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Dark Shadows Episode 1174/1175 12/24/70

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Gerard laughs as he tells Samantha that her performance with the letter was brilliant. She explains that she went to the tree earlier and there was no letter there, so she wasn't able to leave a response. She and Gerard realize that Joanna must have returned. Samantha says she can feel her presence in the house, and she thinks she's coming to kill her. Gerard says they don't even know that it's her, and why would she want to kill her. Samantha says that it's her fault that Joanna and Quentin couldn't be together. There's a knock at the door, and Samantha is afraid. Gerard explains that ghosts don't knock. 

It's Dawson, with a court order allowing him to search Quentin's laboratory. She escorts him to it. Leticia comes in and tells Gerard that Dawson has death in his eyes. She says she's been thinking about Barnabas, and suggests that he knows where he is. Gerard tells her that he was with her when Barnabas disappeared. She says if he knows where Barnabas is, he must tell her. She says he may not know where he is, but he knows something about Barnabas' disappearance that he's not saying. 

Dawson tells Gerard that Samantha saw him take certain files, and will be a willing witness if needed. He says it's quite a discovery, and Gerard tells him that he placed them there earlier. Dawson says they probably shouldn't talk in the house, and Gerard assures him that Daphne is in the bedroom, and Samantha knows they are working closely together. He says that he and Samantha are back together again. He asks if Trask gave him the letter. Dawson says he did, but he's going to introduce his newly found evidence tomorrow. Gerard tells him that Leticia is becoming a thorn in his side, and Dawson says they'll have to do something about her. Gerard adds, "and quickly."

Leticia gives Desmond a letter the constable brought. He sees that they're calling her as a witness for the prosecution. Desmond is concerned, and then says they have no way of knowing. She assures him that she'd never speak of that. He says they may want to link her second sight to Quentin. He says that if they bring it up, she must tell them that it was just a performance. She agrees. He tells her that he doesn't want them to think that she's a witch.

Gerard and Samantha have tea, disappointed that they aren't able to listen to today's testimony. She asks him to take her away from Collinwood. She's still concerned about Joanna, and he tells her that once the trial is over, they will go away and get married, and he kisses her.

Desmond tells Quentin that Trask took the letter he gave to Daphne to leave at the oak tree. Quentin asks how he knew to be there. He asks if they've accused Daphne of anything yet, and Desmond tells him that they're up to something, and he should be prepared for anything. The tribunal is called back into session.

Leticia is sworn in. Dawson asks her to describe her act to the judges. She says she was a mentalist. He points out that she had second sight, and she says it was just a game. He asks her if she ever discussed the occult with Quentin. She says she doesn't remember. He asks if she remembers a book that he holds up for her, and she says she does not. He reads her the title — the Journal of Judah Zachery. Desmond objects, but is overruled. Dawson asks if she knows the name Judah Zachery, and she says she's heard the name.

She says he was a warlock. Dawson says he was, in 1692. She says he was beheaded. He says she can say more about him. Desmond objects, and Dawson reads from the diary, demonstrating when the first entry was written, and pointing out the last entry was written in the last month. He reads an entry which says, "Leticia is the logical one to help me." Dawson then asks Leticia if she had the head of Zachery in her possession. She says she can't tell them about the head, because it has nothing to do with Quentin, and Quentin stands up and tells her that she must. The judge admonishes Quentin, and Leticia says that she saw the head at Rose Cottage, and she could hear his voice in her mind. Dawson accuses her of being possessed by the head, and she says she was. He asks who brought the head to Rose Cottage, and she says it was Desmond. He asks why he brought it from Asia to Collinsport, and she says it was for Quentin. She breaks down, crying, and apologizes to Quentin. Dawson dismisses Leticia and calls Desmond to the stand. The judge finds it unusual, and Dawson says he plans to show that Quentin is possessed by Judah Zachery. Desmond approaches the stand. Dawson smiles at Quentin.

Dawson asks why Desmond brought the head to Quentin, and he says he found it for him as a curio. Dawson asks if he discovered the head's powers, and Desmond says yes. He asks if his eyes open, and if he heard his voice. Desmond says yes. Dawson asks if he wrote in the journal with the hand of Zachery. Desmond admits that he did. 

He then says Leticia took the head. Dawson asks what happened to it, and he says it was destroyed in an explosion. Dawson tells the judges that Desmond should be disqualified as Quentin's council, and that he should be charged with the crime of witchcraft. The judge says he will confer with his colleagues. Quentin tells Desmond that they can't do it. The judges disqualify Desmond as Quentin's attorney, and order him arrested to await trial on charges of witchcraft. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Aren't Gerard and Samantha technically still married? Did that ever get addressed? Or was that automatically nullified upon Quentin's return? Odd that Gerard would talk about getting married without even acknowledging that it will be their second wedding...
Christine: I think we were left to assume their marriage had been annulled after Quentin gave her the responsibility of deciding which husband to keep and Gerard rejected her when she chose him, so it's prudent that he not bring up their first time being married. No doubt Samantha has not forgotten it, and given that she's prone to bitter revenge, Gerard may be wise not to fully trust her.
John: Once again, Dawson really drives the court proceedings, not even giving Desmond a chance to cross-examine Leticia! And the judges basically play right along. Poor Quentin never had a chance.
Christine: It is rather ironic that he and Desmond are being prosecuted for witchcraft by a practicing warlock himself. 

John: Well, Leticia's testimony didn't exactly work out well for Quentin, or Desmond! It's possible that Quentin might still be acquitted, but Desmond's own case seems pretty much locked up. Do you think he's regretting picking up that severed-head curio now? With Barnabas buried alive, Quentin and now Desmond in jail, it's not exactly going to be a happy Christmas in Collinwood in 1840!
Christine: Here I thought we'd all be able to expect Quentin's head in a gift box with a tidy little bow under the tree this year. Perhaps we'll have it before the new year. 

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"Quentin's head in a gift box with a tidy little bow under the tree . . . " Oh, no, that will never do. We want to keep Quentin alive. Now paste-on mutton chops sideburns in a gift box, that would make a nice gift!