Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 298 - 8/16/67

Carolyn comes into the drawing room looking pensive. Liz walks in and asks where Vicki is. She says she's gone to visit Vicki. Carolyn says she's very happy for Joe that Maggie is alive. Carolyn points out that there hasn't been an attack in town in a while, so maybe the maniac went away. Liz asks Carolyn what's troubling her. Carolyn tells her that she believes something terrible is about to happen.

There's a knock at the door and Burke arrives. He tells Liz that he's interested in buying her Seaview property. She says she sees no reason not to sell it to him. Carolyn asks if he's seriously thinking about buying the house Vicki's been talking about. She says Vicki loves the house. He says he knows. She says that he's thinking about buying it, and he says yes. Liz comes back with the keys and deed, which she notes is marked 'not for sale.' Burke asks if they could take a look at it. She invites Carolyn to join them.

As they walk through it, Carolyn says the Seaview house is lovely. She says she can see why Vicki loves it. Burke points out that it doesn't need much work. While she goes to explore, Burke asks Liz what price she'd like to get for it. She says she'll have to think about it. She says she's surprised he wants to buy a house at all. He says he's considering settling down. She asks him to clarify, and he asks if he really needs to. She says no, and he asks if she approves. She says she does. Carolyn comes back in, and Liz says she doesn't share Burke's enthusiasm about the house. She tells him she'll come up with a price in a day or two.

Vicki asks Maggie if she remembers anything from the night she was attacked. She says it might be best that she doesn't. Vicki describes hearing something outside her room, leaving to get Burke, and then being locked out. Burke had to break down the door. Vicki tells her that she thinks she saw Maggie at Eagle Hill Cemetery. She was far away, but she thought it looked like her. Maggie asks if she was alone, and Vicki says there was a woman with her. She asks Vicki why anyone would take her to a cemetery. Vicki asks if it means anything to her, and she says she can't remember anything. She asks what Vicki and Burke were doing there. Vicki says she was putting flowers on Josette Collins' grave. Maggie repeats the name several times, and says she's beginning to remember something. Vicki says it might mean that she saw the name on the gravestone in the graveyard. Maggie says she remembers seeing a coffin when there's a knock on the door.

Vicki opens it and is surprised to see Julia Hoffman. She asks what she's doing there, and she says she's coming to see Sam. She asks to review Sam's paintings while awaiting his arrival. She listens in as Vicki and Maggie resume their conversation about coffins, graves, and Josette Collins. Vicki mentions the work Barnabas has done with Josette's room and belongings when Julia interrupts them. She asks if they have an interest in antiques, and shows off the medallion she had previously hypnotized Maggie with. Julia asks Vicki for a cup of tea, and when she steps out, she hypnotizes Maggie, reminding her to remember nothing. Vicki returns with tea for Julia and Maggie. Vicki asks Maggie about the graveyard, and what she was doing there. Maggie says she can't remember.

Our thoughts

John: Okay, after all the years of bad blood, and even despite the mending of fences, Burke and Liz are suddenly a little too chummy. Next thing you know, he'll be asking to host his and Vicki's wedding at Collinwood.

Christine: Yeah, she would have died before considering selling any Collins property to him not too long ago. She must be more than happy to have him marry Vicki, since it eliminates any possibility that he might hook up with Carolyn. Now that Jason's gone, Carolyn has to find something new to be upset about.

John: So this house down the road comes out of nowhere, and it just happens to belong to the Collins family? Neither Vicki or Barnabas seemed to know that, and Burke didn't mention it when they were checking it out, even though today he knew to approach Liz about purchasing it. Your writers are getting sloppy, Curtis!

Christine: It's obviously one of those sentient evil houses possessing Vicki and anyone else who comes near it, including the writers who are clearly making it up as they go.

John: Once again, Julia just happened to arrive in the nick of time to curb Maggie's memory from returning. If Barnabas finds out how quickly the hypnosis seems to wear off, Julia might find herself in a world of trouble...

