Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Episode 68 - 9/28/66

Roger is on the phone in his office when Carolyn stops in to see him. She says she came to town to talk to Burke Devlin, and wanted to confront him about the accusations he's been making about her uncle. She tells him that Burke actually thinks Roger killed Bill Malloy. She asks if he did kill him, even accidentally. Roger denies it, and Carolyn is comforted by his denial. Carolyn asks why Burke would say all these things. Roger says testifying against Burke was the hardest thing he did. Carolyn says she'll happily provide an alibi for him if needed. She suggests that he treat Vicki nicer as well.

David hides from Vicki in the drawing room. He left the Collins history book open on the ground. She calls and he comes out. He starts talking about Augusta, and how he heard his parents argue about Burke Devlin.

The Sheriff arrives to see Roger.  He explains that Burke won't be pressing charges against Matthew. When Roger says he doesn't know what the Sheriff is talking about, the Sheriff implies that he expected Roger might. Roger explains that if he were going to hire someone to kill Burke, he would have hired someone capable of finishing the job. The Sheriff asks if he has anyone in mind, and Roger says he would likely do it himself.

Vicki says David must be mistaken. She says she doesn't want David to repeat what he said. David says Burke is his only friend. Vicki explains that Burke might not think highly of her right now. David says she's got a big mouth, and Vicki attempts to grab him. He yells at her, and throws furniture around when his father walks in. David says Vicki was trying to hurt him. David runs upstairs. Roger says he hasn't made things easy for Vicki, and it's bothering him. David sneaks back down and eavesdrops on them. Roger invites Vicki to dinner, and she accepts. She mentions David saying that he and his wife argued about Burke. Roger says it's true, but that he won't discuss his and Laura's history with her.

Vicki goes upstairs, and David asks his father about Vicki. He says he's always being blamed for things he didn't do. Roger plays along, and suggests that Vicki probably makes up lies about David to cover her own faults. David asks him to fire her, but his father says his aunt wouldn't have that.

Carolyn returns home, moping. Vicki asks her what happened. She's upset that Joe wasn't available to take her to lunch. She says Joe's a square, and she hopes she never sees him again. The phone rings and it's Joe. He invites her to dinner and she's giddy.

Roger asks David if he'd rather be rid of him or Ms. Winters.

Our thoughts

John: This episode was shot a week in advance, so yesterday's must have been scheduled around someone's availability. During the slate recording, we get to see Louis Edmonds at his desk going over his lines, and then hiding his script.

Christine: Maybe they had to reschedule taping because of casting for Mrs. Johnson. I wonder if it could also be possible something got messed up with the episode they taped that would force them to come in on the weekend to reshoot. I guess we'll never know. We get some recycled location footage of Roger out on the docks that we last saw in Episode 54.

John: Vicki wears her hair up for the first time, in full-on schoolteacher mode. Next thing you know, Roger is asking her out on a date. Of course then he talks to David about getting rid of her, so who knows what's going on.

Christine: Carolyn gave him the idea when she suggests he be nice to Miss Winters and he remarks that it may be "a good idea to charm Miss Winters." As you said in the Episode 62 post, "As long as she stays, he's at risk," and what better way to get rid of her than to encourage David to do it. Since David has a tendency towards choosing solutions that involve death or dismemberment, this is not a wise course of action. Incidentally, I think she's got her hair up to try and look more like the portrait Sam painted of Betty Hanscomb.

John: Carolyn is schizophrenic. One second she's ready to be rid of Joe the square; the next she's going to get dressed up to have dinner with him. The poor bastard doesn't stand a chance.

Christine: No, poor Joe doesn't stand a chance. Hopefully his prospects will improve soon. I'd like to recognize David Henesy's entertaining portrayal of a pychopathic brat in today's episode. It may have been overexaggerated, but he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Alexandra Moltke had good reason to appear truly frightened in those scenes. I thought she was going to be injured.

David goes on a rampage.

Kitten stands by her Uncle Roger, as expected.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Episode 67 - 9/27/66

Carolyn stops in the restaurant looking for Burke. Maggie is glad she hasn't seen him. Carolyn is still trying to understand why Burke would have said the things that he did. Maggie talks about how everything changed ten years ago. While they talk about him, Burke walks in.

