Monday, November 20, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 366 - 11/20/67

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Vicki is in the woods, outside the old house. She notices that it appears different somehow. She wonders what Barnabas has done to make it look new. Barnabas exits the house, and Vicki speaks to him, but he doesn't recognize her. She accuses him of teasing her. He explains that he's never seen her before in his life. He asks if she's feeling alright, and if she lives around here. She asks why he's dressed the way he is, and he points out that she's dressed oddly. Sarah comes outside and says she must be her new governess. She asks Vicki her name before Barnabas sends her upstairs for her nap.

Vicki asks him if that's Sarah Collins, and Barnabas confirms it. He asks her where she's from, and she tries to convince him that she's not a stranger. She brings up the seance, and all of his relatives. He offers to take her inside to lie down. He asks if she's a governess, and she admits that she is. She mentions living in Collinwood, and he explains that the building is still under construction. Vicki is insistent that she lives there. Barnabas brings her in, and she points out how different the house looks. He brings her upstairs.

Barnabas asks about her belongings. All she has is a book she has been clutching. Barnabas refers to the province of Maine, which Vicki also finds odd. He tells her to rest, and says that he'll send his mother up to see her. After he leaves. Vicki thinks that she must be dreaming.

Sarah comes in, and Vicki asks if she's really Sarah Collins. Sarah says she is, and that they'll be great friends. She shows Vicki a drawing she had made of her governess before running off.


Downstairs, Vicki sees someone who looks like Joe, who she hugs and says she's so glad to see. He says he doesn't know who Joe is, but if that's who she wants him to be, he will. She asks if he's playing a joke on her. He says he's not, and asks who she is. He introduces himself as Nathan Forbes, and tries to guess which Collins relative she is. He assumes she's come for the wedding between Barnabas and Josette. He asks her to stop calling him Joe, and he makes a pass at her. She says he's engaged to her best fried. He asks who that is, and she says Maggie Evans. She ends up slapping him, and wondering out loud if not a dream, why doesn't anyone know her.

Just then, Mrs. Collins enters and asks if she's the new governess. Vicki asks if she's not Mrs. Stoddard, and Mrs. Collins asks who that is.  She asks if Vicki's carriage ride from Boston was successful. Vicki says she was in Boston with David a few days ago. Mrs. Collins asks Nathan to read her one of the invitations that have arrived. He reads the invitation to the wedding between Josette and Barnabas in 1795. Vicki is convinced she's dreaming, because Barnabas and Josette never married; Josette married Jeremiah according to the family history books. Mrs. Collins asks her if something is wrong, and suggests that Nathan help her to her room. Barnabas enters, and tells his mother that there was an accident on the road to Collinsport. Three people were killed in the accident, and the governess was missing. Barnabas refers to Victoria Winters, and Mrs. Collins says the governess' name is Phyllis Wick. She asks Vicki what's going on, and Vicki faints.

Our thoughts
John: Thank goodness vampire Barnabas didn't restore the Old House to it's prior pink and green glory.

Christine: It certainly is not as gloomy. Perhaps now would be a good time to refer back to Episode 214 when Barnabas first described the house to Vicki:
The foundations were made from rocks left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago. The beams and supports were cut from ancient local forests. The plaster walls were made from crushed clam shells and horsehair. Bricks were imported from Holland. That dusty chandelier brought over from France gleamed with hypnotic brilliance. That faded wallpaper was especially designed by a Belgian artist. The parquet floors were installed by an Italian craftsman. The cornices and moldings were the effort of a Spanish craftsman. It was a house to be envied by a prince. But in spite of all this, the total effort was an agony to man. Men were driven to their limits. What should have been an act and labor of love became a hateful thing. There were the crippled and the dead. Like the pyramids, one could ask: was it worth it?
John: Who brought the felt pens back to the past for Sarah to make her drawing of governess Vicki?

Christine: Perhaps the Collins family of 1967 will have another séance that causes someone else to travel back further into the past with some pens that eventually end up in Sarah's hands. I'm curious about the significant age discrepancy between Barnabas and Sarah, not to mention the little difference in age between he and his mother.

