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Dark Shadows Episode 241 - 5/29/67

David sneaks into the old house looking for the ghost of Josette. He hears a music box playing, and sees a woman coming down the stairs in a bridal gown with a veil. She speaks to David, asking his name, and then telling him she's been away to a place of death, but now she's come back. She had to come back. Maggie asks him where she is. He says she's in her house.

They discuss her music box, and then he points out that this is more than she's ever talked to him before. She says she's forgotten something, and David asks if she'll speak to him again. He says he used to call to her portrait, but she didn't always respond. She asks about the painting. He says it used to be above the fireplace, and now it's in her bedroom. He tells her he cried when it was taken down, but he's happier knowing where it is.

He shows her the portrait of Barnabas, and says it's being painted by Mr. Evans. Maggie recognizes the name. He then tells her the painting is Barnabas, and she repeats his name. She seems frightened. David asks why. There's a knock at the door and David hears Vicki and his father outside.

He turns around and finds that he's alone. David calls to Josette. From outside, Roger demands that he open the door. David opens the door and says hello to them. Roger asks where Barnabas is. Vicki says they heard David talking to someone. Roger asks if he came looking for Josette's ghost, and asks if he's seen her. David says no. Vicki seems to sense (or smell) something, and asks him if Josette had been in the room. The door opens and Barnabas enters.

Roger explains that David returned for another visit. Barnabas says his fondness for the house is insatiable. He asks if he came to visit him, or to find someone else. He says he wanted to see Josette again. Barnabas asks if he did, and David quickly says no. He asks David if he went upstairs, and David tells him no. Roger apologizes again, and ensures Barnabas it won't happen again. He sees the portrait, and says it's coming right along. Barnabas explains that Sam Evans isn't presently able to work on it. Roger comments that the resemblance to the portrait in the main house is uncanny. They excuse themselves, and Barnabas bids them goodnight. After they leave, he heads upstairs.

In her room with her music box playing, with her veil now lifted, Maggie looks at the portrait of Josette, and then looks into the mirror. Barnabas' hand closes the music box. He asks if she saw the people in the house. He reiterates that no one is to see her. She repeats after him. He says they wouldn't understand that she is Josette, and might call her Maggie Evans. She connects to Evans. Barnabas repeats that her name is Josette Collins. He says she's always been Josette Collins, no matter what anyone says. Maggie repeatedly says, "I am Josette Collins,"' and Barnabas opens her music box, resuming the melody.

The sheriff arrives at the old house and introduces himself to Barnabas, and he is invited in. He mentions that he heard that he had visited previously. They discuss Willie, and the sheriff asks about Willie's whereabouts when Maggie Evans disappeared. Barnabas confirms that Willie was on an errand to Bangor. The sheriff asks about the prior night Maggie disappeared. Barnabas explains that Willie was only gone long enough to get to the Evans house and back. As he's showing the sheriff out, Josette's music box begins playing upstairs. Barnabas makes an excuse that he had just winded it before coming downstairs.

Roger admonishes David, and asks Vicki to have David write the word 'honest' and its definition 50 times tomorrow. As they go upstairs, Vicki asks what he saw. She said she smelled Jasmine, and wants to know if he saw Josette. He says he did, and that they talked a lot. Vicki is surprised they had a conversation. David mentioned the music box, and says she was very different this time. He says she then disappeared. He gets her to promise not to tell anyone.

There's a knock at the door, and Vicki lets the sheriff in. He explains he was on the property, and thought he'd update she and Roger on the search. He explains that things aren't any better now that Barnabas has provided an alibi for Willie. He admits that it's possible that Maggie is dead.

In the old house, Maggie comes downstairs and calls out, "little boy, I need you."

Our thoughts

John: Granted, she had the veil on, but don't you think David knew Maggie well enough to recognize her? Perhaps since he's expecting to see Josette, he doesn't notice that Maggie looks nothing like the portrait. At least nowhere near as close as Vicki and and the portrait of Betty Hanscomb.

