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Dark Shadows Episode 867 - 10/21/69

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(For the duration of the Petofi/Quentin mind-swap, Count Petofi occupying Quentin as played by David Selby will be referred to as Petofi-Q, and Quentin in Petofi's body as played by Thayer David will be referred to as Count Quentin).

Kitty is in the old house, and uses a key to unlock the door to Josette's room. She sees the portrait on the wall, and says, "She looks like me." She sees the painting is dated 1797. She pours two glasses of sherry and sits down. She hears footsteps in the hall, the door opens, and Petofi-Q walks in. She asks him where her beloved is, and he says that he doesn't know. He asks her beloved's name, and what she's doing in this house. She says she doesn't know why she's there, and runs out of the room. He wonders why she came to Barnabas' house. He looks at the portrait of Josette, and wonders who she is.

Angelique holds a rock over Barnabas' chained up coffin. She smashes it against the lock until it breaks. Aristede comes in and asks what she's doing. She says she was lonesome. He tells her Barnabas will be no company for her. She tells him he better not turn around, or he may be surprised. He swings around and she laughs at him. She says he seems nervous. He says he's not afraid. She asks if he's thought about what will happen if the stake is pulled out of Barnabas' heart. He says nothing will happen, and he'll stay with her. She says they can welcome him back together, and he slaps her, saying he isn't a man to be laughed at.

Petofi-Q tells Edward what happened to Kitty. Edward says she hasn't returned to the house, and they must find her. She comes into the room. Edward asks her where she's been. She appears to be in a trance. She says she has just seen Barnabas Collins, and then passes out.

Edward revives Kitty. He doesn't understand how Barnabas managed to set something off in her mind when they only met so briefly. Petofi-Q asks her where she saw Barnabas. Edward tells him to let him deal with her in his own way. He asks where she went after the old house. She says she went for a walk and saw Barnabas. Petofi-Q asks if she spoke to him. She says she saw him, but he didn't see her.

Edward says he should go look. Petofi-Q says he won't just see him in the woods, and Edward says he'll go to the cave to see that Barnabas is still there. Petofi-Q tells him that he can't go to the cave, and tries to convince him he needs to take care of Kitty. Petofi-Q touches Kitty with his hand and she passes out. Edward tells Petofi-Q that he can go check the cave.

Petofi-Q finds Aristede holding Angelique at gunpoint in the cave. He asks what she was trying to do. She says she wanted to distract Aristede. He tells Petofi-Q that she wanted to remove the stake from Barnabas' heart to revive him.

Petofi-Q tells Aristede to open the coffin so he can see that Barnabas is where he should be. He does, and Petofi-Q asks Angelique if she wants to look at him. Barnabas is in the coffin with the stake in his heart.

Petofi-Q and Aristede lock the coffin back up, and he tells Angelique that they will be back to destroy the coffin later. Petofi-Q uses his hand  to surround Angelique with fire. Aristede and Petofi-Q laugh.

Edward tells Kitty that she did not see Barnabas. She tells him that doing so would only be to appease him. He assures her that she did not see Barnabas in the woods. Petofi-Q returns, and tells Edward that Barnabas was within the coffin in the cave, with a stake through his heart. Kitty is shocked. Petofi-Q gives Edward Barnabas' ring. Kitty asks him to give it to her. He does. She takes it and runs upstairs. Edward asks Petofi-Q if he's sure Barnabas was in his coffin, and he says he did without question.

Angelique remains trapped by the fire. She tells Aristede that she's dying, and asks him to help her. She offers to help him. She offers to tell him secrets no human will know, and he'll no longer need to be Petofi's servant. She begs him not to let her die.

He escorts her out of the fire, and it disappears. He says now he'll get what he wants. She asks what he means, and he says he's going to kill her. He says he'll tell Petofi that he had no choice. He pulls out the dancing lady, and chases her around the coffin. She runs out of the cave and grabs a large rock. When Aristede comes out of the cave, she uses it to knock him out. She runs off.

Aristede comes to and finds someone standing over him. It's Barnabas, who asks him for help...

Our thoughts

John: Nice to see Barnabas after all this time, even if he was still staked. I guess that should have been a clear signal that Jonathan Frid's vacation had come to an end. Of course it was amusing when we could see Barnabas' chest rise and fall as he couldn't help but breathe while lying staked in the coffin.

Christine: Poor Frid didn't get much of a vacation, but I'm glad he's back to push this narrative forward.

John: Interesting that Quentin and Edward didn't hesitate to talk about Barnabas being staked in a coffin in a cave right in front of Kitty. And while she was upset to hear that her beloved was dead, the fact that he was staked doesn't seem to register.

Christine: Kitty knew Barnabas was a vampire so it's not odd they would say it in front of her, and Josette also knew Barnabas was a vampire, so hearing that he'd been impaled should have left her feeling a little more distraught.

John: After 21 episodes, Big B is finally back! But if Angelique de-staked him, would she have just left him alone like that?

Christine: It appears that the breathing Barnabas staked and chained up in the coffin may be a doppelgänger, and the real Barnabas was likely the unknown person holed up in her underground lair. You may recall that we saw Angelique appear in the mirror to Julia when they were enlisting her help with their plan to deal with Petofi in Episode 842. She also used a mirror to create a doppelgänger to take the heat for her, and escape being burned by Laura Collins in Episode 760, so it could be that she used this same technique to help Barnabas avoid death as well.

Down for the Count:
Barnabas was staked in his coffin 21 episodes ago.

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