Friday, October 14, 2016

Episode 80 - 10/14/66

Roger searches the drawing room looking for the pen he took from Carolyn to return to Burke. He retraces his steps and grows more and more flustered. He looks up to find Vicki watching him. She says she's looking for David. Roger says he got a call that he was at the Inn with Burke. When he went to pick him up, he was already gone. Roger asks Vicki about Liz hiring Mrs. Johnson. He asks Vicki to dissuade her from bringing more strangers into the house. Liz interrupts him and indicates it's not his decision. Vicki makes a hasty exit before Liz and Roger argue about whether it's appropriate to bring in more help. Liz makes it absolutely clear that he has no say in the matter.

Carolyn stops in to see Vicki in her room. She's upset she hasn't heard from Joe since standing him up. Vicki suggests she call him.

Roger sees Carolyn after she calls Joe, and asks her if she's sure he had Burke's pen. She confirms it was the day Bill died, and that he must have lost it on the way to the meeting.

Roger combs the beach looking for something.

Carolyn returns to Vicki's room confirming she talked to Joe. Liz comes in and asks about David. Vicki says Roger told her he was in town. Liz suggests they need help, and Carolyn reiterates her suggestion of Mrs. Johnson.

Vicki goes downstairs to let Joe in. Joe asks Vicki if she told Carolyn he was dancing with Maggie. She confirms she did not, and Joe says if he didn't love Carolyn, he might love her. Liz comes down and asks Joe to meet with her in the drawing room.

Liz asks him about his future plans. Roger interrupts them. Liz suggests that she'd prefer Joe to continue working for them rather than spinning off on his own. Roger says he thought those sorts of decisions were his, and Liz says that she's sure Roger will agree with her. She then asks Roger to leave.

In the foyer, Carolyn comes downstairs and Roger stops her before she enters the drawing room. He says her mother is offering him a bribe to take Carolyn off their hands. He expresses concern that she might consider marrying a no one like Joe. He then mentions Joe's date with Maggie Evans. She refuses to believe it, and he suggests that she ask Joe, or better yet, Vicki. She storms upstairs to do just that.

Joe and Liz come out of the drawing room. He explains that he still wants to have his own boat, and also marry Carolyn. Carolyn comes downstairs to admonish her mother for trying to make a deal involving her.

Vicki's writing a letter with Burke's pen when Carolyn comes in and asks about Joe and Maggie. Vicki explains that there was nothing going on.

Liz asks Joe to seriously consider her offer. She then sends Roger upstairs to get Carolyn. She then makes a call to Mrs. Johnson, and invites her to come out to Collinwood to discuss a job.

Roger comes into Vicki's room looking for Carolyn. She says she went on a walk to lookout point. Roger points out that's where Bill drowned. She says it's not all unlucky, she found this pen there, and shows Roger Burke'e pen,

Our thoughts

John: The Carolyn/Joe Yo-Yo continues to go up and down. Will the innocent dance between Joe and Maggie be so quickly forgotten, or is it a minor wound that's going to continue to fester?

Christine: It was only innocent on Joe's side of things. Will Carolyn seek Maggie out for a cat fight?

John: I thought they were going to tease us with the damn pen for another week! Had Carolyn seen it, she'd be hard pressed to explain how it got there if Roger wasn't involved in Bill's death. Of course, it all depends on where things go from here.

Christine: Things aren't looking good for Roger. Vicki is bound to show it to Carolyn, who will ask where she found it. And if Burke finds out about it...

John: Liz finally made the call to Mrs. Johnson. It will be interesting to see how injecting some new blood into Collinwood impacts things there, and most importantly, how Roger deals with it.

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  1. I don't want to get too political, but that smile of Carolyn's in the second still above has a sort of unsettling H.R.C. look to it.