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Dark Shadows Episode 864 - 10/16/69

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(For the duration of the Petofi/Quentin mind-swap, Count Petofi occupying Quentin as played by David Selby will be referred to as Petofi-Q, and Quentin in Petofi's body as played by Thayer David will be referred to as Count Quentin).

Petofi-Q compliments Evan on the grave that he dug. Evan asks who it's for, and Petofi-Q says it's for him. Petofi-Q says that he is going to bury him alive. Evan begs for his life. Petofi-Q says he cannot give him one reason why he deserves to live. He says the Collins family members trust him. Petofi-Q asks if he'll do whatever is asked of him. Evan says that he will. Evan makes the case that he is needed, because he knows his secret and can be trusted.

Petofi-Q says he has Aristede, but Evan counters that he cannot appear at Collinwood. He says if anyone suspects Quentin is not himself, Edward would confide in him. Petofi-Q tells him to remember the grave that he dug, because if he lets him down they will be back to fill it. Petofi-Q tells Evan they need to solve the mystery of Angelique.

Angelique is calling the pharmacy when Charity comes downstairs. Charity pokes fun at her, and Angelique clarifies that she was the one to postpone the wedding. After Charity leaves, she calls the pharmacy again to check on her medication. She abruptly gets off the phone when Quentin arrives.

He asks her where she's been keeping herself. She says she's been avoiding him, in case it would make her regret the decision she made. He tells her that they will go out for dinner at 6, and she says she doesn't feel well. She says he becomes fascinated when she doesn't show much interest in him. She tells him they can have dinner tomorrow. She goes outside just before Evan Hanley arrives at Collinwood.

Tate is in his studio, frustrated that he is unable to work. Charity comes to see him. He says he's glad to see her, as he needs company. She asks if he needs any company, and he tells her she's better than most. He shows off his studio, telling her that it's the work of the late Charles Delaware Tate.

She points out that he's not dead, and tell him that she wants to buy a painting. He says she'll have to pay for it, and he asks how she plans to do it. She suggests she has a way. She picks one out, and when he sees it's of Amanda, he refuses to sell it.

He asks if Quentin sent her, or Reverend Trask. She says she didn't like Amanda, but she finds the painting restful. He tells her that painting costs $5000, and she hands over the cash. He asks her where she got it. She says she didn't ask him where he got his talent. She tells him that it's not stolen.

Angelique makes her way through the woods, and opens a trapdoor. She enters it as Evan Hanley watches her.

Evan returns to Collinwood and tells Petofi-Q that he followed Angelique to the pharmacy, where they seemed to know her. She then went to Shipwreck Point and went into a trapdoor. Petofi-Q tells Evan that he will return there and wait for Angelique to leave. After she does, he's to investigate the place and report back to him.

Evan watches as Angelique leaves, and then goes to the trapdoor.

Angelique returns to Collinwood. Petofi-Q asks about her headache. He asks if she bought medicine for it when she went into town. She says she didn't. He asks where she was, and she explains that she's tired from running her errands. He says he thinks she's seeing another man. She says that it takes all her time and effort just dealing with him. She invites him into the drawing room to talk about pleasant things.

Evan investigates Angelique's lair.

Angelique offers Quentin a drink, and when he refuses, she suggests that he has really changed. He says that he's just restless, and leaves to take a walk. She offers to go with him. He says he's got a business appointment and won't be long. He leaves, and Charity laughs at her from atop the stairs, saying he's left her again.

Petofi-Q finds Evan unconscious in Angelique's lair. He says someone knocked him out. He begs forgiveness.

Angelique tells Charity that they've spent enough time discussing Quentin when Petofi-Q returns. She kisses him goodnight as he heads upstairs. This upsets Charity, who tells her that he's not Quentin Collins.

Our thoughts

John: Evan managed to stay out of the grave another day, but we'll see how long that lasts. His usefulness to Petofi appears to be awfully limited.

Christine: Tate's violent tendencies were on display again. It's no wonder he wasn't surprised by his window coverings falling down after manhandling his door, as it's surely happened before. Of course, we can't go too many episodes without him forcibly grabbing someone, and Pansity was his unfortunate target today.

John: I don't know which was funnier; Tate quoting Charity $5000 for the painting, or her whipping out the cash and waving it under his nose. I'm not sure if she actually ended up with Amanda's portrait—I guess time will tell.

Christine: I'm betting she did. He's going to need the money now that he can no longer paint.

John: We were introduced to a great new underground location today. I'm anxious to find out more about it, and particularly who Angelique is treating down there. Is it possible that she has revived Barnabas?

Christine: That was quite the atmospheric underground set! I was expecting Petofi-Q to find bite marks on Evan, but without that evidence, it's left up in the air whether or not it's Barnabas. Who else could it be?

Down for the Count:
Barnabas was staked in his coffin 18 episodes ago.

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