somebody he sold them to. He barks at her and she leaves for work, saying she's used to it. He says he'll make it all up to her once the paintings are found.

Wearing what appears to be a new suit, Jason is on the phone with Willie, telling him how wonderful and generous Mrs. Stoddard will be. Liz enters and he tells her how much he enjoys living at Collinwood. He says he has a request of her. He'd like to live in a manner consistent with living in a house like Collinwood. She says she won't give him money. He says he hopes she'll consider it, as all he's got to lose is an allowance, while she has a lot more to lose.

Roger tells Sam he can't find the paintings. Sam tells him to search again, and not to come back until he has results. Roger tells him that he won't go to Burke, because he'd be implicated, too. Sam says that the satisfaction of seeing Roger get what he deserves may overcompensate for that. Roger storms out, and Sam tells him he's going to see Burke. Roger reminds him that his daughter will suffer. He tells Sam that he wouldn't even get the paintings now if he did find them and slams the door. Sam throws his glass at the door.

Jason offers Roger some of his own Brandy. Jason apologizes, saying he thought Collinwood and everything in it belonged to Liz. Jason says that Liz told him that while he lived at Collinwood, he should consider himself like a member of the family. Roger says that doesn't sound like his sister. He asks if Jason plans to be a member of 'the family' for a very long time. He says he plans to stay for a short while. Roger asks for a more precise timeline, and Jason says that will be up to Liz, "like everything else around here."

Maggie returns home to find Sam drunk and sitting on the floor. He complains that he could have had recognition. He whines that the chance of a lifetime is gone. He tells her that he stood right in the room and told him the paintings couldn't be found. He said he told him that he searched Collinwood and couldn't find them. Maggie realizes that he's talking about Roger Collins. She says those were the paintings he sold for $15,000. She says that's more than they were worth, and Roger wouldn't be interested in his work. Maggie sees through Sam's lies. She asks if the $15,000 was for something other than the paintings. He asks if she wants to know what it was for, and she guesses it's so he wouldn't testify against Burke. She asks why he did it.

Our thoughts

John: Wow! Liz wastes no time in laying down the law with Roger. And he seems to realize that she may not be kidding about kicking him out of Collinwood for good. He didn't even have a chance to counter with a threat of taking David with him.

Christine: Jason is feeling pretty confident about getting anything he wants from Liz. I wonder why she doesn't call his bluff. It seems that if he spills the beans on her, then he's also going to be implicated.

John: Interesting pickle between Roger and Liz. She pretty much knows he's lying about Sam, and he's quite confident she's lying about the basement room. Of course Liz didn't help her case by saying, "Yeah—that's it, it's all Paul's stuff..."

Christine: That was classic! What a wonderful scene. Interesting that they're essentially experiencing the same problem of having some criminal secret with an accomplice who is using their knowledge of it to control them. She did say that she loves him, which I believe may be the first outward expression of sisterly devotion we've heard so far, even if it was an 'I love you, but'.

John: So Maggie finally knows the truth about her father, Roger Collins, and old family friend Burke Devlin. I wonder if Sam's letter is still locked in the safe at the hotel.

Christine: The truth is out! And so is the portrait of Isaac Collins after a lengthy time spent in the shadows. There were quite a few strange occurrences surrounding the portrait of Isaac Collins early on in the show, which makes his presence during Jason's conversation with Roger seem significant. It may indicate that grave matters lie ahead for Collinwood. It's interesting to look back at Episode 22 when we were wondering about the events of ten years ago and realize we are finally getting some answers more than 170 episodes later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Episode 197 - 3/28/67

Jason makes himself comfortable in Collinwood. Liz tells him he may think of himself as a guest, but the truth is that he's an intruder. She demands to know how long he plans to stay. He says he might stay for some time, and if she did anything to make his stay difficult, he might have to do something to retaliate. He tells her that she was in trouble, and he helped her. She takes him into the drawing room. She asks if he has a conscience. He tells her that if he did, he'd run right down and talk to the police. He asks her why she hasn't been to see the police in the last 18 years. He tells her that they're stuck with what happened 18 years ago. She says that doesn't make them partners, and he tells her he just wants a little consideration. She says that he had quite enough to take care of him, and suggests that now he's come back for more. He admits that he's broke. All he has is what he's wearing. He asks her to call the local haberdashery to let them know he'll be by to charge a few things.

Sam Evans picks up the phone and calls Collinwood. Roger answers, and Sam asks if he's found the paintings yet. He tells Roger that if he doesn't find them, he's going to blow the whistle on him.