In the Sheriff's office, Sam Evans goes over his statement again. Mrs. Johnson, Bill's housekeeper comes in and demands to know who killed him.

Carolyn watches Burke eat breakfast. She asks about his visit at Collinwood last night. He says he learned that Carolyn is perhaps the only honest person in Collinwood. Burke implies that Vicki lied like the rest of them. He then leaves to make some phone calls.

The Sheriff reviews the autopsy report with Mrs. Johnson. He asks her about the call Bill received, and she says Bill was shouting, so it was someone he didn't like. The Sheriff asked if he might have been so upset that he killed himself. She says no, and that the last thing he said before she left was that he wanted breakfast early, as he had a lot of things to do. He asks who might want to kill Bill, and she suggests he go to Collinwood and ask them.

Maggie is startled by Sam. She says that she talked to Mr. Wells in the hotel, and he told her that Sam had tried to get the letter from him. Sam asks if she remembers when he left the house the night Bill died. Maggie asks why he needs an alibi. She says if the Sheriff wants to know he can ask her. The Sheriff enters in time to ask her just that. She mocks him by saying her dad left exactly at 10:45.

Carolyn goes to Burke's room. She confronts him about what he's been saying about Roger.

The Sheriff asks Maggie if she'd confirm the time Sam left on the witness stand. Sam discourages her from perjuring herself, but she stands by the story. After the Sheriff leaves, she asks if reading the letter would help. He says it's his last will and testament, leaving her all his worldly possessions. She doesn't believe him.

Burke tells Carolyn what he believes happened 10 years ago. She can't believe it. Burke says he doesn't know exactly what happened between Roger and Bill - perhaps his death was an accident - but he does believe Roger was involved.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting to note that this particular episode was recorded just two days before it aired.

Christine: I wonder what that's all about. This show was taped on a Sunday.

John: Hello Mrs. Johnson! Where have you been hiding these past few weeks? I'm probably wrong about this, but my memory of watching later episodes was that Mrs. Johnson worked for the Collins family. That would certainly be an interesting twist; though I imagine she could use the work.

Christine: Your memory serves you correctly. It's interesting to see how her character originated in these beginning episodes.

John: Looks like Carolyn will be next in line to grill Roger on Burke's story. I think we can all guess how well that's going to go.

Carolyn: We were just talking about you.  
Burke: You couldn't have chosen a more fascinating subject. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Episode 66 - 9/26/66

Roger joins Burke, Vicki and Liz in the drawing room. He heads over to fix himself a drink. Roger says he'll talk to Burke—alone. Liz doesn't want to leave, but agrees when Roger says he'll talk to Burke alone or not at all.

Liz asks Vicki if Burke seemed to be in control of himself. She was worried about he and Roger being left alone together.

Roger threatens to sue Burke for slander. Burke invites Roger to sue him. Roger doesn't want to dredge up the past again. Burke asks Roger if he killed Bill Malloy. He says he can always deny it later. Roger says he has no reason to want Bill dead. Burke says Sam must have been able to prove that he was innocent, and that Roger was driving the car, and should have served the prison term. Roger denies it all, and says Sam would also be a suspect. Burke tells him he knows Sam didn't do it, and stops Roger from leaving the room.

Liz interrupts Vicki writing a letter. Vicki explains that she's writing a letter to herself. She talks about how she used to mail letters to herself at the foundling home. She describes it like a diary. She says not very much ever happened to her before she came to Collinwood.

Burke asks Roger to spell out his timetable the night of Bill's death. Burke asks about the forty minutes between his meeting with Bill and when he says he left for the meeting. Roger says that Vicki saw him at 10:45, proving he wasn't able to kill Burke. Burke asks to hear Vicki confirm that. Roger suggests that he wouldn't make it up if she were able to corroborate it. Burke demands that he get Vicki.

Liz and Vicki discuss loneliness. Roger comes in and asks Vicki to help him. He asks her to confirm that he didn't leave the house in time to kill Bill Malloy. Roger sends Liz downstairs so he can talk to Vicki. He asks Vicki to tell Burke he left at ten to 11, even though she can't confirm that.

