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Dark Shadows Episode 982 3/31/70

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Maggie waits in the drawing room for Quentin to return, wondering where he went, and why. A letter is slipped under the door, which Maggie sees and picks up. She opens the doors but there's no one in the foyer. She reads the note, which says she will never be welcome there, and is signed by Angelique. She's confused, considering that Angelique is dead. Julia comes in and confirms that Quentin hasn't returned. She offers to take Maggie to her room, which faces the sea. Maggie asks if Angelique's room did, and Julia says no. She heads upstairs and Maggie follows her.

Barnabas asks Carolyn if her husband is back yet, and she tells him that he won't be home until the Eagle, the local bar, closes. Will comes in and sees Barnabas. He says it's Barnabas. Barnabas tells him that he's the descendant of the man he wrote about.

He explains that he came on a pilgrimage to see Will. Will says it calls for a drink. He finds Barnabas' book, and says he's been looking for a copy. He opens it and notices that a page is torn out, which he finds very upsetting. Carolyn seems disgusted by him. She tells Will that Barnabas wants to rent a room. Will says they won't charge a relative. Barnabas insists that he pay. Will explains that he will need his privacy, because he's about to start a new book. Carolyn laughs at his suggestion.

Quentin returns and tells Maggie that he doesn't want her to be angry. She asks what she did to upset him, and he explains that it was him, but he won't explain why. She suggests that they just go to bed.

Barnabas stands over his coffin and tells Carolyn he's worried about his book. He tells her to guard him carefully.

The next morning, Maggie is writing a letter to her sister when Julia comes in with the week's menu. Maggie says it will be fine, but Julia insists that she review it to avoid any unpleasant scenes. Julia also says that there are other suites available if they are not happy with their room. Maggie asks Julia if Angelique's room was different, and Julia says it's the most beautiful room in the house. Maggie asks where it is, and Julia tells her it's in the East Wing. Maggie asks Julia about Daniel, since she hasn't heard or seen him. Julia says he's not well today and shouldn't be disturbed.

Quentin comes in and says he has to go to work at the cannery. Maggie says she wants to go over some menus with him, and he tells her to work it out with Hoffman. He tells her to investigate the house and the rest of the grounds. Julia asks to see Quentin for a moment, and they step out of the drawing room.

Julia asks him if he's seen Daniel. He says he has. She asks if they should call the doctor, and he says it's not necessary. He asks Julia who told Daniel that he remarried, and she says that Elizabeth did.

Maggie hears them and wonders why Quentin didn't tell her that Daniel resented her.

Carolyn asks Will if he has written much today as he pours himself a drink. He says he noticed that their guests bed hadn't been slept in. Carolyn says that he was up early and she made his bed. Will tells her that the book Barnabas brought was Angelique's, and that he could smell her perfume on it. Carolyn says she has been dead for six months. Will asks her how he got the book. Carolyn says he arrived last night, and then says she has a migraine. He suggests that they go to the big house to meet the new mistress. He adds that he looks forward to chatting with Barnabas, and Carolyn reminds him that they need Barnabas' money.

Maggie is searching for something with Angelique's handwriting to compare to her note when Julia comes in with tea. She explains that at tea time, anyone on the estate might drop in. Will arrives and introduces himself to Maggie, saying he knew her daddy, who he spent many nights with at the Eagle. Maggie offers him tea, which he turns down, and Julia gives him a proper drink before leaving them alone together.

Will tells her not to trust Julia, and to watch her carefully. He asks if Julia has given her any trouble yet. He says that the house is full of hornets, and she has to step carefully. Will adds that he's more than just a gossiping writer. Maggie shows him the note she received, and Will says he never thought he'd see her handwriting again.

Barnabas stands by his coffin, not wanting to harm anyone, and disappointed that his changing time didn't change him. Carolyn comes downstairs and offers herself to him. She says that if he stops, she'll tell Will everything. He reluctantly bites her neck.

Maggie goes to the East Wing and hears Julia talking to someone. She opens the door and Julia steps out, saying she shouldn't be in this part of the house, as it hasn't been cleaned yet. She escorts her away from Angelique's room.

Carolyn tells Will to leave her alone. He tells her he's surprised Barnabas came to them before going to the big house. She passes out, and he sees the bite marks on her neck.

Barnabas comes downstairs and returns to his coffin. Will steps out of the shadow brandishing a crucifix. He says that only he and Carolyn know he's a vampire. He asks Barnabas where he came from, and Barnabas goes on to explain parallel time, and that he is the same Barnabas Collins that Will wrote about. Barnabas describes how he was there when the book was thrown between their two times.

Will says that Barnabas will make him his fortune. Will opens the coffin, in which he has placed another cross. Will tells him to get in, and explains that Barnabas will be his prisoner. He closes the lid on the coffin, and begins to chain it shut.

Our thoughts

John: This parallel Julia is a particularly nasty woman! It is nice that she has changed so dramatically from the parallel woman we knew. I assume she was gossiping with Angelique's ghost when Maggie overheard her in the East Wing.

Christine: I wonder if we may be encountering Bizarro Collinwood, where everyone is the opposite. Her overheard conversation was pretty eerie.

John: In time, I imagine all of the Collins family members will be aware of parallel time, considering how freely Barnabas is willing to share that information; and how readily everyone accepts it.

Christine: I wonder if William H. will be the first opportunist to attempt to cross over. I only hope if he does that he'll come face to face with his counterpart, Willie.

John: I have to wonder if Jonathan Frid is going on vacation for a while, since Will goes to such lengths to secure Barnabas' coffin shut.

Christine: It does seem that he gets locked in a coffin every time he goes on break, though he may be stuck in a coffin because filming began on House of Dark Shadows on March 23rd. It looks like we may need to revive the Down for the Count countdown to Barnabas' return.

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