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Dark Shadows Episode 1028 6/3/70

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Maggie is in bed asleep when John Yaeger sneaks into her room. He approaches her in bed thinking about where he can take her. As he gets closer, the phone rings in her bedroom. Yaeger hides behind a curtain, and hears her talking to Quentin, who is at Cyrus' lab with Sabrina.

She hangs up the phone and there's a knock on her door. It's Daniel, asking about his father. She says he's at Cyrus', and he says he'll go to his cousin Roger. She asks if she can help. He says he saw a man outside the house. She asks if he's sure it wasn't his imagination, and then apologizes for doubting him. She takes him to find Roger, and Yaeger comes out from behind the curtain. He takes Maggie's hair brushes.

Sabrina reviews Cyrus' notes. Yaeger bursts in, surprising him. She calls him Cyrus, and he says that's not his name. He asks her where Quentin is. She says he's gone. He asks if he went to the police. She says no. Yaeger says it's no wonder why Cyrus was bored by her. He tells her he went to the Eagle every night to see Buffie. He then tells Sabrina that he has murdered Cyrus, adding that she saw Cyrus' face turn into his. She says she knows that Cyrus is still inside him. He says Cyrus' detestable traits don't exist anymore. She asks why he used his body, and Yaeger said he did it to escape. He threatens her with his cane-knife.

She mentions Gladstone, and Yaeger says he was his first victim, and his sword hungers for another. He asks her if she'll be its next victim. He puts the blade away. She asks why he killed Gladstone, and Yaeger says he tried to blackmail him. She says there must be a way for him to turn back to Cyrus. She says she wants to help him, and Yaeger says he has too much to do that Cyrus can't do. She says she'll be there waiting when he needs her.

Yaeger is surprised she loves him that much. He says that she needs to be there at this time, every night. If he comes in and needs help, then she will help him. He says he's going to take something that Cyrus was too timid to take. He threatens her, saying if she speaks to anyone about him, she'll end up like Gladstone.

Maggie asks Daniel if he's seen Julia. She doesn't know what happened to her brush and mirror. Daniel tells her he has something for her, and hands her a seashell. He tells her he found it this morning. She thanks him for it. He offers to take her where he found it some time, and she says she'd like that very much.

A man offers Yaeger a good deal on a room for rent. He says the room would be perfect for his laboratory. He confirms there's only one door, and that the room is soundproofed. He tells the man that he measures the velocity of high speed notes, and the room would be perfect. He offers to rent it immediately, and the man accepts. Yaeger tells him he wants a cot, a comfortable rocking chair, and a mirror.

Daniel tells Maggie that he saw Julia, and she doesn't know where her things are. Daniel tells her that strange things happen in the house, and he has a feeling something horrible is going to happen tonight.

Yaeger returns to his new room, now furnished with a cot, mirror and rocking chair. He fondles Maggie's brush when his landlord comes in to settle. Yaeger asks if he's leaving town tonight, and said all his goodbyes. The landlord says he didn't have too many goodbyes to say.

He asks Yaeger about his experiments again. Yaeger says he is a curious man. He tells him he's going to use the room as a dungeon. The landlord suggests that next he's going to tell him that he's going to find a fairy princess and lock her up. Yaeger says he hadn't planned on telling him that, but he's right. The landlord asks if he's serious. Yaeger pulls his cane-knife, saying that no one will miss him, as he stabs him.

Maggie tells Daniel that he was wrong, nothing terrible happened. She tells him that she thinks they're going to be really good friends, and says goodnight. Her phone rings, and though it's Yaeger, she thinks it's Cyrus. He says he's in town and needs to see her. He asks her to meet him, and that she not tell anyone. She asks if it has anything to do with Yaeger. He tells her to meet him at Widow's Hill at 11pm. She says she doesn't understand, but she agrees. He tells her he'll be in danger if she tells anyone. She agrees to meet him.

Our thoughts

John: Yaeger is a bit too big and clumsy to be able to hide in plain sight... Even if Maggie didn't see him hiding behind the curtain, I would have expected Daniel to!

Christine: I might have expected that also, but considering that Daniel is a young teen seeing Maggie in a flimsy nightgown, it's understandable that he may not have been able to pay attention to anything else in the room.

John: I don't know if Yaeger's tick cane is just cheap, or if he's used it too much. But I did get a laugh when the sword fell right out of it today!

Christine: I was laughing up until the time his tongue slithered out again. I thought that was pretty gross, and then he outdid himself when he started French kissing Maggie's hairbrush. Blech!

John: How long into Yaeger's looking around of the bricked up rental before everyone at home realized that Maggie was about to get kidnapped—again!

Christine: It was about the time he was asking about the door, and if the place was soundproof. Yaeger's mustache seems to be migrating across his face today. Am I going to have to start a Yaeger 'stache tracker?

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