John: This is going to get tricky. For those of you following along at home, the actor/character line-up in the past so far is:
Present Day/1795
  • Victoria Winters/Victoria Winters
  • Barnabas (vampire)/Barnabas (human)
  • Sarah (ghost)/Sarah Collins
  • Joe Haskell/Nathan Forbes
  • Elizabeth Collins Stoddard/Naomi Collins
Christine: Are we to believe that Sarah is somehow responsible for exchanging her governess with Vicki so that Vicki could discover Barnabas' vampire origins, as promised in last week's promo? I love how Joel Crothers seems to relish acting the cad with the character of Nathan Forbes after having to play dull, dependable, nice-guy Joe Haskell for so long. He may be a bit awkward, but his heart is in the right place. Interesting that he says that Vicki bears a resemblance to the Collins family, in an obvious nod to the long forgotten storyline of her origin.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 365 - 11/17/67

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Elizabeth is in the drawing room when Roger returns home complaining about the weather. She says they need to talk about David. He saw Sarah again. She says that he told them that Sarah warned him that the dead were trying to harm someone in the house. She adds that Julia says that David is right, and there is a danger.

Roger brings Julia into the drawing room. She says that David is telling the truth about Sarah. She says she didn't believe in ghosts before coming to Collinwood. Julia flips through a book while Roger barks at her. He says she's looking up the picture of Sarah, which she shows them in the book. Carolyn walks in. Liz mentions that Carolyn had mentioned seeing Sarah. Julia says there's a way to prove it—by having a seance. Liz says they must have a seance that night.

Barnabas laments the absence of Sarah. He feels that he is not responsible for what happened to him. There's a knock at the door, and he lets Carolyn in. He says he doesn't want visitors, and she tells him he has to know what's happening at Collinwood. She says they're planning a seance to reach Sarah. Her mother and Julia are dead set on having it.

Liz is surprised that Barnabas is against a seance. He says he's worried about his ancestors' privacy being disturbed. He asks her what she feels a seance would accomplish. She says Dr. Foster is joining them. Barnabas asks what does it matter what David's friend is. For once, Liz appears upset with him. Roger enters with Julia and invites Barnabas to join them. Liz says Barnabas is against it. She and Roger leave. Barnabas asks Julia what if Sarah doesn't appear, but Dr. Woodard does. She says she's willing to take that risk, and that Woodard is just as likely to name him as his killer.

Carolyn comes downstairs and meets Barnabas in the foyer. He says Liz has already accused him of being obstructive. He says he's going to stay, and will be sitting next to her.

Julia lights candles. Liz comes in with Barnabas. Vicki brings the book with Sarah's picture and places it on the table. Roger shuts the doors and dims the lights. He says that they should all concentrate on Sarah Collins. They form an unbroken circle with their hands after Julia points out that Barnabas and Carolyn aren't touching hands.

Roger calls for Sarah. Barnabas looks at Carolyn and shakes his head. Roger says they want her help with her friend David. They hear London Bridge, and Vicki appears to be possessed. Roger implores Sarah to speak. Carolyn goes into a trance and says, "No". Roger asks about her friend David. She says she has no friend. Vicki watches Carolyn, and shuts her eyes. She says, "She lies. David is my friend. I play with him. I am Sarah Collins."

Carolyn says Vicki is not Sarah. Vicki says she came to Carolyn, and she tells lies. Carolyn stands up, but her mother tells her to sit down and be quiet. Roger asks her why she comes to David. Vicki says Barnabas will take her to the gate, and asks if he'll still love her after he marries Josette. Roger asks her why she comes to the new house, and she says to tell him the story of how it all began. She says she won't go to sleep until she meets her new nursemaid. She screams as the candles go out. Barnabas turns on the light, and Vicki is gone, with a strange woman in her place, saying her carriage from Boston overturned. She looks around and asks who they are and where she is. Roger tells her to sit down, and that they will ask her the questions. She says her name is Phyllis Wick, arriving in Collinwood to work for Mrs. Collins. She's the new governess for Sarah.

Vicki is in the woods, outside the old house, but looking new. She shouts out, "Where am I?"

Our thoughts
John: Who would have thought Liz would be the one calling for a seance. So much so that we see her somewhat stern with Barnabas for the first time.