Christine: I like how Julia does a quickie mind wipe with her hypnotic medallion while Vicki is making tea. Maggie's recurring memory is obviously going to be a persistent problem. I wonder if there will be a permanent fix, short of killing off Maggie.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 297 - 8/15/67

Sam serves Joe a cup of coffee after a long night watching over Maggie. He expresses concern that whoever abducted Maggie might try again. Sam wonders if it would be better to move away from Collinsport. Joe's not thrilled by the idea, but says it might be a good idea. Maggie comes out of her room and asks if they've been up all night. They say they've been talking. She mentions going to see if she could get her old job back. Sam tells her they were thinking it might be good to take a trip. Maggie says she's not afraid, and she plans to pick up her life where she left off.

Maggie examines the doll in her room. She picks up a book from her night table and sits down to read. Suddenly, Sarah appears in the doorway. Maggie invites her in. She asks if Maggie is feeling better, saying she was worried about her. She says she missed her. Maggie asks why. Sarah says she's her very best friend. Maggie asks if she's new to the neighborhood, and asks her name. Sarah says she lives in a big house, and asks if Maggie remembers her. She asks her to play, and Maggie agrees. They play catch, and Sarah sings London Bridge. Maggie joins in, and says she hasn't sung it in a long time. Sarah says they used to sing it together. Maggie asks if she knows what happened to her. Sarah is upset that Maggie doesn't remember her—just like everyone else. She says she wants her doll, since only her doll remembers her. Maggie gives her the doll on her bed, and Sarah runs out.

Maggie looks at her father's sketch of Sarah, and asks him who she is. He says he has no idea. He checked around, and no one knew her. Maggie says Sarah knows something about her. She asks her father to find her, and he tells her he'll try. She goes to her room and there's a knock at the door. It's Barnabas, checking in on Maggie. He's pleased to hear she's doing well. He asks Sam if Maggie has any idea what happened to her. Sam explains she can't remember anything after she disappeared. Barnabas asks if she remembers anyone involved, and Sam says regretfully not. Sam says they are concerned that whoever abducted her may come back. Barnabas asks to see her. Sam calls to her, and she comes out of her room. She greets him and invites him to sit down. Sam asks Barnabas if he can keep Maggie company while he delivers a painting. He promises to take very good care of her.

Barnabas asks Maggie about her memory. She says they've asked her everything, including why she went to Eagle Hill Cemetery. She has no idea what she'd be doing up there. Barnabas asks her if she thinks she'd recognize her kidnapper if she saw him. She says she hopes so. Maggie tells him about the strange girl who visited him today. She said she had spent time with her, playing games and singing London Bridge. Barnabas asks how old she was. Maggie says 8 or 9, and she wore an old style dress. Barnabas asks if she knows her name. When she says Sarah, he bolts up. Maggie says she thinks Sarah knows something about what happened to her. Barnabas says that the man responsible for abducting her may be apprehended.

That night, as Maggie sleeps, the wolves howl outside. A shadow appears outside her door, and Barnabas walks in on her. He looks around the room and picks up a pillow. He approaches Maggie, and before he can do anything, he hears Sarah singing London Bridge. He asks where she is, and what she wants. He slowly backs out of the room.

Our thoughts

John: The color in today's episode looked surprisingly good. Better than last Friday's episode. Maybe I'll get used to this after all. That's a fine quilt on Sam's couch!

Christine: Those were my thoughts exactly—right down to the quilt! I imagine the color quality will vary by episode, but it did look pretty good today. Sam's not such a bad painter, after all.

John: The Barnabas/Sarah connection has finally been made! And not a moment too soon for Maggie's sake.

Christine: I think it's odd that Maggie says she's not afraid, when she has no memory of the time she was abducted, and the perpetrator is still at large.

John: Where are Joe and Sam? Where are the guards? This is their idea of better protection than before? Maggie was nearly smothered to death. Fortunately Sarah was on ghost watch!

