Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 672 - 1/21/69

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Carolyn hears her mother's voice telling her she's in danger. The werewolf gets closer to her. Her mother pleads for her to get back to Collinwood.

Carolyn stands at the front door to Collinwood. While her mother begs her to go inside, the werewolf appears.

Julia opens the door and the werewolf runs away. She tells Julia that the cottage is a mess, and Julia says Chris can take care of himself. Carolyn tells Julia that she heard her mother's voice, and Julia replies that it's all in her mind. Carolyn says she's going to the mausoleum. Julia offers to get Barnabas to go with her, but she leaves alone.

As she leaves Collinwood, the werewolf jumps down from above and follows her. She hears a rustling and asks if it's Chris. She continues towards the cemetery with the werewolf in tow. As she reaches the mausoleum the werewolf attacks. She makes it inside and is able to lock the door. The werewolf reaches in at her as she cries for help. The werewolf picks up a rock and pounds on the door. In her coffin, Liz tries to will her hand to press the button that will ring the bells. The werewolf makes it into the mausoleum and attacks Carolyn. Liz is able to reach the button and bells begin to ring. The werewolf pauses momentarily.

Back at Collinwood, Julia and Barnabas hear the bells.

The werewolf notices a silver bracelet on Carolyn, and steps back. Julia and Barnabas arrive, and Barnabas proceeds to beat the werewolf with his silver-headed cane. The werewolf runs off. They explain they heard the bells, and Carolyn says that means her mother is alive. Barnabas opens the coffin, Julia sticks her head all the way in and pronounces Liz dead. Again.

Back in Collinwood, Carolyn asks Julia what attacked her. Julia says she doesn't know, but they have to destroy it. Carolyn says it must be the same animal dressed as a man that attacked her mother and Joe.

Barnabas asks how Carolyn fought the animal off. She says she put her hands up to protect herself, and her bracelet attracted his attention. Barnabas asks to see it, and notices that it's silver. He points out that the head of his cane is silver, too. Julia asks what he's getting at, and he tells her he's not certain.

Carolyn asks how the bells went off. Julia says she can't explain it, but that her mother is dead. They hear the front door. When they go to the foyer, Liz is standing there.

They help her into the drawing room. Julia checks her vitals and reluctantly agrees that she appears to be alive. Liz says that Cassandra put her under a spell. She tells the story of finding Cassandra with Tony Peterson, and how when she threatened to tell Roger, Cassandra put a spell on her. She says that when she felt Carolyn was in danger, she had to react. She asks if Cassandra will ever return, and Barnabas assures her that she won't. Liz says she had a vision of a woman who looked like Cassandra consumed by flames. Julia helps her upstairs.

Barnabas warns Carolyn not to leave the house until the animal is caught. She tells him that she's worried about Chris, as the cottage had been ransacked. He tries calling the cottage, but there's no answer. He says he'll get Roger's gun and go check the cottage.

Barnabas gets Roger's gun, and also takes his cane as he leaves Collinwood. Julia comes downstairs and tells Carolyn she can see her mother now.

Barnabas wanders through the woods. He hears the werewolf, who then appears before him. He shoots the werewolf in the chest. It is knocked down, but it gets up and comes after him.

Our thoughts

John: Well, that will go down in Dark Shadows' history as one of the most anti-climactic openings. Carolyn was within reach of the werewolf from the end of the last episode, and for inexplicable reasons, he dances around without attacking her. She then goes back out to the mausoleum. Why bother even have her returning to Collinwood? And what's the point of having a lock inside the mausoleum door if anyone could reach through the front and open it?

Christine: Why would the mausoleum lock from the inside anyway? I suppose they thought it would be suspenseful to stretch out the werewolf chase today, but it ended up feeling like they were trying to fill time in the episode. Carolyn must not pay much attention to what her boyfriend is wearing to not recognize his clothes on the Wolfman.

John: So where exactly on the estate were the bell towers installed? That was pretty epic bell-ringing to reach from the cemetery to the main house, particularly when connected to what appeared to be a standard doorbell.

Christine: It was all part of Liz's mausoleum design.

John: I just about died when Julia crawled headfirst into the coffin to check on Liz. Is this the third time she's incorrectly pronounced her dead? I love when she finally admits that Liz is alive, after Liz shows up back at the house.

