Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 622 - 11/12/68

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Blair approaches Angelique's coffin in the basement with a mallet and stake. He thinks that she won't suffer; that she will just cease to exist. He opens the coffin and finds it empty.

Blair vows to find Angelique and destroy her forever.

Angelique rises from a borrowed coffin. She calls to Barnabas, telling him it's time for them go go away forever. She calls him to come to her.

Eve notices that Blair looks concerned about something. He asks her if she knows about Angelique's disappearance. He says he has a score to settle with her, and he wants Eve to help him. She says she wouldn't lift a finger to help him.

Angelique wonders why Barnabas hasn't come to her. She thinks it might be Blair. She goes to the magic mirror and uses it to see Blair talking to Eve.

Eve tells him that Angelique has Barnabas under her spell. He tells her that Barnabas is gone. He has been sent to a hospital miles away. Blair realizes that with Barnabas out of the way, Angelique would be interested in Joe Haskell or Jeff Clark. Eve says she'll kill her if she tries to get to Jeff. She tells Blair that she wants him to help prove to Jeff that he's Peter Bradford. He asks how, and she tells him she wants him to send her back in time. He refuses, and tells her that he will destroy her if she drives him to do it. He sends her to watch Jeff. She asks if she's to stand by and watch while Angelique victimizes Jeff, and he says he doesn't care about Jeff.

In the garden, Vicki tells Jeff she's concerned about Barnabas, since Julia took him to Windcliff. She says when she was with him, he said no doctor could help him. Jeff tells her to let Julia worry about Barnabas. Jeff tells her he wants to get married on Friday. She asks him why so soon, and he says why not. She doesn't understand his sudden rush. He asks her not to ask him to explain why. She agrees and they kiss, as Eve watches. Jeff sees her and sends Vicki back inside.

He then asks Eve how long she has been watching him. She asks if he changed his wedding date because of her. Jeff tells her to stay away from him, and pushes her away.

He goes inside, and Angelique tells her not to follow Jeff. She says she came to see her so they can get better acquainted. She says they can help one another. Angelique says it's a shame Blair won't use his power to help him. She says that she can send her back in time. Eve doesn't believe her. Angelique says she needs her help to prove that Jeff is Peter Bradford. She says she can find proof in 1795, and upon her return it would allow her be with Jeff. Eve asks why she would help her, and Angelique explains that she hates Blair, and she needs protection during the day. Eve asks how soon she can send her back, and Angelique says she can do it tonight at midnight, but she needs to get Blair out of the house.

Eve returns, and Blair asks why she's not watching Jeff. She explains that Angelique won't find Jeff. She says she saw her in the woods, heading towards the hospital. Blair assumes she's going to see Joe, and tells her to go there. She suggests that he go instead. He says he'll deal with her when he returns, and leaves.

Angelique appears, and says Eve did well. She says she needs to find a medallion, and in no time finds it in his desk. Angelique turns down the lights, and tells Eve to sit in a chair. She says she will only have six hours in the past before she must return. Angelique uses a spell to send Eve back in time.

Our thoughts

John: Blair is having nothing but trouble with the ladies. I think perhaps he should have just gone with a race of manufactured super-men.

Christine: It's a lot of fun to see Angelique and Eve team up against him, and will be even more fun if he should find out about it. So, where is Angelique hiding away during the day? It almost looks like the Old House basement, but I don't think Barnabas keeps a coffin in there anymore.

John: Poor Vicki, catering to Jeff's every whim, and letting him get away with his silly antics without having to explain himself. Do they really expect to live happily ever after? I guess we'll see if the wedding happens this Friday.

Christine: I still think her trip to the past affected her brain and ability to use good judgement. I think she's only interested in Jeff Clark because he looks like Peter Bradford.

John: We've been introduced to a new means of temporary time travel. I wonder why Angelique even needed the medallion. Now that Eve has physically left the building, the question is, will Peter Bradford even recognize her?

Christine: The medallion is for dramatic effect since she's not supposed to have witchcraft powers still available to her, despite her ability to use the magic mirror. Peter may not recognize Eve by her appearance, but will probably know who she is by her overbearing personality.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 621 - 11/12/68

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In the old house, Julia calls Willie, who comes downstairs. She tells him they must find Barnabas. She explains that he is dying. Willie asks if Barnabas dies, if he'll be like he was before. She says he will, and explains that Angelique is responsible. Willie doesn't know who she's talking about, so Julia provides Angelique 101.

Blair returns home to find Adam passed out on the floor. He asks him if Angelique had touched him. He says no, and Blair realizes that she must have done something to Barnabas. He curses himself for trusting her. He gives Adam a drink and helps him into a chair. He asks if he saw Angelique, and Adam says he did.

