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Dark Shadows Episode 281 - 7/24/67

Vicki is in a trance, and Carolyn repeatedly asks who she is. She says she must run, and tells them not to stop her. Everyone intently watches. She describes the rocks beneath her feet. She then describes being chased by someone, saying that he's getting closer. Liz wants them to stop, but Barnabas says she's not suffering. Vicki then describes the cliffs as her only escape. Liz says she knows what's happening. Carolyn asks who is chasing her, and Vicki says she has to jump. Liz says she's Josette, and Barnabas stopped her, saying he couldn't let her go through that death again. Carolyn says she was just about to tell them who was chasing her.

Vicki is now fine, and asks what happened. Carolyn says Josette was here. Roger says she was reliving the moments before her death. Carolyn asks if she was trying to tell them something and Barnabas dismisses that. Vicki suggests that maybe Josette was trying to warn them of something. She says that she hasn't forgotten what happened to Maggie. Barnabas reminds her that those things are unrelated. Vicki goes to get some fresh air and notices a little girl at the top of the stairs.

Barnabas asks what she saw, and Vicki says she saw a little girl at the top of the stairs. Barnabas calls out for anyone, and there's no response. Vicki tells Barnabas that she reminded her of the young girl's dress they found in the trunk of clothes.

Back home, everyone is still in costume. Liz says she knew it was wrong going to the party in costume. Roger thinks it was exciting, while Carolyn is upset that Barnabas interrupted the seance. Vicki is upset the party ended so early, and that they left Barnabas all alone. Roger jokes about his ancestors suffering, and Liz scolds him for doing so. Everyone but Vicki and Carolyn go up to bed. Carolyn asks if she really saw a little girl at the top of the stairs, and she says she guesses not.

Sarah admires her dress in Josette's room when Barnabas enters. Once in the room, Sarah is gone. He picks up the dress and puts in back into the trunk. He approaches the portrait of Josette, and tells her that he had to send her away again. He tells her that in order to have her, she must be someone from the present.

Carolyn tells Vicki that her being at the party with Burke didn't bother her at all. Carolyn goes up to bed and there's a knock at the door. It's Barnabas. He apologizes for coming by so late. He tells her he's there to see her, and she invites him in. He thanks her for coming to the party, and fulfilling the spirit of it. She apologizes for saying she saw a little girl upstairs, and he tells her he doesn't believe in ghosts. He said there were moments when he felt that Josette was truly there, and he's grateful to her for that. He offers her Josette's music box as a gift of gratitude. She takes it and he opens it for her. She's transfixed by the music, and he asks her to please accept it.

Our thoughts

John: Did Josette learn English since the last seance? Last time around, she only spoke French.

Christine: She must have, unless Vicki is putting them on, using details from the story Barnabas told about the night Josette died to make her performance believable. In typical fashion, Josette is unable to convey a straightforward message to warn Vicki that Barnabas wants to make her his vampire bride.

John: Since it didn't start until almost 11pm, how late did Vicki think Barnabas' party would go?

Christine: It's funny that the family goes home and drinks more booze after all they had was wine at the party. Barnabas wants the spirit of Josette to go away, saying he must live in the present, yet still wants Vicki to take on the role of Josette. The guy is truly mental. Now that he's given her the music box, she is on her way to fulfilling his wish.

John: I want to know why Sarah has yet to show herself to her older brother. Willie, David and now Vicki were all deemed worthy. Do you think Barnabas might have been involved in her untimely death?

Christine: It could be that she knows what he is. Roger was in fine form being the only attendee who was delighted with the party, seemingly enjoying it all the more because he was the only one who had a good time, and taking morbid delight in the suffering of his ancestors. Roger is a lot of fun when he is being witty.

Roger: It was a wonderful party!

Roger: What is the value of suffering if it isn't to be enjoyed?

Roger: I think that all of the unhappiness of all of my ancestors
is my rightful heritage, and you shouldn't try to keep it from me.

