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Dark Shadows Episode 309 - 8/31/67

Barnabas notes that Julia seems uneasy, and asks what she injected in him tonight. She says that it will speed up the change in his blood. He asks what she's hiding from him, and when she says nothing, he clutches her throat and demands to know. She begs him to let her go, and he does, demanding to know what she's withholding.

She tells him that Sam and Joe came by the house, and asked what she was doing there. She says they wanted to ask him about Sarah. David had mentioned that she spent time near the old house. Barnabas goes through the list of people who know who he really is: Maggie, Willie, Julia... and Sarah. Barnabas is convinced that Sarah's presence must mean something. Barnabas describes failing her. He says she must be back to destroy him if she's only appearing to his enemies.

Burke stops by to see Vicki. Her greeting is indifferent. She invites him in, coldly. He asks if she's ready to accept his apology, and they step into the drawing room. She asks what he has to apologize about. He admits that he had said something offensive. He says he made too much out of nothing, and he hopes he'll forgive her. He says he thought she might be knowing the answers to the questions he had about Barnabas, too. She says it doesn't involve her. She and Barnabas are just friends. Burke says all he cares about is them and their future. They kiss, and she asks Burke to apologize to Barnabas. She explains it would be a great gesture on his part. Burke agrees.

Barnabas arrives to deliver a book to Vicki. She invites him in. Burke steps into the foyer, and Vicki says that he'd like to talk to Barnabas. The two leave Vicki and step into the drawing room. Burke explains that he's been the victim of an overactive imagination. Burke tells Barnabas he is the most unknown quantity in town. Barnabas says he didn't think the cost of wanting privacy would be so high. Burke says he recognized a deepening mystery, which resulted in a series of question marks. Barnabas asks if that means he's not interested in what he does during the day. Burke explains that it's none of his business. Barnabas offers to answer any questions Burke has, however Burke only asks that he accepts his apology. Barnabas does, and the two shake hands.

While Julia sits reading in the old house, she feels another presence. She asks if it's Sarah.

Barnabas and Burke step out of the drawing room, and tell Vicki they've had their talk. Barnabas explains that their relationship has improved. Burke leaves Vicki and Barnabas to talk history.

Julia walks through the woods, calling to Sarah while London Bridge plays in the background.

Barnabas thanks Vicki for playing intermediary between he and Burke. He asks her if any of Burke's suspicions had foundation with her. She says no. He says he offered to answer any or Burke's questions, and offers to do the same for her. She says her only questions are related to the book he brought her.

Julia is back in the old house. Barnabas returns, and she tells him Sarah was here. He asked if she saw her, and she says no, but that she felt her presence. She points out a book that she closed is opened to a picture of Sarah Collins. Barnabas picks the book up and examines it. He says that sooner or later, she'll come to him.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas is back in his 'clutchy' phase. That didn't work out well for Willie, and particularly bad for Jason McGuire. So far, Julia is somehow managing to stay alive.

Christine: He also throttled Maggie a few times. It appears to be his signature move. Barnabas continues to display his persecution complex by assuming that Sarah is out to destroy him. She's probably just trying to keep him out of trouble by protecting the people he would otherwise harm.

John: While I'm willing to believe Burke will do what it takes to make Vicki happy, I thought his apology to Barnabas was uncharacteristic of him. I also think he would have taken up Barnabas' offer to know more about him. Perhaps that's still his plan...

Christine: I agree. I don't think he would have apologized even to make her happy, though I would expect him to keep investigating behind Vicki's back. I wonder if Barnabas truly believes that Burke is no longer suspicious of him.

John: I do love how we know ghosts are near when the appropriate Robert Cobert cue is played... Of course it's Julia's dumb luck that it happened when the actress who played Sarah had the day off.

Christine: That would be "Cue 80: Theremin Wail." It's a good way to signify an unseen presence and makes Julia look less weird for suddenly looking around and calling Sarah's name for no apparent reason.

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