Liz asks what Burke is after. He says he wants justice. Burke says he thinks Roger killed Bill, and that he sent Matthew to the Blue Whale to kill him. All to protect the Collins name. Roger and Vicki come downstairs. Vicki says she saw and talked to Mr. Collins at 10:30, and she has every reason to believe he left when he said he did. Before leaving, Burke says he'll be back in Collinwood, possibly to stay.

Our thoughts

John: Is it weirder for Vicki to write letters to herself, or for Liz to have not left Collinwood in the last 18 years?

Christine: It was the only way little Vicki Winters ever got any mail at the foundling home. As Liz says, "How sad." We still don't know why Elizabeth has not left Collinwood for 18 years, so we can't properly assess which is the more aberrant behavior.

John: Vicki doesn't exactly corroborate Roger's timeline, but she throws in that she believes Roger, which says a lot considering how tumultuous their relationship has been.

Christine: Exactly. She wouldn't say it if she didn't truly believe it. But then who did kill Bill Malloy? Will we find out before 1967?

John: Burke's parting words indicate he's going to forge ahead with his plan to bring down the Collins family once and for all.

Christine: Or at least move in and hang his portrait in place of the founder of Collinsport. Perhaps he only meant that he wanted to come back to stay for another lovely tea time with the Collins clan.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Episode 65 - 9/23/66

Burke forces his way into Collinwood in search of Roger. Liz says he's not there, and asks Burke to leave. He refuses, and wanders into the drawing room to sit and wait for his return. Liz explains the Sheriff asked her to call if Burke showed up. He tells her to go ahead, but she doesn't. She says they'll both wait for Roger.

Roger calls Maggie from the Blue Whale looking for Sam. Evans enters the bar, and Roger tells him to join him at a table. Roger asks Sam what he told the Sheriff. Sam tells him he said exactly what they agreed. Roger then asks what he told Burke. Sam says Burke was asking if he killed Bill Malloy. Roger says he didn't kill Bill, they were good friends. Sam said the only time Bill was Roger's friend was when he conveniently died.

Liz prepares tea for Burke, and makes small talk. Vicki steps in, and Liz asks her to entertain Burke while she gets the tea. Vicki asks if he came to accuse Roger of being involved in Bill's death. Burke asks about David, and Vicki suggests he should think of David before he does anything to Roger.

Sam tells Roger that after running out, he went back to Burke's apartment. He says he was able to convince Burke he was innocent of Bill Malloy's murder. He also said Roger is next on Burke's list. Roger tells Sam that if Burke learns anything from any source, Sam will also suffer. Sam asks about Roger's offer for money to skip town. Roger says the offer is off the table.

Sam calls Maggie from the Blue Whale to let her know he's coming home. Roger says he's reconsidered giving him money to leave town. Sam also waffles about wanting it. He says that it would look odd if he ran out during the investigation of Bill's murder. He hadn't thought about that before meeting with Roger.

Roger returns home and Liz lets him know Burke is there to see him.

Our thoughts

John: The mood swing from Liz was a bit much, going from anger that Burke stormed his way into the house to her fixing him tea and talking about the good old days.

Christine: I saw it more as a change of tact. When she couldn't intimidate him with her formidable behavior, she switched over to turning on the Collins charm to try and have her way with him. Although she is obviously flustered and calls him Roger while imploring him to sit down for tea with her, her strategy ends up throwing Burke off guard.

John: Roger missed his opportunity to both get Sam out of town, and to make him appear like the guilty party. Who would have thought Sam would have even picked up on that. A functioning alcoholic, indeed!

Christine: There's another non-Cobert tune playing on the Blue Whale jukebox when Roger reconsiders his offer of money to Sam. I wonder if this is a trend and if it's the last we've heard of the Robert Cobert standards on the jukebox. Burke and Vicki have the opportunity to get to know each other better. I expect he'll be picking up the rain check on that dinner date soon.

John: Ah, another Friday, another impending confrontation between Burke and Roger. If only I could believe that come Monday the conflict between the two men would reach a conclusion...

Christine: I feel cheated. I thought surely the confrontation would occur on a Friday, but let's hope Monday's episode does not disappoint.

