Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode 83 - 10/19/66

Vicki can't find her pen on David's desk. They search his room for it.

Roger digs a hole, buries the pen in it, and moves a rock on top of the pen's grave.

Vicki and David continue searching his room for it, unsuccessfully. Vicki suggests that David may have borrowed it and he denies it.

Roger returns home and hears Vicki and David arguing about something. Roger tells them to stop arguing, and offers to buy a replacement pen. Roger asks Vicki to join him in the drawing room and goes downstairs. David is surprised that his father stood up for him.

Joe stops in the diner and lets Maggie know that he was offered a promotion he turned down, and that Carolyn told him she didn't want to see him again. Maggie has Joe pegged. Joe says he and Carolyn may never understand one another. He asks Maggie for advice. She suggests one option is finding a new girl.

Vicki and Roger discuss David. He implores her to forget about the pen. Again, he offers to replace it. She says she's not concerned about the pen, but accepting David's behavior. He convinces her to forget about it for the good of all, and to never bring it up again.

Maggie continues to flirt with Joe. They talk about the ghosts up at Collinwood. Maggie says she'd rather have the little cottage she shares with her Dad than the big house on the hill. Maggie invites Joe to dinner.

David stares into his crystal ball when his father enters. Roger gives him a pen, and asks him to forget all about Vicki's pen, and never mention it to anyone.

David finds Vicki in the drawing room. When he confirms that no one else is home, he runs upstairs. Joe stops by to see Carolyn. He asks Vicki if she thinks he's an idiot for constantly letting Carolyn treat him poorly, and she jokingly says yes. Joe says he's resigning from the idiot's union, and going home to prepare for a date.

Back upstairs, David tells Vicki she can have her pen, and points her to the closed off section of the house. She says they can't get in, and David produces a key. David opens the door and leads her inside.

Our thoughts

John: This episode only survives in a Kinescope, a filmed recording of the television broadcast.

Christine: It's not ideal, but watchable. Roger is instigating trouble with his demonic son in order to solve the problem of Miss Winters. He is a very bad man.

John: Not sure if Joe gets Maggie's hint, but by the end of the episode, they've got a dinner date, so we'll see what this does to his relationship with Carolyn.

Christine: Carolyn continues to cycle through treating him badly and then apologizing for it. Maggie will probably be more consistent with her affection, so it's likely the beginning of the end of Carolyn and Joe's relationship.

John: When Vicki tells David that only the two of them are in the house, where's Liz? Did she suddenly decide to take off after 18 years?

Christine: Perhaps she took Mrs. Johnson over to visit Matthew at his cottage so they could get chummy. She hasn't been off the grounds in 18 years, but that doesn't mean she hasn't left the house. She could be tooling around the old house or out exploring Widow's Hill. Though I do get the point that the writers may not have been thinking too carefully about explaining that very well.

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