Friday, October 20, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 345 - 10/20/67

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Liz is in the drawing room when Mrs. Johnson rushes in. She says she just heard a report on the radio that said Mr. Devlin's plane went down over the Amazon. Liz says she's not to say anything to anyone until she finds out if it's true or not. Liz calls the airline but is unable to confirm anything yet. She tells Mrs. Johnson to remain calm and quiet until they know the truth.

Barnabas asks Julia what she's doing. She says she's working on her notes. They talk about Vicki and Barnabas explains that in time, she will come to him as Josette. Julia asks him if Josette ever came to him willingly. He stands up, clearly offended. She asks why Josette is so important to him, when he was not so important to her. He asks why she's so curious about Josette, as if she was a rival of hers. He tells her to grab her coat, and he'll tell her all about Josette at the place where she died.

Vicki comes into the drawing room and says she's going to go for a walk. She sees the floor plan of the West Wing, and says Burke will know just how to plan things. She says she misses him so much. She says he used to talk about people who went out on ships on dark, moonless nights like this were... and Mrs. Johnson completes her thought saying ...doing the widow's dance. The phone rings and Liz answers. She asks if there's any question about it, and she hangs up. Mrs. Johnson asks if it's true, and Vicki asks who she was talking to. Vicki asks what happened, and Liz tells her that Burke's plane crashed in the Amazon jungle. She breaks down, and Liz helps her up to her room.

Mrs. Johnson sits with Liz in the drawing room. Liz says the airline might call if the search party finds anything. Mrs. Johnson says Burke is surely dead, and Vicki interrupts her saying that Burke will come back. She says she feels closer to Burke when she's outside, and runs out.

Barnabas tells Julia that Josette was the most beautiful and gentle woman he had seen. He describes the first time he saw her—his middle-aged uncle's new wife. He describes falling in love with her as soon as she smiled at him. He says she was a faithful bride, and then he figured out how he could marry her. She realized she had married an old man, and he felt he could offer her a longer life.

Vicki stumbles out of the bushes and they ask what she's doing. She tells them that they just got word that Burke's plane crashed in the jungle. She needed to get out of the house, and something drew her to the cliff. Barnabas tells Julia to return to the house where she'll be warm. She leaves Vicki alone with Barnabas.

Vicki said she wanted to be alone, but she's glad Barnabas is there. She asks him if he's been to Brazil, and he says he has not. She says she'll ask Burke when he gets back. She tells Barnabas that Mrs. Johnson doesn't believe Burke will be back, and asks what he thinks. Barnabas tells her if it were him, nothing on heaven or Earth would prevent him from returning.

Vicki tells him that he's a good friend. She then hears the wailing wind. She says she thought the cliff was just a place of legend, and that tonight, if she thought Burke were really gone... Barnabas interrupts her, grabbing her shoulders and telling her she must never think like that. He says he is sure she will be a bride soon.

Our thoughts
John: What the hell radio station does Mrs. Johnson listen to? Amazing that it's the one that just happens to monitor international flights of local residents?

Christine: What a great day for Barnabas and Julia! I loved when Julia asks what Barnabas would like to do and he responds by asking what she had in mind. I thought she was going to suggest they neck. The two of them spending evenings at the Old House playing cribbage by the fire is rather a charming picture. The look on his face was telling when she asked him if Josette ever came to him willingly.

John: Well, they certainly wasted no time in getting Burke off the payroll. And poor Vicki. Liz breaks the news with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The only thing missing was Roger being around to celebrate the news.

Christine: At least we had Mrs. Johnson around to comment on how there's not even Dr. Woodard to call on anymore, as she makes a mad dash for Liz's pink pills on her bureau.

John: Do you think there's any chance that a bat or two flew into the engines of Burke's plane?

Christine: He seemed too surprised by the news to have had any involvement, though it's an interesting prospect. Barnabas now has free reign to put the moves on Vicki, unless lovelorn Julia tries to sabotage his efforts.

