Monday, October 17, 2016

Episode 81 - 10/17/66

In the diner, Matthew sits down with Burke Devlin. Burke tells him to find another table. Matthew asks Burke why he wants to own Collinwood. Matthew says the place will burn down before Burke owns it. As he's leaving, Matthew spills the beans about Mrs. Stoddard's scheduling an interview with Mrs. Johnson. After he leaves, Burke phones Mrs. Johnson and demands that she keeps him updated with how the interview goes.

Back in Collinwood, Liz admonishes Matthew for talking to Burke. Liz tells him that she'll do everything she can to prevent Devlin from hurting anyone at Collinwood. Matthew asks if she's sure she wants to hire Mrs. Johnson to help her. Liz says if she does, it's because it's what she thinks is best.

Matthew is outside trimming the hedges when a cab pulls up with Mrs. Johnson.

Liz invites her into the drawing room. She explains that she hasn't had a full staff in the house in many years. She said that Bill always spoke highly of  Mrs. Johnson, and that she was the first person Liz thought of when she considered bringing someone on to help with cooking and light housekeeping. Liz asks if she knows Burke Devlin. Mrs. Johnson says she's not a gossip, and she respects others privacy. Liz gives her a tour of the house.

Liz says she'd like some time to think about it, and she'll contact Mrs. Johnson once she's made her decision. She asks Matthew to take Mrs. Johnson back into town, and then sits in the drawing room pondering her decision.

Matthew and Mrs. Johnson stop into the diner so she can have lunch. Matthew mentions the ghosts in Collinwood, and asks why Mrs. Johnson doesn't go live with her daughter. Mrs. Johnson tells Matthew that she was loyal to Bill, and she would be loyal to Mrs. Collins. Matthew leaves, and she goes to meet with Burke.

Burke asks when she starts, and Mrs. Johnson explains Mrs. Stoddard needs time. Burke tells her she must have loused it up if she didn't get hired. She tells him she's not a fool, and she doesn't like to be treated like one. Burke suggests she go home and wait for Mrs. Stoddard's call. He's going to lookout point to look for clues.

Matthew returns, and Liz asks for his opinion on Mrs. Johnson. He defers to her decision, and Liz picks up the phone and calls Mrs. Johnson to make the offer.

Our thoughts

John: Once again, we're left hanging after Friday's reveal to Roger that Vicki has Burke Devlin's missing pen. Argh!

Christine: Vicki said it was out of ink so she's obviously gone off to the store to get some.

John: Burke refers to lookout point as the place WHERE Bill Malloy was murdered. If we didn't know better, I'd say that was a telling statement...

Christine: He could be a suspect. Perhaps he's so twisted in his desire for revenge that he was willing to commit murder just to frame Roger.

John: Sounds like Burke and Mrs. Johnson are going to have a tumultuous relationship. I have a hunch that things may not work out as he originally planned.

Christine: I like that she is not intimidated by him. She's got more guts than Roger Collins, though we'll see if she remains fearless in the face of the ghosts of Collinwood.

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