Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Episode 88 - 10/26/66

In the drawing room, Vicki tells Carolyn that she saw a ghost when she was trapped in the room—Bill Malloy—warning her to leave Collinwood before she was killed. Liz walks in as she says that, and says that's nonsense. She says Roger mentioned David's prank, but nothing about any ghosts. Vicki tells her that based on the events of the past few days, she thinks it's best that she leaves Collinwood. Roger enters and agrees with her. He says Vicki shouldn't stay where she is in danger. Liz asks the girls to leave. Roger makes up a story of what happened with David and Vicki. Liz asked how he got into that part of the house, and Roger says the door was unlocked. Liz suggests that lately there have been too many accidents at Collinwood.

Carolyn comes in to Vicki's room and tells her she can't leave. She also tells Vicki how she was out with Burke Devlin after finding out Joe was having dinner with Maggie Evans. Vicki tries to get Carolyn to see the double standard she's applying to Joe. Carolyn says that she was upset when she got home and Vicki's whereabouts were still unknown. Despite everything, Vicki expresses concern for David.

Liz is confused by Roger's explanation of events. She asks if Roger has ever seen a ghost in Collinwood. He says he's not sure. He says he's seen and felt things that he can't explain. He suggests they can go back to the room of the house to look for evidence of what Vicki claimed to have seen.

Carolyn says that Vicki is the only one she can talk to about Burke Devlin.

Liz and Roger make their way through the closed off portion of the house. They find the room where Vicki was trapped, and Liz finds David's things, proving he had been there before, and locked her in deliberately. Roger says Vicki needs to leave because David is an incipient psychopath. Liz asks if he was concerned about Vicki saying she saw the ghost of Bill Malloy. She points out the wet seaweed still on the floor in the room.

Downstairs, Liz explains that they saw the evidence they were meant to see. She talks of ghosts wandering around until wrongs have been righted. Roger doesn't know what to make of it. Carolyn and Vicki come downstairs, and she begs her mother to convince Vicki to stay. Liz explains to Vicki that she'd like her to stay, but that the decision is Vicki's to make. Roger argues that she should leave. Vicki says that she wants David to make the decision. She wants to know why he hates her.

Our thoughts

John: How is it that David doesn't make an appearance in this episode? He's certainly got some explaining to do.

Christine: The adults have to decide what to do about him. This is his second attempted murder.

John: Liz and Roger are pretty cavalier about finding wet seaweed in the room where Vicki says she saw Bill Malloy's ghost. If Roger really thought it was part of David's attempt to frighten Vicki, I think he would have made a stronger case for that.

Christine: They suspect Bill Malloy's ghost was there as Vicki stated, but don't want to believe that Bill Malloy's ghost is actually hanging around Collinwood.

John: It's great to see parts of the house that we've never seen before, but I have a hard time believing Roger's claim that he walked for miles before finding the room Vicki was in.

Christine: Maybe he meant to say feet instead of miles as he did in Episode 17. Perhaps it just seemed like he walked for miles. Wow, that was over 70 episodes ago. We've really come a long way.

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