Burke notes Isaac's portrait, which has moved once again to the left of the bay windows.

There's a new portrait in the drawing room hanging in Isaac's former spot.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Episode 64 - 9/22/66

Carolyn asks her mother why Maggie Evans visited Collinwood. Liz says she was concerned about her father. Carolyn asks her if she really believes that Burke killed Bill Malloy. Liz says Bill's death was an accident. Carolyn asks how claiming Burke was a murderer would help Maggie. Liz is flustered by Carolyn's continued questions about Burke. Carolyn asks her mother if she said any of this to Matthew. She mentions that she saw him at the Blue Whale looking for Burke. She passes on Matthew's message that everything was going to be all right.

Burke arrives at the Blue Whale and sees Matthew. He asks if Matthew has seen Roger. Matthew asks him to join him, and grabs his arm when he refuses. Matthew says it's about Bill Malloy and Burke sits down.

Liz calls the Blue Whale looking for Matthew, and is told he's not there. Liz realizes that Matthew may intend to harm Burke on her behalf. The phone rings and it's the Sheriff. He's calling to see if they've seen Burke up at Collinwood. Liz tells the Sheriff she needs to tell him about her caretaker, Matthew.

Matthew warns Burke to leave the Collins family alone. He says he's trying to protect Liz, and the only time he's lied is when he told the waiter to tell Liz he wasn't at the Blue Whale a few minutes earlier. Matthew tells Burke he wants him to get out of town tonight. Matthew attacks Burke and the Sheriff arrives just in time to break it up. He escorts both men back to his office.

In the Sheriff's office, Matthew admits he tried to drive Burke out of town. The Sheriff sends Matthew outside to wait while he talks to Burke. The Sheriff asks Burke where he's been tonight. He warns Burke not to be judge, jury and executioner. Burke says he'll leave that to Matthew.

Liz tells Carolyn that Burke accused Roger and Sam Evans of being responsible for the death of Bill Malloy. She also tells Carolyn that Burke says Roger was responsible for the accident 10 years ago, and that Sam could prove it. She tells Carolyn these things are untrue. She asks her if she'd rather believe that her uncle sent an innocent man to jail or that Burke Devlin is a liar.

The Sheriff asks Burke what happened with Sam. Burke says he ran out on him, but that he doesn't believe Sam killed Bill Malloy. Which would mean Roger Collins did. The Sheriff warns Burke to stay away from Roger Collins and Collinwood. He sends Burke away and calls for Matthew. As he's leaving, Burke says, "Be nice to him Sheriff, that family has influence in this town." The Sheriff tells Matthew to go back to work and leave Devlin alone.

Carolyn believes her mother's story about Burke. Liz suggests that she should ask Burke if she wants to know why he would say those things. Carolyn goes off to bed, and Liz calls the Sheriff looking for Matthew. There's a knock at the door and Liz opens it expecting to find Matthew, but it's Burke Devlin.

Our thoughts

John: Where is Roger Collins? Is he in hiding? Is he up to no good? Is it Louis Edmonds day off?

Christine: He's probably trying to stay one step ahead of Burke. On the other hand, maybe he's off visiting his wife.

John: Who would have thought that the first brawl we'd see would be between Matthew and Burke. Unfortunately the Sheriff arrived before things got interesting.

Christine: I would have expected Joe to go after Burke first, in keeping with his Episode 24 promise to punch Burke in the mouth. Still it was an exciting brawl. Matthew is a madman! Just to note, there was some groovy new tune that did not sound like one of Robert Cobert's compositions playing in the Blue Whale when Burke walks in on Matthew. I believe it's the first time we've heard non-Cobert music on the show.

John: I'm extremely disappointed in Carolyn. She made up her own mind about Burke based on her experiences, and then throws all that out when her mother makes claims that she can't back up with facts. One has to wonder how long this web of lies can last.

Christine: You know Kitten has a special affection for her Uncle Roger. When Liz asks if she'd rather believe that Burke is a vicious liar or that her Uncle Roger let an innocent man to go to jail, she has to side with her uncle. The bar fight certainly livened things up today. Let's hope we'll get to see more action when Burke confronts Roger tomorrow!