Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Episode 77 - 10/11/66

Carolyn and Liz talk about how attractive Burke Devlin is, despite his intentions to bring down the family. Carolyn mentions finding David in Burke's hotel room, and Liz asks why she was in his hotel room. Carolyn explains she was jealous of Vicki. Liz tells Carolyn a story of a mysterious stranger that came to Collinwood. Carolyn asks what happened to him, and Liz tells her that was her father, Paul Stoddard. Carolyn asks more about her father, and while Liz confirms she loved him, she also says their life together was nothing.

David is in his bedroom with Matthew fixing a drawer. They talk about competing loyalties, which Matthew understands to be David's feelings towards his aunt and Burke. He shows Matthew a picture he took from Burke's. Carolyn comes in and sends David downstairs to see her mother. Matthew suggests that Carolyn not have anything to do with Burke.

David joins his aunt in the drawing room. Liz explains that Burke has declared war on the Collins family. He wants to gain possession of everything they own. David doesn't want to believe it.

Carolyn finds the photo of Burke on David's desk, She tells Matthew she's looking for a photo of Burke that David took from her.

David tells his aunt he's on her side, bu won't promise never to see Burke again. Mrs. Johnson's name comes up, and David's convinced she'll be his jailer.

Back in his room, David asks what Carolyn is doing in his room. She asks where he got the picture of Burke. He said Burke gave it to him because he likes him better. She says she got a nicer gift from Burke. David says Burke likes Vicki better than Carolyn.

Matthew heads downstairs and tells Mrs. Stoddard that David and Carolyn are arguing about Burke Devlin. David and Carolyn come downstairs, and he explains that Carolyn was going through his things. Carolyn apologizes, and Liz tells David she never wants him to mention Burke's name in the house again.

David does just that, yelling Burke's name as he stands at the foot of the stairs.

Our thoughts

John: So even Liz has a thing for Burke Devlin. Adding a new layer of creepy to the whole Burke Devlin affair.

Christine: Just because she said he was attractive does not necessarily mean she has a thing for him.  And why, pray tell, would it be creepy if she did?

John: Liz goes on and on about strangers and mystery, and how strangers are mysterious because you don't know them. Or that you don't know them, because they're strangers. Something like that. Most importantly, she clarifies that her missing husband was a stranger who came to town.

Christine: Carolyn learned something about her father today. Does this indicate a return to the mystery surrounding his whereabouts? Time will tell.

John: So David swiped a photo from Burke, and claims it was a present. Carolyn seems to be jealous even of that. If they only knew what happened to the gift he gave Carolyn...

Christine: If it came up today, perchance we'll see it tomorrow, so that it can be mislaid by Friday. It's fun to see the siblings develop their animus for each other. The real question is why David is dressed for success today. It doesn't seem like he's engaging in any lessons, so why the suit and tie?

A rare Take #2 episode.

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