Friday, December 9, 2016

Episode 120 - 12/9/66

Matthew tells Vicki he's going to trust her, and take off the gag, but if she makes a sound he'll close her mouth forever. Vicki tells Matthew she can help him. He blames her for everything that has happened in Collinwood. She asks him about food and water, and he says he's got that all taken care of.

Mrs. Johnson prepares David's breakfast. She tells David that Vicki is missing, and folks were looking for her all night. She says they may have seen the last of Vicki. David says Matthew wouldn't hurt her. While she steps out, David collects food for Matthew, along with Mrs. Johnson's cigarettes. She suggests that her disappearance may be David's fault, as she lost her wallet looking for him. Mrs. Johnson returns and is surprised to see her cigarettes are missing. Surprisingly, she doesn't press David on their absence.

David brings the food to Matthew at the old house. Matthew is glad to see him. Within the locked room, Vicki can hear David talking to Matthew. David tells him that Vicki is missing - and asks if Matthew knows where she is, because everyone in the house think he's got her. Matthew points out that they're blaming him for everything. David asks Matthew to tell him the secret of the old house, and Matthew snaps at him. He calms down, and suggests David get back.

Matthew brings food to Vicki. She says she's thirsty, and he tells her he's going to the well to get water.

On his way back to the new house, David realizes he didn't give Matthew the cigarettes, so he turns back. In the old house, he calls out to Matthew. He hears someone mumbling. David isn't sure where the mumbling is coming from.

Outside, Matthew is coming back to the old house.

Our thoughts

John:  Matthew is getting pretty cavalier for a fugitive, and I suspect that will be his downfall.

Christine: How about that Mrs. Johnson telling David that they've probably seen the last of Miss Winters and if it wasn't for him she might not be missing.

John: I'm surprised that as soon as he heard sounds in the old house, David didn't either determine it was his friendly ghosts or Vicki.

Christine: It could be he didn't want to believe that Matthew has Vicki locked up in the Old House. He considers Matthew a friend and he doesn't have many of those around Collinwood.

John: So the burning question remains... will it be David or the ghosts of Collinwood that ultimately save Vicki from Matthew? And how much longer will she be tied up in that secret room!

Christine: Will David also need saving when Matthew comes back and catches him listening to the muffled sound of Vicki saying, "David, please help me!" from the secret room. I was expecting a rescue today. Her captivity may continue for another week!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 119 - 12/8/66

Joe and Burke wander around the grounds in search for Vicki.

Carolyn comes downstairs and sees Vicki's suitcase in the foyer. She looks for her mother in the drawing room, but Liz is standing outside. She comes back in, and Carolyn asks if they've found Vicki. Liz tells Carolyn that Vicki is in danger if Matthew is around. Carolyn says that Burke will find her. Liz tells Carolyn that Burke is ultimately going to hurt her. Liz also says that Burke is too old for Carolyn. Carolyn tells her mother that Burke Devlin will bestow the title of woman on her.

Liz paces in the drawing room.

Roger pulls up to the house. He comes in, and Liz asks if he's seen Vicki. He says he has not, and he has no interest where she is. Liz says she's missing. Roger says he won't go out looking for her. Carolyn tells her uncle she spent a wonderful evening with Burke Devlin. Roger questions her judgement, which she says makes her a Collins. Roger tries to convince her what a bad person Burke Devlin is. Liz asks Carolyn if Burke told her he took over the Logansport Enterprises. Carolyn had not, but says her mother wasn't too upset to see him tonight to help in the search for Vicki. Roger is aghast to hear that Burke was in the house.

Before they get back to the house, Joe tells Burke he has something to say. He says he was an idiot for punching him. He apologizes, and says Carolyn wants something other than him. Burke says he admires him for saying that.