Christine: It is pretty weak for David to act oblivious to who she really is. He should be able to recognize her as the nice lady who gave him a free sundae.

John: Vicki could see through David's lies, and even if Roger could not, I'd think that Barnabas would be sharp enough to notice. Things can't keep up this way for long, or David is bound to go missing, too.

Christine: I wonder why Barnabas doesn't just lock the door to the Old House, especially now that he's kidnapped Maggie Evans. He should at least put his servant in charge of guarding her when he's not around.

John: Do you think Barnabas is drugging Maggie? It's one thing for her to be caught up in a trance in his presence, but you'd think seeing David, or hearing her name, might snap her back to reality.

Christine: Perhaps the music box is acting as a hypnotic influence. Or his bites have transmitted some vampire toxin into her bloodstream that makes her forget who she is. Either way, we haven't been provided with much evidence for why Maggie is acting like she's brain dead and not attempting to break free.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 240 - 5/26/67

Roger Collins reads the article about Maggie's disappearance when David announces that she's been found. Roger asks him what he's talking about, and Vicki clarifies he's referring to Josette—specifically her portrait in the old house. Vicki sends him out to play, but admonishes him not to bother his cousin Barnabas at the old house.

David knocks on the door of the old house. He tries to get in but the door is locked. He peers into the window and sees a woman in a wedding dress. He calls for Josette to let him in, not realizing that it's Maggie who he is seeing. As he goes to leave, the front door opens, so he enters. He calls for Josette, and looks for her but cannot find her.

David makes his way upstairs, and enters Josette's bedroom. He sees the portrait and speaks to it. He asks why she seems so far away when he just saw her downstairs. Barnabas enters and asks him what he's doing there. He asks if someone was here with him. David says that he was talking to Josette; more specifically to her portrait. He said he saw her downstairs a few minutes ago, but she disappeared. Barnabas suggests that means he imagined it. David says he saw her through the window.

Barnabas sits him down and asks if he has a habit of peering through others windows. Barnabas says that he's very fond of David, but asks him to forget that he thinks he saw Josette. David said that she must have been downstairs, as she opened the door. Barnabas explains that the house is very old, and the doors and windows are capricious. Barnabas asks David to stand in front of the portrait and look at it. A long and careful look. Barnabas asks him if he still feels Josette is somewhere nearby, and David admits that he does not. Barnabas tells him that she's gone, and David is upset by that.

Roger admonishes David for snooping around the old house, and tells him to apologize to his cousin. Barnabas says that an apology is not necessary, and that he thinks he's confirmed for David that Josette isn't there to be found. Vicki sends David upstairs while Barnabas and Roger retire to the drawing room.

Barnabas declines an invitation for a brandy. Roger says he wants to reiterate the apology, and that he'll talk to David to ensure it doesn't happen again. Barnabas thanks him, and requests that he does impress upon David that he shouldn't come around the old house. He explains how much he likes his privacy.

Roger blames the situation on Maggie Evans' disappearance. He says that from that, David has a renewed interest in finding the portrait of Josette. Barnabas agrees that it's quite interesting. Roger explains that there are no clues into Maggie's disappearance. Barnabas says he's sure she's still alive. Roger says that the doctor has some samples of her blood, and he has some suspicion that the blood samples might help him verify them. Barnabas asks about the suspicions, and Roger says he doesn't have more detail. Barnabas confirms the name of the doctor who has Maggie's blood samples.

Upstairs, David tells Vicki that something about Josette was different. Vicki tells him to stop it, and that he will not be going to the old house again. He talks back and she threatens to involve his father to be more strict with him. He goes downstairs, but as soon as Vicki is gone, he confirms that his father and cousin are still talking, and then heads out of the house.

