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Dark Shadows Episode 1010 5/8/70

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Chase waits outside the Eagle.

Yaeger knocks Gladstone unconscious with his cane, and then extends the blade. He stabs him as he lies on the dock. Chase calls out asking what's going on. Yaeger runs away, and Chase sees the body of Gladstone. He sees a man's shadow a few feet away, and calls for him to come out so he can see his face. Yaeger comes out, and says with pleasure. He extends his blade, but runs past Chase.

Chase gives chase, following Yaeger back to Cyrus' lab. Yaeger goes to open the safe, but hears Sabrina talking to Chase. He says it's an emergency, and he needs to get into the lab. Yaeger leaves, and Sabrina comes downstairs with Chase. He says nothing appears to be disturbed. She asks who he was chasing. He says he saw a man jump the fence. She asks who the man is, and what he'd be doing in the lab. He tries the door, and she says Cyrus keeps it locked. She says she can get the keys, and he says the man is probably gone. He says he needs to call the police because the man he chased committed murder. She asks if it was John Yaeger, and he says he's not sure. Yaeger listens from outside the door. Chase tells Sabrina to wait until Cyrus comes back. He calls the sheriff to report a murder.

Yaeger realizes he needs to get the antidote without being seen.

Buffie locks up the Eagle for the night. As she's leaving, Yaeger stops her and asks her to do her old friend a favor. She asks what kind of favor he had in mind. He says he desperately needs something. She says she's tired and had a hard night.

He roughly grabs her and says he doesn't have time. He tells her being tired is better than being dead, and asks her what her answer is. She asks what he needs. He tells her that she wouldn't understand, and just needs to follow his instructions. He tells her she needs to go to Cyrus' lab to get something for him. She asks if he's in some kind of trouble. He tells her not to start asking questions. He gives her the key to the side door. She says she doesn't want to break the law; she doesn't have a record. He tells her about the bottle he needs from the safe, and how to open it. She agrees.

Sabrina is still in the lab, pacing. The phone rings, and it's Yaeger, pretending to be Cyrus. He says he's calling from a payphone in Rocksport. He says he met up with a colleague, and will be back in the morning. She asks if he's alright, saying he doesn't sound like himself. He tells her not to worry about him. She asks if he's seen John Yaeger. She says there was a murder in town that he may have committed. He says that Yaeger was scheduled to be out of town. He tells her to lock up the lab and get some rest. He hangs up, and then goes to tell Buffie that she can go to the lab in ten minutes. He tells her to bring it to the cave at the beach below the Collins estate. She tells him that things are getting crazier by the minute.

Sabrina locks up the lab, and hears someone upstairs. Chase comes down, and she tells him Cyrus won't be back until the morning. She says he sounded strange, as if he were not himself. She says he told her, "goodnight, my darling," and all he's ever said in the past is, "my dear." She asked what happened with the police. He says that he found out the man who was killed was named Horace Gladstone. She says he was a friend of Cyrus who came to the lab several times. He asks if they were close. She says they had a professional relationship; he provided chemicals for his work. Chase said he was scheduled to meet him at the Eagle at 10pm.

Buffie arrives at the locked lab door. She hears voices inside, talking about John Yaeger.

Sabrina asks him what it means. He asks if Cyrus and Gladstone were on good terms. He asks her to have Cyrus call him when he returns, and together they go upstairs.

Buffie unlocks the door and goes inside. She removes the painting over the safe. She hears Sabrina tell Chase she left something in the lab, and hides. Sabrina comes downstairs, but doen't see Buffie standing by the door. She goes back upstairs, and Buffie goes to unlock the safe.

Yaeger waits impatiently in the cave.  He sees footprints leading to an opening that appears to be blocked by large stones. Interested in where it leads, he begins to clear them away.

Buffie gets the potion out of the safe, and closes and locks it. She re-hangs the painting, and sneaks back out the locked door.

Yaeger finds himself in a room that he realizes must be part of the old house on the Collins' estate. He sees a coffin, chained shut. He wonders what deep dark secret Will Loomis is keeping from the rest of the world. Thinking the answer might come in handy, he unchains the coffin.

Our thoughts

John: Had to love Yaeger's multiple attempts to re-hang the picture over the safe before he was discovered. But my favorite moment in today's episode was Chase calling the sheriff to report... A MURDER!

Christine: That was rather suspenseful. I was expecting him to be discovered before he got it to hang properly.

John: Why would Yaeger literally return to the scene of the crime. And how is it that neither he nor Buffie were aware of any police presence on the dock investigating Gladstone's murder?

Christine: These are mysteries that are better left unexplored, lest they reveal a plot hole. They are getting a return on their phone booth investment. I expect many more phone calls to be made before that gets retired!

John: It looks like we'll finally be able to retire our 'Second Down for the Count(er)' next week! I wasn't expecting that Yaeger would be the means for Barnabas' release... of course the notion of a vampiric John Yaeger is almost too good to be true! I just hope Barnabas doesn't take him under his wing as another rehabilitation project...

Christine: Can we expect the usual throat grab upon opening of the coffin, or will Barnabas surprise us with an unconventional way of being released from his confinement?

Second Down for the Count:
Barnabas was chained in his coffin 28 episodes ago.

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Paul Haney said...

I thought for certain we'd get a throat grab today. Even if Frid was still absent, they could've had a stand-in hand do the deed.