Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Episode 73 - 10/5/66

Sam Evans stops by to see the Sheriff. He explains he was just passing by. The Sheriff says he was worried it took so long for Sam to show up. He explains Burke Devlin and Roger Collins each dropped by to visit hours before. All three anxious to find out the results of the coroner's report. The Sheriff says in a few hours he should know if he's Sam Evans the painter or Sam Evans the murder suspect.

Elizabeth asks David to join her in the drawing room. She asks where he's been. He says he was outside playing. He said Vicki never showed up for his lessons today, hoping she'd get in trouble. She sends David upstairs to see Vicki. David says he thinks she told him that Burke killed Bill Malloy.

Sam asks which way he thinks the coroner will go, and the Sheriff sends Sam on his way. The Sheriff says the coroner may ask him about everyone's demeanor, and he says Sam sure seems nervous. Sam explains he's just very interested, and runs off.

David tries to call Burke Devlin from the phone in the foyer. Liz walks in on him and asks what he had to tell Burke. David wanted to tell Burke that the Sheriff and Liz think he killed Mr. Malloy. David says Bill was killed, but Burke had nothing to do with it. Liz tells him to go upstairs. She then calls the Sheriff to get an update on the coroner's findings.

Sam stops into the diner to see Maggie. She says she hears the coroner's report on Bill Malloy is due later today, and the rumor is it's going to be ruled a homicide. He asks her to keep her gossip to herself. Sam asks if Maggie's thought about what she's going to do with her life after he's gone.

Roger calls Liz and they discuss what they heard from the Sheriff. After hanging up, David tries to sneak past his aunt and she sends him back upstairs. While she goes to make a phone call, he runs outside. The Sheriff pulls up as she goes outside to try and stop him.

The Sheriff tells Liz the coroner has ruled that Bill's death was an accidental drowning.

David Collins arrives in the diner looking for Burke. Maggie introduces him to her Dad and offers him free ice cream. Sam tells David he has a great smile, and he'd love to paint it someday. David leaves. Sam tells Maggie that no matter what the coroner rules, Burke Devlin is going to go on a rampage at Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: The Sheriff has been the hardest working actor in Dan Curtis land these past few weeks, but I think that's all about to change.

Christine: No wonder he was smiling when he tells Liz it was an accidental drowning. Everyone was anxious about the coroner's report, with Sam acting guilty and Maggie and the Sheriff tossing out red herrings, and then it all comes to naught. You can bet Devlin and Mrs. Johnson will not let it rest.

John: David's pushing his luck with his only fan. His aunt Elizabeth had enough of his antics before he disobeyed her and ran away.

Christine: Wait til she finds out he's looking to spend some quality time with his surrogate father and enemy of the Collins family.

John: I imagine it's going to take the rest of the week for the news to filter through Collinwood. If I had to guess, I'd say that Roger and Sam will hear the news first, and Burke Devlin will get wind of the coroner's ruling last—in the final minutes of Friday's episode.

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