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Dark Shadows Episode 870 - 10/24/69

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(For the duration of the Petofi/Quentin mind-swap, Count Petofi occupying Quentin as played by David Selby will be referred to as Petofi-Q, and Quentin in Petofi's body as played by Thayer David will be referred to as Count Quentin).

Petofi-Q comes in to see Barnabas. He brings Charity into the room, who looks away from Barnabas. Petofi-Q tells her to look at him, and tell him if the man is the real Barnabas Collins. She reluctantly turns and looks at him. She says that she's never seen him before. Petofi-Q says she put a stake through his heart, and Charity denies it, saying it's not the same man. Petofi-Q tells Barnabas that he still doesn't believe him.

Judith asks Edward where Barnabas is. He explains that he's upstairs, and that the vampire no longer exists. Judith says it's very strange. Edward agrees, but says that his ability to walk around in the daylight means he's not a vampire. She asks if he'll have dinner with them, and Edward goes upstairs to ask him. Charity comes downstairs and Judith asks if she has done what she asked her. She takes Judith into the drawing room, and tells her that Trask saw the portrait of Amanda and was very mad. Judith tells Charity that she learned a lot while she was in the sanitarium. She thanks her for getting the portrait for her.

Judith asks what Amanda was like, and Charity says she was fetching, and Trask was chummy with her, telling everyone he was trying to save her soul. Charity asks what she plans to do with the picture, and she says she's thinking of hanging it in the master bedroom. Charity tells Judith she likes her more and more every day.

Kitty returns to Collinwood and feels as if something has happened in the house. She hears a heartbeat and approaches the portrait of Barnabas. She finally screams for it to stop, and Judith and Charity come to check on her. Judith asks Charity to help Kitty to her room.

Petofi-Q tells a sleeping Barnabas there's only one way of finding out the truth. He says he will use his hand to get him to tell him what he wants to know. He is interrupted by Edward. He tells Petofi-Q that Judith is anxious to meet him.

Charity leads Kitty to her room, and into bed. Charity asks Kitty what frightened her. Kitty says she felt fine until she came into the house, and then she suddenly felt as if she was in danger from someone in the house. She hears the music box, and says she must resist him. Charity tells her to lie down. She closes the curtain, and then notices the music box. She says it's the one she saw in her vision, and Kitty yells at her not to open it, and asks her to leave the room.

Edward comes in to check on her. She tells him she's alright, and Charity tells him she's frightened of someone in the house. Charity leaves, and Kitty tells him that she thinks it's all in her mind, and she feels helpless. She says she thinks she should leave before something terrible happens. He begs her to stay. He suggests that the trauma of being widowed so young can only be replaced by the love of someone else. He tells her that he loves her, and asks him to marry her. She agrees, and kisses him.

Barnabas tells his story to Judith while Petofi-Q watches. He apologizes for the effect his arrival had on the family. Petofi-Q presses him on his life in England. He says he left England after the death of his father, and decided to return to his family's roots in Collinwood. Kitty and Edward enter, and Edward introduces her to Barnabas. He leers at her, and says it's his pleasure to meet her. Pefoti-Q asks Barnabas if he knew Kitty's husband from London, and Judith interrupts him and says it's time for dinner.

After dinner, Edward serves champagne to everyone. Petofi-Q asks what's the special occasion. After the champagne is distributed, Edward tells them that he is happy to announce that he and Kitty are to be married. Barnabas seems to be surprised. Judith and Petofi-Q congratulate them, and then Petofi-Q points out Barnabas' silence. Barnabas then toasts them, and excuses himself for the evening. Edward asks Judith what she thinks of him, and she says he's charming, and welcome to stay in Collinwood.

In his room, Barnabas calls to Josette. He says the marriage must not take place.

Kitty is lying in bed, and asks to be left alone from whoever is attempting to contact her. She gets up and opens the music box.

Barnabas realizes that he can't go away, but he can't stay and watch her get married to someone else. He remembers what happened with Jeremiah. Kitty comes into his room and tells him that she has heard his call. She says she will always be his Josette, and kisses him. 

Our thoughts

John: I like how the relationship between Judith and Charity is developing. Who would have thought that the two of them would strike up a friendship!

Christine: That was an enjoyable scene they had together, and makes me a little sad that neither Pansy Faye nor Carl survived to enjoy the happiness they surely would have had together because of Barnabas Collins.

John: I think that Kitty came to Collinwood with the plan of marrying-up, but it seems like she really didn't need to go out of her way, since Edward was so smitten with her, and something tells me his infatuation with her precedes the death of Gerald. I do think she should have played hard to get a little longer, but it may not matter as long as Barnabas keeps pulling Josette to the surface.

Christine: Kitty needs financial security, which would make playing hard to get a risk to achieving that goal. I couldn't help thinking of the time Willie Loomis heard the heartbeat from Barnabas' portrait as the eyes in it glowed in Episode 205, after Kitty experienced the same thing today.

John: It's hard to remember that there was a time when Josette was with Barnabas willingly, but it seems out of character for her to return to him now so readily without him having to apply more pressure. Of course his awareness of Josette acknowledges that he knows more than he's letting on to the family, and that he knows exactly who—and what—he is.

Christine: Barnabas gave up the game to Petofi-Q when he showed his sourpuss face upon hearing of Edward's engagement to Kitty. Of course this won't end well. I'm trying to visualize what Edward will look like with a bulging eyeball, wrapped in bloody bandages, since a duel seems almost a given in the near future.

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