Barnabas: It's such a dreary night out, no moon, no sign of life outside. I find the evenings increasingly tedious of late. 
Julia: Is there something you'd like to do?
Barnabas: What do you have in mind, Doctor? A game of cards or cribbage?
Julia: If you'd like.

Barnabas: A self deception you call it? Oh, you do amuse me. You and your modern scientific words. You and your cold, clinical thinking.

Julia: My thinking is neither cold nor clinical, believe me.

Barnabas: And your curiosity amuses me, too, as well. You're so curious to know everything. Whatever I tell you, it isn't enough and it's always Josette. Always curious about Josette. As if she were—what shall we say—a rival of yours?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 344 - 10/19/67

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David is in his room with Sarah. She apologizes for telling him something, and says she has to go. He asks her to stay and play her flute. She then says that she thinks she knows how he died. David asks if she means Dr. Woodard, and she says yes. She says she's not sure, but it was terrible. He begs her not to go but she disappears.

David plays with a Major Matt Mason Space Crawler when his aunt walks in. She says they all had to go in to Collinsport, and he says he knows. She says she has something to tell him, and he says he thinks he already knows. She says it happened a few days ago, and David asks if Dr. Woodard is dead. She says he must have heard them talking. She apologizes for his hearing that way. She says the whole town went to the funeral this morning. She asks why he didn't tell anyone that he knew. David says terrible things happen and no one seems to do anything about them. He says it shouldn't have happened. She asks what he means, and he says it doesn't matter, since no one believes him anyway. Before she leaves, he says he'll miss Dr. Woodard because he believed him, and maybe that's why he's dead.

Liz tells Carolyn and Vicki that David already knew about Woodard, and he had no reaction. Carolyn offers to take him his lunch and goes to the kitchen. Vicki asks if they should call the psychiatrist again. Liz says David thinks something terrible happened to Dr. Woodard.

Carolyn brings David food, and tells him he doesn't need to eat it if he doesn't want it. Carolyn commiserates with David. He tells her Sarah is not his imaginary friend, and she says she believes him. She describes her best friend when she was younger. She says she last saw him on her 10th birthday, and she never saw him again. David says maybe he was a ghost. She says she doesn't know, but he was real. A real person, a real figment of her imagination, or a real ghost. David says that Sarah is a real ghost. Carolyn tells him that she believes him. London Bridge starts to play, and he asks if she can hear it. She says she can. He tells her that something is going to happen soon, very far away, and it's going to make them all sad for a very long time. It will be an accident. Carolyn asks who it's going to happen to, and David says nobody knows, but it's going to happen. Carolyn is upset, and David says she can go. She tells him that none of this is real, and he says it is, and there's nothing they can do about it.

Burke explains that they can't accept Liz's generous offer. Vicki implores Burke to consider it, and he says he'll give it some consideration while he's traveling. They head out of the drawing room, and Liz wishes him a good trip. From upstairs, David tells Burke goodbye. He thanks him for all he's ever done for him, and tells him that he's going to miss him. Vicki explains he'll only be gone a few days. Burke says he'll look for some stamps to bring back for him, and David says he'll have them to remember him by. Vicki doesn't understand why David would say that, and Burke clarifies that he'd remember his trip through the stamps. David says he'll never forget Burke. David apologizes for upsetting everyone, and says he just wanted to say goodbye to Burke. As he goes upstairs, Burke tells him they'll go on a fishing trip when he returns, and they won't come back until the boat is full of fish. David fixates on 'won't come back', says goodbye to Burke, and goes to his room.

Vicki and Burke talk in the garden. He tells her the West Wing idea might not be so bad. He says he didn't realize how bad things had gotten with David. Burke asks if he took Woodard's death very badly, and Vicki abruptly says that must be it. She's clearly upset, and Burke tells her not to worry about him while he's gone. She says she's not worried, but she'd like to go inside. She hears a sound and asks if Burke heard it. She says it's the wailing of the Widows, and Burke says it's only the wind.

