Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Episode 217 - 4/26/67

Jason examines the blood on his jacket when Willie sits up from bed and asks what time it is. Jason asks to see the wound on Willie's wrist. He says the wound doesn't look bad, but Willie's right arm appears to be drained of blood. Jason asks how he got hurt, and Willie says he was in a fight in a bar. Jason doesn't believe him. Willie starts mumbling incoherently, and Jason tells him to rest.

Carolyn tells Vicki that Willie is back, and will be staying for a while. She explains that he's sick, and they don't know why he collapsed in the foyer. Vicki is not happy to have Willie back in the house. Carolyn agrees, but explains they can't send him away while he's sick. She says he was acting differently than before. Jason comes downstairs and tells Carolyn Willie's sleeping. He says there's a small cut on his wrist, and while it doesn't account for it, he seems to have lost a lot of blood. Jason asks Vicki to have Mrs. Johnson prepare a tray for Willie.

Carolyn takes Jason into the drawing room and asks where Willie disappeared to. Jason says he doesn't know. She then asks what he meant when he told her she could get her mother into trouble by asking questions. He explains that he's her mother's friend, and he's protecting her. She says she knows her mother is in some kind of trouble, and she knows he's the cause of it.

Willie tosses and turns in bed, saying, "Don't let it get dark again. I'm scared!"

Vicki brings Willie a tray and he's startled when she sets it down. She says Mrs. Johnson prepared some dinner for him. He asks her if it's dark outside. She says it's still light, and he says there's still time. He asks Vicki to leave, and he gets out of bed. He puts on his coat and as he starts to leave, Jason enters. He says he has to get out of the house. Jason tells him he's too sick to leave. He takes Willie's coat off of him, and helps him back into bed. Willie appears to fall asleep, and Jason leaves the room. As soon as he's gone, Willie gets up and goes to the window. He sees that it's dark, and realizes that it's too late. He hears the beating heart, and says that he's coming.

Willie sneaks downstairs, stumbling as he reaches the bottom of the staircase. He walks to the portrait of Barnabas and hears the heart beating again.

Jason paces in the drawing room, and spots Willie in the foyer trying to leave the house. He begs Jason to let him go. Jason asks where he has to go. Jason brings him back into the house. They start up the stairs together, when Willie pushes Jason and runs out of the house. A car starts and takes off.

Willie is back in the cemetery. We hear another car pull up, and Jason appears with a flashlight. He calls out for Willie. Willie approaches the Collins family crypt and goes inside. Jason continues searching for him.

Inside the crypt, Willie pulls the lever to open the secret door. He once again hears the heart beating.

Jason comes to the crypt and steps inside. He calls for Willie, though there's no sign of him. He exits the crypt, unaware that there is a secret door. After he's gone, we hear the heart beating once more. 

Our thoughts

John: So I'm guessing Jason didn't go to medical school. Does he think one of Willie's arms was drained of blood, but the rest of him is fine?

Christine: I guess the writers were struggling with how to indicate that Barnabas is only taking little sips out of Willie and not sucking him dry, which is why he's still alive.

John: I don't know if we're supposed to believe Willie is faking how sickly he is, or if he becomes stronger when heeding the call of his master, but there are several points where he seems to bounce too quickly between unable to stand and ready to run a race.

Christine: The call of his master could certainly provide him with unexpected bursts of energy, though it did appear that he was trying to get Jason to relax his guard by collapsing against him so he could make a fast getaway through the front doors, worthy of a David Collins escape.

John: I've been anxiously awaiting Barnabas' return, particularly our getting to see him reconnect with Willie. Looks like tomorrow will be the day.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Episode 216 - 4/25/67

Jason asks Willie where the blood on his sleeve came from. Willie gets up to leave, and Jason stops him. Willie refuses to look at the blood on his sleeve. Jason tells Willie he's just trying to help him. Willie tells him that he's got to get out of town, but Jason says he has to go to Collinwood first. Willie says he doesn't want to go, but Jason says he's gong to apologize to Liz and Carolyn first. Burke overhears and tells Jason he thinks it's a bad idea, but Jason insists.

Back in Collinwood, Liz tells Carolyn it's too late for her to go to town. Jason and Willie arrive, and Carolyn says she's leaving. Jason says Willie is only there to apologize, and will then be leaving. Liz says it isn't necessary, but with Jason's help, Willie apologizes for his behavior. Liz says now he can go. Jason asks to speak to Liz alone for a minute. They step into the drawing room, and Willie tells Carolyn that he really means it when he says he didn't try to scare her earlier. She almost believes him, and asks if he's okay. He says he's fine, and she leaves. Willie turns to see the portrait of Barnabas, and begins shaking in fear.