Christine: That amusing image ranks right up there with Jeff Clark's goofy first appearance and Naomi's dream of ripping off a bloody mannequin arm. I've lost count of all the people Julia has declared dead that have returned to life, though since Liz repeatedly stated it would happen, I would have expected her to use a more reliable device to certify death than by laying her head on the victim's chest.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 671 - 1/20/69

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Chris looks out the window, and then starts struggling, as if he's about to turn into a werewolf. Maggie arrives at the cottage, and asks him to let her in. She says it's about Amy. He reluctantly lets her in, and she asks if he's all right. She tells him that Amy fainted and wants to see him. He sends her back to the main house, saying he needs a few minutes alone.

Maggie returns, and tells Carolyn he was rude. Carolyn says he was behaving strangely earlier today, too. Carolyn says there's something strange with the children. They were upset when they found that she had gone to get Chris instead of Carolyn. She adds that Amy seems to have had a miraculous recovery. She asks Maggie to tell Chris that she'll be back shortly. It's her mother's birthday and she's going to the mausoleum. Maggie asks Carolyn if she really thinks her mother is dead. She says that after three weeks, she's gone to the mausoleum every day. She suggests it would be better if she could accept what happened. Carolyn reiterates what her mother said about being buried alive, and says she wants to believe it.

Chris struggles in the cottage, returning to the window to see the full moon. He begins to freak out, and then becomes perfectly still in order to complete his transformation to the werewolf. He goes to the mirror, and then proceeds to tear apart the cottage before running out the front door.

Carolyn looks down at her mother's coffin.

Inside her coffin, Liz tries to communicate to Carolyn that she is alive. She knows that Carolyn is in terrible danger.

Carolyn says goodbye and starts to leave.

Liz tries to communicate with her, begging her to stay, but she leaves.

The werewolf prowls through the woods.

Maggie and the kids come downstairs. David asks where Carolyn is, and Maggie tells him she's at the mausoleum. They go into the drawing room, and Maggie asks if Amy was pretending when she fainted. She says she wasn't. Maggie asks how she recovered so suddenly. David says girls always have dizzy spells. Maggie asks why they were upset when they found out she went to the cottage to get Chris. They both deny it. Amy points out that Chris and Carolyn like each other. Maggie brings up the other strange things that have been happening, like Mrs. Johnson seeing a strange man at the cottage.

She hears the front door, and Maggie goes to find Carolyn has returned. She asks where Chris is, and Maggie says he hasn't arrived yet. Maggie tells her she's going to take the kids upstairs, and Carolyn says she'll wait for Chris.

The werewolf continues to prowl.

Carolyn is upset that Chris didn't come to see Amy. She asks Maggie to call him.

The werewolf arrives in the cemetery.

In her coffin, Liz tries to warn Carolyn of the danger.

Carolyn says she's going to the cottage to give Chris a piece of her mind. She leaves.

Liz tries to come up with a way to warn Carolyn.

Amy sneaks into the drawing room through the secret passage. David appears and asks her where she was going. He asks if she was going to warn Carolyn at the cottage. Amy says she doesn't want her to get hurt. David says he told her that she wouldn't get hurt. He takes her back upstairs through the secret passage.

Carolyn arrives at the cottage to find it in a shambles, with Chris nowhere to be found. She runs back toward the main house.

Liz continues to stress about the danger Carolyn is in.

As she makes her way through the woods, Carolyn hears a rustling. She calls for Chris, but no one answers. The werewolf is not far behind her.

Carolyn hears her mother's voice telling her she's in danger.

The werewolf gets closer...

Our thoughts

John: I get that they need Chris to sit still in order to do the matched dissolve to the werewolf, but maybe he should ease up on the twitchy behavior leading up to it so it doesn't seem so ridiculous when he suddenly goes catatonic for a few seconds.

Christine: Don Briscoe has not been given the pleasure of actually acting the werewolf part as he did the vampire, so he has to make the most of every moment leading up to it. His stillness before transformation is not unlike Lon Chaney Jr.'s transformations, so there is precedent.

John: Couldn't the werewolf actor have done his own growling? They lay in the growling track in ham-fisted fashion, as if it were just another one of Robert Cobert's musical cues.

Christine: I agree that it would have sounded much better to have used Alex Stevens' own growly voice, which can be heard during his costumed appearance on What's My Line, but perhaps they couldn't pick up his growl on the overhead microphone with all his furry face make up and prosthetic fangs in place. It may not have been quite as bad had he done something with his mouth to give the appearance that he was responsible for the growling sounds. The werewolf growl track is right in line with the squeaky bat track. Let's hope those two sounds are never played at the same time.