Vicki tells Roger that David didn't have his dinner. Roger blames David's behavior on Vicki's lack of discipline. She says she's sure he's gone to the old house. Roger says that's exactly what he means. He just forbid David to go to the old house. He also suggests that David's fascination about Josette may be spurred on by Vicki's concern for Maggie Evans, and he asks her to try and hide her emotions. Vicki explains to Roger that she's frightened, and he apologizes for his behavior. Roger offers to go find David, and she says that's not necessary. He tells her he'll go with her.

David enters the old house and looks for Josette. He hears her music box and sees her come down the stairs. She's in the shadows so he cannot see her face.

Our thoughts

John: Roger! David! I'd almost forgotten what they look like! Of course they're both back to their old form. David disobeying orders, and Roger berating Vicki for her mishandling of him.

Christine: We last saw David in Episode 224 and Roger in Episode 228, so it has been a few weeks. I like how Roger blames Vicki's lenience for David's misbehavior when he is the little miscreant's father, who should be assuming responsibility for him.

John: For a minute, it looked like Barnabas may have taken a more angry tone with David. I don't know if he can ever convince David not to be interested in Josette.

Christine: So, Barnabas exorcises the real Josette and has Maggie assume her identity, because the real Josette would not want to have anything to do with him. If her spirit were still present in the Old House, she would not be pleased with Barnabas using Maggie as replacement, and would likely interfere with his aberrant plan.

John: How long until David realizes that Josette is in fact Maggie?

Christine: Considering that Kathryn Leigh Scott does not portray 'Josette' in this episode, it may take him awhile. Dorrie Kavanaugh appears as the "Woman in White" in this episode and Episode 238. She also appeared as the woman in Maggie's dream back in Episodes 224 and 225/226. David should at least recognize that she's more corporeal than he's seen her before. Incidentally, I wonder if Jason McGuire ever made it back to the house after being surrounded by howling dogs in Episode 237. We have yet to learn his fate.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 239 - 5/25/67

Sam is pacing at The Blue Whale when Joe arrives. He's distraught wondering where Maggie could be.

In the old house, Maggie comes downstairs to meet Barnabas. He leads her to a table where he sits across from her. He asks Willie to light the candles, and tells him Josette is ready to dine. Willie asks why he calls her that, and Barnabas says that is her name, and the only thing he should call her. Barnabas tells her she's lovely by candlelight. He comments on the music box she brought with her. He tells her she's very fond of it because he gave it to her. He explains that she had to hide it because there were those against their love. He tells her she'll soon be his bride, and he asks her to play the music for him. They toast to 'forever.'

Sam throws back a drink and asks Joe to call the sheriff's office. Joe explains that he just spoke to them. Joe tries to get him to think of something else. He asks about the portrait of Barnabas, and Sam says he plans to tell him he can't work on it—at least until he finds out about Maggie. Joe offers to drive him up to the house, and they head out.

Barnabas tells Maggie she should never be frightened of him. He says she was frightened of him once before, when she ran off to Widow's Hill. He asks her to tell him that she knows how happy they'll be, and she does. He's quite pleased. He takes her hand and she withdraws. He reminds her not to be frightened, and asks if she wants to be his bride. She says yes. A knock at the door interrupts them. Willie comes out and Barnabas tells him to tell whoever it is that he can't be disturbed.

Willie opens the door to Sam and Joe. They ask for Barnabas and he tells them he can't be disturbed. Sam tells him it will just take a minute and he tells them to wait outside.

Willie tells Barnabas that Sam and Joe are outside, and want to see him. Maggie appears to recognize the names. Barnabas says he should speak with them so as to not arouse suspicion. He sends Maggie upstairs with Willie. Once they're upstairs, Barnabas answers the door. He apologizes for keeping them waiting, and invites them in.

Barnabas asks if there's any word on Maggie, and Sam says no. He tells Barnabas he needs to stop working on the portrait temporarily, and Barnabas says not to worry. He was planning to suspend their sessions, as he's been increasingly busy. Sam starts to take the portrait, saying he might be able to work on it from home, and Barnabas stops him, telling him to leave the painting, but take the paints if he wishes.

