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Dark Shadows Episode 1029 6/4/70

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Maggie tells Daniel that he was wrong, nothing terrible happened. She tells him that she thinks they're going to be really good friends, and says goodnight. Her phone rings, and though it's Yaeger, she thinks it's Cyrus. He says he's in town and needs to see her. He asks her to meet him, and that she not tell anyone. She asks if it has anything to do with Yaeger. He tells her to meet him at Widow's Hill at 11pm. She says she doesn't understand, but she agrees. He tells her he'll be in danger if she tells anyone. She agrees to meet him.

She hangs up the phone, and Quentin walks in, asking who she was talking to. She says it was just Sabrina. He asks if she said what was wrong with her last night, or where Cyrus is. He says they never fight, but he has a feeling that they did. She tells him that her brush and mirror are gone. He says she's just misplaced them. She denies it, and he asks if she thinks the resident ghost is responsible. He goes to help Daniel with his homework, and says he's glad the two of them have been getting along.

Angelexis comes downstairs and finds Barnabas in the drawing room. She asks if she's come to see her, and hes says he's come to see Quentin. She asks if he plans to tell Quentin that she's Angelique. He says that for the reasons she indicated earlier, he cannot. She then tells him that she's been studying up on parallel time. She asks if that means anything to him, and explains the theory. He says it hardly seems possible. She says the East Wing seems to be one of those places where people can move back and forth. He says the only way to find out would be to stay in that room. She asks if that's how he arrived from his time, and he says he wishes that he could confess to her implications, but he's not a visitor from another time.

Quentin comes in and ask if he's interrupting. Angelexis leaves, but not before saying it was nice to get to know Barnabas a little better. Barnabas tells Quentin he's concerned, and thinks he should take Maggie away. He tells him that she did hear Angelique's voice. Quentin asks how he knew that, and he says she told him. Quentin says he has a feeling that Maggie herself is responsible for what's happening. He says that all of the occurrences started happening after she arrived. Barnabas tells him he should look around and decide who is good and who is evil. Angelique listens in on them. Barnabas tells Quentin he shouldn't accuse Maggie without proof, and excuses himself to go speak to Elizabeth. After he leaves, Angelexis comes in and says she heard Barnabas, and thinks he's talking about her. She says she wants the best for he and Maggie, and hugs him.

Yaeger prepares Maggie's dungeon accommodations. He wonders if she'll like the room. He wants to ensure she's comfortable, and has everything she wants.

Yaeger sneaks into Maggie's empty room and packs a bag of her clothes, apparently smelling them as he does.

Maggie finds Quentin and Angelexis in the drawing room. Angelexis excuses herself, and Quentin asks Maggie why he told Barnabas she heard Angelique's voice. She says he still thinks it's her imagination. He tells her he prefers that no one hears about it. He barks at her, and eventually storms out.

Angelique finds Yaeger in Maggie's room, and recognizes him. She asks if Maggie knows he's there. She asks if Maggie has a secret life. He asks how she knows about him, and she says Maggie confides in him. She says they can be friends, and she can recognize evil when she sees it. She says Maggie either knows he's there, or he has a plan and wants to know what it is. He threatens her, and she says she's not afraid of dying. She demands that he tells her his plan.

Maggie tells Barnabas she needs help, and Quentin doesn't want her to speak to anyone. He tells her that Alexis is her enemy. Maggie says she's been so nice to her, and he explains that's part of her plan. Maggie says she respects him, but can't believe him without evidence. He says he has none she would believe.

Yaeger says he wants Maggie so much. Angelique says she can arrange that she leaves the house hating Quentin, and he will never follow her. She says his plan is good, but she can provide the necessary finishing touches. He asks her why he came in the room. She says she needed something that would serve both of their purposes, and takes a handkerchief. She leaves, and Yaeger follows with Maggie's filled suitcase.

Maggie returns to her room, and hears Angelique's voice telling her that Quentin doesn't believe her.

Angelique holds the handkerchief over the fire. She tells Maggie that she is always watching her.

Maggie shouts that she won't leave, and screams for her to stop it. Quentin comes in and asks what's wrong. Angelique's voice tells her that Quentin hates her, and Maggie asks him if he heard that. He asks what she wants him to hear. Maggie tells him that Angelique was in the room. She asks if he's part of a conspiracy to drive her mad, and storms out of the room.

In the dungeon, Yaeger fondles Maggie's pearls, and then leaves to meet her at Widow's Hill.

Maggie prepares to leave. Barnabas asks where she's going, and she leaves without telling him.

Maggie calls for Cyrus at Widow's Hill. She hears him calling her. She turns and sees Yaeger step out of the fog. She screams as he laughs.

Barnabas tells Quentin that Maggie wouldn't listen. He says they must find her, and Quentin says that she'll come back.

Yaeger drags Maggie into her dungeon room. She asks where Cyrus is, and begs to be let go. He says she'll learn to like the place, and locks her in.

Our thoughts

John: I was hoping that Angelique and Barnabas might have a more interesting confrontation, but it looks like they're setting things up for the long game. And in classic Dark Shadows fashion, she has figured out exactly what's going on thanks to Papa Stokes lesson on parallel time the other day. Right down to determining that Barnabas must have passed through the room in the East Wing...

Christine: How nice that he left her no room to doubt their adversarial relationship, and so refreshing that for once it is not based on any obsessive romantic feelings for him.

John: Interesting to have Angeliqe supporting Yaeger's efforts, though it shows just what a buffoon he was for thinking he could root about Maggie's room without getting caught. He's just lucky that Elizabeth, Roger, and Julia all had the day off...

Christine: I'm surprised he's not more interested in Angelique, being that she'd be a more exciting game for him.

John: As sleazy as he is, being Yaeger's prisoner may only be mildly worse that being the target of Quentin's continued verbal abuse...

Christine: While Quentin is certainly abusive in his own right, I beg to differ on that account, since Yaeger has set her up for some more intimate physical and psychological abuse.

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