Friday, January 20, 2017

Episode 150 - 1/20/67

Roger watches the last remnants of the painting burn. Vicki enters the room and says Sam has left. She asks Roger where the scream came from, and Roger says it sounded like  it came from the fireplace. He then denies they heard it. He tries to suggest a logical explanation for the scream, and Vicki asks what the logical explanation is for David's face being in the painting. Roger pours himself a drink and says he plans to forget about the painting. She says he's going to have to deal with David.

Liz enters and asks what they're discussing. Roger says she missed the fireworks. He says he destroyed the painting. Vicki says Liz should be told everything, and Roger says he'll decide that. She leaves to check on David's dinner. Roger describes how Sam arrived to see the painting, and how David's portrait had been added to it. Roger says that sometime between the morning and evening, the painting was completed. They may never know how, but he doesn't care. She says that she thinks he made a mistake by burning it. He hasn't taken David's reaction into consideration.

David comes into his room with a wrapped gift. He turns around and immediately notices the absence of the painting. He looks around the room for it.

Roger and Liz are in the drawing room when David runs downstairs screaming asking where his painting is. Roger says it had to be destroyed. David starts to cry and Liz consoles him. David says he burned it, and runs to the fireplace. He says that now he'll never know what it was trying to tell him. He screams that they all hate him and runs upstairs. Liz sends Vicki after him to try and calm him down. Liz says she's going to tell Laura she can't see David any more.

David is in his room crying when Vicki comes in to check on him. David says everyone's against him.

Laura sits in front of the fire, entranced, when there's a knock at the door. She gets up and lets Liz in. Liz says that she's convinced Laura returning to Collinwood was a terrible mistake. She says she doesn't think Laura should see David any more. Laura doesn't agree. She wants to talk to David, and Liz says it's not a good time. She explains that he's upset, as Roger finally destroyed the painting.

Vicki watches over David as he lies in bed. He asks Vicki if she remembers the story his mother told him the other night. He asks her to tell the story while he tries to sleep. She says she's not sure if she can remember it, and then begins to recite it word for word.

Laura looks out her window towards the main house.

Liz returns and tells Roger that the outcome will be determined by whichever of them is stronger. She says that he's ducking the problem. Vicki comes downstairs and tells them David is asleep.

David cries in his sleep. He wakes to his mother's voice, and he sees her standing in the room. She gives him a handkerchief to dry his eyes. She says she's missed him. He dries his eyes, and when he looks up, his mother is gone. But her handkerchief remains.

Our thoughts

John: I think the big throwdown between Liz and Laura is yet to come, but it should be a good one.

Christine: At least Liz doesn't smoke, but she should probably be careful not to get too close to the fireplace.

John: Vicki did a pretty good job telling the Phoenix story, considering she wasn't in the room when Laura told it.

Christine: Is Laura possessing Vicki? Laura's hanky does not seem to be able to wipe away those sticky glycerin tears from David's face.

John: The powers of the Phoenix are mysterious, to be sure. Sometimes she manifests herself as a big floating head, and sometimes in her normal human form. The presence of the painting seemed necessary the first time. Perhaps Roger's burning it set her spirit free to roam the house.

Christine: It could be that the portrait was keeping her at bay so that only her big head could get through. David ran away from Laura the last time he saw her, but when she materializes in his room in the middle of the night, he seems at ease with her and agrees to make up for lost time. Perhaps the painting was stoking his fear, and now that it's gone, he's comfortable with his firebird mom.

Happy Birthday, John!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Episode 149 - 1/19/67

We see Sam wander through his house with his hands in gloves and Carolyn stomp into Collinwood. Vicki asks her what's wrong, and she says she's angry with the world. And then she says it started with Vicki. She says all the things Vicki said about Burke are true. Carolyn says she threw herself at Burke, and that he told her, in so many words, that she had gone out of style. Carolyn blames it on Laura.

Sam tries to open a bottle to take a drink with gloved hands. Maggie arrives home, and tries to cheer him up. He asks her how the painting on his easel burned. He says the other painting is going to burn, too.

In David's room, the painting of Laura in fire glows.

Vicki tries to console Carolyn. Roger arrives, and Vicki goes upstairs to check on David. Carolyn tells Roger she's done with Burke Devlin. Roger suggests that Burke has traded his affections for her aunt Laura.

