Friday, October 21, 2016

Episode 85 - 10/21/66

Vicki is locked in a room in the abandoned part of Collinwood. She calls for help, but no one can hear her.

Liz broods in the drawing room as she worries about Vicki. Carolyn comes in looking for her raincoat, and Liz asks if Joe is coming back for her. Carolyn says she's going out on her own. She said she apologized to Joe, and then he told her he had a date with someone else. Liz lectures Carolyn. She says that it was she who ran off to Bangor to meet another man. Carolyn refuses to hear it and runs off.

Sam drops in to the Blue Whale, and ignores a request from Burke to join him. Sam calls home to tell Maggie he'll be home shortly. He finds out she's hosting Joe for dinner, and suggests she might want to avoid a hornets nest. Burke convinces Sam to join him for a drink, promising not to bring up Bill Malloy.

Carolyn heads out into the rain. Liz pleads with Carolyn to help her stay and look for Vicki, but she refuses.

Vicki explores possible exits from the room, but the window is barred.

Sam and Burke continue to throw down drinks, just like old times. They discuss ghosts up at Collinwood. Burke says there's one person he wouldn't want to scare in Collinwood—Vicki Winters. Bill comes up in discussion, in particular his ghost. They begin singing Bill's favorite sea shanty, "What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor," when Carolyn arrives. Burke invites her to join them. Burke says she should have brought Vicki, and Carolyn starts to leave. Burke asks if Carolyn is hungry and Sam realizes he has to get home for dinner with Maggie and her guest. Carolyn realizes it's Joe. Sam leaves, and Burke asks Carolyn what they're going to do. Carolyn says that's entirely up to him.

The ghost of Bill Malloy appears in the room with Vicki, singing his shanty. He calls for her to wake up. He warns her to get away before she's killed. He walks through the door and Vicki is sure she's dreaming. She runs to the door to see water and seaweed on the floor.

Our thoughts

John: Yes! We welcome the Ghost of Bill Malloy to Collinwood, in what I truly hope will be the first of many such appearances! This is even more exciting than Josette's stepping out of the portrait a few weeks back. Of course, it would have been nice of him to open the door for Vicki, as opposed to just warning her...

Christine: Dan Curtis is continuing his experimentation with ghosts and watching the ratings go through the roof, so the supernatural element is around the corner. What's more exciting about this ghost is that it's a former character and he speaks! Unfortunately the loop above shows that the water and seaweed were on the floor before he appeared, though maybe he showed up earlier when we weren't looking.

John: Liz finally sets Carolyn straight. It's about time someone called her out on how she's jealous of Joe despite having spent the past few weeks pining over Burke Devlin in front of him.

Christine: It was super sweet when Liz told Carolyn, "You think your world's coming to an end because for once Joe didn't jump the minute you snapped your fingers, and if you want to know, I'm delighted." Too bad she was covering her ears at the time, though she wouldn't have heard it anyway.

John: I began to wonder how many times they'd loop Cobert's creepy music cue while Vicki was trapped in the locked room. But I will forgive them for that for giving us another Friday send-off, ghost-style!

Christine: That would be Cue 81: Theremin Whee and it played 7 times, which is probably significant, though I think perhaps the record was skipping. Speaking of Cobert's music cues, I'm glad to hear his selections are being played once again on the Blue Whale jukebox in today's episode.

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