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Dark Shadows Episode 1038 6/17/70

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Maggie calls Quentin back, crying that she's not a witch.

As she hears him descend the stairs, Angelique speaks to Quentin, saying that he's seen it with his own eyes, and it's too late. She hears Quentin leave the house, and says she has much more to do.

Angelexis comes into Maggie's room and asks her if something's wrong. She sees her holding her locket, and Maggie says she doesn't know why, but she went to her room and took it. Angelexis says that someone is using her, forcing her to do these things. If not someone in the house, someone nearby. Maggie says she thought it was Cyrus. Angelexis says that Cyrus is dead, but asks how much they know about Barnabas. Maggie says it's not, but there is someone in the house who hates her—Hoffman. Angelexis says it's not her. Maggie then suggests Roger. Angelexis says they should watch him, but she'll go to find Quentin to tell him about this plot.

Julia is waiting by the coffin when Barnabas rises. He thinks she's her parallel twin, and has found out his secret. He says it's the last thing she'll do, as she tries to convince him who she is. She tells him she waited in the room for it to change. She shows him the stake and mallet, and tells him that she killed Hoffman. He realizes what she did for him, and tells her he's grateful.

He says he needs to get her back to her own time. She says he needs her—that Angelique thinks that she's her Hoffman. He says it won't work. She says she always wanted to be a spy, and thinks she may be able to find out how to destroy her. She says that Angelique is dead, and something is keeping her alive. Barnabas says he thinks she's trying to do more than separate Quentin and Maggie. He thanks Julia again, and she says he would have done the same for her.

Angelique deals out the tarot cards when Julia walks in. She asks if she should be using the cards in the open, and Angelique says she thought it was a good time to find out if she will succeed. She deals the hanged man card, and decides that she shall. She tells Julia that she knows her murderer. Julia asks who, and Angelique says it was someone who adored her. Julia asks how she knows it was Quentin, and she says that Cyrus left her the information. Julia asks her what her specific plans are, and Angelique gives her a strange look. Julia says she just wants to help, and Angelique tells her that she will, and she will enjoy it. She mentions her father and suddenly passes out as Julia watches.

Julia uses her smelling salts to wake her. Angelique says that he's causing this. She tells Julia to hurry, that she told her what to do last time. Julia leaves and wonders what she means about her father. She doesn't even know where he lives. She realizes she can find him in the phone book.

Stokes injects something into the body in the secret room when there's a knock at the door. He answers it and finds Julia, who he says he was expecting. He asks if Angelique fainted, and blames him. She confirms that. He says they are dealing with the unknown with these experiments. He asks if she told her about the body. He asks if she's going to congratulate him for giving her back her Angelique. He says Julia never could stand the sight of him, so he's not surprised.

He goes to check on the body, and invites Julia to join him. He says she'd think it's a corpse, but she still struggles to regain her life force. Julia asks what he means, and he says she wants to be alive. He says surely Angelique explained that her living was dependent on the life force of another. Julia confirms that if anything happens to the body, Angelique could die. He tells her that Angelique should have recovered by the time she returns to Collinwood. Stokes is jealous or Julia living at Collinwood, and points out that in time she should remember that he's responsible for bringing her back when she's the master of Collinwooed. He asks Julia if Angelique has had any more run-ins with Barnabas, and she says she has not. He says that he knows Barnabas is the enemy.

Barnabas can't believe what Maggie told him. He assures her that she is not responsible for what happened at Collinwood, and that will become clear to everyone. He tells her to trust him.

Angelique asks Julia if she thinks her father was telling the truth. Julia says she thinks he is, and that she should invite him to Collinwood. She agrees to do that, since Quentin is out of the house and Maggie will be having dinner in her room. She picks up the phone to call him.

Barnabas tells Julia that she brings him so much information that he doesn't know what to do with it all. He is thrilled that they have found a way to defeat Angelique.

Barnabas doesn't believe that Quentin killed Angelique, but the important thing is that she does. Julia says they can destroy the body, and Barnabas says Angelique will die. She says then they can return from their own time. She tells Barnabas when Stokes will be at Collinwood, and he grabs a knife that will end the reign of terror.

Stokes arrives at Collinwood and Angelique lets him in. He complains that she shouldn't answer the door in a house where she has servants, and she explains that Julia is in the village. He's once again thrilled to be surrounded by the opulence of Collinwood. She offers him a martini, and he requests several. She says he must be able to do something to control the girl so she won't continue to have the attacks. He says momentary fainting is a small price to pay for life. She says the house will be different after the owners get what they deserve—and not a member will be untouched.

Julia and Barnabas use Angelique's key to get into Stokes' house. Barnabas asks her to lead him to the body. He says it's all too easy, and she asks if he's having second thoughts. He says no. They stand over the covered body, and he says another innocent must die. Julia says she's not truly alive. Julia takes the knife, and Barnabas says it must be done. She says that then they'll have to decide what to do with Stokes, to ensure he doesn't find another body for Angelique. Barnabas takes the knife and raises it to strike when Julia pulls back the cover.

Our thoughts

John: I love how Maggie has to work through the entire roster of the Collins clan when trying to decide who hates her before she'll even consider Barnabas...

Christine: Barnabas did search for her and save her life when everyone else had written her off, believing she had run out on Quentin. If not for him, she could have been another one of Yaeger's victims, so he should be the last one she'd suspect.

John: How did they not write in a kiss between Barnabas and Julia after he realizes that she saved him? I really thought today was going to be the day, provided that he didn't kill her first (which let's face it, would have been pretty damned funny!).

Christine: What a tease! There were three times when they made it look like he was going to plant one on her and didn't! He should have kissed her while plotting Angelique's destruction at the very least! I hope this means we'll be getting back to our original characters soon. Carolyn was newly widowed when we last saw her. She could be an alcoholic by now, and dating Willie Loomis! Incidentally, do you think a spider was crawling on Barnabas' head that caused him to reach up to it, or was he smoothing out his coffin bed head for Julia?

John: I love Barnabas' having trouble keeping track of all the exposition coming down the pipeline from the writers. Now he knows how we in the audience feel! Interesting how Julia has no qualms about killing an innocent victim... ah, the things we do for love.

Christine: Remember Dr. Woodard? I'm not sure Barnabas is going to be able to kill anyone with that dinky knife. He may put an eye out though if he keeps pointing it towards himself like that. So the dynamic duo plan to take out Angelique and then her dad, and then they can return to their own time. I suspect that all is not going to go as planned and they'll keep finding something else they have to do or someone else to kill before they head home.

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