Our thoughts
John: So Sarah didn't help Woodard, but was happy to break the news of his death to David. Do you think she knew Barnabas was responsible?

Christine: Her vague responses lead me to believe that she knew Barnabas was responsible and she bears some guilt in choosing not to prevent him from killing Dr. Woodard, or it could be she is simply confused by the writers leaving such a gaping plot hole.

John: Nice to see Carolyn back in time for the funeral. I thought we all might get to attend, but it sounds like the crowd would have required more actors than they could afford.

Christine: I like how she goes to comfort David and ends up being upset by his doomsaying instead.

John: Wow. Have we seen the last of Burke Devlin? David didn't even need to whip out his crystal ball to have such a clear vision.

Christine: If so, you'd think David might put some effort into warning him not to take a plane trip right now. It will be ironic if it turns out the crystal ball Burke gave David in Episode 48 wasn't used to his benefit. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 343 - 10/18/67

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We see Julia's laboratory setup in the old house. Barnabas comes downstairs and asks for an update on Woodard. Julia confirms that the coroner has ruled the death a heart attack. She says she can't go on. He tells her she has no choice. She says he had a plan before they met, and he should go on with that. He explains that she gave him hope of being human again. She reminds him that with humanity comes conscience and guilt. He brings up forgiveness and love. He tells her the first treatment will begin at midnight.

Vicki and Burke argue in the garden, as Barnabas eavesdrops on them.

She reiterates how she needs to be there for David. Burke asks if he knows about Woodard. Vicki says they haven't told him yet. Vicki pleads with Burke to fix up the West Wing so they can move in. Barnabas interrupts them and Vicki says she was trying to persuade Burke to restore the West Wing but it's hopeless. Barnabas asks if she's referring to Burke or the West Wing, and Burke replies both. Burke excuses himself to makes some calls.

Barnabas tells Vicki he can't imagine a man who loves her refusing her anything. Julia eavesdrops on the two of them as Barnabas suggests the West Wing could be restored like he did the old house. He offers his services to help in the restoration.

Vicki is initially excited, but then says it's not what Burke wants, and therefore it's not really what she wants. She tells Barnabas that Burke has shown her that the past is not as important as the future.

Burke is on the phone in the drawing room when Julia walks in. She asks him if he thinks it's wise to leave town at a time like this. Burke asks what she means. She explains that Vicki is upset about David, as well as the death of Dr. Woodard. Vicki walks in, and Julia apologizes for being worried about Vicki. Vicki asks if Julia would like to join her and Burke at the funeral. They didn't want her to go alone. Suddenly upset, she says she'll have to let them know and excuses herself.

Julia steps out into the garden. The ghost of Woodard appears behind her. It reaches out for her but disappears before she turns around. She screams and Burke and Vicki run outside. She tells them that no one was there.

Back in her lab, Barnabas joins her to get the treatment. She asks him not to make her go through with it. She warns him, and he says he has no reason to fear her. He says after the way one murder affected her, she couldn't be responsible for another. He talks about being human again, so he can pursue his love. She asks him what if he didn't need to change; if he found someone to accept and love him as he is. He says he couldn't accept himself, and tells her to begin the treatment.

Our thoughts
John: It would have been great if they just kept extending the folks eavesdropping on conversations.  Why not have Mrs. Johnson and David in on it, too?

Christine: I expected Burke to double back so he could also listen in on Barnabas and Vicki.

John: What the hell was Julia doing, washing up with water from a fountain? If they timed it differently, I would have blamed any hallucinations she had on exposure to that.

Christine: What was she doing suggesting someone could love Barnabas for who he is? Assuming she's referring to herself, does she love him for his bloodsucking lifestyle, his tendency to bluster and threaten people, his obsessive desire to make over young girls into his long lost paramour, or for the way he coerced her into helping him kill her colleague? Even though he responds by playing dumb, he knows as well as we do that Julia's got the hots for him.

John: We get our first Ghost Woodard sighting, looking appropriately zombie like, for an all-too brief visit. Let's hope that's not the last we'll see of him.