Roger takes a drink while Carolyn plays chopsticks on the piano. Joe and Burke indicate they haven't found Vicki. Roger asks what he's holding, and takes the gun from Burke. He also gets Joe's gun and unloads both. Roger calls them foolish for wasting their time searching for Vicki. Burke faces off with him, and Roger reloads one of the guns. Carolyn goes upstairs to bed, saying goodnight to Burke, and saying nothing to Joe.

In the foyer, Joe asks to speak to Carolyn. She continues to treat him rudely, and he gives up. She goes upstairs and he returns to the drawing room.

Liz asks if Burke can think of anywhere else Vicki might be. He and Joe make plans to pick up the search after he changes clothes. Roger is surprised by Burke's concern for Vicki. And he tells Roger he's not impressed by Roger's lack of concern. They have a brief altercation, and after Burke leaves, Roger grabs his gun; only to be stopped by Liz.

Our thoughts

John: While I understand Roger is not pleased to see Burke in Collinwood, it's amazing how he speaks of Vicki. He's not endearing himself to anyone else in the house, and Burke almost laid him out before the episode was over.

Christine: He must be holding a grudge against her for accusing him of trying to murder her.

John: Once again, Joe tries to be the bigger man, only to be mistreated by Carolyn yet again. Maybe things will start looking up for young Haskell.

Christine: Joe told Carolyn she doesn't need to worry about handling him anymore. Do you think he means it this time?

John: Roger immediately reloaded one of the guns after unloading them. He better hope the sheriff doesn't find him brandishing a gun around Burke. Of course, Liz shut things down pretty quickly when he made a move for the door with gun in hand.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Episode 118 - 12/7/66

Burke suggests that Matthew might have returned to get Vicki. He tells Liz to call the sheriff. She does, and Burke asks if they have any guns. Liz says that Roger does, and she and Joe go to get them.

In the old house, Matthew tells Vicki that she wasn't smarter than he was. Vicki tells him that he had better run while he can. He takes a rope and tells her to get up. He ties her to a chair and ties her scarf around her mouth to gag her.

Burke and Joe load Roger's shotguns, and head out to look for Vicki. Liz then remembers that Vicki lost her wallet. She suggests that they take the shortcut to the old house, as that may be where Vicki got lost.

Matthew looks around outside the old house.

Burke and Joe call out to Vicki. They find a piece of cloth that might be part of Vicki's dress. They continue towards the old house.

Matthew makes his way back to the secret room. He unties the gag on Vicki's mouth. She asks if he heard anyone. and he says he did not. It might be a good time to run. He tells her that he'll bring her with him, so they won't try to shoot him.

Joe and Burke get closer to the old house.

Vicki asks if he can leave her when they get to his car. He says he might leave her after they get a few hours away. He unties her and drags her out.

Joe and Burke arrive at the old house.

Matthew gets to the front door as they hear someone call for Vicki. Matthew covers her mouth and drags her back to the secret room as Burke and Joe enter the old house. Burke sends Joe upstairs, as he looks around downstairs. Burke turns his flashlight on the portrait of Josette Collins.

In the secret room, Matthew holds Vicki with her mouth covered.

The portrait of Josette becomes illuminated, and then dims as Joe comes downstairs. They go to leave, and then Burke stops them, asking Joe if he knows about the old house. He wonders if there are closed off areas. He tells Joe to ask Liz if she knows more about the house, and he'll continue  to explore the old house.

Joe finds Liz and asks if there are rooms in the old house that are closed off that they should check. She says she can help.

Josette's portrait glowed again, but Burke did not see it. Joe returns and says there is a place they haven't searched—the storm cellar. Burke says he already checked there. Burke and Joe leave.

Matthew lets go of Vicki, and she screams for Burke. Matthew tells her that was really dumb.

Our thoughts

John: Did anyone else think giving Joe and Burke guns and sending them out on their own might have resulted in only one of them coming back alive?

Christine: Fortunately their concern for Vicki outweighed their disdain for each other. 

