Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 434 - 2/22/68

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Nathan sits at his desk, feeling bad about turning on Vicki. Peter bursts in on him and asks why he lied to the judges. Nathan denies it. Peter tells him he's going to win the case, despite his testimony. He asks him to come to the jail to see Miss Winters. He asks why he agreed to testify on Vicki's behalf, and then changed his mind. He asks how the Collins family is bribing him. Nathan explains that they don't even speak to him. He is no longer welcome at Collinwood. Peter tells him that if Vicki hangs, Nathan will be responsible. They get into a fight.

Naomi finds Joshua brooding in the drawing room. He tells her to leave him alone, and she refuses. They speak of Abigail, and Joshua says it was a senseless death, and Naomi counters that she led a senseless life. She says Abigail loved Joshua and tolerated the rest of the family. Joshua says she led the life she chose. He gets up to go the the shipyards. He mentions he's scheduled to meet with Trask.

Trask tells Nathan that he'll be meeting with Joshua Collins soon. Nathan asks if he'll speak about him, as Joshua plans to write a letter to the Navy about him. Trask explains that he understands his desire that he speaks with Joshua about him. Nathan says he did them a great favor. Nathan tells Trask that Bradford visited him earlier, and asked him to reconsider his testimony.

Trask suggests that Joshua and Naomi make an appearance at the trial, as it would help on an emotional level. Joshua says he's not interested in impressing the judges on an emotional level. He says he assumes the witch will be found guilty without any additional input from his family. Trask mentions that Nathan Forbes provided a motive for Vicki to be responsible for Abigail's death. Joshua says he doesn't care, as Forbes is a liar. Trask says he has done them a great favor, and Joshua should reconsider writing a letter to his superiors. He says that if Vicki hangs, it will be because of Forbes testimony. He says Nathan is outside, and asks if he will see him. Joshua refuses. Trask accuses him of having no respect for his sister's memory. Joshua agrees to meet with Forbes, but tells Trask to leave them alone.

Joshua asks why Forbes asked to see him. Nathan explains that he loved Millicent. He asks if Joshua may have made mistakes when he was younger. Nathan suggests that despite his bad choices, Joshua knows that he's capable of doing his job. Joshua says he understands he should thank Nathan for what he did in the court. He agrees not to send a letter as long as Nathan requests a transfer out of Collinwood.

At Collinwood, Peter tells Naomi that Nathan lied in his testimony. He tells her that if she doesn't testify on Vicki's behalf, she may very well die.

Naomi paces in the drawing room. Joshua comes in as she takes a drink. He says he brought his work home so he could do it without interruption. She tells him Peter Bradford was there, and that Nathan Forbes lied in court, saying Vicki wanted to kill Abigail. She tells him he knows that's not true. She tells him that she has to testify. He says she will not.

She explains that they must make amends for what they have done. She goes to get her cloak, and the threatens to lock her in her room. She tells him that if he tries that, she will get out, and she will never return to the house. Despite his protests, she gets in a carriage and leaves.

Our thoughts

John: Quite a tussle between Nathan and Peter today. Though does anyone really believe that Bradford could have bested Forbes?

Christine: I tend to think they're pretty evenly matched. We finally see Lt. Forbes without his long overcoat, only to realize during the fight scene just how revealing those trousers truly are.

John: Gotta love Trask. He'll go to whatever lengths he deems necessary in order to ensure the world is protected from the likes of Witchy Winters.

Christine: He's clearly not as pious as he'd have everyone believe.

John: Naomi finally takes a stand, even going so far as to threaten leaving Joshua for good! But I have a hunch it may be too little, too late, when it comes to saving Vicki.

Christine: Her testimony may not be granted much weight if she goes to court smelling of sherry and keeps calling Vicki's lawyer 'Peter Brandon'.

"I'm afraid that physical love is beyond my comprehension." -Reverend Trask

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 433 - 2/21/68

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In the courtroom, Trask describes finding Abigail's dead body in the woods last night. He says the look on her face was as if she had confronted evil itself. He then goes on to say that the one person in the courtroom who would like to see her dead is the witch on trial—Victoria Winters. Peter asks the court to strike Trask's reference as irrelevant. He says the medical record states Abigail died of heart failure. The court allows Bradford's objection to stand. Trask asks the court if he finds it odd that Abigail Collins died so suddenly. The judge says he does, but without a witness or sufficient evidence he can't add a murder charge against Miss Winters. Bradford says that if Vicki was going to kill Abigail, wouldn't she have done it before she testified and not after? Trask requests a recess to find a witness.

