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Dark Shadows Episode 961 3/2/70

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The werewolf lies unconscious, chained to a wall in the crypt. Zombie Davenport steps outside the crypt and looks up at the full moon. He comes back inside as the werewolf stirs. Davenport picks up his gun and points it at the snarling creature.

Bruno shouts for Davenport to stop. He says his plans have changed. He takes the gun from Davenport, and looks at the werewolf, pleased that his assumption has proved true. He torments the werewolf and says he wants him to be mad enough to rip someone to shreds. He says he has important new plans for him.

From the old house, Barnabas calls to Megan.

Megan is with Jeb, and asks him if he's upset because he's not with Carolyn. He tells her she knows why he's upset, and she recites the wolf man poem. Jeb tells her that Bruno needs to find the werewolf and kill him.

Megan hears Barnabas' call, and gets up to leave. Jeb asks her what she's doing, and she assures him that he hasn't kept anything from him, and that she just needs to go to Collinwood. He lets her go, and sits down in front of the fireplace.

Davenport asks Bruno what he's going to do with the werewolf. He says he's going to get him in a proper frame of mind, and he takes a whip with a silver handle off the wall. He torments the werewolf with it. He tells Davenport to go outside and wait by the door. Bruno tells the werewolf that he wants him to rip Jeb to shreds later tonight. He then proceed to whip the werewolf.

Barnabas watches as Megan approaches the old house. He opens the door and tells her that he needs her help. He says Chris Jennings is missing from his cottage. He didn't get to Windcliff, and he's concerned that Jeb may have him. She says she was with Jeb, and she doesn't think he knows anything about Chris. Barnabas asks about Bruno. She says Bruno hasn't been around the carriage house since last night. He tells her to go back and find out what she can. She doesn't want to. She says she wants to stay with him. She offers herself to him, and he leans in to bite her neck.

Bruno can barely contain his excitement as he whips the werewolf one last time. Exhausted, he lets Davenport back into the crypt.

He asks what Bruno has done, and he says he showed him who his master was. He tells Davenport to loosen his chains. He says he doesn't want him to get out of the crypt. Davenport asks if that's the way Jeb wants it, and Bruno tells him that it is, and they do what Jeb wants. Davenport begins to loosen the chains, and Bruno tells him to wait until he's out. He leaves, and locks the door behind him. Davenport undoes the werewolf's chains and he slumps to the ground, unconscious. Davenport goes to leave, but the door is locked. The werewolf gets up and growls. Zombie Davenport goes for the whip, but the werewolf attacks him.

Jeb paces in front of the fire. Bruno comes in and says there's no sign of the animal. Jeb is upset, thinking they'll have to wait for another month. Jeb then says that he doesn't think the werewolf is out, because he hasn't heard him howling. Jeb says he's going to Collinwood and Bruno warns him that it's not safe. He tells Bruno to call him if he finds anything, and he assures him that he will.

Jeb leaves, and Megan arrives. She says she came to talk to Jeb. Bruno tells her that he's at Collinwood. She asks Bruno if he's found the identity of the werewolf. He tells her that she's pale, and not herself.

She collapses in his arms. He sits her down in a chair and finds the bite marks on her neck. She passes out, and he ties her scarf on to hide them. He realizes that she'll be able to help him in his plans.

He takes the silver bullets out of his gun and replaces them with regular bullets.

Bruno slaps Megan awake. She asks what happened. He tells her that she passed out, and Jeb will be upset with her. She says it was just fatigue, and begs him not to tell Jeb. Bruno agrees under one condition. He tells her to go back to Collinwood to get the rest she needs. She agrees, and leaves the carriage house. Bruno picks up the phone and calls Collinwood. He asks Carolyn to speak to Jeb. He says he captured the werewolf, and has trapped him in the crypt at Eagle Hill Cemetery. He agrees to meet them there.

Megan returns to the old house and tells Barnabas that she didn't find out anything. She adds that she fainted, but she doesn't think Bruno knows the truth. She says Bruno said he doesn't know about the werewolf, and Barnabas suggests that he's lying.

Jeb and Bruno meet at the crypt. Jeb wonders who the werewolf is, and Bruno says that after he's dead, he'll change back into human form. Jeb tells him to go in and finish him off. Bruno points out that Jeb is the one he is after, and he thought he should have the honor. He reminds Jeb of what he said about who leads and who follows. Bruno hands him the gun and opens the door. Jeb goes in and Bruno shuts the door behind him.

In the crypt, Jeb confronts the werewolf. He shoots him in the chest several times, but the werewolf keeps coming. Outside, Bruno listens as Jeb cries for help.

Our thoughts

John: Thank you leap year! It's nice to be back in sync with the exact airdates/days of the week from 50 years ago in 1970. And to celebrate, we get a double dose of werewolf on zombie and werewolf on Leviathan action!

Christine: Not to mention more toothy vampire action! I suppose if Jeb's bowels weren't loosened by the threat of the werewolf, he may have noticed Megan's new vampire victim style, with fashionable wound concealing scarf and neck baring hairstyle, in addition to her half-lidded eyes and sultry mannerisms.

John: Boy, Bruno sure was gleeful when whipping the werewolf... Maybe he truly is destined to be the Leviathan's evil leader.

Christine: It was funny that he said he wanted the wolf to get worked up, when he was actually the one getting worked up.

John: I'm curious what became of zombie Davenport... did the werewolf rip his rotting body to shreds, and if so, are the rotting pieces still alive? And since I'm not so naive as to think that Jeb will be dispatched by a werewolf on a Monday, I can only assume that a) the sun will rise, and the werewolf will revert just in time to save Jeb from being ripped apart (again!), or b) zombie Davenport may have made amends with the werewolf, and will somehow be able to help his good old friend Jeb before he meets his own grisly fate.

Christine: It will be a disappointment if we don't get to see what happened to zombie Davenport. If Jeb does survive, Bruno is in for a world of hurt.

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