John: So Josette was playing hard to get this episode. We're teased with her musical cue twice, and the portrait begins to glow... but she never steps out of the portrait. Maybe before the week is over, she'll be the one to help Vicki out.

Christine: Josette must be shy. Just when she was glowing to get out, someone would enter the room and she'd blink out. 

John: Come on, Vicki. Why not at least try to make a sound when you knew Burke and Joe were right outside the door!

Christine: Well, Matthew is pretty scary. He might be able to choke the life out of her before those two lunkheads could find the secret room.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Episode 117 - 12/6/66

Mrs. Johnson tells Liz that Carolyn's car is gone, and assumes she drove Vicki to Bangor. Liz is concerned that Vicki is in trouble and that Matthew hasn't been found yet. Joe arrives, and Liz was surprised that Carolyn wasn't with him. Liz believes that must mean Vicki and Carolyn are together.

Burke and Carolyn are in his apartment for a nightcap. Burke toasts to many happy times ahead. Carolyn tells Burke that she didn't tell anyone where she was going for the night. Burke asks if Vicki knows, and Carolyn says no—she's spending the weekend with her new boyfriend, Frank Garner. Carolyn asks why Burke cares what Vicki is doing. Burke asks about Joe Haskell, and Carolyn deflects him. Burke suggests they forget the others and they sit down on the couch. He offers her more brandy.

Joe asks Liz when Carolyn disappeared. Liz says she's not as worried about Carolyn as she is about Vicki. Joe says he'll call the Inn to see if Vicki is there. He asks Maggie if she's seen Vicki, and Maggie confirms that she hasn't seen her all day. Liz mentioned that Carolyn had Mrs. Johnson press a dress, which makes her think she was on a date - and not with Vicki. Joe and Liz realize what this means, and Joe offers to go find her if Liz asks him to. She does.

Burke compliments Carolyn's skin. She says she wishes she understood him better. She wants to believe what he says, but she's a Collins. He says his issue is with her uncle. They kiss, and Carolyn says she believes him. 

They're interrupted by a knock at the door, and it's Joe asking for Carolyn. Burke lets him in, and he sees Carolyn lounging on the couch, drink in hand. She asks if he's spying for her mother. He says he's here because her mother asked him to find her. He asks her to come with him, and she says she's not ready. Burke tells him it's time to go, and Joe punches him. Burke lands two punches on Joe. Joe says the only reason he came was because of Vicki. They thought she was with Carolyn. She never got to Bangor, and appears to have vanished. Burke says they're all going up to Collinwood to find her. They all leave the apartment.

Liz receives a call from Frank, who says there's still no sign of Vicki. Joe, Carolyn and Burke arrive, and ask Liz about Vicki. Liz sends Carolyn to her room. Joe hangs up his coat, almost tripping over Vicki's suitcase. Burke tells Liz that he's here to help find Vicki. Burke asks Joe to help him search. Liz says they know she's gone because her suitcase is gone. Joe says the suitcase is in the foyer. Burke declares that she never left Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: What an epic episode! Burke lays a couple of kisses on Carolyn! Joe punches Burke! Burke punches Joe! Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

Christine: Joe Haskell has finally kept his promise to punch Burke in the mouth from Episode 24. That certainly was satisfying. Carolyn gets a more passionate kiss than the first one she got from Burke in Episode 86. What's next for the Carolyn-Burke relationship?

John: You know Carolyn has to be thrilled to have Joe and Burke fighting over her; and yet that sentiment is short lived as she's quickly cast aside over the men's shared concern for Vicki.

Christine: After initially balking at being sent to her room by her mother, she must have finally agreed so she wouldn't have to face losing the attention of both men.

John: Thank goodness Joe almost tripped over Vicki's suitcase. I was wondering who would be the first to finally do that, with it left right beside the front door...

"Half the female population in the world would trade their souls for skin like yours."