John: Rough day for Joan Bennett today. Just appear on the coffin-cam for a while without moving, and record a few lines.

Christine: Did I hear correctly that she's been entombed for three weeks? She's remarkably calm for being in such a confined space for so long, especially after the level of anxiety she had about being buried alive. I expected her death spell to be broken by the incineration of Angelique, but perhaps it means that Angelique is still kicking around town in some form or another. Incidentally, Carolyn said it was her mother's birthday today, making it February 28th on Dark Shadows, as that's the birth date recorded in the Family Register seen in Episode 267, unless Carolyn was just making it up for the sake of drama.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 670 - 1/17/69

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Carolyn fixes a drink and asks Chris if he likes the cottage. He says it's nice and private, just like he wanted. They toast his new life in the cottage. He tells her that he's going away for a few days.

Amy comes in and tells Chris she's glad he'll be closer. Amy sees the pentagram on Carolyn's face, and asks if she's going away. Carolyn says she's not, and Amy tells her that she sees a star on her face, and the only other time she saw that was on her cousin Joe, and then he went away. She tells Carolyn that she hopes she's not going away, too. Carolyn looks in the mirror and sees nothing.

She asks Chris if he saw anything, and he denies it. Amy apologizes for upsetting her. Carolyn says she's not upset, and tells her to run along and play. She tells Chris that his sister is strange, and he tells her that he has to leave. She asks what he's upset about, and he tells her he'll call her when he gets back.

David is failing miserably attempting to build a house of cards when Amy comes into his room. She asks if he spoke to Quentin about Carolyn and Chris. He says he did, and that Quentin seemed pleased. David says he wants to make sure Carolyn stops interfering with them. He says Quentin has a way, but he won't tell him what it is. He tells her that later today, she'll pretend to be sick. She asks if Quentin is going to hurt Carolyn. David asks why she thinks that. He says that Quentin told him after tonight, Carolyn won't bother them again.

Amy finds Carolyn and asks about Chris. She explains that he's going away for a few days on business.

Chris sits in front of the fireplace in the cottage. He takes off his tie and throws it aside. He then starts pacing around. He opens his suitcase and starts to fill it.

In his room, David asks Amy if she's feeling alright. Maggie tells him to focus on his schoolwork. Amy tells Maggie that she doesn't feel well. She appears to pass out. Maggie takes Amy to her room and goes to get Carolyn. David tells Amy she did a good job. She asks what Chris has to with everything? Maggie brings Carolyn in, and Amy reverts to playing sick. David suggests that she may be feeling this way because Chris was leaving. Maggie suggests that seeing Chris would help. Carolyn goes downstairs to call him.

Chris hears the phone ring in the cottage, but refuses to answer it. He finishes packing his suitcase.

Carolyn hangs up the phone.

Maggie tells Amy that she'll be alright, and Chris will come to see her soon. Amy says she dreamed of Chris saying goodbye to her. Maggie says that Carolyn went to get Chris, and goes downstairs. Amy tells David she doesn't understand what Chris has to do with all this. He feigns ignorance, and tells her she's afraid. She asks what will happen to Carolyn and he tells her nothing bad. He just wants her to leave the house, probably to scare her on the way to Chris' cottage. Carolyn comes in to ask how Amy is feeling. David asks about Maggie, and Carolyn says she went to the cottage to get Chris. They look worried.

Chris looks out the window, and then starts struggling, as if he's about to turn into a werewolf. Maggie arrives at the cottage, and asks him to let her in. She says it's about Amy.

Our thoughts

John: The day Chris moves into the cottage, he says he's leaving to go out of town for a few days? I guess that since he's now living rent free, he can afford to travel!

Christine: Not only rent free, but with access to free booze from his own personal mixologist. I guess Carolyn is no longer stressing over whether her mother is buried alive or not.

John: Amy's glassy-eyed stare when she saw the pentagram on Carolyn was almost as eerie as silent Quentin appearing before Mrs. Johnson yesterday. And I don't know about you, but the pentagram-cam is pretty unsettling.

Christine: I think the pentagram-cam is so unsettling because of how the actors appear suddenly frozen whenever it appears on their faces. Here's a collection of pentagram-cam appearances we've seen so far:

John: I'm giving Chris the benefit of the doubt that he was about to turn into a werewolf as Maggie arrived. I figure it was that, or he really needed to go to the bathroom...

