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Episode 79 - 10/13/66

Mrs. Johnson arrives at Burke Devlin's hotel room. Burke tells her that she needs to soft pedal her belief that Bill Malloy was murdered if she wants to get the job at Collinwood. He also mentions a new goal in life - in addition to taking Collinwood, he wants to avenge Bill's death. Burke gets a mysterious phone call describing Roger and Sam's argument at The Blue Whale. Burke asks Mrs. Johnson what Bill thought about Roger and Sam.

Sam reads the paper in the diner. He asks Maggie if her customers have been asking about Bill Malloy's death. Maggie asks what he and Roger were talking about the night before. She joking suggests that the two robbed a bank and are arguing about splitting the loot. He yells at her.

Burke tells Mrs. Johnson what he's interested in having her keep track of at Collinwood. Roger's coming and going; who he talks to, etc. They talk about Vicki, and Mrs. Johnson mentions how after Paul Stoddard disappeared 18 years ago, she fired all the staff except Matthew. She thought it made perfect sense that Liz would have hired an outsider to tutor David.

Burke gets a call from Blair. He wants to be in a position to put up an offer for the mortgage on Collinwood.

Mrs. Johnson comes into the diner for breakfast. She orders vegetable juice and well done wheat toast that she'll butter herself, thank you. After taking her order, Maggie tells her Dad she doesn't trust Mrs. Johnson. A jovial Burke enters the diner. He exchanges pleasantries with Sam, they talk about the coroner's report, and Sam says no one had anything to do with Bill's death. Mrs. Johnson jumps up and says someone does, and that someone is in the room—Burke Devlin. She explains that his coming to town resulted in Bill's accidental death. David then storms in screaming in defense of Burke.

Burke takes David into the hotel lobby and asks what he's doing there. David was looking for Burke. They go upstairs to talk privately.

Mrs. Johnson explains to Sam and Maggie that Burke upset Mrs. Stoddard, and that upset Bill, probably causing him to lose his footing along Widow's Hill.

Burke asks David what's on his mind. David asks if Burke wants to take Collinwood away from his aunt. Burke said that the last time they spoke, David suggested he buy it so they could have fun up there. David explains how Mrs. Winters was teaching him about the civil war, and he feels like Burke and his aunt are competing generals. Burke says that they'll have to rewrite history so that nobody loses. David slyly leaves the photograph of Burke on the dresser. Burke tells David he shouldn't worry about what Mrs. Johnson said in the diner. Burke also tells David he can keep the picture of him.

Mrs. Johnson continues her tirade against Burke and orders another piece of toast. Maggie has a new appreciation for Mrs. Johnson now that she's spoken ill of Burke. David comes back into the diner and apologizes for Mrs. Johnson.

Our thoughts

John: Burke says he now wants to avenge Bill's death, but I don't think that's actually true. He just wants to take down Roger Collins, which has been his primary goal all along.

Christine: He seems to feel genuine affection for David. I wonder how he'll reconcile his revenge against Roger with his feelings for the boy.

John: Burke suggests to Mrs. Johnson that she and he shouldn't appear too friendly, but I don't know if he was expecting her to blame him for Bill's death the first chance she got. The look on his face was priceless.

Christine: It was clear that was not what he had in mind when he suggested they act as though they don't care for each other. She's a loose cannon. I don't think anyone will suspect them of being in cahoots, as long as she doesn't slip up.

John: I love that they continue to make Mrs. Johnson somewhat eccentric. That said, they also smooth over some of her rough edges with both Maggie and David in this episode. Might she become David's only true ally in Collinwood?

Christine: There is potential there, but David is fickle. The truce may be short lived, though I imagine she'll develop an affection for him, and he may reciprocate in time.

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  1. It seems that the only time David has a good time and smiles is when he's with Burke.