Christine: Barnabas really is a reluctant vampire. It seems he'd prefer to smother or strangle his victims rather than simply drain them of blood. I wonder how he's sustaining himself these days.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 296 - 8/14/67

Woodard presses Maggie on what she remembers. She doesn't remember anything in the weeks after her disappearance. Dr. Hoffman is surprised to find that Maggie doesn't remember her either. Sam rushes in to see Maggie. They tell him she doesn't remember anything since her disappearance.

Woodard asks Julia to step outside. He says Maggie remembered everything, and then she forgot. Hoffman suggests that she repressed it immediately. He asks Julia exactly what Maggie said, and she tells him that she was terribly frightened and she had to calm her down - nothing more.

Sam tells Maggie to try to remember. She says she can't, and he tells her to try again. He presses her to remember the events of the last night she remembers. She describes a dream in which there was someone with her in her room. He was in the darkness, and he stepped into the moonlight. He asks who it was and she says she can't remember. He yells at her to remember, but she cannot.

Julia and Woodard come back in, and Sam asks if he can take her home. Woodard says he should call the sheriff to station some men around the house. Hoffman says she'll make arrangements to take Maggie back in the morning. Woodard and Sam disagree. Woodard tells Julia that she can treat her in Collinsport. Hoffman reluctantly agrees, but tells Maggie that she cannot tell anyone that she is her doctor. After Sam takes Maggie, Julia tells Woodard that she may be safer now than ever before. He asks why, but she refuses to tell him that, too.

Maggie arrives at home with her father. She looks out the window and is frightened by a man. He tells her that's one of the men the sheriff stationed at the house. Joe arrives and asks Maggie if she recognizes him. They embrace and Maggie tells him how good it is to see him. They kiss and she says it's as if she's been away from him for so long. He says she'll be safe now.

Barnabas sits impatiently in the old house. There's a knock at the door, and he lets Dr. Hoffman in. She tells him that everything is under control. Maggie has forgotten everything he did to her. She said she hypnotized her just in time. He asks how long the hypnosis will last. She says perhaps indefinitely, but she'll see Maggie regularly, and ensure that she continues to not remember. She tells Barnabas that as long as she's around to see Maggie, his secret will be safe. She tells him that he has to trust her, and that no harm must come to Maggie Evans, or she will expose him. She says he has no choice but to cooperate with her. She bids him goodnight and leaves. He hears a rooster, and notes that it's dawn. He says that Maggie is safe tonight, but he can't take a chance on her silence. He says that tomorrow night she must die.

Maggie lies in bed asleep, and is woken by the sound of wolves. She picks up a doll on her bedside table, and doesn't recognize it. She says she'll have to ask her dad about that in the morning.

Our thoughts

John: We no sooner debut in color than revert to black and white? Not to worry - this is just another episode where the video master was lost and it only survives as a kinescope.

Christine: I was just starting to wonder where Joe Haskell was when he showed up at the door. I'm surprised he wasn't at the hospital with Sam to see her. Sam is already back to yelling at Maggie. It's no wonder she's in such a fragile mental state.

John: Would Hoffman really be surprised Maggie didn't recognize her after she hypnotized her? She probably should have been more specific about remembering her when she had her forget everything else...

Christine: I think she was feigning surprise so Woodard wouldn't suspect she had something to do with her newfound memory loss. After all, Maggie knew who Julia was before he left the room.

John: I can't believe Woodard let Hoffman off so easy. He did finally get his first (albeit minor) victory by convincing Julia that Maggie didn't need to return to Windcliff. But he just doesn't seem to get that Julia was responsible for Maggie forgetting the events that occurred after her abduction.

Christine: I thought for sure he was going to suggest Julia had something to do with it when he pulled her outside. Barnabas is probably right to be concerned about Maggie's memory returning. Julia should not feel overly confident that he'll take her threats seriously, and not attempt to take care of Maggie Evans himself.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 295 - 8/11/67

Maggie stumbles into The Blue Whale. Vicki spots her first and tells Burke. While they stand, Barnabas remains seated. Maggie says no several times before fainting.

