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Dark Shadows Episode 855 - 10/3/69

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Alone in a room in his lair, Petofi begins an incantation, saying Quentin must bend his will to his.

Beth and Aristede wait outside, guarding the door which Petofi is behind.

Petofi sits wide-eyed.

Quentin is wide-eyed in Collinwood, wondering why Petofi put the ring on him, and why he can't get it off.

There's a knock at the door and he goes to answer it. It's Magda. He tells her to stay away. She doesn't know what's wrong with him. He tells her, "it's mine, and it's going to stay mine."

She asks him what he means and he turns and asks her when she arrived. She asks him what happened and he says he doesn't remember.

She sees that he's wearing Petofi's ring. She tells him to take it off, and he says he can't. He walks out of the house.

Aristede listens at the door, but can't hear anything. Beth asks what Petofi is doing, and Aristede tells her she hasn't been with them long enough to be trusted. She asks if Quentin will die, and he says he'll soon wish he had. Aristede tells her to consider a man experiencing something worse than death, and says that's what will happen to Quentin tonight. He asks if she's concerned about him, and she assures him she feels no concern for Quentin.

Quentin arrives at The Blue Whale after hours, where Charity (as Pansy) drinks and continues to sing her one and only song. She asks what he's doing there so late. He asks how he got there. She tells him that the place is closed.

He tells her he needs help. She says he was helpless the last time she saw him. She mentions he was helpless when he found Barnabas, and she had to take care of that, too. He says he didn't come to talk about Barnabas. She asks if he came to see her, and he says he guesses that he did. She invites him to her place, but he tells her he'd rather stay there and talk to her. She reminds him the night isn't made for talking, but noticing he's upset, asks him what's wrong. She tells him he needs some tender love and care, and says he's come to the right place. He realizes he can't go back to Collinwood. She goes to fix him a drink.

Petofi sits in his room in a trance.

Beth asks Aristede why he keeps watching her. He asks if she's sure she's not wondering about what will happen to Quentin tonight.

Beth hears Quentin's voice, saying that he's sorry for what he did to her, and that he still loves her.

Charity puts on a private show for Quentin in The Blue Whale. As she sings and dances, he starts to laugh. He stands and picks her up. He kisses her, and then surprises her by playing her song on the piano. She says she didn't know he could play. He says he played it brilliantly until 'they' came. He slams the cover shut. He then asks her what she's talking about, saying he's never played the piano in his life. She says he might need a doctor, and he says no one can help him. He runs out of the bar.

Quentin returns to Collinwood.

Petofi remains in a trance.

Aristede hears a noise and tells Beth to get rid of whoever it is. Beth finds Magda outside. Magda is surprised to find Beth there, and says she has to talk to Petofi. She tells Beth that something happened to Quentin that scared her. Beth says she has strict orders, and asks her to go away.

Beth hears Quentin's voice saying he loves her, but has no choice. Then she hears Aristede, Magda, and Quentin... She screams and Aristede tells her to be quiet. She says she still loves him, and he can't take him from her. She runs out past Aristede, who says she'll ruin everything.

Beth finds Quentin passed out in the drawing room of Collinwood and tries to wake him.

Our thoughts

John: I love how just as soon as Petofi leaves the room, Aristede plays tough guy around Beth. I'd love to see Beth put Aristede in his place!

Christine: She could start by making fun of his fashion choices, though I've noticed he no longer wears his distinctive hat.

John: Wait - now Quentin loves Beth again? What about his true love, Amanda?

Christine: Are you just being funny, or do I really need to explain to you that Beth was just remembering Quentin's apology to her before she tried to shoot him as a way to get her to soften up enough to defy Petofi and run off to save him? I have a feeling she'll be too late.

John: So the hand of Petofi was also experienced in tickling the ivories? Not really clear how the magic ring is supposed to work. Does it make Quentin vulnerable to anyone taking over his body, or just Petofi?

Christine: Since a simple kiss-curse was involved the last time there was a Petofi possession, I have to wonder if the ring-stuck curse is much more involved than a simple possession.

If only Quentin realized the ring is adjustable and easy to pry apart, he could have gotten it off!

Down for the Count:
Barnabas was staked in his coffin 10 episodes ago.

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