Christine: How could you tell that was Woodard? It was actually Peter Murphy, who first appeared as the new Caretaker in Episode 337, showed up as a Blue Whale customer in Episode 341, and will have a variety of mostly uncredited parts in the 15 episodes he will appear on the series.

Fun with chemistry!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 342 - 10/17/67

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Sam returns home, upset. Maggie tries to figure out what's bothering him, and he tells her Dr. Woodard is dead. He said that he and the sheriff found him. She asks if he was murdered, and Sam says they don't know. She says maybe he died of natural causes. Sam says it's too coincidental. He had contacted the sheriff to meet, and he was too busy to talk to him. Maggie thinks it's about her, and that Willie wasn't the one who abducted her and Woodard found out. She hears something outside, and Sam says it's the deputies. She realizes that means they also think she may still be in danger. Sam remembers there was a red notebook on the desk when he visited Dave earlier. He says he's going to go back to the office with the sheriff to look for the book. He remembers it was gone when they found his body.

Sam tells the sheriff that the missing book is the motive for Dave's murder. They hear someone approaching and the sheriff draws his gun. Burke walks in, and the sheriff asks what he's doing. He said the sheriff's office said he'd be there. Burke asks what they suspect, and Sam says it was murder. He says Dave made an appointment to meet with the sheriff and never showed up. Sam asks if Burke ever saw a red notebook. He says no, but he asks if they think it was something supernatural, as Dave felt there was something supernatural about Maggie's disappearance. The sheriff says Dave was a man of science. Outside, a bat flaps in the window.

Burke tells Vicki he has some bad news. She says she already knows. He's got to go on a business trip. He confirms that he does have a business trip, but he was going to tell her that Dave Woodard died. Julia walks in and asks who died. Vicki tells her that Dr. Woodard is dead. She asks how, and Burke says it looks like he had a heart attack. She says he was always very active, and that she told him so. She asks Burke if she's sure it was a heart attack.

He says he knows what she's thinking, and he too thinks Woodard was murdered. Julia says no. Burke asks if either of them saw a red leather notebook. He says he was seen with it before he died, but it wasn't with him when they found his body. Julia is distraught. Vicki suggests that she should let her feelings out. She tells Julia that she hopes it wasn't murder, because she could never forgive someone for that.

Back at the Evans' house, Maggie tells her father that she knows her case wasn't solved. Dr. Woodard knew, and that's why he's dead. The phone rings and Sam answers. He tells Maggie that it was a heart attack. Maggie says if he died of natural causes, then she'll be safe. Sam doesn't appear to be convinced.

Our thoughts
John: It's almost like Maggie has spent the time between her episode to read the scripts. She knows exactly what's going on. And yet now, of all times, Sam is completely comfortable leaving her alone.

Christine: What was up with Sheriff Patterson holding a gun on Burke?

John: Sam does more scenery-chewing today than he's done in the past few hundred episodes. And he didn't take a single drink!

Christine: How can you be sure? He may have been drinking off camera while Julia was emoting.

John: Julia lays it on pretty thick, too, as she either feels the guilt of murdering Woodard, or just wants it to look like she's very upset by the news.

Christine: She may be sincerely distraught, but it's her guilt that's causing her to overact.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 341 - 10/16/67

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A bat appears outside the window of Woodard's office. Barnabas materializes inside, and Julia pleads with Barnabas to let her talk to him. Woodard says he won't go along with them, and asks what Barnabas plans to do. He replies nothing, and says Dr. Hoffman will take care of it. Woodard says death isn't his first fear. Barnabas dares him to say what he fears. He says he prefers anything to becoming the undead, and regrets he won't be able to destroy Barnabas. Julia tells Woodard that she's trying to cure Barnabas. Woodard refuses again, and says that if he is turned, he'll attempt to destroy himself, but not before telling everyone about what Barnabas is.

