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Dark Shadows Episode 1141 11/9/70

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Gerard asks the disembodied head what his dream meant, and why Zachery was outside of the case looking at him. 

Carrie shows Desmond a new dress that Flora bought her in Boston, and asks him if it makes her look older. He assures her that it does. She asks him if Gerard is in the house when Daphne walks in. Desmond introduces them. Carrie steps out, and Desmond asks Daphne if she came to see him. She tells him that she needs the newspapers he borrowed. He tells her that he won't give them back to her — for hours. He says that she will fill a very miserable evening. 

Gerard continues to interrogate the head, which remains lifeless. There's a knock at the door and he covers the head while asking who it is. He goes to the door and Carrie comes in. He barks at her, and she says she just came to say hello. He calms down and she hugs him. She tells him that she missed him. She says Flora took her to see a play in Boston. She says an actor in the play died for love, and he was much older than the woman he loved. She adds that he looked exactly like Gerard. She asks Gerard if she heard him. He says that he was in a hurry when she interrupted him. She asks if he wants her to leave, and he says yes, for now. He apologizes and sends her on her way. 

He starts back towards the head when he appears to be possessed by something. He sits down and takes out Zachery's journal. He flips to the back and begins writing that tonight he will live. Gerard snaps out of it and realizes that it isn't his writing. He goes to the head and tells it that it won't possess him. He grabs the case with the head and leaves. 

Desmond deals out Tarot cards for Daphne. He explains that he learned from gypsies on the plains of Macedonia. He asks her if she likes Collinwood. She says that she does, and he shows a card saying that she's lying. She says that Quentin is a strange man who's unpredictable and moody. He says being married to Samantha will do that, and when Daphne suggest that he should have left her, he adds that he had no compelling reason to leave. She suggests that he did. Desmond flips another card and asks her what her secret is. She says that he knows as much about her as anyone in Collinwood. He flips another card, and says that it's sudden death, and asks whose. She asks him again for the newspapers and he takes one out of a cabinet. She reads the headline about Otis Greene. Desmond notes that Greene died in this very room, and he's responsible. She asks him what he's talking about, and he goes to get the other papers. He sees the journal is gone and freaks out. Daphne says she had better go find Carrie.

Gerard brings the case with the head to Widow's Hill. He removes the cover and tells the head that if he doesn't do this, he knows it will destroy him. He picks it up, says, "Goodbye Judah Zachery," and tosses it over the cliff. He hears a noise, and asks who's there. It's Carrie. He asks what she's doing. She says she saw him throw something over the cliff. He asks if she saw what it was, and she says she didn't. She says she thought he was going to meet a girl. He tells her he'll take her  back to Rose Cottage. He says that neither of them will say what happened at Widow's Hill. She says he went from being in a bad mood to being his good old self again. He says that he is his good old self again. 

Gerard brings Carrie back to Rose Cottage. Daphne is upset with her, asking where she was. Gerard says they went for a walk together. Daphne tells her they have to get back to Collinwood. Gerard tells Carrie he will see her later when he comes by to pick up Daphne. He then tells Daphne that he planned a lovely night for them. Daphne tells him that she's busy. Gerard sends Carrie to say goodnight to Flora. 

Gerard tells Daphne to break her plans. She reminds him that her mistresses sister died today. He tells her that he can't think of anything but her. He promises to take her to dinner, and tell her about his travels, explaining that it will help her with her Geography lessons. Carrie comes back in and says that Flora has asked them to stay for the night. Desmond returns, and Daphne says that Carrie can stay, but she will have to go back to Collinwood. Gerard says he'll see her in an hour. 

After she leaves, Desmond tells Gerard he doesn't waste much time. Gerard reminds Desmond that he's a guest of his mother, and Desmond says they'll see about that. He says Flora is not a stable woman. Desmond adds that an old journal of his is missing, and asks if Gerard has seen it. He says he has not, and leaves.

Gerard looks at the table where the head once was and says it's good not to see Judah Zachery. He then takes out the bejeweled mask, and says that it is his insurance, or better yet, his inheritance from the late Judah Zachery. 

He calls to Carrie, explaining that he's going to take a nap for half an hour, and asks her to wake him. He lies down and dreams. He hears Carrie's voice, saying there's a man to see him. The man says he would be foolish not to be expecting him. Gerard asks the man what he wants. He says he wants nothing — that he was sent to bring him something, and he holds up the covered case the head was in. Gerard wakes to Carrie knocking, saying there's a man to see him. 

The scene plays out as it did in his dream. Gerard cringes at the sight of the case he tossed over Widow's Hill.

Our thoughts: 

John: So Daphne thanks Desmond for returning the newspapers he didn't return. I'm guessing she already lost her job at the newspaper, so that probably won't be a problem for her.
Christine: Collinwood is facing a new and terrible danger in the form of teen hormones. I wonder if Carrie's crush on Gerard may ultimately be the cause of Collinwood's destruction in 1970.

John: It is amusing how one might think something going over the cliff at Widow's Hill might rid them of it, but there's certainly enough history (Bill Malone, anyone?) to suggest that problems can not be dispatched so easily...
Christine: It was pretty clear to see that he wasn't going to be able to rid himself of the Head that way, or the Head would have possessed him and made him stop. 

John: Could it be a relative of Nicholas Blair? Or Evan Hanley? Whoever he is, it's safe to assume he's not a very nice guy! It's great to have Humberto back!
Christine: My thoughts exactly! It was about time we reconvene all the major witches on the show. I wonder if he may be a member of Judah's coven who's come to town to look up Miranda. 

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