Christine: What was up with the jibberish about ghosts needing umbrellas that provoked a smile from everyone?

Barnabas: Well, for all your sakes, I hope it does happen tonight.
But if it does,'s certainly so the ghosts must have
a great supply of raincoats and umbrellas.

John: Did Carolyn really think she'd get away with faking possession in the seance? And did no one else happen to notice every time Barnabas shook his head emphatically at her?

Christine: It was a long shot, especially when Vicki has a better track record for serving as a medium. I wonder if the family will think to question Carolyn's performance once they get past the shock of losing Vicki and having Phyllis Wick appear in her place.

John: We're on the cusp of our first trip into the past. I don't quite know what to expect, but I give them credit for an interesting transition. I was particularly surprised to see Sarah's governess show up in Vicki's seat at the seance. In any other show, I'd be looking forward to the back and forth between scenes of the woman from the past living in the future alongside Vicki's time in the past, a la Outlander.

Christine: I am looking forward to revisiting this storyline, especially with the background knowledge of the beginning episodes this time around. It would be nice if we got to meet Isaac Collins in the past, though he was certainly not alive during this time period. He continues to divide his time between the drawing room and the study at Collinwood. Does he live on through his portrait and actively move from room to room? Could he be orchestrating all the supernatural disturbances at Collinwood? Maybe we'll get some clues as we dig into the past history of the Collins family.

Isaac oversees Julia's breakdown in the drawing room in Episode 361.

Isaac listens in on plans for today's séance in the study.

Phyllis Wick is really in for a future shock when she looks up and sees that microphone.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 364 - 11/16/67

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Julia tells Barnabas that she spoke to someone he might be interested in—Sarah Collins. He asks where. She says she saw her at the mausoleum, but not to bother going there, as she won't appear to him. He clutches her throat and the front door of the old house bursts open. He drops Julia's unconscious body and turns to see his sister Sarah for the first time in over 100 years. She gives him a stern look. He tells her he missed her. Julia gets up and sits down in a chair. Barnabas says they'll stay together and everything will be just fine. He steps towards her and she recoils.

She says she's angry. He's hurt people. He says only when he had to, and she says no. She asks if he remembers the rhyme he taught her when teaching her to write. He recites:

                       "That evil is wicked,
                        Is well understood.
                        The wicked are punished,
                        So you must be good."

She says he's forgotten, and his punishment will be that she will leave and never come back until he remembers being good. She disappears and he begs her to stay.

Julia tries to console him, and he tells her not to touch him. She reminds him that Sarah appeared to her, and that if he listens to Sarah, she won't always be angry with him. Julia explains that she's not jealous of Vicki. He tells her he wants to be alone. Julia tells him that Vicki is back from Boston. He says that he can hurt her, and she can hurt him, and for that Sarah will be angry. He says she's angry because he has hurt people without caring about it. He says sometimes there is no other way. He says he hopes that Julia understands how little she means to him, and bids her goodnight.

Vicki tells Elizabeth that she thinks the trip was a success. Liz appears preoccupied. Vicki asks if there's something she wants to tell her. She says she couldn't bring herself to tell her immediately. Burke's plane was found, and all sixteen bodies were on board. Vicki says there must have been a mistake, and Liz says she confirmed it. Liz tells her that it's better that she knows. Vicki says that it's worse to know that Burke is lying dead in the jungle. She says she's not going to believe it until she sees it for herself. Liz says the bodies were burned beyond recognition. Liz asks if she can do anything, and Vicki says she can stop saying Burke is dead.

Barnabas comes to the main house, and is greeted by Elizabeth. He notices she looks upset. He says he came to say hello to David and Vicki. Liz says it's impossible, and then tells him the news about Burke Devlin. Liz explains that Vicki is grieving, and hoping for a miracle. Barnabas agrees that believing that death is not the end. Liz points out that she can't go on loving a dead man, and Barnabas is quick to reply that it has been known to happen. He offers to help distract her from her sorrow.

Sarah appears in David's room. She apologizes for having to leave. He asks her what happened at the old house. She says it didn't happen, and it still could happen if people don't watch their anger. He says the ones who have been here before want to destroy someone in the house. David asks who, and she says the dead. He asks what she means, but she already disappeared.