In the woods, Julia calls to Barnabas. Willie does the same.

Blair asks when Angelique returned, and then suggests that she left again, after which Adam felt ill. Adam says he felt weak, and doesn't remember any more. Blair wonders if Angelique has succeeded in killing Barnabas.

Willie and Julia search the woods unsuccessfully.

Blair checks Adam's pulse. He wonders if Lang's message about Barnabas and Adam is true. He wonders if Adam can live if Barnabas dies. He realizes that he must find Barnabas, and turns to his magic mirror, only to find that it's missing. He realizes that Angelique took it, and declares that she won't get away with it.

Back at the old house, Willie reminds Julia that Barnabas saved her by staking Tom Jennings. Julia says that Angelique's coffin must be at Blair's. She tells Willie to fetch her a stake and mallet.

Julia comes to see Blair. She says she has come to save Adam, and tells him that he had better let her in. Blair invites her in and tells her Adam isn't well. He asks how she knew that, and she says they will have to be very honest with one another. Julia checks Adam, and Blair tells her that he doesn't have healing powers. She asks where Angelique's coffin is, and he denies knowledge of any coffin or Angelique. Julia says she has the means of saving Adam, removing the stake and mallet from her purse. Blair continues to deny what she's referring to. She also pulls out some blood to inject into Adam. She reiterates that there's only one known cure.

As Julia administers the blood to Adam, Barnabas awakens in the forest. He gets up and calls for help. Willie hears his call and runs toward him.

Julia tells Blair that she only provided temporary relief. Blair tries to convince her that she has got him wrong. She leaves Blair with the stake, and tells him that if he's as wise as she thinks he is, he will use it.

Willie brings Barnabas back to the old house. Barnabas tells him to pull the drapes shut. Willie does, and says Julia may be in trouble at Blair's house. He then asks why Barnabas didn't tell him about Angelique. Barnabas asks if Julia knows about Angelique, and she enters to say that she does. Julia sends Willie to Collinwood to call Windcliff to send an ambulance. She tells him that he'll be safe from Angelique there. Otherwise, she will kill him tonight.

Blair realizes that Julia was right about Angelique. He knows she will kill Adam, bringing down his master's wrath.

Blair approaches her coffin in the basement with the mallet and stake. He thinks that she won't suffer; that she will just cease to exist. He opens the coffin...

Our thoughts

John: Since the writers seem to be playing fast and loose with the rules, I'm curious if Barnabas dies and returns as a vampire, if the same would happen to Adam?

Christine: I think they may be rewriting the rules entirely. I still wonder if Adam will continue to house the vampire affliction for Barnabas, or if it was a one time deal.

John: So Barnabas keeps a supply of stakes and mallets at the old house? Pretty odd for a former vampire.

Christine: It's not so odd for him to have a backup supply for when he had to rescue his one true love from vampire Tom Jennings.

John: Curious how Blair continues to play coy with Julia. Amazing he doesn't just own up to what she already knows. Of course, setting him up to be the one to stake Angelique is rather poetic. But since it didn't happen today, I'm not holding my breath that it's going to happen tomorrow.

Christine: It will be interesting to find out if Blair cares more for his plan for Adam or his relationship with Angelique. He should not be surprised by her continued defiance when he does not follow through on the threats he makes. The magic mirror theft was a pretty brazen challenge to his authority.

Another chroma-key view from the front door of the House by the Sea today.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 620 - 11/8/68

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In the woods, Julia sees a woman leave Blair's house, coming towards her. She hides as Angelique passes by, and gasps when she recognizes her. She thinks Cassandra came back as Angelique. She thinks if Barnabas is in Blair's house, he may be too weak to escape. She decides to search for him.

Julia sneaks into Blair's house, where she is confronted by Adam. He tells her to get out. She notices that he is weak, and asks him if Barnabas is in the house. She says she must know for both of them. Adam tells her that Barnabas is not in the house, and tells her to find Barnabas.

Vicki brings Barnabas a cross, and he says he'll be alright. She asks if she can get him a doctor, and he tells her that she has already saved him. He says he only needs her, and the cross. He falls asleep, clutching the cross at his chest.

Angelique searches the woods for Barnabas. She wonders how he left the hut, and assumes that someone helped him. She wonders what to tell Blair. She tries to call to Barnabas.

Barnabas sits up, saying he had a nightmare.

Angelique beckons Barnabas to come to her.

Barnabas says, "No," as he continues to clutch the cross.