After the others left the courtroom, Peter and Vicki discuss her feelings for Abigail. He says Trask seems convinced that he can find a witness. Peter wonders if he's convinced Ben to testify against Vicki. She says Ben hated Abigail. Peter asks if he hated her enough to kill her, and Vicki says no. Peter says they need a witness to prove Vicki didn't hate Abigail enough to kill her.

Back in the jail, Peter tells Vicki that he found Nathan Forbes, and asks why she didn't tell him about the Lieutenant sooner. She says she didn't think it was important. Forbes shows up and Vicki thanks him. Peter asks him if he knew Abigail Collins is dead. He asks if she was murdered, and Peter tells him that she died of a heart attack. He adds that Trask claims she was murdered by Vicki. Peter asks Nathan to testify on Vicki's behalf as a character witness. He wants him to confirm Abigail was the first to accuse Vicki of being a witch, and despite that persecution, Vicki never said or did anything to suggest she would kill Abigail Collins. He agrees, but reluctantly. He says for personal reasons, he's not on good terms with the Collins family, so his testimony might be viewed as less than objective. Trask enters, sees Forbes, and Peter tells him he can have the room in a few minutes. Peter says Forbes need only tell the truth.

Outside, Trask listens at the door.

The trial resumes, and Trask calls Miss Winters to the stand. Peter objects, and the judge says they will protect the witnesses rights. Trask asks Vicki if Abigail first recognized her as a witch. Peter objects, and the judge admonishes Trask. Vicki says she was the first to accuse her, and Trask asks if she hated her. Vicki says no, and when he asks if she loved her, she says no. Trask says that then she must have hated her. He asks if she ever said she'd be glad to see Abigail Collins dead. She says no. He produces a bracelet, which Vicki identifies as her own. He admits it as evidence and says it shows signs of the zodiac. He asks her where she got it, and Vicki says she can't tell him. Trask says it was given to her by Satan himself. Trask says it was found on the body of Abigail Collins last night.

Peter objects, and says that Abigail had it for some time before she died. Trask calls Nathan Forbes to testify.

Peter suggests to the court that Forbes must have been pressured to testify for Trask. The court allows Trask to proceed. He asks about Abigail's views of Vicki as a witch. He asks if he and Miss Winters discussed that, and her feelings for Abigail. He says that she made not secret that she hated Abigail. He says yes, and Vicki shouts out that's not true. Nathan says he had a long conversation with Vicki, in which she called Abigail a religious fanatic, and if anyone deserved to be dead and buried, it was Abigail Collins. Trask asks if she also said she had the ability to strike Abigail Collins dead, she would, and Nathan agrees.

Peter cross examines Nathan, and asks if he befriended Vicki after she became a witch. He agrees. Peter then asks if he saw Trask take Vicki to the woods and tie her to a tree. Trask objects. Peter asks if he released Vicki from the tree. Nathan says yes, at the insistence of Barnabas Collins. He then asks if he gave her shelter in the old house, and food. Nathan says yes. Peter asks if he did so because he was sure she was not a witch, and Nathan says no. Peter says he did all this for her, knowing she was a witch.

Nathan said he was convinced witchcraft was being practiced at Collinwood, and he had no choice. Barnabas considered she wasn't a witch, and he says he did so in order to retain his relationship. Vicki screams at Nathan, asking why he is lying.

Our thoughts

John: Who said Vicki hated Abigail? I mean, everyone did, but it's presumptuous to say that Vicki specifically did.

Christine: I wonder what would cause Nathan to lie for Trask in court. He's never been a Trask fan. Surely there must be something in it for him.

John: Bradford offers an alternative suggestion to when Vicki would have killed Abigail. Nice move, counselor. Wouldn't it be easier to disprove someone else's claim that she hated Abigail enough to kill her, than to find someone to prove she didn't?

Christine: Most lawyers don't hug on their clients in the courtroom, which would be inappropriate now, let alone in 1795, and I'm surprised Trask didn't pounce on that as more evidence of Vicki's evil ways. Trask is really going heavy on the eyeliner today. Perhaps he put the extra effort in for his big day in court.

John: I love the shocking music that plays when Forbes enters the courtroom. Too bad Peter forgot to bring up Nathan's statement of concern about falling out of favor with the Collins family. It sure will be interesting if Vicki's fate is dependent on a vampire testifying on her behalf...