Christine: Maybe the toilet's not working at Matthew Morgan's cottage. It looks like Maggie has loaned Chris her quilt, as it can be seen draped over the arm of the chair in the cottage.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 669 - 1/16/69

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Mrs. Johnson returns home from the supermarket, and Maggie tells her that Carolyn asked that she prepare Matthew Morgan's cabin for Chris Jennings. Mrs. Johnson says they should have burned it down after Matthew died. She says the place is cursed. She says she'll find Harry to help her get started with it.

David and Amy play cards, and she asks him if there's really a curse on Matthew's cottage. David says no, but Mrs. Johnson thinks so. He says he'll go talk to Quentin, when they hear Maggie approaching. David asks Maggie if Mrs. Johnson will be alright. He says that she's been jumpy lately. David asks if they can go outside, and Maggie says that it's too late. He asks Maggie to play hide and go seek with them. They tell her to count to ten and then try to find them. She does, and they sneak through the secret panel. Maggie reaches ten and starts looking for them, but can't find them in the drawing room. She leaves and runs into Mrs. Johnson and Harry leaving to clean out Matthew's cottage.

David and Amy hide along the path to Matthew's cottage. Mrs. Johnson and Harry walk by without seeing them.

Harry tries the door and says that it's locked. She unlocks the door with her key and they go inside to start cleaning.

Maggie can't find Amy or David. She calls to them, telling them she gives up. 

Mrs. Johnson dusts, and Harry complains about it not being light enough. She sends Harry back to Collinwood to get more light bulbs.

David locks the door to the cottage from outside.

As Mrs. Johnson dusts a lamp, the light goes out. She goes to the front door and finds it locked, assuming Harry did it. She gets matches and lights a candle. She turns and sees Quentin standing before her. She runs to the door, but it's still locked. When she turns back, he's gone.

Maggie continues to call for Amy and David, obviously angry. Harry comes in, and she asks if he's seen the children. She asks him to help her find them. He says he has to get light bulbs for his mother. She says this is more important, and sends him upstairs.

She steps out on the porch and calls to them. They respond that they're by the trees. She finds them outside and tells them they weren't supposed to leave the house. David explains that was before she agreed to play with them.

Mrs. Johnson wonders what's taking Harry so long. She lights another candle. Quentin picks it up and approaches her. She screams for him to identify himself.

In the woods, they hear screaming, and David says it sounds like it's coming from Matthew's cottage.

Mrs. Johnson pounds on the door and pleads for the man to stay away from her. Maggie and the kids arrive and open the door. They ask her what's wrong, and she says there's a man. They tell her that there's no one there. She says he must have run off when they arrived. Daniel says they won't let him hurt her, whoever he is. Mrs. Johnson says she's not crazy, and she wants to leave. They take her out of the cottage.

Harry comes downstairs looking for Maggie when she and his mother return. She tells him not to speak to her. She says no thanks to him, she might be dead. She asks him to get her some water. David says she's okay now that she's back in Collinwood, and the kids leave. She tells Maggie that they have something to do with it. She tells Maggie that the man in the cottage was dressed just the way the kids were dressed when she caught them playing last night.

Quentin steps out of Matthew's cottage.

Our thoughts

John: Fake Harry Johnson alert! While he looks nothing like the useless Harry we've come to know and love, he actually does a fine job mimicking his unique delivery. I do love when his Mom calls him a ninny.

Christine: And I love when he calls her uptight and she doesn't know what that means. The spirit of Harry Johnson lives on, but the character does not. This is Edward Marshall's only appearance as Harry Johnson, though we'll see him appear once more on the show.

John: Creepy Quentin alert! Call me crazy, but the silent Quentin might be one of the scariest images on the show to date. I hope he's going to stick around for a while!

Christine: I might have to agree that his sour puss is one of the scariest things we've seen yet. I do wonder how Quentin got out of his room. I thought he was stuck in there listening to his Victrola while having to resort to using his little minions do his bidding. Dan Curtis said they never wanted to let Quentin talk because he was so frightening as a silent figure.

John: Mrs. Johnson is convinced the kids are evil, and yet despite the fact that they had just pulled a fast one on Maggie, she's unwilling to believe it? Come on, Maggie! Wise up! Those kids will be the death of the lot of you if you're not careful.

Christine: She may be only a few weeks on the job, but she really should know better than to engage in a game of hide and seek with those two. Luckily, she's still on their good side, but just wait until she punishes them and ends up playing the pissed off Quentin game.