Angelique returns to Blair's house and consults the magic mirror. She asks to see Barnabas, and she sees him holding the cross, with Vicki by his side. She tells Barnabas to rise from his bed and come to her now. He does not stir.

The magic mirror shows her the cross, which frightens her. She screams, and Adam comes in asking what's wrong. She says that she can't control Barnabas because he has a cross. She tells Adam that Barnabas can kill Eve and she can't stop him. She says Barnabas is in the room he used to hide in at Collinwood. Adam says he cannot kill Eve. Angelique says he must go and get the cross, and do whatever he needs to do with Vicki. Adam says he will get the cross, and limps off.

Barnabas tosses and turns, saying not to let her come, and drops the cross in the process. He realizes that he doesn't have it and Vicki gives it back to him. He goes back to sleep, and she worries that he'll die if she doesn't get help. She leaves and Adam sneaks into the room. He approaches Barnabas and reaches for the cross. He takes it from him. Barnabas gets up and tells him the cross will save them both. Adam takes it and leaves, leaving Barnabas to collapse.

Angelique, having witnessed the events in Collinwood through Blair's magic mirror, calls for Barnabas to come to him.

In the old house, Vicki calls for Julia. She says she knows where Barnabas is, but he doesn't want anyone to know. She says he's in the West Wing, and she thinks he's dying. They leave together.

Angelique says she cannot be denied, and Barnabas slowly gets up. She says he will meet her in the woods. She tells him that she will give him the strength to come to her, and he walks out of the room in Collinwood. Angelique smiles, proud of herself. Adam returns and tries to hand her the cross. She tells him to keep it away from her and runs from the room, screaming. Adam looks at the cross, confused.

Vicki tells Julia that all Barnabas wanted was a cross. They enter the room in the West Wing and see that he is gone.

Barnabas finds Angelique in the woods. He says she sent Adam to steal his cross. She explains that it was necessary. He asks about her power, and then says it's just like the power he had. He says she's going to kill him tonight, and she says they will be together forever.

She says he finally needs her as she has always needed him. He says that if Blair permits it, he will be angry. He reminds her that if he dies, Adam will die too. She says she's not afraid of Nicholas. She says Nicholas wants to be human, and a mere mortal cannot spoil her plans. She tells Barnabas that they will start their journey together.

Julia says they must find Barnabas. Vicki says they must get Roger and the others. Julia tells her that she and Willie will find Barnabas. Vicki doesn't understand, and Julia tells her she can't ask any questions now. She says Barnabas will be embarrassed if everyone knows. Vicki agrees.

Angelique bites Barnabas on the neck. He calls to Vicki, saying he loved her. Angelique says he will love her, now and forever. They hear a rooster. She tells him that she must leave him now, and that she'll return to him at dusk. She adds that he will be like her, forever.

Our thoughts

John: Just a few days ago. Angelique was able to appear in front of Barnabas. Now she can't even discern where he is? Are we to believe that the cross he's holding blocks those transmissions?

Christine: That's a better explanation than I could come up with for why her ability to apparate by chroma-key wasn't working today. Vicki must have gone over to the Old House and asked Willie if he had a cross she could borrow since it appears she's holding the same one he had hung in the cell where Barnabas was locked up.

Episode 616

John: Why isn't Adam as weak as Barnabas? And damn that boy is fast. You'd think Blair's house was connected to Collinwood the way he gets back and forth so fast.

Christine: Apparently, the thought of Barnabas hurting his disdainful mate gave him the energy to jet over there and rip the cross away from him. He sure was easily duped though, wasn't he?

John: Can I raise a practical question? Let's say Barnabas dies in the woods. He becomes a vampire. Wouldn't the sunlight kill him? Do vampires have a grace period after they turn before they have to get into their nightly coffin routine? I realize this isn't just a Dark Shadows issue. Anyone know if this is explained in vampire folklore?

Christine: According to this Wikipedia entry, the sensitivity to sunlight showed up in the 19th century, with Nosferatu being the first vampire to be killed by it, so it doesn't seem that there are any hard and fast rules about it. In yesterday's episode, Joe Haskell was already becoming sensitive to sunlight, so I suspect there may be a grace period before full on transformation. It has not been clearly explained whether or not Adam's protection will still be in effect, which could mean that Barnabas won't become a vampire and will simply die from loss of blood. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 619 - 11/7/68

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In the woods, Barnabas calls to Vicki. She finds him in the woods, and he tells her it's too late. She cries that it isn't. She asks if he can tall her what happened. He says it's too horrible, and she must hide him. She says she'll get him to Collinwood and call Julia. He tells her not to, explaining that only she can help him. She says she can take him to Collinwood through a secret door in the West Wing that no one has used for years.