The ghost of Josette appears in David's room. She approaches the painting and reaches out to touch it.

Roger says he's not concerned about anything between Burke and Laura. Vicki comes back downstairs and says David is off to the store with Mrs. Johnson. There's a knock at the door, and Vicki answers it. Sam Evans has arrived to see Roger. He asks Vicki if she still has the painting, and she says it's in David's room. Sam asks Roger if he can see the painting, and Roger sends Vicki up to get it.

Vicki walks into David's room and sees the painting has David's portrait added in the missing portion. She screams and brings it downstairs. Roger asks Sam what it means. He said the painting was incomplete that morning. Sam says the paint is dry, which would take days. He also says that he somehow knew the painting was completed, but he doesn't know how. Vicki said she felt as if someone had been in David's room. She smelled a jasmine perfume. She says no one in the house wears it, but she smelled it once before, in the old house when she saw the ghost of Josette. Roger throws the painting into the fireplace, and as it burns we hear a woman's screams.

Our thoughts

John: Josette's ghost makes her first appearance in Collinwood proper.

Christine: Now that we can see her clearly, she looks more like Maggie than ever.

John: Roger surprisingly offers Sam a drink (if he can hold a glass), and more shockingly, Sam declines.

Christine: He probably offered it because he knew he couldn't hold it and he wanted to see him struggle with it.

John: I'm pleased that the painting was finally completed with David's portrait, and thought it was particularly cool that it was done mysteriously. Roger is quick to destroy the supernatural evidence, but we are left to wonder, do the occupants of the drawing room also hear the bloodcurdling scream as the painting burns?

Christine: Are we to assume Josette completed the painting and has been responsible for compelling Sam to paint it, Vicki to bring it to Collinwood, and David to want it in his room? Does this indicate a growing influence from the Collins' ancestor?

You can see the eyes have been gouged to make them glow when placed on the fire, which is a nice effect.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Episode 148 - 1/18/67

Frank finds out that the woman who died in the fire in Phoenix may have been murdered. Lieutenant Riley tells him the woman may have been incapacitated before the fire consumed her. Frank says it's absurd that without a motive, or even an identification of the victim, that they could be considering a murder. The lieutenant says that Laura has a history of mental disturbance. They also confirmed the fire started in Laura's kitchen, and that no one can confirm that they saw Laura on any form of transportation leaving when she said she did. They do however, have a witness claiming she saw Laura in Phoenix the day of the fire.

Vicki drops by Burke's apartment to see him. Burke tells Vicki that Laura is a remarkable woman, and she has no reason to distrust her. Vicki says that's the opposite of what he said yesterday. Vicki asked what made him change his mind. Burke says Vicki is the only one who can help Laura. She says she can't make up David's mind for him. Vicki asks Burke how he felt when Laura married Roger. She says that because of the way he feels about Laura, he may not know her as well as he thinks he does. He asks her to do what she can to help Laura, and she says she'll do what she can to help David.

Frank tells the lieutenant he has no basis to charge Laura with anything. He agrees, provided they don't find more evidence. The lieutenant leaves, and Vicki arrives to see Frank. She asks if he learned anything from the lieutenant, and Frank says yes, and he doesn't like the facts.

Burke is on the phone with Logansport when Carolyn arrives to see him. After he gets off the phone, she checks his forehead and says he doesn't look like he has a fever. Burke doesn't understand what she's saying, and she describes that she hasn't seen him since he ran out with Laura's suitcase several days ago. Burke says it's been a long time since he's thrown a young beautiful girl out of his room, but it looks like this is going to be one of those times.

Frank explains that murder is a possibility in the Phoenix case. And that Laura Collins was seen in Phoenix on the day of the fire. Vicki says Laura left five days before the fire, and Frank agrees that's what she said, and asks if that's what really happened.

Carolyn paces in Burke's apartment, and he says that it may be best if they don't see each other for awhile. She asks if it's best for her aunt Laura. She says that maybe her mother and uncle were right—he was using her and now he's found someone else to use. Burke tells her that he doesn't have to explain himself to her. He tells Carolyn to leave Laura out of the discussion. Carolyn tells Burke goodbye and storms out.

