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Episode 74 - 10/6/66

Burke returns to find David in his hotel room. Burke asks him how he snuck in. David says he got in while the maid was cleaning, and then hid from her. Burke says that's against the law, and David says it's not, as Burke told him before it's only against the law if you get caught. Burke says he doesn't recall telling him that, and if he did, he was wrong. David asks Burke if he ever killed anybody. He says he knows Burke didn't kill Bill Malloy. He says his father killed Mr. Malloy.

Roger arrives home and calls out to Liz. He can't believe his good fortune. Liz is troubled that Roger is celebrating. Liz realizes David ran out when the Sheriff arrived. Roger is too busy celebrating to care.

David says he knows his father killed Bill because the voices in Collinwood told him so. He said he also saw it in his crystal ball. Burke says the coroner is going to make David's aunt and uncle upset when he makes his ruling. There's a knock at the door, and Burke sends David into the kitchen. It's Carolyn, and when Burke invites her in and says he's in the middle of a meeting, she assumes it's with another woman. Carolyn insinuates that Burke is seeing Vicki, and he calls to his 'honey' to bring in the drinks. Carolyn is shocked to see David. She asks what he's doing there. David asks the same of her.

Carolyn tells Burke that her mother is going to hire Mrs. Johnson. Burke sends David into the kitchen, and he asks Carolyn why she's so worried he drove Vicki home. He tells her he doesn't have to explain himself to her, or to Vicki, or to anyone. She says she's glad she gave his gift back and he needs to be reminded about the pen. Burke says he doesn't have it. She says Roger was supposed to give it back to him. She says it was the night Bill died, and he was going to give it back to Burke. Burke says he mentioned it at the meeting that night, but that Roger realized he didn't have it. Carolyn steps into the other room to make a call. Carolyn comes back into the room and says she spoke to her mother and the coroner says Bill's death was ruled accidental. Burke is upset. He yells for her to take David home.

Carolyn and David return to Collinwood. Liz is upset with David, but Carolyn says to forget about it today. David tells Carolyn to tell her mother how Burke reacted to the news.

In the Sheriff's office, Burke demands to understand how the coroner could arrive at his conclusion. The Sheriff says unless he has any evidence, Burke better get out of his office. Burke says it's not over. And he adds that he's got lawyers now, so it won't be so easy to run him out of town this time.

Our thoughts

John: Roger is downright giddy over the coroner's ruling. I'd say he was in a drunken stupor, but he hadn't yet had a thing to drink.

Christine: Yes, the Collins family is ecstatic, which is bound to mean that the tide will turn.

John: I love when Burke calls to David, saying "Hi, honey," to toy with Carolyn. And then when David turns the tables on Carolyn, asking what she's doing, he says to her, "your turn!" Classic.

Christine: That was a great scene. It would be easy for Burke to hurt the Collins family through his fan club of David and Carolyn.

John: So I was wrong, Burke got the news sooner than I was expecting. But I can't say I was surprised by his reaction. Of course now we all want to know what happened to the pen between when Carolyn gave it to Roger, and when he arrived at the meeting. Will it turn up with Bill Malloy's personal effects? Maybe that will be our Friday climax tomorrow!

Episode 45
"Now that's the second time you've mentioned that pen."

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