Joe lies in the hospital thinking that maybe Angelique will come to him that night. Julia comes in, and Joe asks her to close the blinds. He asks how Barnabas is, and she explains that he's gone. He asks where he went, and she says that she thought he might tell her where Barnabas went. She says she knows he's under the spell of a vampire. She says it happened to her, too; that she was a victim of Tom Jennings. She says that like Tom Jennings, the vampire controlling him needs to be staked in their coffin. He says he couldn't tell her if he wanted to. He says that if she's been through it, she knows how impossible that is. Julia suggests that there might be another victim out there. She asks him if Nicholas Blair is behind all this. He says that's ridiculous. She says she'll go talk to him, and Joe warns her to stay away from Blair. She thanks him for telling her more than she expected. She says she has got to have a showdown with Nicholas Blair.

Vicki sneaks Barnabas into Collinwood, and tells him that she should get a doctor if he's sick.

Julia visits Blair, and he enthusiastically welcomes her in. He thanks her for the evening at the old house, and she suggests they stop playing games. She says she knows what he is. She says she knows he was behind the experiment creating an artificial mate for Adam. She adds that she knows what he did, or had done to Barnabas. He asks what she means, and she tells him Barnabas is a victim of a vampire. Julia adds that she knows he's protecting the vampire.

Blair laughs at her, and denies her claims. Julia tells him that Barnabas disappeared yesterday, and that if he's not saved by tonight he may die. Blair asks if she knows where he is, and she says she wouldn't be with him if she did. He asks what she wants, and she says that for his plan with Adam and his mate to succeed. She tells him that he knows if Barnabas dies that Adam will die, too. Blair says he is busy and must return to his work. She realizes how she upset him.

She points out that it's getting late in the day, and he tells her not to try his patience. She asks if Barnabas is in the house, and he says he is not. She asks if he knows where he is, and he tells her he does not. She says it's in their mutual interest to find him, and Blair says he will do everything he can to help her. Before she leaves, he tells her that he admires her for coming to him.

In the woods, Julia thinks Blair was lying about knowing where Barnabas was. She then thinks that maybe he doesn't know. She's confident he'll do something after the sun goes down. She decides that she must stay to find out what he does.

Barnabas asks Vicki if the sun has gone down yet. She tells him it is just setting. He tells her she shouldn't have let him sleep so long. He asks her to find a cross for him as quickly as possible.

Blair is sitting in his drawing room when Angelique comes in. She says he looks chipper, and suggests it's due to Maggie Evans. He doesn't speak to her. She asks what's troubling him. He asks her if she'd really like an answer. She says yes, and he stands up and backhands her.

He tells her that she had better undo what she's done to Barnabas immediately. He asks her where Barnabas is. She says he's in a hut in the woods. She tells Blair he hasn't been fair with her. He says that if anything happens to Barnabas, Adam will die. If that happens, he says he won't just punish her. He pats her on the head, and tells her to get Barnabas back to the old house tonight, leave him there, and then stay away from him. He tells her he's late to see Maggie Evans, and she jealously claims that when it comes to his own interests, he does very well. He tells her that's one of the advantages of being the master.

In the woods, Julia realizes that there's no reason for her to stay there, and that Blair would have already done what he was going to do. She then sees Blair leave the house, and she debates whether she should follow him, or search Blair's house for Barnabas. She then sees a woman leave Blair's house, coming towards her. She hides as Angelique passes by, and gasps when she recognizes her.

Our thoughts

John: How would Vicki know about a secret door that hasn't been used for years? All of the secret doors we know about seem to be under heavy rotation...

Christine: Yeah, I think the secret's out on the secret door. 

John: I have to give Julia credit for throwing down the gauntlet, saying she's going to have a showdown with Blair. It was quite the battle of wills, and even Blair, without admitting anything, compliments her on her efforts.

Christine: That was an entirely enjoyable exchange! It's precisely the reason Barnabas should be psychically dialing Julia for help instead of Vicki. I wonder where Vicki is going to find a cross. Do you think she'll have to go all the way to Bangor to get one? Angelique will surely have chroma-keyed herself into the West Wing room by then.

John: The only thing more exciting than Blair's psychological battle with Julia was his physical altercation with Angelique. Love the buildup from his silent rage to the clearly telegraphed bitch slap. Frankly, I thought this might have been the last straw for Angelique. After so many failed attempts to control her, we know that she can't be trusted.  It seems to me that he's basically risking all of his plans on the hope that she doesn't fail him again.

Christine: It seems certain that she will disobey him again, despite his flowery threats. If he doesn't expect it, then he's not as powerful as we've been led to believe.