Roger explores the basement with a flashlight. There are plenty of antiques, but no sign of any paintings. He finds his way to the padlocked door, and rattles it. As he wanders deeper into the basement, Jason makes his way into the basement. He goes right to the door, and lights a match before the padlock. Roger then shines his flashlight on him and asks if that helps. He asks what Jason is doing. He says he was lost. Roger asks why he was looking at the lock. Jason tells him he used to collect old padlocks. He also explains that he's curious what lies behind the door. Roger says that if he accepts his story that he's just a tourist in the basement, why is he in Collinwood? He  then asks if he left with Paul Stoddard 18 years ago. Jason explains that he last saw Paul in Collinwood, 18 years ago. He asks Roger about Liz having become a recluse 18 years ago. He does confirm that she hasn't left the house in 18 years. Jason points out how that coincides with when Paul disappeared. And then he asks Roger what he was doing in the basement.

Liz clutches the key to the padlock when Roger walks in. He asks if she's seen a dozen paintings that he had picked up 10 years ago. He says he's looked everywhere but the locked room in the basement. She says they're not there. Those are personal belongings that she doesn't want anyone poking around. He tells her that her house guest was exploring that lock, which shocks her.

Roger meets Sam in The Blue Whale, and explains that he can't find the paintings. He says they must be around unless someone threw them out. Sam scolds him, explaining that some of them took months to finish. Roger says he shouldn't have given them away so readily, and Sam says that he needed to give them to make their transaction look legitimate. He says if Roger doesn't find them, he's going to Burke Devlin. Roger says there's one more place they might be.

Jason prepares to visit the haberdashery, and Liz asks to speak with him first. She asks what he was doing in the basement. He says he was socializing with Roger. She claims he was trying to open a lock. He says that he probably could pick it, and says he has a rather large stake down there. He says that Roger doesn't seem to know anything. He tells her that he hopes the door never gets opened.

In the basement, Roger tries to break the padlock.

Our thoughts

John: It's amusing how they call upon the fact that Liz hasn't left the house in 18 years, just days after she returns from being out of the house for what might be the longest stretch since Paul's disappearance.

Christine: It seems that something was edited out of this Take #2 episode. When Jason is talking to Roger in the basement about how Liz becoming a recluse coincides with Paul Stoddard's departure, it suddenly jumps to them in a new position with Roger saying, "Shall we go?"

John: So once again we're led to believe that it might be the remains of Paul Stoddard behind the locked basement door. The fact that both Roger AND Jason have been poking around down there has got to be freaking Liz out.

Christine: If so, then how did Paul Stoddard die, and why is she keeping his remains in the basement instead of having him buried somewhere out on the large estate?

John: Where, oh where could Sam's paintings be? It would seem more likely they would be in one of the closed off areas of the house than behind the locked basement door, but curiosity may be getting the best of Roger as well. The only question is, who will be the one to find him trying to break in—Liz? David? Mrs. Johnson? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Episode 196 - 3/27/67

Liz says Jason is the last person she expected to see. She introduces Carolyn to Jason as someone she used to know. Liz asks him what he's doing there, and he says surely she should know. He asks if she received his letter from Tierra del Fuego, and says you never know what happens to mail in places like that. He references the last time he was in Collinwood 18 years ago. She sends Carolyn away and asks her to tell Mrs. Johnson to prepare coffee.

Jason tells her she's exactly as he remembers her. He says he was passing through town and wanted to say hello. She's sure he wants something. He says he wants nothing, and shortly he'll be leaving, unless she wants him to leave immediately. She reluctantly tells him that's not necessary. He says he'll be gone before she knows it, and it might be 18 years before she sees him again, if ever. He says the events of 18 years ago have had a lot to do with how he's spent the rest of his time, and he'd like to forget about it. She says she agrees with that. She asks where he's staying, and he says he's hoping for an invitation from her to stay in Collinwood. She says she can't ask him to stay, and he corrects her, saying she can and will.

Vicki finds Carolyn and asks why the drawing room is closed. She says her mother is meeting with an old friend, Jason McGuire. Vicki says she met him at the coffee shop. She says he was asking all kinds of questions about the family, including Carolyn's father.