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Dark Shadows Episode 280 - 7/21/67

Barnabas, dressed in his 100+ year-old clothes, sits reviewing a book of family portraits. Willie asks when everyone will arrive. He explains that the family are all looking forward to the evening. He tells Willie that Roger and Elizabeth are coming dressed as his parents. He turns to a page with Jeremiah's portrait, and Willie asks why he doesn't like him. Barnabas explains that he stood in his way with Josette, and that with Burke Devlin in that role, they will meet again. He tears Jeremiah's portrait out of the book.

Carolyn and Roger are dressed in their period costumes. She explains that she's nervous, and feels odd wearing the clothes. Roger says he's looking forward to it, despite Vicki's inviting Burke. Liz walks in wearing Naomi's dress. She says she really doesn't want to go to the party. Roger says he'll take her home early if she'd like, but she must at least make an appearance. Vicki enters and Roger says she looks just like Josette Collins. Vicki says she'll wait for Burke so the rest can go over.

Barnabas speaks to the portrait of Josette, and tells her not to disappoint him this time. He opens the music box, and Willie enters telling him that the guests have arrived; except Vicki and Burke. He asks what Barnabas is doing with the music box. Willie says he shouldn't try to give it to her. He says Vicki won't come to him willingly, nor would Burke allow her to go to him. He asks what he's planning to do with the music box, and Barnabas ignores him, going downstairs to see his guests.

Roger says he feels as if they've stepped into the past. Liz and Carolyn are less excited than he is. Barnabas walks in and welcomes them. Carolyn says that Barnabas looks like his ancestor, and he says they all do. He starts to refer to Liz as his mother, and Roger as his father. Roger tells him he'll be amazed by Vicki's similarity to Josette. Carolyn thanks Barnabas for allowing Burke to come. Roger says it's good there's a Jeremiah to escort Josette. Carolyn says she heard they were very much in love, which Barnabas quickly dismisses as untrue.

There's a knock at the door, and Barnabas lets Vicki in. He compliments her, and when Burke extends his hand to Barnabas, he initially refuses to shake it. Burke apologizes for their late arrival. Barnabas proposes a toast to the past, and all the remembered glories.Vicki says she feels as though she's in the past. Roger says it's the candlelight. She says that when she put on the dress, she really felt that she was Josette. A bell strikes eleven o'clock, and Roger speaks of ghosts. Carolyn points out the candles are flickering, and Liz comments on how cold it is. She says she felt a hand on her shoulder. Barnabas looks around the room for the cause of the disturbances.

Barnabas explains the house does work on one's imagination. Roger suggests it could have been a ghost trying to contact her. He suggests that they should have a seance, to try and speak to one of their ancestors who is trying to contact them. Barnabas says he doesn't like parlor games, but Roger counters that they've had a successful seance in the past. He presses on saying it would make for the evening's entertainment. Barnabas protests, lest the ladies be frightened, and Roger asks if he's the one who's afraid. Liz says it's best to humor Roger, despite being a waste of time. Carolyn is reluctant, and Burke leaves it up to Vicki. She agrees to try it, so they move a table into place.

Roger places a single candlestick on the table, and they arrange chairs around the table. Roger coordinates the seance, with Barnabas reluctantly playing along. Roger asks who's in the room with them, and implores them to speak to the group. Barnabas asks to put an end to it when Liz suddenly describes a piercing cold. Carolyn says there's something in the room as the candles are blown out and the front door swings open. Burke suggests they stop, Roger agrees, but before they can, they notice Vicki has gone into a trance. Barnabas stares intently at her...

Our thoughts

John: So much for respecting family history, as Barnabas destroys the book of family portraits!

Christine: That was surprising to see. The family should be careful not to leave him unattended in the Collinwood drawing room, or Jeremiah's portrait may end up like the portrait of Laura Murdoch Collins. It looks like he switched his ring to the other hand so it could be gloriously displayed while viewing the family album. Elizabeth looks like a party pooper, but still dazzles with her sparkly jewels.

John: Call me crazy, but I was expecting a dinner party. Let this be a lesson to all of you. If you host a party, and don't plan activities, your guests might very well kick off a seance.

Christine: I thought Willie might serve up some hors d'oeuvres with the Claret Punch at the very least, though it appears he may have been hiding out in the servant's quarters while the family gathered. It was great to see Barnabas snap when Carolyn mentioned how much in love Jeremiah and Josette were, and then shoot daggers at Burke when he arrived.