Liz asks Jason what difference it means to him that she believe Willie's apology. She tells Jason to thank Willie for his apology, that she accepts it, and that she wishes him a long, happy journey.

Willie cowers by the staircase, looking away from the portrait of Barnabas. He can't help himself but walk back and turn to it. He screams. Liz and Jason find him passed out on the floor in the foyer.

Jason reaches to loosen Willie's collar as he lies on a bed, and Willie bolts up screaming. He asks where he is, and Jason says he's in his room in Collinwood. He explains that Willie fainted in the foyer. Willie says he remembers. Jason tells him to lie down, and that he'll talk to Liz about letting him stay a while.

Liz tells Jason that it's exactly what she expected, now that he's asking to let Willie stay. Jason says Willie is sick, and asks her not to force him to insist. Liz says the one thing more honest with Willie's fainting is Jason's supposed concern. Jason brings up his threats again, and tells Liz that he's going to tell Willie that she's allowing him to stay. Liz agrees that Willie can stay. Jason tells Liz that none of them are completely bad, not even her.

Liz explains to Carolyn that she's allowing Willie to stay because he's sick. Carolyn says she understands, and that she believes he's really sick. She says that's the case, or something very strange has happened to him.

Jason checks in on Willie. He tells him he can stay until he feels better. Willie tells him he doesn't want to stay. Jason says he'll take care of him. He helps Willie take off his coat, and notices his wrist is bandaged. He asks to look at the wound, and Willie says no one can see it. He tells Jason to stay away.

Our thoughts

John: Willie's performance works on everyone. Even Carolyn believes it to be true.

Christine: He played it well. It would have been hard to imagine a few weeks ago that he might become a sympathetic character.

John: Nice how they're building up Willie's fear of Barnabas, with the portrait enough to cause him to faint. A nice bookend to his early appearances admiring all of Barnabas' jewelry.

Christine: It's hard to reconcile the well mannered image of Barnabas we've seen so far with a creature that has inspired abject terror in Willie and may be responsible for draining a cute little calf of its blood.

John: It's interesting to note that while the town vampire apparently has no qualms biting a calf on the neck, he can't bring himself to do the same with Willie, whose wound is on his wrist...

Christine: A bite wound on the neck might invite questions. A wound on the wrist can be more easily hidden and explained away. While the women in Collinsport might soon develop a fashion for scarves, that look wouldn't really work for Willie. It could also be that biting Willie's neck might seem a little more...intimate.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Episode 215 - 4/24/67

At The Blue Whale, Burke sees Maggie and joins her at her table. The talk about his altercation with Willie Loomis, and Maggie says it was very effective, as neither has seen him since. Maggie notices Jason arriving at the bar, alone.

Burke goes up to Jason and asks about Willie, since he hasn't seen him around. Jason says that must be a load off his mind. Burke presses Jason on where Willie is, and he says he doesn't know. He hasn't seen him since Burke beat him up. He says he went back to Collinwood to pack, but then disappeared without taking his things. And then his things disappeared the next day. Jason says Willie disappeared knowing he had money for him.

Burke rejoins Maggie, and then a depressed Joe shows up. He says he went to visit his uncle on his farm, and ended up helping search for a missing calf. There was no explanation for its disappearance. They found it on the other side of town, dead. A vet determined that the calf wasn't injured, but had died from a loss of blood. There wasn't a drop of blood in the calf's body, nor where it was found. The vet says it had two small puncture marks on the throat. Burke asks what anyone would want with calf's blood.

Willie ambles into the bar. Burke goes up to him and Willie all but ignores him. He asks what Burke wants. Burke asks what the last thing he told him was, and Willie says he wanted him to get out of town. Willie says he won't make any trouble, and says he's sorry. Burke can't believe it. He asks if Willie is all right. Willie says nothing is the matter, but he's noticeably shaken. He starts to take a drink and clutches his head. He asks Burke to leave him alone.

Jason returns and Burke intercepts him. He tells him that something's wrong with Willie. Jason approaches Willie, who is happy to see him. Jason asks where he's been, and Willie tells him not to ask. He says he doesn't want to talk about it. Jason tells him he knows he was in the cemetery, and Willie jerks up. He denies it, but Jason knows better. Jason asks how he could sink so low as to rob a stiff. Willie says he didn't. Jason offers him the $500 to get out of town, Willie says he doesn't want it.

