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Dark Shadows Episode 1142 11/10/70

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Gerard wakes to knocking on his door. The scene plays out as it did in his dream. Gerard cringes at the sight of the case he tossed over Widow's Hill. The man comes in and asks if he really thought he could get rid of it. The man claims to be Zachery's servant. He tells Gerard to look at it as he removes the cover. The head of Judah Zachery stares at him. 

He hears the voice say that he has chosen to live through Gerard, and tells him to put on the mask. Zachery's servant hands Gerard the mask. He takes it and puts it on. The head closes its eyes. The servant says it is done, and removes the mask from Gerard. Zachery, possessing Gerard, tells him to take the mask away, and guard it well. He asks how many are in their coven, and the man says there are six of the thirteen. Zachery asks what happened to the others. The man says when the trial was over, they turned to the other faith. The servant reminds him that Gerard Stiles body may die; he is not immortal. Zachery reminds him that he said he would punish all those responsible for his beheading, including Miranda. He adds that she will not be the first. He says there were three judges at his trial, and of them, only one family survives — that of Amadeus Collins. He says that the man's head on the block this time will be Quentin's.

Quentin tells Trask that Samantha can't believe Roxanne is dead. He sympathizes with Trask, knowing he was fond of Roxanne. Trask says bleeding to death is an odd way to die in this day and age. He adds that Julia may not have been the right one to treat Roxanne — since she has her brother Barnabas to protect. Quentin tells him he's being ridiculous. He assures him that Barnabas did nothing to her. Trask says he's sure that Barnabas caused her to die. Quentin asks how he did it, and Trask says he doesn't know. He says that evil men deal with dark forces. Quentin tells him that  he doesn't want to hear another word about Barnabas. Trask tells Quentin that the Devil himself has friends who try to shield him, too.


Gerard stands over Roxanne's coffin. Gerard walks in and points out she looks lovely. Gerard says there is a great beauty in death. Trask finds that a strange thing to say. Gerard says he misunderstood him. Trask tells Gerard he's upset he failed to bring him info on Barnabas. Gerard says he will still help him. Trask says there is sorcery in their streets and it must be ferreted out. Gerard assures him that he will help him with no additional cost. 

Lorna Bell, a schoolmate of Roxanne's arrives to pay her respects. Trask and Gerard step out and Trask tells him that woman does not move in polite society. Gerard asks if she has relatives locally, and Trask says no, before leaving to deal with flowers. Gerard goes back in and introduces himself to Lorna. He invites her to take part in something. She says she has never taken part of anything in Collinsport. She doesn't know what he's talking about, but she flirts with Gerard. He says it's a private memorial service, to which Trask was not invited. He adds that he'd like to take her home afterwards, and she replies that she'd prefer that to the memorial. He tells her it's a secret just as Quentin comes in and recognizes Lorna Bell. Gerard steps out, and Trask returns. Lorna tells Quentin she will see him later. He's not sure what she means, and when Trask isn't listening, she says the memorial services for Roxanne. 

Zachery's servant, Mr. Dawson, brings Lorna to a room with an altar. She asks where Gerard is, and he says he'll go get him. She sees a figure standing in the shadows, who turns, wearing the bejeweled mask. She screams and tries to get out of the room. Dawson comes back in and tells her she should be honored to have been chosen. He says she is their offering to celebrate the return of Judah Zachery, the Devil's son. Dawson holds Lorna as the masked figure raises a knife.

Gerard tells Trask that he came as soon as he got his message. Trask says he has proof of the black arts. Trask says Lorna was murdered, discovered by a Mr. Dawson in an empty field. The body is unmarked except for proof that there are devil worshippers among them. He shows Gerard the body, which has  a symbol drawn on her forehead. He tells Gerard that she had left with Quentin. 

Quentin finds out that Lorna is dead, and doesn't appear to be surprised. Trask says he didn't tell the constable that she had left with Quentin. Quentin says that's good, because they didn't leave together. Trask adds that he also didn't tell the constable that he heard her tell Quentin that she would meet him later. Quentin says that he didn't know what she meant by that. Trask says he's waiting until he has conclusive evidence. He interrogates Quentin, who asks if he's suggesting that he murdered her. Trask says he knows that Quentin is practicing black magic, since she was found with the mark of Satan on her forehead — the same mark on the ring Quentin is wearing.

Our thoughts: 

John: Did we get a new funeral dirge from Robert Cobert today? That kind of music certainly plays to his strengths as a composer.
Christine: It certainly set the right tone for the scene, though we would expect no less of Trask than to have a nice send off for his former fiancé.
John: Funny that it just as easily could have been fast-talking Gerard hitting on Lorna, as Zachery-possessed Gerard. The problem I have with how things played out is that he went to such great lengths to confirm that Lorna had no connections in town, and that Trask wouldn't be aware of his plot, that he should have given up on her as soon as Quentin showed up and recognized her.
Christine: It actually served his purpose well that Quentin knew her, since he seems to be framing him for her Satanic sacrifice.

John: If Lorna was dispatched without a mark on her body (save the sharpie-drawn mark of Satan on her forehead), what do you suppose Zachery was waving the knife for?
Christine: It was for dramatic effect, of course. Has Quentin always worn a ring with the mark of Satan, or is it a new piece of jewelry he picked up expressly to be framed for witchcraft? 


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