Upstairs in her room, Maggie wanders aimlessly. Willie leads her to a chair to sit down, and says Barnabas will be there soon.

Sam asks Joe to take his paints, and tells Barnabas he can commission another artist if he'd like. Barnabas confirms that Sam is the artist for him.

Upstairs, Maggie hears Joe's voice. And then Sam's. She gets up, and almost in a daze, says she heard voices. Willie tells her she didn't hear anything. She asks where she is and he says she's in her room. She says she doesn't recognize it, and she wants to leave. Willie tells her she'll be in big trouble if she tries to leave. He sits her back down, and tells her to forget about the voices.

Sam points out that they must have come at a bad time, having interrupted his dinner setting for two.

Maggie says she heard her pop's voice, and Joe's, and they were calling her. Willie says something terrible will happen if she leaves the room.

Sam thanks Barnabas for his patience with the portrait.

Maggie tries to get away from Willie and bumps into a tray.

Downstairs, they hear the noise, and Barnabas explains Willie is somewhat clumsy. As they hear a car drive off, Maggie goes to the window crying for her pop and Joe.

Barnabas slowly makes his way upstairs.

On the drive home, Sam points out a woman on the road, disappointed when they realize it's not Maggie.

Willie tells Maggie he hopes Barnabas didn't hear her. Barnabas enters, and he sends Willie away. Willie claims he knocked the tray over, and asks Barnabas not to hurt her. Barnabas commands him to leave, and he does. Barnabas asks why she called out, and why she tried to leave him. He tells her she mustn't try to leave him, and that she'll never leave him. He approaches her, and she screams.

Our thoughts

John: So what's the vampire protocol about eating? Does Barnabas want to sit down for dinner just for the appearance of normalcy? Or does he actually eat food other than the blood of goats/Willie/Maggie and other random Collinsport girls?

Christine: He says that they always dined by candlelight in front of a fire, so I believe he is obsessively recreating his past life with Josette. We found out that Barnabas taught Josette to speak English when she was 18. She was apparently a woman of good taste who had silversmiths make candlesticks of her own design for her dowry. We also learned that not everyone approved of their love, so Josette had to keep the gift of the music box a secret.

John: I love how Sam tells Joe he'd rather know Maggie was dead. Yikes. Do you really mean that, Sam?

Christine: He said he'd rather know that she was dead than not know anything at all. I think he was just inadequately trying to describe the torture of not knowing her fate.

John: Willie seems to think that Barnabas would treat Maggie the same way he treats him. I can't see Barnabas beating her with his cane, but that would certainly color our perception of him. I guess we'll find out in time just what he's capable of.

Christine: I think it's a fair assumption for him to make, and was very gallant of him to try and take the blame for the noise she made in order to spare her any retribution. Barnabas loves her as Josette, but may not treat her so kindly if she doesn't play the role he expects from her, or tries to leave him. I think we can already imagine why the original Josette threw herself off the cliff at Widow's Hill. He's a rather possessive sort of fellow.

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Dark Shadows Episode 238 - 5/24/67

Carolyn and Liz are in the drawing room when Vicki comes in with the evening paper. Liz says she called Sam to see if there was anything she could do. Carolyn asks how Joe is handling it. Vicki says she saw Joe while they were dragging the water for Maggie's body, and he looked sad. Liz says that until she's found, she doesn't want either of them leaving the house alone at night. Maggie says that the doctor said Maggie might be in a sleepwalking state. Liz says if that were the case she would have been found. She's sure that she was abducted. She leaves, and Vicki tells Carolyn they should go for a walk. She suggests they go to the old house to see the progress Barnabas has been making.

The girls make their way to the old house. They knock on the door, and Vicki says she hopes Barnabas is home. Carolyn says they should go, and Vicki gives up. As they're leaving, the front door creaks open. Vicki calls for Barnabas or Willie. She steps in and doesn't see anyone. As she enters, Carolyn says they shouldn't go in. Vicki says that Barnabas invited them at any time. She wants Carolyn to see the difference in the house, and she reluctantly comes in. She's shocked by how it looks. She's impressed by Willie's work and Barnabas' taste. They see the portrait of Barnabas in progress, and Carolyn says that it could almost be the same man as the man in the portrait of the main house, as done by a different artist. Vicki goes upstairs to see the rest of the house. Carolyn discourages her, but joins her rather than staying alone downstairs.