John: Who'd have thought that Roger of all people would be the one to run the seance. If I recall correctly, he wanted nothing to do with the last one at Collinwood.

Christine: It was rather rude of him to push it after Barnabas protested and was clearly upset by it, but it would have been boring to watch them sit around and drink Claret Cup. David is going to be unhappy that he wasn't invited to the party, especially after hearing they had a séance without him. We finally get an explanation for the bell we've heard ringing at the Old House. Apparently, it's the chapel bell down in the valley that lets Barnabas know when it's time to get up.

Barnabas refrains from imbibing.

Naomi Collins

Joshua Collins

Jeremiah Collins

The next Josette Collins

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Dark Shadows Episode 279 - 7/20/67

Carolyn picks up an old dress lying on her bed. Vicki comes into her room wearing Josette's dress, and asks Carolyn to bind up her back. Carolyn says if she didn't know her, she'd swear Vicki was Josette Collins. Vicki gets a strange feeling when Carolyn says that. She says it's as if she's worn the dress before. Carolyn says she felt like an intruder when she put Millicent's dress on. Carolyn admits that she is excited that her mother is going to a party for the first time in 18 years. Vicki tells Carolyn that she's proud that for at least one night, she'll be a member of the Collins family. She says the name Victoria Collins, and then says it has to be Josette Collins.

Barnabas checks in on Willie, who is cleaning up for the party. Willie confirms that he delivered the costumes. Barnabas explains that things must not go wrong that night.

Burke arrives at the main house to see Vicki. He asks Carolyn if she's gotten the motorcycle business out of her system. She agrees that she has, and thanks him for his help with her mother. Vicki walks in, and Burke asks her out to dinner tomorrow night. She explains that she can't, because she's going to Barnabas' party tomorrow. She tells Burke about the costume party. When she explains she's going as Josette, Burke says he doesn't like that. Burke reminds Vicki of the seance, where Josette spoke through her. Vicki wonders if Burke could be invited. He appreciates the thought, but says he doesn't have any business at a family party. She convinces Burke to drive her down to the old house so she can ask Barnabas.

Willie continues his clean-up when there's a knock at the door. Vicki asks to speak to Barnabas. She asks if Willie will be wearing a costume. He says he's not sure what Mr. Collins has in mind. She praises him on his work on the old house, and says he deserves recognition for that. He thanks her and points out that sometimes people never get what they deserve, and there are things they get that they don't deserve.

Barnabas walks in and says he's dedicated to seeing that people get what they deserve. He gives Willie a break so he can speak to Vicki. She says she can't stay long, as there's someone waiting for her in the car, but she wants to ask him something. He asks if all of the costumes fit, and that everyone is coming. She confirms that they're all set, and then asks if she could invite an additional guest—Burke Devlin. He asks why she'd want to ask him. She says she had a previous engagement with him when invited to Barnabas' party. She says since she made an exception for her, it would mean a lot for him to make one for Burke. Barnabas says he could portray Jeremiah Collins, who built Collinwood and was married to Josette. Barnabas says Burke is cordially invited, and his costume will be delivered in the morning. He says goodnight to her, and calls her Josette. She points out that tomorrow night, in costume, he'll look just like his ancestor.

Vicki leaves, and Barnabas tells Willie that Burke Devlin will be coming to the party as well. He explains that Burke Devlin will portray his worst enemy, who he would have destroyed given the chance. Tomorrow night, he says he might finally have that opportunity.

Our thoughts

John: The Collins family doesn't seem to mind ghosts, but the clothes of their ancestors seem to creep them out. Carolyn takes a page out of her mother's playbook, waffling on attending Barnabas' party in costume.

Christine: They're just building us up to anticipate a paranormal event in tomorrow's episode. 

John: This episode contains perhaps my favorite Barnabas flub: "That night, must go, nothing wrong."

Christine: Sounds like inspiration for Yoda-speak. He must be nervous about hosting this party. Barnabas says it will be the most important night of his life. I realize he's been locked in a coffin for more than 100 years, but did he not have much going on before that, or is he just being a bit of a drama queen?