He calls for her to come back when Liz and Vicki come rushing in. He tells them that Sarah came to warn him about the dead who have come back to destroy someone in the house. Liz says that it doesn't make sense. She says the dead are gone, and can't hurt or destroy them. Vicki asks David who the dead wanted to hurt, and he says she didn't say. Julia enters and says she's been listening outside the door. She says there's nothing wrong with David. Everything he has said is true.

Our thoughts
John: So in true soap opera fashion, the door technically remains open for Burke to come back. I wonder if viewers were surprised that he did not...

Christine: If it were to follow true soap opera fashion, he would only return when Barnabas and Vicki were standing together at the altar exchanging vows.

John: I loved the exchange with Elizabeth where Barnabas makes a case for loving a dead man...

Christine: I thought he was making a case for obsessively loving his dead girlfriend.

John: Wow. Julia appears to be set to tell Liz the truth about Barnabas. But she can't really be planning to do that, can she? Can't wait to see how this develops tomorrow.

Christine: Despite his insistence that she is dirt to him, I think Julia will remain faithful to Barnabas and won't expose him. It doesn't seem like Barnabas will be quick to change his ways to get Sarah back.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 363 - 11/15/67

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Carolyn uses Tony's keys to get into his office. She opens his safe and rifles through it, looking for Julia's notebook. She's shocked to find that it isn't there. The light comes on and she turns to find Peterson standing over her. He tells her he moved the book to a safer place. She tries to run past him and he grabs her and throws her against the wall, telling her she's not leaving before she answers a few questions.

She asks him to let go of her arm. She says she'll tell him the truth, but she'd lie to the police. He asks why she was going through his safe. She explains that her father treated her mother badly. She says that she turned to a friend of the family. He left before she was born. She then says Julia Hoffman arrived claiming to be interested in genealogy. She found out that Carolyn wasn't the daughter of Paul Stoddard. Her real father had died before he could blackmail them, but Julia was planning to do the same. She tried to steal the man's diary which Julia had in her possession. She tells him to take her to the police if he doesn't believe her, or to take her home if he does. He says he likes to think of the Collins family as human. He agrees to take her home, and she smiles.

Back at Collinwood, he tells her to go upstairs and get some sleep. Julia enters, and she says she'll see him to the door. He tells her to go upstairs. Julia points out that Carolyn is pretty. He says she's been through a lot, and so has her mother, but that she'd know about that. Julia doesn't know what he's talking about. He says he doesn't want to be an accessory to blackmail, and so she needs to take back her notebook as soon as possible. She takes him into the drawing room. He says he knows what's in the book, and why it's only valuable to her and Elizabeth Stoddard. He says he knows she's trying to blackmail her. Julia has no idea what he's referring to. She says he's the only one who can help him, and she's not a blackmailer. She tells him what's in the book is dangerous, and it has nothing to do with blackmailing Elizabeth Collins. He realizes that Carolyn might have lied to him. She says she'll write a letter allowing him to read the book in case anything happens to her.

Julia is in the drawing room when David enters. He says that he and Vicki got back 30 minutes ago. David says he liked Boston, but he's glad to be back in Collinwood. Julia says she needs to go by the old house, and leaves David alone in the drawing room. Sarah appears in the foyer and welcomes him home. He tells her he went to Boston, and she's impressed. She says she went once, and it took two days to get there. He tells her that it only took them five hours to get there. Sarah seems distracted, and says she has to go. She says she has to go to the old house, as something bad happened, and disappears.

Julia drops in to see Barnabas. She tells him that his helper failed to get her notebook from Tony Peterson. He says that apparently Carolyn is not the experienced criminal that Julia is. He bids her goodnight, but Julia says she spoke to someone he might be interested in—Sarah Collins. He asks where. She says she saw her at the mausoleum, but not to bother going there, as she won't appear to him. He clutches her throat when the front door of the old house bursts open. He turns to see his sister Sarah for the first time in over 100 years.

Our thoughts
John: I must admit, Tony Peterson is beginning to grow on me. I love how they had him wear his hat when he arrives at his office, keeping his eyes in shadows.