Liz says he can't force his way into the house. He says the events of 18 years ago are what they base the future on. He says they were allies, not enemies, and they owe each other. He suggests that turning him away is not the wisest thing she can do. She asks how long he'll stay. He says to tell the others he's there for a brief stay. Liz paces back and forth, and he tells her to think of him as someone she'd like to have as a house guest. She says she'll have a room prepared. He says he won't settle for one on the main floor, like a servant. He wants a room on the second floor, with an ocean view. He asks if they dress for dinner, and she suggests he could eat in his room. He explains that he likes dinner company.

Roger enters, and Liz introduces him to Jason. Jason says it's good to see him again. Though Roger doesn't remember, Jason says they met 18 years ago. Roger offers him a drink, and he says he'll take one later. Liz explains that she invited Jason to stay at Collinwood. Jason goes to collect he gear, and Roger asks what's going on. She says Jason was a friend of Paul's. Roger says he's amazed she would invite a friend of Paul's to stay in the house. He asks if he's seen Paul, or brought a message from him. He continues to question Liz, but she remains evasive. He says if Jason is a friend of Paul's, he's probably as bad as Paul—or worse! He asks how long he'll be staying, and she says his stay will be brief, but nothing more specific.

Carolyn enters and says she wanted to say goodbye to Jason. As Vicki walks in, Liz says she's invited him to stay over. Carolyn is surprised, and says she seemed shocked to see him. Liz barks that she won't have her motives cross examined. Vicki reminds her not to get excited. Roger and Carolyn leave, and Vicki asks her if there's anything she can do, and suggests that Liz get some rest. She tells Vicki that she'll need her support, and asks her to promise once again that she won't reveal what she saw in the basement.

Jason makes a call from a pay phone, and tells the recipient that everything is going beautifully.

Our thoughts

John: I do love the way Jason McGuire chews up the scenery and all the other characters, too. He should make for a strong presence at Collinwood. Looking forward to seeing what develops in his relationship with Liz.

Christine: He's sure to liven things up at Collinwood. I look forward to seeing what develops in his relationship with Roger.

John: Roger eases up rather quickly on the thought of there being another house guest in Collinwood. He wasn't this comfortable when Mrs. Johnson came aboard!

Christine: I think he's in shock. He's probably trying to figure out if Liz had an affair with Jason eighteen years ago, causing hubby Paul to leave.

John: Maybe if Liz didn't keep bringing it up, Vicki might actually forget that she saw her in the basement in the middle of the night...

Christine: She obviously wants to talk to somebody about her basement issues and may be testing Vicki to see if she can keep whatever damnable secret she hides down there.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Episode 195 - 3/24/67

Liz comes downstairs and finds Vicki in the drawing room. She asks Vicki to remember her promise from last night, as she doesn't want anyone to know what she was doing in the basement. Vicki says that even she doesn't know what Liz was doing in the basement, and doesn't understand why Liz looked frightened when she saw her. She says she was startled, not frightened, and doesn't want it discussed any further. Carolyn comes home, having dropped David off with Burke so they could go on a fishing trip. Carolyn says she's going to take a nap, as her mother kept her up last night, getting up and down several times during the night. Liz says she must have heard Vicki, who came into her room several times to check in on her. Vicki reluctantly supports her lies.

Maggie is in the diner when Jason McGuire walks in. He orders a cup of coffee with a bit of lemon peel. She asks if he's passing through, or looking for work. He asks if he looks like an ordinary seaman. He tells her he's a first officer. She asks what he's looking for, and he says maybe a safe harbor in a storm. She says he looks too intelligent not to be doing something important. He impresses Maggie with his knowledge of coffee.

Vicki walks in, and tells Maggie that Mrs. Stoddard is back. Jason interrupts and asks if Vicki mentioned Mrs. Stoddard. He asks if she's okay, and Vicki says the danger is passed. He asks what Vicki does for Liz. He quizzes her on who all is up at Collinwood. Vicki asks if he knows Liz. and he says he did years ago. He asks about Mr. Stoddard, and Vicki is surprised to hear someone mention Paul Stoddard. She says he went away 18 years ago. She asks if he knows him, and he indicates that he did. She asks if he's seen Paul, and he says he has not, and that it's possible, if no one has seen him, that Paul Stoddard is dead. Jason leaves, and Vicki asks Maggie about him. She says it was strange he was asking so many questions.

There's a knock at the door at Collinwood, and Carolyn answers. It's Jason to see Mrs. Stoddard. He weasels his way into the house, telling Carolyn he remembers her from when she was very young. He says he'll wait inside, without answering Carolyn's questions about who he is. He says she's trying to spoil the surprise of her mother seeing him.

Liz calls from upstairs, and Carolyn tells her there's a surprise visitor to see her.