John: Isn't it rather forward of Vicki to invite Burke to the party? If she only knew about the rivalry between Jeremiah and Barnabas Collins, she might not have been so eager to do so...

Christine: It certainly was gauche, though it should make for a lively evening watching the alpha males compete for dominance, with Vicki as the prize.

Vicki tells Burke that this is the portrait of Joshua Collins, 
but it was identified as Benjamin Collins in Episode 59
This portrait used to hang in the foyer.

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Dark Shadows Episode 278 - 7/19/67

Willie doesn't believe that the Collins family accepted Barnabas' request to come to a costume party. Barnabas explains that they already have, and tells Willie to get the trunk full of his ancestors' clothes. Willie brings the trunk to Josette's room. Barnabas describes the 100+ year-old clothes as being in the same condition as when they were last worn. Willie tells Barnabas that he shouldn't invite Vicki to the party. Barnabas explains that she is considered part of the family, and it would be rude not to include her. Willie asks if Barnabas plans for her to dress as Josette, and he confirms that is his plan.

Barnabas stops by the main house to ask Liz if he can borrow Vicki to help pick out clothes for the party. Vicki is thrilled by the opportunity, and Liz agrees to let her go. Liz then tells Barnabas she's having second thoughts. Vicki implores her to reconsider. Liz describes her discomfort trying to get so close to the past. Barnabas tells Liz that if she wishes it, the party need not be a costume party. Vicki expresses sadness that she won't have an opportunity to wear one of Josette's dresses. Liz feels bad about Vicki's disappointment, and once again agrees to go along with it.

At the old house, Sarah plays in Josette's room as Barnabas and Vicki come upstairs. She disappears before they enter.

Vicki is in awe of Josette's room. Barnabas seems distant, and Vicki asks what is the matter. He seems to feel the presence of someone, and Vicki does too. He shows her the clothing in the trunk, and she falls in love with the dress Josette is wearing in her portrait. She says it's far too elegant, and he tells her that's all the more reason that it should be hers. She describes him as being from a different time. She then says if she could wear dresses like this all the time, she'd be very happy, and very vain. She picks out a dress for Carolyn belonging to Millicent Collins. Vicki pulls out something for Roger, and Barnabas describes it as being Jeremiah's, not Joshua's. Vicki doesn't understand how he'd know whose clothes they are, and he suggests it's from viewing their portraits. She finds a little girl's dress, which would have been Barnabas' little sister. He speaks sadly of her, which Vicki picks up on. Vicki laments not knowing her family. Barnabas tells her that if she becomes Josette, her lineage will all be hers. Vicki questions becoming Josette, and Barnabas explains that he means for the evening of the party.

Vicki tells Liz that Willie will bring the clothes over in the morning, except for her dress, which she couldn't bear to let go of. She describes how Barnabas describes the past as if he experienced it, as opposed to someone who learned about it.

Barnabas stares at Josette's portrait as he plays her music box. Willie comes in, and Barnabas tells him to bring the clothes they set aside to the main house in the morning. Willie sees Sarah's dress, and mentions that it's the kind of dress the girl he saw outside the house was wearing. Barnabas doesn't believe him. He tells Willie to come with him, and after they leave the room Sarah reappears and picks up the dress, excited to have found her blue dress.

Our thoughts

John: While I'm open to the idea of a costume party, like Liz, I think it's really weird for them to wear the clothes of their long dead ancestors. That may seem fine to someone who slept in the same outfit in a coffin for 100 years. Fortunately the clothes that were saved appear to be the one outfit each family member was immortalized in when their portrait was painted.

Christine: Willie may have been right to be concerned about Barnabas hosting a costume party of long lost relatives. He continues to slip up in talking about the Collins' ancestors as though he knew them personally. It's funny to see his consternation when Vicki pulls out Jeremiah's clothes and notes that he was Josette's husband.

John: Anyone else thinking that David is not going to be too excited about wearing Sarah Collin's blue dress?