Christine: Apparently, he went back to get his hat after catching Carolyn in his safe, since he didn't have it on when he found her yesterday. He was really working his inner Bogart today with the hat, the cigarette and trenchcoat.

John: Come on, counselor, the Tony Peterson we met just a few days ago surely would have been thrilled to help blackmail the Collins family.

Christine: He had Carolyn up in his apartment the night before. He's no longer thinking clearly.

John: Since when does Sarah refer to her house as the old house? At last we finally got the long-awaited family reunion between Sarah and Barnabas!

Christine: Her slip about the Old House was almost as strange as David's disbelief over her telling him it took two days to get to Boston. Can't wait to hear what she finally has to say to brother Barnabas.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 362 - 11/14/67

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In the dark, the phone rings in Julia's room, and she answers it. She hears Dave's voice telling her that she will die soon. He elaborates about just how soon it might be. She hangs up and sees the handle turning on her door. She calls out asking who's there, and Barnabas enters.

He asks if she's alright. She asks how long he's been in the house. He says Carolyn told him she was in the house alone and he wanted to check and see if she was alright. He asks why she's in the dark, and why she appears distressed. She says it must be the storm, and he comes in and shows her that the lights are working. She tells him that his plan to drive her out of her mind is not working.

He asks if she saw the ghost of Woodard again, and he tries to convince her he has nothing to do with what she's seen. She asks him to leave, and he says perhaps she can get some rest now. She says if he is doing these things, she'll do anything if he'll please stop. He asks her to trust him, and she sends him away. Outside her room, he smiles. She locks the door behind him.

Leaving the house, Barnabas meets Carolyn. He confirms Julia is terrified, and will spend the rest of her life in a home for the incurably insane. Carolyn says he's being cruel. He tells her that he still needs the notebook. She says she knows the combination to the safe. She tricked Peterson in to locking something in his safe, and she watched him open it, memorizing the combination. Barnabas tells her that she will get the keys to Peterson's office and return them before he knows it.

Tony and Carolyn enter his apartment. She watches as he puts his keys in his coat pocket. She flirts with him, and he tells her he's not sure if he buys her or not. She says she wants two things. She asks him to get more comfortable, and to fix her a drink. He says he's comfortable, and goes into the other room to get her a drink.

She grabs his keys and puts them into her purse. He comes out with drinks, and she says she just realized she was supposed to run an errand for her uncle. She says she'll be back soon, and he says he's not fond of the games she's playing. He offers to go with her, and she says it would be better if he doesn't. He gives her an hour. She gives him a kiss and leaves him holding two drinks.

Julia paces in her room. She hears the front door, and calls for Carolyn and Roger. She hears Roger enter. He describes the terrible storm that flooded some of the backroads. He asks if she's alright, and why she called for Carolyn. She says she's out. Roger says she must be out with Tony Peterson. Julia is surprised that they're seeing each other. Roger is angry that she's out with someone who insulted him and the entire family. He says it has become a pattern with her. She bids him goodnight, and then picks up the phone to call Peterson. She tells him she needs to see him tonight, and that she'll be at his door in ten minutes, before hanging up the phone.

Peterson asks if she always barges in on people uninvited. She says she knows he's expecting Carolyn, and that she's using him to get at Julia's notebook. She says he can't trust Carolyn, and he agrees that he probably can't trust anyone at Collinwood, including her. She asks if her notebook is in a bank vault. He says no. She asks if it's still in his office, and he tells her he has it in his apartment. He offers to show her if she promises to leave after he shows it to her. He goes to get his keys and finds that they're gone.

Carolyn uses the keys to get into Peterson's office. She opens his safe and rifles through it, looking for Julia's notebook. She's shocked to find that it isn't there. The light comes on and she turns to find Peterson standing over her.

Our thoughts
John: The ghost of Dave was a lot more talkative today than he was yesterday. Telling her that she might die today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day. Or tonight. Or before the next commercial break...

Christine: That was hilarious! I thought he was going to keep suggesting possible death dates. Barnabas is such a scoundrel to show up with a smirk to gloat over her distress.