Monday, December 5, 2016

Episode 116 - 12/5/66

Vicki tries to get out, but Matthew won't let her. He warns her not to scream. He says Collinsport was the last place he thought anyone would look for him, and that her snooping around led her to him. Vicki asks what he's going to do, and Matthew says he won't let her leave. He says that everything that has happened to him is her fault. He tells her to forget trying to escape, or he won't be responsible for what happens. He leads her into a secret room behind a bookcase.

There's a knock at the door at Collinwood, and Mrs. Johnson answers it. It's a cab driver. She invites him in and calls for Vicki. Mrs. Johnson says she must have gotten a lift into town, and sends the driver away.

Vicki looks around the secret room. Matthew says only he knows about it, so no one will ever find either of them there. Vicki asks how he can live or eat. He says someone is looking after him. She asks who, and he only says it's a friend. He says Vicki turned Mrs. Stoddard against him. He asks why Vicki hates him. He doesn't believe her. She says he's insane, which sets him off. He says he should have choked her when he had the chance, and throws her to the ground.

Liz asks Mrs. Johnson if she's seen Carolyn. She explains that she thinks she went out on a date. Liz is surprised Carolyn didn't tell her. Liz also asked if Vicki got off alright. Mrs. Johnson says yes, and then mentions the cab driver showed up. Liz checks where she thought Vicki's bag was, and it's gone. But we see it's in the foyer still.

Liz and Mrs. Johnson discuss Matthew. Liz feels bad for him, but Mrs. Johnson does not, feeling too connected to Bill Malloy. She's surprised Liz considers Matthew a friend. The phone rings, and it's Frank calling asking about Vicki. Liz says she must have just missed the bus, since her suitcase was gone.

Matthew tells Vicki to get up. She does, and he tells her she's lucky he didn't kill her. She says she'll do whatever he says. She says that everyone knows Bill's death was an accident. She says that Liz told the sheriff that. Matthew says that someone told him the police were all over the place. Vicki says they've been gone for days.

Liz talks to Frank, who confirms Vicki didn't arrive on the next bus. Mrs. Johnson suggests maybe Carolyn drove Vicki to Bangor, and they stopped along the way. Liz calls Joe to see if he can confirm that. She leaves a message for him. Mrs. Johnson offers to check for Carolyn's car, as if she were on a date with Joe, it would still be there. If it's gone, she probably drove Vicki to Bangor.

Matthew says he believes her. He'll go outside to look around, and if what she says it true, he'll leave. All he says is that she has to stay in the room and be quiet for the next couple of hours. He says she better do as he says, or she'll be sorry. He leaves the secret room, and leaves the old house to look around. Vicki opens the secret passage and steps out into the old house. She goes to the front door, opens it, and steps outside. Matthew grabs her from behind and drags her back inside. He says he knew he couldn't trust her, and she screams as he approaches.

Our thoughts

John: So it appears David is trying to manipulate Matthew into staying by telling him the police are still around searching for him.

Christine: David must enjoy feeling needed. How is it that nobody can see Vicki's enormous suitcase standing next to the door? It was pretty funny the way Liz had to walk to the foot of the stairs and stare at the floor to determine that this huge piece of luggage wasn't still standing there. I was wondering how many plausible stories Mrs. Johnson would come up with to explain why Vicki did not cancel her cab and has not arrived in Bangor.

John: So was Matthew just waiting to see if Vicki followed his instructions? Or did he actually look to see if the police were about?

Christine: I like how Matthew tells Vicki that no-one will find them in the secret room when we can still clearly see his footprints leading up to it.

John: Oh, Vicki, all you had to do was be a little patient, but no... you had to leave immediately, running the risk of bumping into Matthew.

Christine: That wasn't very smart of her, and she can't expect to escape so soon. So, Carolyn is out and didn't tell her mom where she was going, which means it's likely she's in a certain hotel room and not on a date with Joe, and her missing car will have the two ladies believe she drove Vicki to Bangor.

What was that loud sound that made Liz pause?
The Collingsport Star?