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Dark Shadows Episode 1002 4/28/70

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Cyrus waits in the drawing room, when he doubles over in agony. He sees hair on his hand, and turns into John Yaeger. He hears Quentin coming downstairs and closes the drawing room doors.

Quentin is surprised to find the drawing room doors locked. He calls to Cyrus, asking if he's alright. Yaeger doesn't know what to do. Quentin calls for Trask to bring him the keys. Yaeger starts to sneak out the window, but decides it must look like Cyrus left under ordinary circumstances. He writes a quick note apologizing for leaving without explaining, and then he throws it aside, realizing he did it in Yaeger's handwriting. He does it again and leaves it on the desk. He grabs Cyrus' glasses from the floor and sneaks out through the window.

Quentin gets in with the keys and finds the note left for him. Quentin hears the front door, and Amy enters. She asks what she did wrong, that no one wants to be with her. She says Will and Carolyn didn't want her. Quentin tells her that he's happy to see her, and lets her know that Roger will be returning with Daniel soon. Amy finds the crumpled note and gives it to Quentin. He goes to toss it in the fire, but reads it first. He then compares it to the one on the desk, noting that the handwriting is similar but different.

Yaeger returns to Cyrus' lab and opens the safe. He takes out the potion, and then decides that he's not a coward. He puts the potion back without drinking it. He's not concerned about having changed without drinking the potion. He extends the knife in his cane, and says he's not afraid of anything.

Amy explains to David how she saw Dameon Edwards. Daniel doesn't believe her. Quentin finds them and reminds Amy that they checked the cellar and didn't see anyone.  He leaves them and Daniel tells her that she imagined it. She stomps off, and he tells her to tell her the story again, and he'll believe her this time.

Yaeger grabs a painting off the wall to furnish his room. He hears Sabrina calling for Cyrus, and he sneaks back out. Sabrina comes downstairs looking for Cyrus.

Yaeger returns to his room and leans the painting on the mantle. There's a knock at the door, and he invites Buffie in. She notices the painting, and says it's pretty. He tells her that it's exquisite. He asks if she's pleased to see him. She says she wondered where he had gone. He says he'd like some explanations from her. He closes the door to his room, and he asks if he frightens her. She tells him that he doesn't. He asks if she's done anything to be afraid of.

Quentin tells Sabrina to let Cyrus know that she called. She notices the painting missing from the wall, and gets off the phone with Quentin.

Yaeger confirms that Buffie went to see Cyrus, because she didn't believe or trust him. He's upset that she doesn't like him, and she tells him that she does, and she thought she proved that. He asks her if she told Cyrus that she likes a quiet man. She realizes that Cyrus told him. Yaeger says he won't make a single sound before punching her right in the face.

Buffie is bruised and her clothes are torn. She tells Yaeger that he didn't have to do that. He says he had to prove that he could be a quiet man. He rubs her shoulders, and she asks to go back to her room. She stumbles away, and he offers her the painting, suggesting that he meant no malice today. She accepts it, and thanks him. He tells her that to further prove his point, he'd like to take her out to a late-night supper. She's excited by the offer, and accepts it. He starts to laugh hysterically. He asks if she really thought he'd take her out looking like that, bruised and cut up. He says she needs to take better care of herself. He says maybe he'll take her out when she pays more attention to how she looks. He bids her goodnight, and opens the door. She leaves, bewildered.

Amy shows Quentin the papers she found where Will referred to a room in the East Wing. She asks if it's Alexis' room, but he wrote about it being empty. Quentin assures her it's just a story, and tells her to run upstairs and play with Daniel.

Yaeger takes the potion from the safe, but puts it back when he hears Sabrina coming downstairs. He sits at Cyrus' desk. She asks who he is, and who let him in. Yaeger introduces himself. She asks how he got in, and he says he used the key Cyrus gave him. He tells her he senses an emotional release in her that's trying to get out. She tells him to go, and he says he's going to wait, like Cyrus asked. She excuses herself and starts upstairs. He tries to convince her to stay, but she ignores him and leaves. He gets the potion back out and drinks it.

Quentin hears voices in Angelique's room. He opens the door, and when he sees who he thinks is Daniel and Amy, he yells at them, but they don't respond. David and Amy are talking about Dr. Hoffman, and Barnabas' having been caught there. Quentin asks Amy if she can hear him, and from behind him, she says she can. He turns to see Daniel and Amy standing behind him. Daniel asks him if something is wrong.

Our thoughts

John: I'm sorry, Cyrus and Yaeger have designed two unique handwriting styles? So let's say they really came up with that plan, and then he realizes that he's using the wrong one. Is he also going to toss the incorrect version to the floor where it will surely be discovered?

Christine: That didn't play well. I'd expect Yaeger to have his own writing style, and assume he'd be able to forge Cyrus' writing, but it exceeds believability that he'd throw the note on the floor and leave it there. Though, this is the guy who likes to look at his reflection in a tray, so perhaps it's not beyond the realm of what we could expect. I think there may be some Freudian symbolism going on with Yaeger's cane sword.

John: What's with the hairy hands on Yaeger. I don't recall the werewolf having such hairy paws! I don't even want to imagine the horrible things he did to Buffie in the commercial break, but what the hell was she thinking when she immediately agreed to go out for a night on the town with her abuser?

Christine: I think we can assume the worst. Buffie agrees to go out on the town with her controlling abuser because of traumatic bonding. She'll be back for more abuse. John Yaeger is the most evil thing we have seen on this show. Here I was thinking that loud suit he was wearing was enough of an assault before he doubled down.

John: I wasn't expecting to encounter a reverse-parallel time window! I think it would be very cool to bounce back and forth between 1970-prime and 1970-parallel time. Of course, even if they did that, you-know-who would still be chained-you-know-where for the duration!

Christine: I wonder about that. Did you notice that Barnabas' portrait was set up next to the drawing room fireplace in the end credits? What do you suppose that is all about? It's possible we caught another glimpse of the fellow who likes to lunch in Angelique's room when Quentin burst in on Amy and David.

Second Down for the Count:
Barnabas was chained in his coffin 20 episodes ago.

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