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Dark Shadows Episode 1139 11/5/70

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Gerard looks around in the tomb. He sees the hand extending from the rubble. He smiles when he sees the mask. He lifts it up, revealing Zachery's head. 


Trask gloats as he tells Barnabas that Roxanne has agreed to marry him. He says that Barnabas and Julia will be invited to the wedding. Trask goes upstairs to tell Samantha. Barnabas says he must speak to Roxanne. Julia tells him that he cannot, or Angelique will do what she threatened to do. He asks Julia to go see Roxanne in his place. 

Back in his room, Gerard admires the mask. He then looks at the head he replaced in the box, and tells Zachery to open his eyes and show him what powers he has. He explains that he's in his hands now, and all of his secrets will be his. Nothing happens. Gerard wonders if he imagined his eyes being open in the tomb. He lies down to sleep.

Julia asks Roxanne if she loves Trask, or if she's doing this because Barnabas rejected her. Roxanne says it's curious that he sent Julia to talk to him. Julia explains that he has a complicated relationship with his wife, and wants Roxanne to be happy.

Julia tells Barnabas that she thinks she got through to Roxanne. She goes up to bed, leaving Barnabas in the drawing room. He hears the front door open, and is surprised to see Roxanne. She tells him she's not going to marry Lamar Trask. She tells him that she loves him, and no one will stand in their way. He says he wishes it were possible. She asks him to tell her that he loves her. He does, and kisses her, as Angelique walks in on them. Barnabas says it isn't what she thinks it is, and Roxanne says it is. She tells her that he loves her, and she loves him, and she won't give him up. Barnabas asks Roxanne to let him speak to his wife. She does, saying nothing will change her mind. Barnabas tells Angelique that it was a temporary emotional outburst. He says she came to him, and promises she will not return to him again. Angelique walks out on him. Julia comes in and asks what he thinks she'll do.

Roxanne tells Trask there will not be a wedding. He's shocked. He asks who persuaded her to change her mind. He asks her where she was. She says she went to Collinwood to see Barnabas — the man she loves. He accuses Barnabas of having some kind of strange hold over her.

Angelique tells a Roxanne voodoo-doll that she'll only have Barnabas on her terms.

Roxanne tells Trask that she could never love him. She says she has always hated him.

Angelique pokes the doll.

Roxanne moans, and tells Trask to leave. He says he's going to find Barnabas and get to the bottom of this.

Trask arrives at Collinwod, screaming for Barnabas. He says Roxanne has been acting irrationally, and now seems to be suffering great pain. Julia tells him to take her to Roxanne. He does.

Roxanne is passed out with a bloody wound on her neck when Julia arrives. She says Barnabas, and then dies. Trask tells Julia that Barnabas will pay for this. He says he knew there was something evil about him. He says that he will someday know his secret.

Barnabas says he hoped Angelique would understand, but he was not enough of a fool to think she would. He says he must find a way to destroy her. Julia reminds him that Roxanne will rise, and he admits that they must put her to her final rest. They arrange to meet at dusk to decide what to do.

Gerard wakes up and notices the mask is gone. He looks around and sees it next to the head in the box. He grabs it and confirms that his door was locked. He sees Zachery's journal on the desk. He opens it up and finds a new entry in his own hand. It says "My body has been destroyed and can never be replaced. I will live again." He sees the handwriting then changes from his. He flips to an earlier entry and finds the same handwriting. He reads, "I will live again with the help of one who craves the power I can bestow on him." 

He goes to the head and asks what the writing means. Gerard says masks and journals don't move around by themselves. There's a knock on his door. He covers the head and answers it. Trask comes in and asks who he was speaking to. Gerard says he was having a nightmare. He asks what he wants, and Trask tells him Roxanne is dead. He says he thinks her death was an act of sorcery. He says he thinks Barnabas is responsible. He says they must intensify their investigation into Barnabas' background. He says that together, they can learn Barnabas' secret before he victimizes others.

Gerard arrives at Collinwood and asks Julia if she has seen Leticia. Julia suggests that she might be at Rose Cottage. Gerard snaps at her. He seems upset, but makes time for a drink. Julia leaves him. Angelique comes downstairs and introduces herself to Gerard. He looks at her and says that her name was Miranda.

Our thoughts: 

John: When Gerard found the mask, Zachery was clearly breathing... not very convincing if he's supposed to have been separated from his body!
Christine: Perhaps he was experiencing phantom lung. After seeing Gerard swoon over the mask, I realized I wrongly assumed Zachery had possessed him in yesterday's episode, though I was correct about him sticking his head back in a box. I would have assumed the head box had been destroyed in the blast, but perhaps he was able to find an identical box so Judah Z's head could feel at home. 
John: Oh, Barnabas, the babes are always going to be your weakness. And now you've gone and gotten another one killed. Of course her coming back as a vampire gives him a second shot at her, so he can't be that upset.
Christine: How is it that Roxanne was a vampire in 1970 before Julia had traveled to the past and released 1840 Barnabas from his coffin so he could subsequently give her a love bite? That conundrum aside, if she was so in love with Barnabas, wouldn't she have instantly recognized him when she encountered him in 1970? Incidentally, I just have to point out how fun it is to watch Trask go from gleeful gloating to his familial menacing hatred. 

John: Couldn't they have bothered to make Zachery's journal match what Gerard says that it said? Gerard's last scene in Collinwood was awfully strange. He frantically looks for Leticia, gets snippy with Julia, and then introduces a new bit of history... Angelique as Miranda...
Christine: It's interesting that not only did Gerard's handwriting change, but it appears he may have also picked up a different quill pen to write with. That last scene was strange, but I wonder if the jarring cut that preceded it indicated something got edited out that would have explained why Gerard showed up at Collinwood with such a huge chip on his shoulder. It was funny that he told Julia that he did not know where he'd be in the future, though it was an odd way to respond to her asking where to tell Leticia to find him when she saw her. 

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