John: Nice twist, having Peterson move the notebook out of his work safe. Of course, one can only wonder where it's locked up in his apartment that requires a key.

Christine: I like how Roger noted Carolyn's pattern for being attracted to "insolent young men who want to damage the family name." Will she ever find a nice young man for herself?

John: So if Carolyn had his keys, how did Peterson get to his office? Is his apartment within walking distance? I can't believe Julia would drive him and NOT come in with him. Still, it leaves Carolyn with quite a bit of explaining to do.

Christine: Tony sure seems awkward with the ladies. Carolyn invites herself up to his apartment with obvious intentions and when she tries to get him out of his jacket, he refuses, with arms folded. He's certainly no Burke Devlin.

Carolyn: Well, surely you're not going to ask me why I wanted to come here.
Tony: Well, you asked me to take you to dinner, then you asked me to bring you up here.
Usually the man issues both invitations.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 361 - 11/13/67

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Sarah says she knows who Julia is, and what she did to Dr. Woodard. Julia explains it was Barnabas, and Sarah says she helped him, and she shouldn't have. Sarah says she liked Dr. Woodard. Julia asks if she'll protect her if Barnabas tries to harm her. Sarah says she has to go, and disappears. Julia calls for Sarah, and finds herself locked in the mausoleum.

She calls for help, hoping the caretaker will hear her. She goes to light a cigarette and hears the sound of a man sobbing. She tries to convince herself that it was the wind, when she hears a woman's shrieking laughter. She leans on the wall by Sarah's crypt and discovers blood oozing down the wall. She hears the mausoleum door open, and approaching it slowly, she makes her way out.

Julia returns to Collinwood and calls for Mrs. Stoddard. Carolyn comes out and says her mother is in Bangor. She asks about Roger and she says he's out. Julia asks if they're alone with Mrs. Johnson, and Carolyn tells her that it's Mrs. Johnson's night off, and she's about to leave so Julia will be all alone. Julia notices there's no longer any blood on her hands. She asks Carolyn not to go, but she refuses, telling Julia she'll be all alone in the house.

Julia sits down to play solitaire, and is distracted by noises outside. The windows are blown open, and she blames the wind as she closes them. The front doors swing open, and she looks to see if Roger or Carolyn returned. Again, she believes it must have been the wind. She approaches the fireplace, and the flames within flare up.

At first she thinks that Barnabas is torturing her, and then she thinks it's Dave coming back to haunt her. London Bridge plays on the piano, and she slams the lid covering the keys shut. She yells out that she's not afraid, when she sees a silhouetted figure by the window.

Upstairs, Julia runs into her room where she thinks she'll be safe. The lights don't go off, but Julia acts as if they did. She tries to leave but the door to her room is stuck. She calls out for help. She tries the phone, but it doesn't work. She lights a candle and it is blown out. She sees a ghost near the window, and she calls out asking if it's Dave, and pleads to be left alone.

The phone rings, and she answers it, she hears Dave's voice telling her that she will die soon. After hanging up, she hears sounds outside her door.

Our thoughts
John: I don't know that Grayson Hall was built for putting on a one-man show. As her husband, writer Sam Hall pointed out in a DVD extra, she has a tendency to overact. He wasn't kidding!

Christine: I think her overacting made what could have been an otherwise dull episode entertaining to watch and surely a fright fest for the kiddies. I'm surprised you failed to appreciate our first real sign of gore on the show with the copious amounts of blood oozing from Sarah's grave. How cool was that?

John: So do you think someone was asleep at the wheel when it came to the lighting for the episode? She was clearly playing as if there was none, despite the set being lit normally throughout the entire bedroom scene. I'll bet Dan Curtis was not pleased when he saw the episode. 

Christine: Most definitely. The lamps went out without any change in the lighting. It would have been much scarier had she actually been getting a phone call from Dave in the dark.

John: What's with the crazy camera tricks when Julia watches her door? Was she smoking regular cigarettes?

Christine: It may indicate her descent into madness, especially since the scene is reversed, or it could be she's been attending Dr. Leary's lectures.

John: It's worth noting that at this point, they were advertising that coming this Friday we'll be taking a trip to the past with Victoria Winters to learn the secret of the chained coffin!