Friday, April 7, 2017

Episode 205 - 4/7/67

Carolyn opens the drawer in the drawing room with the pistol she pulled on Willie last night. Liz enters and says good morning, startling her. She asks what's wrong, and Carolyn says she wouldn't want to hear about it. Liz asks what she has behind her back, and she shows her Roger's gun. Liz asks what she's doing with it. Carolyn asks if she really wants to hear. Liz says yes, and Carolyn says that she almost used it to kill a man last night. Liz asks who, and she says Willie. Liz asks what he did, and Carolyn tells her. She says she grabbed the revolver and told him she'd shoot him if he didn't leaver her alone. Liz believes her, and asks her to sit down. Liz says it won't happen again, and goes to speak with Jason.

Liz walks in on Jason and tells him that Willie has to leave immediately. She says he tried to attack Carolyn, and she almost had to shoot him. Jason says he'll talk to him, and she tells him she'll have to do more than that, or she'll call the police. He says he could tell the police a few things, about her husband's body buried in the basement. She'd have to explain how it got there. She says she's willing to risk it to keep Carolyn safe. She asks if he's going to tell Willie to leave, or if she needs to call the police. He realizes that she means it, and says it will take time, but he'll do it. He says he'll make Willie understand it's best for him to leave town. He promises Willie won't bother Carolyn. She agrees, but says if Willie bothers Carolyn, or anyone in the house, she won't hesitate to call the police.

Willie comes downstairs and sees Carolyn in the drawing room. He startles her and she tells him to leave her alone. She tries to go past him and he grabs her arm. He tries to explain that he was just trying to be friendly. She says she told her mother what happened, and he's going to have to leave. Liz and Jason enter, and she tells Willie to leave her alone.

Carolyn goes upstairs and the others go to the drawing room. She tells Willie to leave Carolyn alone, or she'll call the police and have him put in jail. Liz leaves, and Jason calls him a stupid idiot. He tells Willie he almost blew the whole deal. He tells him the girls in the house are off limits. Willie says he doesn't like taking orders from Jason. He threatens that he knows a lot about Jason. He also indicates that he'd like to know what Jason has on Liz. He says if he can find some easy quick money, he'll grab it and run. Jason says they have to wait.

Liz tells Carolyn that Willie will be leaving within the week, and will leave her alone. Carolyn is upset that she isn't making him leave immediately. Liz explains that she owes Jason a favor, and that's why she's letting Jason and Willie stay. Carolyn says she thinks Jason has some sort of hold over her. Liz denies it. Carolyn says she doesn't think her mother is telling her the truth, and someday she's going to find out what the real truth is.

Willie asks Jason how much the family is worth, as they look at the portrait of Jeremiah Collins in the drawing room. Jason says they're worth millions. David comes in and says the portrait is his great great grandfather. Jason says he needs to go to town, and invites Willie to join him. Willie decides to stay. Jason leaves Willie alone with David. David tells Willie some of the family history. They walk into the foyer, and David points out the portrait of Barnabas Collins, who was richer than anyone. Willie comments on the ring he's wearing in the portrait. Willie asks if the ring is still around. From the top of the stairs, Carolyn tells David to come upstairs. Willie continues to stare at the portrait, and then leaves the house to get a drink.

The camera zooms in on Barnabas' portrait. We hear a heartbeat, and the eyes in the portrait begin to glow.

Our thoughts

John: Why exactly does Roger need a gun in Liz's desk in the drawing room? Perhaps it's because she's willing to let psychopaths stay in the house.

Christine: I was thinking that it was a foolish place to keep a gun where a child who's attempted murder like David could easily reach it.

John: Today's the day! We got our official introduction to Barnabas Collins! Interesting that David said he died in England. Did they ship him back over the Atlantic, locked in a coffin? I'll be interested to see if that is addressed later.

Christine: This day seemed so far off back in June and now here we are already.

John: We even get a Willie voiceover as he drools over the portrait of Barnabas. And speaking of which, we haven't yet seen John Karlen take over the role he would make famous. Knowing what I do about the arrival of Barnabas in Collinwood, I guess we'll find out when the Willie swap happens next week!

Christine: I believe Carolyn's traumatic experience with nearly blowing Willie's head off and her mother's subsequent refusal to kick him out of the house is going to have a deleterious effect on her.

"I am so sick of these...punks that...think they're rich snobs!" -Willie #1

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Dave Dykema said...

The glowing eyes and the heartbeat actually made my hair stand on end! I'm certain it's because I know whatg's coming...