They enter the luxurious room with Josette's portrait. Vicki sees the portrait and says David will be thrilled. Carolyn picks up an antique hairbrush. She sits in front of the mirror and says it's everything a woman of that century could want. Vicki notices the perfume container has liquid. She smells it and recognizes it as jasmine. As she does, the door slams shut. She opens it and finds Willie standing there. He asks what they're doing. Vicki says Barnabas invited them to look at the house. Willie says nothing should be touched in the room, and points out the things they were looking at. He tries to rearrange things. Carolyn asked what the room will be used for. Willie says it's just for looks. She asks which room Barnabas stays in. He tells them they need to leave right away, before it gets dark. They do, and he tries to ensure that the room and bed are exactly as they should be.

Vicki asks Willie to tell Barnabas how impressed they are with the restoration, and Barnabas steps in to say that they can tell him themselves. They asks about the room upstairs, and Barnabas says that the room had been Josette's. Vicki says she was sure it was Josette's room because of the jasmine perfume. Willie says that it's getting dark, and they should be leaving. Carolyn says her mother doesn't want them out after dark with everything going on in town. Barnabas asks if there's any news about Maggie. They tell him there's not. Vicki asks Barnabas about the story he told them the other night, and who the woman was. Barnabas says it was Josette Collins. She then asks who her lover was, and Barnabas says that no one knows, as it wasn't recorded.

After they leave, Barnabas points out that Willie gets upset when anyone talks to Barnabas. He says he can't help it, and Barnabas says he'll learn. He sends Willie to make arrangements for their dinner guest.

Back at the main house, Liz says she doesn't want the girls wandering around with Willie Loomis at the old house. They describe the restoration, and the room upstairs restored just like it had been when Josette lived there. Liz can't understand why he'd restore that room.

Barnabas sits down for dinner and asks Willie to show in their guest. Barnabas stands as Maggie comes downstairs, music box in hand. He kisses her hand and welcomes her as Josette.

Our thoughts

John: Quite the headline and photo of Maggie on the front page of The Collinsport Star!

Christine: Why is Liz so sure that Maggie has been abducted? I think most people would assume she's dead, considering she was dead when last seen at the hospital.

John: Vicki just makes herself at home at the old house. Who'd have thought that Carolyn would be the reasonable one suggesting that they shouldn't just snoop around uninvited. I almost think the roles would have been more natural if they were reversed.

Christine: That did seem out of sorts, though Vicki continues to have an interest in the Collins' history―especially Josette―that seems to overwhelm her good judgement.

John: So what do folks think. Is Maggie sleeping in a coffin by day? Or is she tucked away somewhere else in the house? Good thing for the girls that she doesn't spend her afternoons lounging about in in luxury accommodations...

Christine: Maybe she's staying in the secret room where Matthew kept Vicki. I don't think Barnabas' coffin is big enough for the two of them. Why is she wearing the wedding dress? Are they getting married tonight, or does Barnabas plan to have her always wear it? Creepy!

Admiring Willie's enforced labor.

It is a lovely chandelier.

I don't think Sam's got the hands quite right yet.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 237 - 5/23/67

Vicki is on the phone with Sam Evans, and tells him she's going to join the search for her. Jason comes downstairs and asks what's going on. She explains that Maggie Evans disappeared from the hospital. Jason asks if she got up from a sick bed and walked out. Vicki says they think someone may have taken her, as a nurse believed that she was dead. Jason doesn't understand. Vicki says that the nurse went to tell the doctor that Maggie appeared to be dead, and when they returned she was gone.