In the drawing room, Jason fixes himself a drink. Liz walks in, and is shocked to see Jason McGuire.

Our thoughts

John: Wow, Liz not only lies and asks Vicki to cover for her—now she starts using Vicki as an alibi, lest anyone know she was walking around the house in the middle of the night.

Christine: These are the actions of a desperate woman.

John: I think we should all follow Jason McGuire's lead, and start calling The Blue Whale "The Dead Whale."

Christine: Was that a Freudian slip on his part? It has a certain ring...

John: Wow, Jason is a master at social engineering. He manages to get all the information he needs about Collinwood from Vicki, and then he immediately uses that to work his way past Carolyn, We don't yet know what his plans are, but I think we can assume he's not there for the good of Collinwood.

Christine: He's quite the charmer. I think Carolyn just found a new crush.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Episode 194 - 3/23/67

David is in the drawing room when Vicki enters. She asks if he's ready for his aunt. They're scheduled to arrive very soon. She notices David is trembling, and he says he's a bit frightened of the way his aunt looked the last time he saw her. He said she looked like she was dead. Vicki says he'll see how well she is when she arrives. They see the car pull up and go to meet them. Vicki welcomes Mrs. Stoddard home, followed by David. She says she missed him so much. Roger says she's said hello to Vicki and David, so it's time to go up to her room to rest. He tells Vicki to take Liz up to her room. She asks David to come up in a few minutes to see her. Carolyn asks her uncle to speak with her in the drawing room.

She asks if there's trouble with the business she doesn't know about. She said her mother was so anxious to get back to Collinsport, she was wondering if it had to do with the business. Roger confirms the business is thriving. Carolyn asks what else it could be that would have her so determined to get back to the house.

David tells his aunt of the things his mother taught him while Liz was away. She asks if he misses his mother, and he says sometimes. He said he wanted to stay in Collinwood rather than go away with her. Vicki comes in to send David down to dinner, and Liz asks Vicki to stay. She thanks Vicki for saving David from Laura. They talk about Dr. Guthrie, and Liz asks if he found anything mysterious in Collinwood, other than Laura. Vicki says he didn't mention anything. She asks if he explored the closed off wing, attic, and basement, and Vicki says yes. She asks what he expected to find in the basement. Vicki says she doesn't know, but he went there several times.

Later, Liz gets out of bed and Roger enters as she starts to leave. He reminds her of the doctor's orders. He puts her back to bed. He tells her that Carolyn did a fine job managing the house in her absence. Liz is quite proud of her. She asks about Laura, and Roger says that he doesn't know that the woman was Laura—but he's glad she's gone. She asks about her jewelry, including a key on the necklace. He tells her it's in his bedside table, and asks her about the key. She says she doesn't question him, and it's a wise policy for both of them.

Carolyn tells Vicki that she thinks there's something wrong that her mother's not telling her. Vicki says that when she arrived, Liz told her that she never left Collinwood because she was waiting for Carolyn's father to return. Carolyn doesn't think that's it, and wants to find out what it is so she can help her.

At 2:30 in the morning, Liz goes down to the basement. She unlocks the padlock on the locked door and goes inside with a flashlight. She emerges from the room 10 minutes later and is startled by Vicki in the basement. She asks what Vicki is doing downstairs, and she explains she heard noises. Liz makes an excuse that she was just checking the house. Vicki tells her that she's sure no one was in that room if that's what she was worried about. She snaps at Vicki, and tells her to forget what she saw. She tells Vicki that she's very fond of her, and that she trusts her. She asks her to promise that she won't tell anyone that she saw her in the basement. Vicki agrees not to.

Our thoughts

John: I don't recall Guthrie exploring so much of Collinwood as Vicki says he did, or at least not so that we viewers were aware of it. Did I miss something, or is that just a bit of retcon on the writers' part?

Christine: Guthrie was all over Collinwood. You don't remember that?

John: I had forgotten how concerned Liz was about what lies beyond the basement door. If she's had Paul chained up down there for the past 18 years, he's gone without feeding for 5 weeks!

Christine: Well, we haven't heard any sobbing coming from the basement lately...

John: So all is back to normal in Collinwood. How long until something, or someone, comes along to upset the apple cart?

Christine: Carolyn is back to being Roger's 'Kitten' now that she has lost her position of power as mistress of Collinwood. It was a precious moment when Liz says she doesn't question Roger. These siblings are both determined to keep their skeletons in the closet, but it's only a matter of time until all are revealed.