Thursday, October 20, 2016

Episode 84 - 10/20/66

David leads Vicki through the closed portion of the house. She gets upset when he doesn't lead her to her missing pen as promised. He explains how he spends time here with his friends that live in this part of the house.

Carolyn returns home and her mother asks where she's been, and if she's seen David. She once again apologizes for her behavior. She tells her mother that she thinks she loves Joe.

Carolyn calls Joe to apologize and invites him over. Liz comes downstairs, unable to find Vicki.

David starts screaming for help, demonstrating to Vicki that if she screamed, no one would hear her. He says that sometimes dead people come to visit him.

Joe arrives, dressed to the nines. Carolyn assumes of course that it's all for her.

David says he can't find Vicki's pen, but maybe his friends can. Vicki tries to leave but the door is locked. Vicki tells David to stop trying to frighten her. Vicki realizes that David lied about the pen to get her into this part of the house and scare her. He unlocks the door, and asks her to blow out the candle. When she does, he closes the door and locks her in. David sneaks back into the main part of the house.

Carolyn apologizes to Joe, again. He interrupts her and says he came because she told him to come over immediately. He says when she wasn't around, he made other plans for the evening. She says it must be special if he's so dressed up. He explains that he was invited to dinner by a friend. When it slips that his friend is a 'she', Carolyn flies into a jealous rage. She sends him out telling him she never wants to see him again. This time, for real.

David appears on the stairway, and his aunt asks him if he's seen Vicki. He says she must have gone for a walk.

Vicki calls out to David to let her out as she hugs the door as thunder and lightning cracks outside.

Our thoughts

John: Does the thunder soundtrack only play in the closed portion of the house? I don't think we've had inclement weather in Collinwood in weeks.

Christine: It's a gothic storm heralding the ghosts of Collinwood. It could be that Vicki is about to join them.

John: Carolyn sure was nice to Joe. Demanding that he come see her, and independently deciding that he's going to take her to the most expensive restaurant in town. Of course by the end of the episode, she's back to hating him.

Christine: She had big plans for the both of them. She even thought she might...lead him on some more.

John: David's evil streak reaches new heights. Vicki, trapped alone in a room where no one can hear her pleas for help... and this is not even a Friday afternoon cliffhanger!

Christine: Do remember that this is the same child who got away with attempted murder of his own father. At least he left her some provisions and a candle.

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