Vicki is shocked that Laura could be a murder suspect. She tells Frank that Burke asked her to do everything she could to get David to spend time with his mother. She says she's going to do everything she can to keep Laura away from David.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn shows up in this episode to remind us that even when not present, she's always jealous. We know from past experience that her last words are almost never that, but now that she's scratched Joe and Burke off her list, who's next. Frank Garner?

Christine: I don't know if she will let go of Burke so easily. I expect her to act really snotty to her aunt in the meantime. That should be fun to watch.

John: So now Laura Collins is a possible suspect in the murder of Laura Collins. Good luck working that one out, locket or no locket.

Christine: It's a confusing situation. It will be interesting to see how that is explained.

John: I don't know if I'm more disappointed that Burke is falling under Laura's spell, or that he's doing so without the same supernatural influence that's infecting everyone else.

Christine: It certainly is disappointing to see Burke act like a lovesick fool. In Episode 86, Burke tells Carolyn he was in love "once," leading us to believe that Laura is his one true love. His days of making kissy-face with Vicki seem to be on hold, and his designs on Carolyn seem to be of no interest while Laura holds sway. It may be the most horrifying thing we've witnessed so far. I have to believe that at least some of it is due to supernatural influence.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode 147 - 1/17/67

Roger goes to David's room and starts to take down the painting of his ex-wife. David interrupts him and says he can't take it. Roger asks why he wants a painting of his mother burning alive. David says he's supposed to have it, but he can't explain why. David says that Roger wants his mother to take him away. He tells Roger that he hates him and he hopes he'll die. Roger tells David he doesn't hate him. David tells Roger that if he takes the painting, he won't speak to his mother again.

Vicki comes upstairs to tell David to have lunch. He goes, and she tells Roger that David is disturbed. Roger brings up what happened to Sam, and Vicki wonders what the connection is between all of the instances of fire. Roger says they're all coincidences, and Vicki says they all started after Laura returned. Roger says he should be angry at Vicki for giving David the painting. Laura arrives and asks if David is willing to see her. Roger asks Vicki to take Laura downstairs, and he goes to grab the painting, but appears unable to do so.

Downstairs, Laura asks Vicki what happened with David. David appears and Laura invites him to her cottage. He says he has to do his schoolwork. Vicki says he can go if he wants to. He says he can't, and runs upstairs. Laura asks Vicki to arrange for them to meet again. Vicki says she doesn't want to disturb him further.

Burke Devlin looks at an old snapshot of Laura when Vicki arrives at his hotel room. She asks him about the photo. He says he loved her, but she married Roger. Vicki tells Burke that she doesn't trust Laura. She describes how she lied about the locket. Burke asks why she'd lie about it, and Vicki doesn't know. He asks if Roger is nervous around Laura, and Vicki says no. Burke gets a call, from Laura, asking him to meet her where they used to meet on the pier. After hanging up, Burke tells Vicki he has a few unanswered questions himself.

Laura meets Burke on the pier. She asks for his help with David. She says Burke means more to David than his own father. Burke says there may be a reason for that, and Laura says that could be, but she'd rather not discuss that right now. Burke gets her to say that if he helps her get David, she'll testify on his behalf in a retrial. They begin to talk about memories, and Burks starts to make a move on her. He says he should hate her, and not trust her, but when they're together, everything melts away.

Our thoughts

John: Roger almost gives a believable performance when he tells David that he doesn't hate him.

Christine: David was clearly not fooled since he promised not to speak to his mother if Roger took the painting away rather than threatening not to speak to Roger. It's about time Vicki started making connections between David's dream, Sam's painting, the Phoenix fire, and Laura's arrival.

John: Burke met Laura on a pier in London, by the looks of it. The fog machine was working double duty on this episode.

Christine: It was almost noirish, right down to the cheap dialogue:
Burke: You're late.
Laura:  You're early.
Burke: I was always an impatient man.
Laura: I remember.
Laura once again acknowledges the question of David's paternity. I'm surprised Burke didn't press Laura more on the issue. He didn't do Vicki any favors by telling Laura she was informing him of her friendly interactions with Roger.

John: Laura has a strange effect on everyone, but not a consistent one. Some folks appear compelled to do her bidding, while others are compelled to go against her wishes.