Burke tells Joe and Maggie that he doesn't know what happened to Willie, but something's wrong. Joe continues to bemoan the dead calf.

Jason says Willie can't stay, and he tells Jason he has to. He asks Jason to leave him alone. Jason notices spots of blood on Willie's sleeve, and asks him where they came from. 

Our thoughts

John: Finally! A sign of vampirism in Collinwood. Anyone who missed Barnabas' hand coming out of the coffin might not realize there's anything odd about the new stranger in Collinwood.

Christine: Today it's calf blood, but who will be on the menu in the days to come?

John: Kudos to John Karlen. Now having seen his early Willie appearances, the transformation he's gone through is pretty amazing. If you haven't seen the last few weeks pre-Barnabas' arrival, you won't fully appreciate his fine performance.

Christine: He's even got Burke worried about him.

John: Fascinating how the groundwork has been laid for Willie Loomis to be a Chupacabra!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Episode 214 - 4/21/67

Vicki enters the old house looking for David. The doors slam shut behind her, and she assumes it's David's doing. She can't open the door when Barnabas comes downstairs, startling her. He opens the door without effort. He says it has a tendency to stick, and she asks how he could know on his first visit. He describes knowing every inch of the house from letters and stories. He says the house is more beautiful than ever, and it will last forever. He compares the old house to the great pyramids. Vicki doesn't think it's a reasonable comparison, although Barnabas makes a compelling case. Barnabas then details how family members fought in the house, which would in one case lead to the death of a son. He laughs. Vicki says the pyramids were designed to be tombs, and Barnabas agrees the house was not designed to be a tomb. With an added emphasis on designed.

Roger arrives home after a trip, and Carolyn reminds him that when she was younger, he always used to bring her gifts from his travels. Carolyn updates Roger that while Jason is still staying in the house, Willie is gone. She also mentions that there's another Collins in town—Barnabas Collins. She says she hasn't met him yet.

Vicki and Barnabas arrive at the main house. She brings him in to meet Carolyn, and finds that Roger is there as well. He introduces himself, and says he's so glad the family lives on.

Roger: "We're very much alive here."

Carolyn tells Vicki that she likes him. Vicki asks if she find him odd, the way he speaks about things as if they have multiple meanings. She describes how he talked about the old house when she ran into him there. She says he made her believe he had actually lived in the old house.

Roger shows off the family records and journals, and invites Barnabas to go through them. Roger offers Barnabas a drink, and he requests sherry. He points out the Amontillado was Jeremiah's favorite. Roger offers a toast to Barnabas' visit, and Barnabas suggests they drink to eternal health of the Collins family. Roger asks to see Barnabas' ring. He recognizes it from the portrait of Barnabas Collins in the foyer. Roger asks why Barnabas came to Collinwood. He says he was lonely in England, and since he could afford it, he thought he'd move closer to where the family originated. Barnabas asks Roger for investment advice. He says he's interested in ship builders, just like the previous Barnabas Collins.

Vicki and Carolyn talk about Barnabas, and she suggests that she'd like to have him spend some time with David. Roger and Barnabas come out of Roger's study and Barnabas bids them goodnight. Carolyn asks what she thinks of him, and Roger says he thinks very highly of him. He also points out that Barnabas is wealthy. He points out the ring in the portrait, and tells them Barnabas has the very same ring. Vicki points out the uncanny resemblance.

Barnabas stands alone in the woods as wolves howl around him.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas waxes poetic about the old house in an epic monologue, and yet trips over his tongue as soon as he's in a room with more than two people.

Christine: He has been locked away in a coffin for centuries, so it's not unexpected for him to be a little tongue tied. I was surprised he was able to pull off this detailed description of the Old House so smoothly:
The foundations were made from rocks left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago. The beams and supports were cut from ancient local forests. The plaster walls were made from crushed clam shells and horsehair. Bricks were imported from Holland. That dusty chandelier brought over from France gleamed with hypnotic brilliance. That faded wallpaper was especially designed by a Belgian artist. The parquet floors were installed by an Italian craftsman. The cornices and moldings were the effort of a Spanish craftsman. It was a house to be envied by a prince. But in spite of all this, the total effort was an agony to man. Men were driven to their limits. What should have been an act and labor of love became a hateful thing. There were the crippled and the dead. Like the pyramids, one could ask: was it worth it?
I wonder if he made a lot of that up. He goes on to provide some clues to his life in the Old House:
This room saw much hatred. Saw families divide and devour each other. On this stairs a father and son hurled words at each other. Words that would lead to the death of the son. The death? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
John: While it's nice to see Roger take to someone so quickly for a change, it would be more impressive if it didn't seem to be predicated on the fact that their new found relative just happens to be wealthy.

