Monday, October 3, 2016

Episode 71 - 10/3/66

Roger calls the Sheriff to ask about the status of the report on Bill's cause of death. The Sheriff explains that he thinks it will either be ruled accidental, or a homicide, in which case he's sure they'll be talking more.

Roger calls the Sheriff back, but hangs up before speaking with him. He runs into Vicki in the foyer. He asks how she's been getting along with David. She explains that David's been introducing her to his friends; the ghosts in the old house. Roger suggests that she needs an excursion, and offers to tour the cannery. He also offers to take her to breakfast, and says they might have one more stop to make in between.

Burke drops in on the Sheriff to check in on the status of his investigation. The Sheriff explains that the coroner's report should be finalized today. Burke presses him to find out if he expects it to be ruled an accident or homicide.

Over breakfast at the diner at the hotel, Roger explains a bit about the cannery to Vicki. Burke comes up, and Roger suggests that he's sure Bill's death will be ruled an accidental drowning. Right then, Burke walks in and says he doesn't think Roger will be that lucky. Roger goes to make a phone call, and Burke asks Vicki what she's doing. She asks where he'll be later, and Burke says he'll be at the diner. Roger tells Vicki it's time to leave, and they need to make one more stop.

Roger takes Vicki to see the Sheriff. He says they were on the way to the cannery, and thought he might be able to help out with the report. Vicki gets a tour of the Sheriff's office, and then Roger revisits Bill's time of death, and his statement. He says Vicki can corroborate his alibi. Vicki tells her story, which still doesn't pinpoint exactly when he left.

After her tour of the cannery, Vicki meets Burke at the diner. Burke says Vicki gave Roger a solid gold alibi. Vicki says she told the truth. The Sheriff arrives and tells Vicki that he can tell Roger that he added her statement to the report. Burke says Vicki sure gets around, and offers to drive her home.

Burke drops Vicki off, and she suggests he leave. He says he'll be back, and maybe when the world does crash, he'll save a piece for her to stand on. He tells her to say hello to Mrs. Stoddard for him, and leaves.

Our thoughts

John: It seems pretty clear from his statements that the Sheriff doesn't have enough evidence to rule Bill's death a homicide. Roger shoehorning in Vicki's testimony all but assures that; assuming the Sheriff finds it credible in supporting Roger's timeline.

Christine: Sheriff Patterson is funny. I enjoyed how he offered to get Burke some of his coffee after initially telling him it would make him sick.

John: Roger thinks he's got Vicki wrapped around his finger. I'll bet he wouldn't be too happy to know she met with Burke after leaving him, though it's his own fault for making her walk home.

Christine: It was not very gallant of him. He got what he wanted and sent her on her way. Roger is being very devious. I wonder what else he has planned for Miss Winters.

John: I have to be honest, this was a bit of a let down after Friday's ghostly interlude. Hopefully we don't have to wait too much longer for our next supernatural experience.

Christine: Yes, what a tease! We won't have to wait too much longer, but long enough. Here are some location shots of Vicki playing hooky with Dodgy Roger.

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