Burke arrives with the sheriff. Burke introduces him to Jason McGuire, who excuses himself before the sheriff asks him to join them. The sheriff says they've got no clues as to her whereabouts. They even had bloodhounds, but they seemed to be afraid of something. The sheriff says that he needs to explore the possibility that someone was involved in her disappearance. Vicki describes the call that led them to find Maggie in the cemetery. Vicki also mentions that she had talked to Willie Loomis earlier, and he was upset when he found out that Maggie was missing. The sheriff asks if the caller could have been Willie. The sheriff says he wants to talk to Willie.

Jason steps out with him, and asks if he should be accusing Willie. The sheriff says that questioning is not accusing. The sheriff points out that Jason brought Willie to town. The sheriff also brings up Willie's criminal record, and asks if Jason does. He smiles and says that he's sure the sheriff checked up on him at the same time he did Willie, and the sheriff confirms that he didn't find anything. The sheriff leaves to go to the old house.

Vicki tells Burke she's upset by what the nurse said—that Maggie was dead. Burke invites her to come with him to the hospital, and assures her that the nurse probably made a mistake.

The sheriff lets himself into the old house, as the front door was standing open. He sees the in progress portrait of Barnabas. Willie walks downstairs and is startled by the sheriff. The sheriff asks if Mr. Collins is in, and Willie says he's out, and will be back later that night. The sheriff says he actually wanted to speak to Willie. He asks if Willie can account for his whereabouts between last night and this morning. Willie says he was in Bangor, and Barnabas can confirm that. The sheriff pushes, asking about Maggie's prior disappearance. He asks what Willie did after he left Vicki at the Evans house that night. Willie says he came right home, and Sam can confirm that. The sheriff threatens Willie with hard time in prison if he doesn't help him in his investigation. He tells Willie that if Maggie turns up dead, he'll book Willie on suspicion.

Vicki asks the doctor how the nurse could find Maggie dead. Burke asks if she could have been mistaken. The doctor says she's a professional, and that based on her professional opinion, Maggie was dead. Burke says that would mean someone took her body. The doctor says that he can only hope that his nurse was mistaken. Vicki says the case seems a lot like what Willie Loomis went through. The doctor dismisses that, and then says it might be helpful to see him. Burke says he'll ensure Willie shows up. The doctor says the one thing that still baffles him are the puncture wounds on Maggie's throat.

There's a knock on the door of the old house. Willie reluctantly answers it, and it's Jason. He tries to keep Jason out, but he lets himself in. Jason asks what Willie told the sheriff. He asks if he can pin Maggie's disappearance on him. He says that they're looking closely at him, too. He tells Willie to quit his job and move on. Willie asks him to leave, and says he doesn't want to see him any more. Willie raises a hammer and tells Jason to leave.

Willie starts to swing and Jason knocks the hammer out of his hand, and proceeds to beat him.

He tells Willie to leave, and threatens to do worse to him if he doesn't. Jason leaves, and Willie wipes blood from his mouth.

On his way back to the main house, Jason hears howling dogs. They appear to be surrounding him, and he looks terrified.

Our thoughts

John: Is it me, or after all the goings-on in Collinsport, has the sheriff become a little more aggressive in his investigatory techniques? It seems like he's ready to convict Willie on suspicion alone!

Christine: It could be that he is more aggressive when investigating anyone without the Collins surname.

John: Ouch! Jason shows his physical side by giving Willie a few lumps. I don't know that Barnabas is going to be happy with someone else beating his whipping boy. And all this is after the poor guy has tried to turn his life around.

Christine: Just when his wolf's head cane bruises had healed so quickly, too. He says he's going to "go all the way" with Willie if he doesn't leave. Whatever does he mean by that? I wonder when folks will begin to notice that Barnabas is never around during the daytime.

John: It's nice to see Jason afraid for a change. Can't wait to see what happens to him tomorrow!

Christine: So the doctor is still baffled by the puncture wounds on Maggie's throat. Has no one in Collinsport ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula or even seen the Universal Pictures film?