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Episode 91 - 10/31/66

Vicki and Carolyn bring the ledger referencing B. Hanscombe downstairs, and Vicki suddenly remembers Betty Hanscombe from the portrait Sam Evans painted. Carolyn says that doesn't really add up to very much, but Vicki calls Sam Evans to confirm the name. Carolyn still doesn't understand what that proves. Carolyn asks if she thinks that's her mother. Vicki says it may be proof that she has some family in Collinsport. Carolyn wants to ask her mother, but Vicki asks her not to, as Liz always seems to avoid the question. Liz enters and Vicki confirms that she's decided to stay on at Collinwood. Liz is pleased, although surprised, by her decision. Vicki asks for some time off to visit Bangor, and Carolyn offers to drive her in to town.

Carolyn and Vicki arrive at the diner. Vicki goes to the lobby to check the bus schedule, and Carolyn calls Burke to let her know that she's at the diner. Vicki has an hour before the next bus. Burke joins the girls in the diner, and hears about Vicki's trip. Carolyn then asks if he knew Vicki saw Bill's ghost. Burke offers to drive Vicki into Bangor with him, and Carolyn jumps in to say the bus will be there any minute. Vicki agrees to join Burke, and he goes to get her luggage from Carolyn's car. Carolyn is angry that Vicki ruined her chance on seeing Burke that evening.

In the car en route to Bangor, Burke asks Vicki about Bill's ghost.

Back at Collinwood, Carolyn storms in. Liz asks her what's wrong. Carolyn says she thinks she made a mistake about Vicki. Maybe she shouldn't stay on. Liz asks why she suddenly feels this way. Carolyn explains that Vicki is with Burke. She says they're on their way to Bangor together, and Vicki is probably telling him all about the family.

Vicki explains how David locked her in a room, and how she saw Bill's ghost. She mentions Bill's ghost singing, and then warned her to leave Collinsport before she was killed like he was. Burke doesn't believe it was a ghost, but does believe Bill was killed by someone in Collinwood. Vicki confirms that the ghost said Collinsport—not Collinwood. She asks Burke to drop her off at the hotel when they arrive in Bangor.

Our thoughts

John: Happy Halloween! I know it's only Monday, but what a wasted opportunity to do something special for the episode airing today.

Christine: Well, technically it's 10-20-66, so it's not Halloween yet. It is disappointing that after being presented with the exciting ghost of Bill Malloy that we've had to endure some lackluster, plodding episodes.

John: How is it that Vicki knows Sam Evans' number from memory? Must be from always calling her best friend Maggie when the cameras aren't on her.

Christine: Remember there were no cell phones back in the day and it was commonplace to commit phone numbers to memory. Though I get your point that she's only been to Maggie's house once and wouldn't have dialed it often. She must have a really good memory.

John: How would Burke know that Vicki saw Bill's ghost, Carolyn? Would that have been published in the Collinsport Daily News? And then you tell him she's going to Bangor, and you get upset when he offers to drive her. Good lord Carolyn, you've got issues.

Christine: Are you really talking to Carolyn? Should we be concerned? She is a teenager, and a spoiled one whose father abandoned her before she was born and who's lived alone with her mother for the past 18 years. Certainly she's got issues. Just wait. Just you wait.

Betty Hanscombe? Who's that? (photo from Ep. 60)

Happy Halloween from the Ghosts at Collinwood!

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  1. And the ghost of Bill Malloy certainly qualifies as the first ghost to actually have direct contact with a character - on-screen. Li'l David claims to have seen, uhh, Josette(?)- and we certainly did... But there was no on-screen contact with another character.