Christine: That's what we'd expect from Roger. What was up with that unintelligible comment he made to Carolyn about Mrs. Johnson while pouring a drink: "She doesn't think that I'll be a father image to her, do you?"

John: Barnabas certainly brings a different flair to Collinwood. He's a smooth talker in a completely different fashion than others who have passed through Collinwood, so it will be interesting to see how he gets along with the likes of Jason McGuire, Mrs. Johnson, and Burke Devlin.

Vicki: The wind blew it shut.
Barnabas: The wind? Yes, the wind can do things like that.

Another fade from the portrait to present day Barnabas.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Episode 213 - 4/20/67

Jason asks Liz if anyone has seen Willie. He says someone broke into the house last night, as all Willie's belongings are gone. Liz says the house is locked up at night. Jason doesn't think it was Willie, but he doesn't know who would want to take his things. She asks for her $500 back, and he says he's holding it for Willie. He tells her that she should be concerned about Willie, and she asks how much he knows. Carolyn comes downstairs and interrupts their conversation. She asks what they were arguing about, and her mother says they were just having a conversation. Carolyn says she gets it—she should mind her own business, and storms out.

In The Blue Whale, Burke asks Joe how Maggie is. He says they seem to be spending a lot of time together. Joe implies that marriage might be on their horizon, and as he toasts them, Carolyn walks in. Burke asks her how she's been, and she turns her back on him. Joe and Burke talk about her, and Joe suggests that Burke apologize to her for hurting her. He offers to buy her a drink, and says he'd like to talk to her. She tells him she's upset about something and doesn't really feel like talking. He leaves her alone and rejoins Joe at the bar.

Joe heads over and joins her. She tells him she's upset about things going on up at Collinwood. He asks if there's anything he can do to help out, as a friend. She points out that he's awfully friendly with Burke. He tells her she's acting like a spoiled brat. She says she's afraid to talk to him because she was in love with him. He asks if she still is, and she says she can't help it. She's afraid he doesn't feel the same way. She says she knows he was using her, but hopes that he couldn't only be pretending. Joe tells her that it would be best for her to find out for herself. She tells him to say hello to Maggie for her, and he leaves. She turns to look at Burke sitting at the bar, and he's looking at her. She turns away, and he turns back to his drink. She then gets up and goes to him, asking if the offer for a drink still stands.

He takes her to a table, and Carolyn suggests that they drink to old times. She asks what he wanted to say, and he apologizes for how he treated her. She asks if it's because he led her on. She asks if underneath, he really likes her. He says he wants them to be friends, and she tells him she doesn't want to hear his smug speech about how she'll someday make someone happy. He tells her that he never meant to hurt her, and he's sorry that he did. She says her mother and uncle warned her to stay away from him, but she ignored them. He offers to drive her home, but she turns him down. She thanks him for saying what he did, and he says he wishes things could be different. She agrees, and leaves.

Liz tells Jason that she won't give him any more money. She asks how much he wants to leave. Carolyn comes home and hears them arguing. She hears Jason refer to helping her 18 years ago. She walks in as her mother telling him that he's brought her nothing but grief. She demands to know what's going on. Jason tells Liz to tell her. Liz says they were  arguing about her, and the night Willie tried to bother her. She says she was very upset and let her temper get the best of her. She excuses herself to go upstairs, leaving Carolyn with Jason. She asks what happened 18 years ago. He passes it off as nothing, and Carolyn says she intends to find out what's going on. He tells her that she'd be wise to stop asking questions. He says she could get her mother into serious trouble. 

Our thoughts

John: So, our first Barnabas-free post Barnabas arrival episode. A bit of a disappointment, with expectations running high, particularly in that we spend a bunch of time dealing with Carolyn's downer mood.

Christine: Well, you can't expect Barnabas to be hanging around during the daytime, after all. The fact that Willie's belongings have disappeared without any sign of him demanding money, molesting women, imbibing booze and making a general nuisance of himself beforehand is quite the mystery.  