Christine: I'm sure you'll appreciate knowing that was Cue 157: Dramatic Curtain. I think it was the first time we heard that jarring cue. I like the shadow that crowns Vicki on the courtroom wall, and then Trask as he smirks over his victory in the courtroom.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 432 - 2/20/68

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Abigail goes to the cellar in the old house, believing she might find Vicki's book. She unlocks the cellar door and goes downstairs. She finds a coffin in the basement, and decides to wait for Reverend Trask. The coffin lid slowly opens. She watches as Barnabas slowly sits up. He asks her what she's doing there, and she screams in terror.

She says he's dead, and he tells her that she's wrong about death. She tells him to stay away, and he tells her she has made that impossible. She mentions his father, and he says his father will never know. Abigail says the witch cast a spell on him, and she'll get Reverend Trask to help exorcise evil spirits from him. She refuses to believe he's dead, and says he's a vision of the witch. She screams that the Devil is testing her faith. She refuses to believe. Barnabas tells her she's right, there was a witch in the house. Abigail says Victoria Winters, and he tells her Angelique was the witch. She cowers from him and calls him a devil; telling him not to touch her.

She refuses to believe Angelique was a witch. He says it's true, and he had to kill her. He forces her to look at him, and says he will live for all eternity. She says he's just a ghost sent to haunt her. He says he will do anything to stop from being discovered, including kill. She refuses to look at him, and when he says she will, she turns to see him bare his fangs.

Daniel sneaks downstairs when his aunt Naomi stops him She asks him to play cards, and he says he has to go out and find Ben. She asks if Millicent said he could, which he says she did. She asks to talk to him about Millicent. She asks him if he'd like to stay with she and Joshua. She says she hasn't talked to his cousin Millicent, but she thinks the house needs a boy growing up in it.

There's a knock at the door, and Naomi allows Reverend Trask to enter. She goes to get Abigail, and reiterates that her sympathies lie with Vicki. Daniel goes upstairs, and Trask stops him, and says they need to chat. He says he knows Daniel has been touched by a devil, and he's the only one who can save him. He says Daniel has spent a lot of time with the devil. Daniel says that he is the only person he knows who looks like a devil. Daniel asks if he's being rude, and Trask tells him he's being honest, and he likes that. Trask asks him about Miss Winters the witch, and Daniel asks why he calls her a devil and a witch. Daniel says Vicki has been nice to him, and Trask suggests that of course she would. They discuss how his cousin Abigail has reached righteousness. Daniel says Abigail always acts like something she ate didn't agree with her.

Trask asks about Vicki, and Daniel says he doesn't want to talk about her. Trask asks what she taught him about God, and Daniel says she didn't talk about God. Trask asks if she prophesied things, and Daniel says she just said things that would happen in the future. Trask says she has Daniel believing in the impossible. Daniel tells him he doesn't want to go to court. Trask tells him he has the Devil's mark on him.

Naomi returns and Daniel asks if he has the Devil's mark on him. She says he does not, and takes Trask to task for saying such things to a young boy. Trask accuses her of being in league with the devil, too. Daniel runs outside and Naomi warns Trask that he will be the one that will have to answer when the time comes.

Daniel runs through the woods, and says he won't be afraid as wolves howl. He hears Naomi and continues running.

Naomi looks for Daniel and calls to him. Trask shows up and says the Devil himself is leading Daniel somewhere. Naomi tells Trask to go back to the house. He says no one is too young for the Devil to use.

Daniel comes across Abigail's body, and he calls for help. Naomi and Trask appear, and he points to Abigail's body. Trask touches her and she falls over, dead.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas blabbers on and on to Abigail. Considering she was dead by the end of the episode, that sure seems like a lot of wasted exposition. Unless he literally talked her to death. If so, better her than us.

Christine: Au contraire, mon frère. He was building suspense, so the exposition was not wasted, as we were wondering if he would actually kill a family member, and if so, how he would do it. Did he bite her, strangle her, or, as you have so humorously suggested, talk her to death? Perhaps he did all three considering the way he felt about her. Barnabas is becoming quite diabolical.

John: I actually love that Trask doesn't pull his punches with Daniel. If that doesn't traumatize the kid, nothing will.