Christine: Ha ha! Perhaps Barnabas will dig up one of his old school boy uniforms for David to wear. Since Sarah was able to switch her cap in favor of a headband today, she may be able to reclaim her blue dress to wear, and perhaps put in an appearance at the party.

John: Vicki sure seems like the ideal candidate to be Barnabas' new Josette. We'll see how long that lasts.

Christine:  I love Barnabas' creepy smile when Vicki says it will please her to come as Josette.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 277 - 7/18/67

In Josette's bedroom, Barnabas listens to her music box. He puts it down and walks to her bed. Willie enters and tells Barnabas the word around town is that Jason left town like the sheriff told him. Willie says he'll forget Jason, and Barnabas tells him to remember what happened to him. He then tells Willie that Josette's room will be occupied very soon. Barnabas says that unlike Maggie Evans, the next one will come of her own free will. Barnabas says the house must be a more inviting place. He says he'll invite the Collins family for a party, to show Elizabeth and his relatives the renovations. He says it will be a costume party, with everyone dressed appropriate to the period, including Vicki in Josette's dress.

Roger finds Liz in the drawing room going through the company accounts. He asks why she doesn't come down to the office. He tells her there's no reason for her to stay in the house as she has for the past 18 years. She agrees to go to the cannery with him. Roger asks if she's going to refill the position created for Jason. She says no. Roger says he'd like to know where Jason is, as he left all of his belongings. He also said the sheriff confirmed that he didn't leave by bus or train, as they were watching for him. He was last seen at The Blue Whale with Willie. Liz says Vicki saw him there, and gave him quite a tongue lashing. Liz says she'll have Mrs. Johnson pack up his things, and if they don't see him again, they'll be donated to charity.

Barnabas comes to the main house, where Vicki invites him in. He takes a moment to point out the moon over the ocean, and then wax poetic about the night. He tells her his library is at her disposal. He says that he'd like to recreate a moment out of the past now that the restoration has moved along.

He asks to speak with Liz and Roger. They join them in the drawing room. Roger points out that he lives so near, and yet they so rarely see him. He says he'd like to rectify that. He tells them that he wants to celebrate the restoration of the house, and host a family party, but not just an ordinary party. He wants to host a costume party of the period. Roger and Vicki are both excited by the idea. He tells them all that he will provide the costumes, the original clothes of their ancestors. Vicki thanks him for including her. He asks Liz if she'll come, and she says she doesn't think so.

Alone with Liz in the drawing room, Roger tells her how disappointed Barnabas is. Roger asks for one good reason why she can't go. He tells her to stop acting like a recluse. She thinks that she probably should attend, but she doesn't like the notion of living in the past. Roger offers to bring her home early if she'd like. She agrees to go, and Roger calls Barnabas in. She tells him she'll go to the party and he's quite pleased. He tells everyone that they'll each be portraying a family member. Roger assumes that Barnabas will be coming as his namesake. He tells Roger he will be the very wealthy Joshua Collins, his father. Liz will be Naomi Collins. Vicki asks who she will be, and he says Josette Collins. 

Our thoughts

John: Just when it looked like Jason McGuire was wrapped up in a nice bow and tucked into the Collins family crypt, it sounds like he won't be forgotten so quickly.

Christine: You can't blame the Collins family for wanting to be sure he won't sneak his way back into Collinwood in the middle of the night. He could hide out in the closed off section of the house and they'd never even know, if he weren't already rotting away with the Collins' ancestors.

John: Barnabas needs to work on his pick-up lines. I think Vicki was into him until he suggested they talk about death. Vicki has a similar reaction when he tells her that she'll be coming to his party as Josette Collins.

Christine: I thought she'd be a little more excited about coming as Josette, considering the affinity she feels after acting as medium for her. Perhaps she was just being pensive about the pervy vibes she was getting from Barnabas.

John: Even when living in seclusion, Liz had been to the old house. What reason could keep her away now?

Christine: Perhaps she senses that dressing up in period costumes may lead to time travel. Barnabas' little costume party offers an opportunity for a lighthearted moment after the never ending tribulations at Collinwood. Will they imbibe copious amounts of amontillado and play truth or dare, or will the ghost of Jason McGuire show up to spoil their good fun?