Burke holds Maggie while Vicki tries to speak to her. Barnabas says a terrible hoax has been perpetrated on all of them. Vicki notices she's coming around. She tells her she's all right, and Maggie asks who she is. Vicki asks if she recognizes her, and Maggie says she knows the name. Maggie asks where the little girl is, and Barnabas offers to go look for her. Vicki assures Maggie that she's safe. Maggie says she was in a place with doctors. Burke asks how she got there, and Maggie says the little girl brought her. Barnabas returns and says there's no one outside. Maggie explains that she's always disappearing. As Maggie drones on, Barnabas suggests that someone notify Sam. Burke offers to take Maggie to the doctor, and Barnabas agrees to get Sam and bring her there. Maggie stares at Barnabas and says she knows his face from somewhere. Vicki tells her that she knows all of them.

Woodard gives Maggie some pills and asks if she recognizes him. She says she's seen him somewhere before. She asks if she'll ever get her memory back. Burke asks to speak with Woodard privately.

Burke brings up that Woodard knew Vicki was alive all along. He explains that he did, as did Sam and Joe. He explains there was a great deal wrong with her when they found her, and they needed to treat her. Woodard says he hopes she'll remember who her kidnapper was before he comes for her again.

Maggie and Vicki continue to talk. She says she thinks she knows Vicki really well. She asks Vicki what happened to her. She asks who everyone is protecting her from, and Vicki says they're hoping she'll be able to tell them. Maggie says she was in a special room, with a special scent and special music.

At the main house, Dr. Hoffman is coming downstairs when Barnabas arrives to speak to her. He takes her to the drawing room and shuts the door. He tells her that she has betrayed him. Maggie Evans is in Collinsport. She got out of the safe place she was hidden in. Hoffman asks if her memory was back. He says it's coming back slowly. She asks if Maggie saw him, and he says there was a brief recognition. He tells her that she lied about offering him security, and that he may have to deal with Maggie himself. She begs him not to. He adds that she will go first. The phone rings, and it's Doctor Woodard. She asks him if she's said anything, and confirms she hasn't said anything specific about what happened to her. She tells him that no one must question her, and she wants everyone cleared out of his office when she arrives, so they won't see her coming and going. She hangs up and tells Barnabas everything is under control. She says when she's through with Maggie, there's no risk of her ever remembering what happened to her.

Woodard tells Maggie that Dr. Hoffman is coming. Maggie says she remembers her, but doesn't understand her at all. Maggie says she remembers that her father is Sam Evans. She remembers their house by the water, and a big window where her father paints. She remembers more and more. She says she remembers being a prisoner in an old house, with a man who hates her. She can't make out his face at first, and as she's about to say who, Hoffman enters and tells her not to say another word.

Maggie tells Dr. Hoffman she remembers everything. Woodard points out that she was about to identify the man who kidnapped her. Hoffman admonishes him for questioning her. She tells Maggie to do exactly as she tells her. She then asks Woodard to leave them, and he reluctantly agrees. When they're alone, she asks Maggie what she remembers. Maggie says she remembers everything. A cemetery, being out in a coffin, and being locked in a room by Barnabas Collins. She says it was horrible—that he's a creature from the world of the dead. Hoffman tells her that she believes her, and says she needs to bring her back to normalcy. She hypnotizes Maggie with a necklace she's wearing.

Woodard is outside his office when Hoffman invites him back in. Maggie explains that she remembers everything. He asks her what happened to her, and she says she remembers going to bed not feeling well, and the next thing she knew she was in his office. Woodard looks at Hoffman who dismisses him.

Our thoughts

John: Holy gothic color, Batman! I think I'm really going to miss the gravitas that the black and white presentation gave the show, since the color palette seems to be deeply entrenched in the late 60s-early 70s greens and oranges. Being shot on video, the color has not aged as well as the bright and clear pastels of Batman, which was shot on film.