He accepts his fate, and Barnabas tells Julia to proceed. She removes the hypodermic from her purse. Woodard shames Julia, who says she can't kill her friend. Barnabas tells her to give him the syringe. He takes it and as he's about to inject him, Woodard looks over Barnabas' shoulder and says, "Sarah." Barnabas hesitates, turns and asks where she is. Woodard tries to escape, and Barnabas grabs him and injects him while London Bridge plays in the background.

Barnabas poses Woodard's body in his desk chair. Julia is upset and asks to leave.

Barnabas asks her to check him to confirm there are no other signs of foul play. She can't bring herself to look at him. She says she knows the medicine she prepared. He asks if she planned to leave the hypodermic needle on the table. She asks if they can go. Barnabas asks if she plans to leave her notebook. She collects it from Woodard's pocket. The phone rings and they stare at it.

In his office, the sheriff asks Dave to answer his phone.

Barnabas and Julia leave the office, and Julia hears Woodard's voice say she no longer has friends. She asks Barnabas if she heard him. Barnabas says he knows a dead man when he sees one.

Sam Evans is drinking in The Blue Whale when the sheriff walks in. He asks the bartender if Woodard showed up. Sam asks if he's looking for Dave, and says he was there about two hours ago. The sheriff says Dave called, telling him he was coming to see him, and never showed up. Sam asks if he had to go to the hospital, and the sheriff confirms that they're looking for him, too. Sam asks if the sheriff checked his office. He tells Sam he called and there was no answer. Sam asks if Dave was on to something. Sam says he was rushed out when he stopped by earlier. There's a scream outside, and several folks run out. The sheriff returns and says it was just a woman afraid of a bat. Sam is suddenly worried about Dave. He says he's going to check his office. As they start to leave, outside the window of the bar they see a bat. The sheriff tells Sam they've got overworked imaginations.

Woodard's dead body is slumped in his chair when the sheriff and Sam arrive and knock at the door. The sheriff asks Sam to break the door down, and after doing so, they find his body. The sheriff starts to call the hospital, and Sam says it's too late. Sam suggests he was murdered, and the sheriff agrees, but says there's no sign of foul play. He says they'll find out soon enough. He calls the coroner.

Julia throws the syringe used to kill Woodard into the fireplace. Barnabas credits her for assisting in Woodard's murder. She says she'll give it all up, and starts to throw her notebook into the fireplace. Barnabas stops her, and tells her that he's now the only friend she has. She again hears Woodard's voice telling her she has no friends.

Our thoughts
John: Nice try using the old 'Hey, it's your sister's ghost' trick, Dave. Too bad that Sarah didn't find you worthy of saving. Who can blame me for being off by a day. Didn't the murders always used to happen on Fridays?

Christine: It's a new era on Dark Shadows, where an innocent man can be murdered in cold blood on a Monday. Truly horrifying! The impact may have been greater had Gerringer still been in the role. We were still getting to know Peter Turgeon as Woodard. Barnabas seems to relish tormenting Julia.

John: There's a new sheriff in town. And he's still no Dana Elcar.

Christine: No, he's far more incompetent than Elcar as Sheriff. If it weren't for Sam, Woodard's body may not have been discovered for a few more days. Sam even had to be the one to break down the door to his office.

John: Was throwing the murder weapon into Barnabas' fireplace the best idea? It will be interesting to see if we haven't in fact seen the last of Dr. Woodard. Will his ghost return? And won't his mysterious death lead David to believe that Barnabas had to be responsible?

Christine: Yeah, I'm not sure if that will entirely dispose of the evidence. It seems Woodard has already begun to haunt Julia, reminding her that she no longer has friends. David probably doesn't need crystal ball confirmation to know that Barnabas is responsible.

Sheriff Patterson: A woman got a little scared because she saw a bat. 
Sam: A bat?
Sheriff Patterson: You know how women are. They're afraid they'll get caught in their hair.  
Sam: Women who are afraid of bats shouldn't hang around the waterfront. There are always bats flying around here at night. But she didn't have to scream like that.
Sheriff Patterson: Yeah, for a minute I thought I had a murder on my hands.