Christine: I'm sensing a Burnt Offerings connection when Naomi tells Daniel the house "needs a boy growing up in it." To feed off him perhaps? Is Naomi really Mrs. Allardyce? This gives me a whole new perspective on Collinwood. Elizabeth also fervently insisted that David remain at Collinwood when Roger wanted to ship him off to boarding school, and when his mom wanted to take him away.

John: Will Trask's latest behavior be the final straw that convinces Naomi to testify on Vicki's behalf?

Christine: Was Trask attempting CPR on Abigail? Most people go for the shoulder shake to see if someone is dead or just sleeping, but he seems to be going straight for the chest. Maybe the devil made him do it.

Just checking to see if her heart is still beating.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 431 - 2/19/68

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Barnabas is in the basement of the old house with his coffin. Ben comes downstairs and tells him it's time to go back to the mausoleum. Barnabas explains that he caused Josette to rise from the grave, but he has sent her back, never to be seen again. Barnabas explain he learned his lesson after seeing Josette's face in death. Ben tells him he can't stay in the old house, and Barnabas says he must be where he and Josette were happy. Ben says he'll keep folks out of the old house.

Daniel Collins wanders around outside the old house. Abigail calls for him but doesn't see him hiding behind a pillar. He sneaks into the old house.

Ben locks the basement door in the old house when Daniel stumbles across him, asking what he's doing. Ben says he's locking a door. Daniel asks him what's in the cellar, and Ben says nothing. Daniel asks him why he locks it if there's nothing there. Ben tells him to go and play, and Daniel says there's no one to play with since Sarah died. Ben grabs him by the arm and says he's taking him home. Daniel breaks free of Ben and runs away.

Daniel makes it out of the old house, but Ben grabs him by the neck. Daniel threatens to tell his uncle Joshua, and then says he'll tell Ben what he's doing. He explains that he's running away. Ben points out that he doesn't appear prepared to be running away. Ben tells him that he should make a list and prepare what he needs before he tries to run away again.

In the new house, Daniel comes downstairs. His aunt Abigail asks him where he's going. She says she spent the entire morning looking for him. She grabs a list from his hands. She reads it and asks him what it's about. He tells her it's what he wants for his birthday. She doesn't believe him, and asks him to join her in the drawing room.

He sits down and she asks him about a bracelet. She asks where he's seen it, and he says it belongs to Miss Winters. Abigail explains that she's in jail, and only she has a bracelet with heathen symbols. Abigail asks if Vicki asked him to get down on his knees and worship the devil, and Daniel tells her she's silly. He tells her he likes Vicki. Daniel describes some of the things from the future Vicki told him about. Abigail suggests that he should testify that at Vicki's trial. Daniel says he likes Vicki. She was nice to he and Sarah. He complains about how others treat him, and says Ben won't let him go to the old house any more. Abigail asks when this happened, and Daniel says it was this morning, and Ben was locking the cellar door. Abigail tells him they'll continue their talk later. Daniel tells her not to go to the old house now, because it's dark, and she explains that she's not afraid of the dark.

Abigail confronts Ben outside the old house. She tells him to go to the new house, and tell Reverend Trask to meet her at the old house when he arrives. Ben tells her that the old house is haunted. He offers to get her whatever she wants from within the old house. She tells him she thinks he's still in league with the witch. She sends him away and goes inside.

Abigail heads straight to the cellar, believing she might find Vicki's book. She unlocks the cellar door and goes downstairs. She sees the coffin in the basement, and decides to wait for Reverend Trask. While she does, the coffin lid slowly opens. She watches as Barnabas slowly sits up. He asks her what she's doing there, and she screams in terror.

Our thoughts

John: Amusing how they act as if Daniel has been around the whole time Millicent has been in Collinwood.

Christine: Just because we didn't see him didn't mean he wasn't around. There are a lot of rooms at Collinwood, so not everything can be on screen at the same time.

John: Geez, Vicki. You even told Daniel about the future? At this point, I say burn the witch.

Christine: I would like to think that Daniel is embellishing the truth when he said Vicki told him that someday he wouldn't have to learn arithmetic because it would be done by machines. Vicki is clearly not the person you want teaching your children.

John: Well this is certainly an interesting development. Will Barnabas do away with his nasty Aunt Abigail once and for all?

Christine: What choice does he have? He can't have her blabbing about his alternative lifestyle to his dad or Reverend Trask. Barnabas really showed his true colors today by making it clear he only loved Josette for her beauty. I'm willing to bet he would have kept her around had her face not been so busted up. He claims he learned that it's wrong to want to bring the past alive, but it's pretty obvious he forgot that lesson when we last saw him in 1967.