Christine: The B&W format is ideal for enhancing the dark shadows and providing a gothic feel. While it's a difficult transition to make, we'll soon be used to the tacky 60s color scheme. It will lend another scary element to the show.

John: I do love the soap opera cliche of Maggie remembering everything, including her kidnapper, right as Hoffman bursts in and stops her. It's almost like that moment in Twin Peaks where Dale Cooper tells the sheriff he found out the identity of Laura's killer in a dream, and that it could wait until morning, only to have forgotten by the morning.

Christine: That was fun to see how close Barnabas came to being outed. Julia's success at wiping Maggie's memory will surely build up his level of trust for her.

John: You would think this would be the last straw for Dr. Woodard. There can be no doubt that Hoffman is responsible for Maggie's convenient forgetting about what happened to her. Will he mention this to anyone else?

Christine: We've seen how Julia handles Dr. Dave. He'll threaten and bluster, but won't be able to do anything about his suspicions without any absolute proof. It's good to have Maggie Evans back in Collinsport, and she seems happier than she's been in a long time, so Dr. Hoffman will be able to claim her work a success.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 294 - 8/10/67

Maggie is begging for someone to help her.

Sarah appears and says she'll help her get home. Sarah looks around and says she doesn't like the room they're in. She tells Maggie she made a new friend, David. Maggie asks how Sarah will help her get home. Maggie tells her where to find the key to unlock the door. Sarah says she'll help her, as long as she does exactly what she's told.

Sarah tells Maggie to call the nurse. Maggie does, and the nurse opens the door to find Sarah sitting on the bed singing London Bridge. While distracted, Maggie sneaks out and closes the door behind her. The nurse tries to get out, and when she turns around she sees that Sarah is gone.

Barnabas, Vicki and Burke admire the old house Vicki saw.

Burke says he didn't see the no trespassing sign, and Barnabas points it out. Burke is surprised that Barnabas can see it so far away and in the dark.

Barnabas distributes candles so they can see as they explore the house. Vicki wants to explore everything, including the attic. Burke tells her they should be cautious, and Barnabas suggests that the house appears to be in fine shape. Barnabas offers to explore the house on their behalf. He goes upstairs, and Burke tells Vicki that the house could lead to a very rosy future.

Sarah and Maggie walk through the woods. Maggie asks Sarah how she got out, and Sarah says it was the same way she got in. They sing London Bridge as they walk through the woods.

Burke suggests they should head back, and tells Vicki to call Barnabas.  She calls to him, but there's no answer. Burke comments on how chilly the house is. Vicki say she thinks Barnabas likes the house more than Burke does. Burke suggests they can leave Barnabas to find his own way home. Barnabas comes downstairs and gives Vicki an embroidered handkerchief he found.

Barnabas, Burke and Vicki arrive at The Blue Whale. Barnabas offers to get them drinks. She thanks Burke for coming with her to the house. They discuss her fascination with the past. Barnabas returns with their drinks.

Vicki says she thinks that may be the only house she could be happy in for the rest of her life. Vicki sees Maggie enter the bar, and is speechless. Burke asks what's wrong, and she says it's Maggie Evans. Maggie slowly walks in, and while Barnabas ignores her, she faints, falling to the floor.

Our thoughts

John: Sarah sneaks Maggie out, and in no time at all she's walked all the way from Windcliff to The Blue Whale. Isn't that hundreds of miles?

Christine: Sarah seems to have suddenly become very resourceful. Perhaps she flagged down a ride and helped her hitch her way back to Collinsport.

John: Does Burke honestly think he has a chance with Vicki? She seems far too captivated by Barnabas.

Christine: Now that we've seen the house Vicki is in love with, I'm wondering what about it fascinates her. It looks like a murder house to me.

John: Barnabas is rather rude as he refuses to look at Maggie after she enters the bar. You'd think that a dead girl walking into a bar would attract everyone's attention.

Christine: Things look bad for Barnabas. The onlookers appear to be too stunned to notice his unusual reaction, though we'll see how it all works out tomorrow.