Friday, October 28, 2016

Episode 90 - 10/28/66

Vicki starts to pack her bag when David comes into her room. He asks what she's doing. He says it looks like she's packing to leave. She asks if that's what he wanted. He says that's what he said he wanted. He says he didn't mean all of the things he said to her. If she died, he says he WOULD come to her funeral. Because he likes funerals. She asks about Roger scolding him for locking her in the room. David says he didn't know she was in the room. He says he wasn't talking to her - he was talking to the ghosts; Josette Collins and another girl.

Vicki mentions the ghost of Bill Malloy. David asks what he said. Vicki tells him that the ghost told her to leave. David says she can't leave now. If the ghosts like her, then she needs to stay. She says that he told her to leave or she'd be killed. David says that Bill had to have been murdered, as if it were an accident, he wouldn't come back as a ghost. He also says that Josette didn't jump from Widow's Hill—she was pushed. David begs Vicki to stay. Carolyn hears this as she walks by, and reminds Vicki that she said she'd let David decide. Carolyn asks if she might have been dreaming when she saw the ghost. Vicki points out the seaweed, and also that the ghost was singing what Carolyn knew to be Bill's favorite song.

David finds Matthew changing the lock on the door to the closed off portion of the house.

Vicki tells Carolyn that the only reason David wants her to stay is the ghosts. Carolyn admits that her wanting Vicki to stay is selfish.

David tells Matthew he needs him to fix something.

Vicki wants to show Carolyn the room, and with Matthew gone, they're able to get in.

Once the girls are gone, David goes into Vicki's room to read her diary entry on Bill Malloy's ghost.

Matthew finishes with the lock, and David asks him if anyone already in there could get out. He suggests that the lock isn't just to keep people in, but also to keep people out. David tells him that Vicki saw Bill's ghost. Matthew seems worried. David offers to take him to the room where Bill's ghost was seen, so he can hear who killed him.

Vicki brings Carolyn to the room she was trapped in, careful to hang on to the key. She describes what she saw, and points to where she saw Bill's ghost. There's no sign of seaweed, so Carolyn assumes she was dreaming. She then shows Carolyn how she tried to get the key, and she realizes the paper she used has a ledger with a familiar name - B Hanscombe.

Vicki and Carolyn find David in her room, where David goes so far as to say he loves her. After he leaves, Vicki asks Carolyn if he had said that about anything or anyone before. Carolyn says he once told her about a kitten he loved back in Augusta; but he drowned it.

Our thoughts

John: So did Roger and Liz NOT share how they found seaweed where Vicki saw Bill's ghost? Argh!

Christine: And while they can't bother to dust or clean out the cobwebs or even pick up papers off the floor, they went to the trouble of removing all the seaweed from the floor? Or did the ghost of Bill Malloy come back to get his seaweed back? It's what all the discerning drowned ghosts are wearing this season, after all.

John: How could Vicki have forgotten Betty Hanscombe from the Sam Evans portrait that looked just like her? We certainly haven't forgotten.

Christine: Yeah, that was pretty weak. Some kids may have had detention that day in 1966, and since they did not have the benefit of being able to record episodes, may have no idea who the heck Betty Hanscombe is.

John: Okay, I must admit I'm a little bit disappointed by this episode after last week's 'Ghost Friday.' We can only hope that they've saved up something very special for Halloween...

Christine: Save us, ghost of Bill Malloy, please save us! It's been a bit of a disappointing week. The ghosts are coming, but probably not on Halloween. Kids have to get ready for trick-or-treating and probably don't have time to watch Dark Shadows at 4pm in 1966, so there's no point in having anything too dramatic happening that day.

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  1. I gotta say, my favorite moment in quite a while... exclusive of the honest-to-gosh seaweed-dripping apparition - was the bit about David and the kitten.
    Seriously, this kid is truly creepy.