"Why do we never learn to leave the past alone? Why does each of us want so bring it alive? I learned this night how wrong it is even to think of it." -Barnabas

John: Additions to our 1795 scorecard:
Present Day/1795
  • David Collins/Daniel Collins

Friday, February 16, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 430 - 2/16/68

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Abigail and the Countess stand over Josette's grave as Barnabas looks on from the family crypt. Barnabas wonders if Josette still hates him. He blames her hatred on Angelique's curse. He wonders if it's within his powers to bring her back.

Abigail tells the Countess they must return home before the storm hits. She doesn't want to leave. She asks Abigail to giver her a moment alone with Josette. Abigail leaves her to speak to the grave. Ben arrives to place the gravestone. He tells her he liked Josette, and didn't want anything bad to happen to her. She says the worst thing happened to her, and he says not the worst. He says that she chose to die the way she did. He escorts her to the waiting carriage.

Barnabas sits in the crypt, calling for Josette to return. Ben enters and tells him it's done. Barnabas asks if anyone is in the cemetery, and Ben says they've all gone home. Barnabas says he'll try to call her back from the dead. Ben says he can't, and Barnabas reminds him that  Angelique brought Jeremiah back. Ben tells him to remember that Josette chose to die because she didn't want to be one of the living dead. He tells him to let her rest in peace. Barnabas threatens to kill him if he says another word, and sends him away.

Barnabas goes to Josette's grave and calls her name. He tells her he needs her, and says she must return to him. He says if the powers of darkness exist, he commands them to let her hear his voice. He hears a crying woman. He tells Josette she must return to him. The woman's cries continue. Her voice tells him he must not disturb her rest.

Back at Collinwood, Abigail tells the Countess that the witch will pay for what she has done. A window swings open, and the Countess says she heard the sound of Josette sobbing in the wind.

Barnabas asks Josette why she's crying, and her voice explains that she's dead, and can't come back. He tells her that she will come to him in their bridal suite at the old house.

The Countess tells Abigail she's sure she heard Josette's voice. She says she needs to go to Josette's grave now. She senses that Josette needs her.

Barnabas enters Josette's room in the old house and speaks to her portrait. He tells her to hear and obey him as he commands her to come to him.

Josette's plot in the graveyard begins to quake.

Barnabas calls her to come to him.

We see Josette's feet make their way through Eagle Hill Cemetery.

Barnabas calls for Josette to return to him from the land of the dead.

Josette enters the old house and makes her way upstairs.

Barnabas notices the silence surrounding him. He points out the clock in the room has stopped.

The door swings open and a woman in a white dress and wedding veil enters. She asks why he disturbed her rest. She says she must return to her grave. He approaches her and she tells him not to.

He assumes she hates him, and she says she can feel neither love nor hate. He asks if she forgives him, and she says there is nothing to forgive. He says they will be together forever, and she says they have each gone to their separate fates. She says she is only back as he willed it to happen. She says he must allow her to rest, and she tells him she will lift her veil to find out why. She asks him one last time to let her return to the grave. He says he cannot, and will not. She lifts the veil, revealing a battered and broken face!

Our thoughts

John: It's a real shame that Andre couldn't be troubled to attend Josette's funeral. That, or he had to leave early.

Christine: So Barnabas now has the power to raise the dead, which indicates he may have inherited Angelique's limitless power to do whatever he wants to suit the plot. He apparently just bought Josette a new clock so they could tick away the hours of eternity together, or perhaps so he could remark on how it inexplicably stopped when she arrived at the Old House. Her shadowy entrance was nicely done.

John: I think someone needs to explain to Barnabas that NO MEANS NO. Can a dead woman get a restraining order?

Christine: It seems to be a fault that will carry on through the centuries.

John: Awesome rock-face on Josette! Her look was definitely justified. No inexplicable Jeremiah-eye dangling here.

Christine: Does anyone else see a glancing resemblance to Admiral Ackbar? Why does Barnabas look so surprised? What did he think she was going to look like after taking a nosedive onto the rocks at the base of Widows' Hill? Of course, his love for her is so strong that her hideous disfigurement surely won't deter him from keeping her around for an eternity against her wishes. Or will it?

Someone was really overdoing the gravestone dissolve today.