John: Nice to see Burke and Joe having buried the hatchet. Burke seems to be getting along with everyone these days (well, everyone except Willie). Maybe someone will invite him up to Collinwood for dinner!

Christine: Remember back in Episode 117 when they were punching each other out? Good times...

John: I think it's safe to say that Carolyn's definitely not going to fall for Jason. Of course his telling her that she could get her mother into trouble is unlikely to keep her quiet.

Christine: There is a charming new man in town she has not yet met.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episode 212 - 4/19/67

Barnabas removes his coat as Liz comes downstairs. She is shocked by his uncanny resemblance to the portrait. He apologizes for not giving her advance notice of his arrival. She says that she thought Barnabas died in England with no heirs, and he explains that Barnabas married and had a son, who was his great, great grandfather. Liz is excited to hear about a whole branch of the family she was not aware of. He explains that he is the last in the family line.

She asks if he came to America for a bride. He says that's not his only goal. He's considering settling in Collinsport. She says he has several other cousins to meet. She apologizes that she can't offer him a place to stay in the house. He says it's just as he remembered it, and she points out he's never been before. He says he's familiar from stories, and talks of the old house. He says his roots, and perhaps his destiny, is in Collinwood.

Vicki and David come downstairs talking about Willie. David goes out to play, and Vicki enters the drawing room. Liz introduces Vicki to Barnabas. She tells Vicki that Barnabas is clearly related to their relative in the portrait. Barnabas sweet talks Vicki, saying he cannot bring himself to call her Vicki, and will not surrender a single syllable of Victoria. Barnabas lets himself out, and Liz and Vicki discuss Willie. Vicki says she saw Willie leave with a bag, and Liz wonders what he took, since he left his bags in his room.

David plays in the old house, and is surprised by Barnabas. He recognizes him from the portrait, thinking he's a ghost. Barnabas says he's not a ghost, but his cousin. David is very excited to hear that. Barnabas asks if he'd be afraid if he were a ghost, and David explains that he talks to ghosts. He shows him the portrait of Josette Collins. David explains that he doesn't need to be afraid, as Josette would protect him. David offers to show him around, and Barnabas explains that he knows all the house's secrets from stories he was told. David mentions a view from the house where he could watch the sunrise, and he notices that Barnabas seems sad thinking about it. Barnabas looks around the old house and smiles.

David returns home for dinner and asks if Willie came back. He says he ran into cousin Barnabas at the old house. David said he thought it was the ghost of the man in the portrait, but he was disappointed that it was only his cousin. He says Barnabas knew all about the old house. He also says that he speaks funny, and Liz says speaking correctly isn't funny, and David should speak correctly, too. David says he doesn't look like the portrait. He says the man in the portrait looks angry, whereas his cousin seemed more sad.

Barnabas looks up at the portrait of Josette, and asks why she didn't protect him. He claims the house as his, and says that any power she had has now ended.

Our thoughts

John: Welcome Barnabas the charmer! Might he be the first visitor to Collinwood who will be universally loved?

Christine: Considering the fact that he was initially brought on the show for a short term role and was to be killed off in a few weeks, it's funny that he tells Liz that for the moment he considers his stay in Collinsport a visit, but it's likely he'll be staying permanently.

John: I love how Barnabas carefully navigates the waters of familiarity with Collinwood with the fact that he's supposedly never been there before. It makes for great interplay with not just Elizabeth, but David as well.

Christine: Jonathan Frid was truly the right choice for the part. As he says, at times he tends to romanticize and indulge in fanciful attitudes. He's so wonderfully wistful when David describes seeing the sunrise from one of the rooms in the Old House, and quite pitiful when asking Josette why she didn't protect him when he was turned into something that even his own father loathed.

John: While Liz explains that they don't currently have room to house Barnabas in Collinwood, she doesn't bother to ask him where he's staying. Not that he'd admit to staying in the family crypt, of course. It is interesting that Barnabas appears comfortable with contemporary society despite only having been exposed to it for a few hours. I wonder how he paid for that new suit without any cash. Perhaps he opened an account at Ohrbach's in Collinsport.

Christine: She tells Vicki that he preferred "more independent quarters in town," so she must have assumed he was staying at the only place to stay in Collinsport. Little does she know that he's claimed the Old House as his own already. He must have had Willie pawn some jewelry for him to afford the suit, though he probably had to make a trip to Bangor or beyond to find an Ohrbach's. 

Nice fade from the portrait to Barnabas in the present.