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Dark Shadows Episode 298 - 8/16/67

Carolyn comes into the drawing room looking pensive. Liz walks in and asks where Vicki is. She says she's gone to visit Vicki. Carolyn says she's very happy for Joe that Maggie is alive. Carolyn points out that there hasn't been an attack in town in a while, so maybe the maniac went away. Liz asks Carolyn what's troubling her. Carolyn tells her that she believes something terrible is about to happen.

There's a knock at the door and Burke arrives. He tells Liz that he's interested in buying her Seaview property. She says she sees no reason not to sell it to him. Carolyn asks if he's seriously thinking about buying the house Vicki's been talking about. She says Vicki loves the house. He says he knows. She says that he's thinking about buying it, and he says yes. Liz comes back with the keys and deed, which she notes is marked 'not for sale.' Burke asks if they could take a look at it. She invites Carolyn to join them.

As they walk through it, Carolyn says the Seaview house is lovely. She says she can see why Vicki loves it. Burke points out that it doesn't need much work. While she goes to explore, Burke asks Liz what price she'd like to get for it. She says she'll have to think about it. She says she's surprised he wants to buy a house at all. He says he's considering settling down. She asks him to clarify, and he asks if he really needs to. She says no, and he asks if she approves. She says she does. Carolyn comes back in, and Liz says she doesn't share Burke's enthusiasm about the house. She tells him she'll come up with a price in a day or two.

Vicki asks Maggie if she remembers anything from the night she was attacked. She says it might be best that she doesn't. Vicki describes hearing something outside her room, leaving to get Burke, and then being locked out. Burke had to break down the door. Vicki tells her that she thinks she saw Maggie at Eagle Hill Cemetery. She was far away, but she thought it looked like her. Maggie asks if she was alone, and Vicki says there was a woman with her. She asks Vicki why anyone would take her to a cemetery. Vicki asks if it means anything to her, and she says she can't remember anything. She asks what Vicki and Burke were doing there. Vicki says she was putting flowers on Josette Collins' grave. Maggie repeats the name several times, and says she's beginning to remember something. Vicki says it might mean that she saw the name on the gravestone in the graveyard. Maggie says she remembers seeing a coffin when there's a knock on the door.

Vicki opens it and is surprised to see Julia Hoffman. She asks what she's doing there, and she says she's coming to see Sam. She asks to review Sam's paintings while awaiting his arrival. She listens in as Vicki and Maggie resume their conversation about coffins, graves, and Josette Collins. Vicki mentions the work Barnabas has done with Josette's room and belongings when Julia interrupts them. She asks if they have an interest in antiques, and shows off the medallion she had previously hypnotized Maggie with. Julia asks Vicki for a cup of tea, and when she steps out, she hypnotizes Maggie, reminding her to remember nothing. Vicki returns with tea for Julia and Maggie. Vicki asks Maggie about the graveyard, and what she was doing there. Maggie says she can't remember.

Our thoughts

John: Okay, after all the years of bad blood, and even despite the mending of fences, Burke and Liz are suddenly a little too chummy. Next thing you know, he'll be asking to host his and Vicki's wedding at Collinwood.

Christine: Yeah, she would have died before considering selling any Collins property to him not too long ago. She must be more than happy to have him marry Vicki, since it eliminates any possibility that he might hook up with Carolyn. Now that Jason's gone, Carolyn has to find something new to be upset about.

John: So this house down the road comes out of nowhere, and it just happens to belong to the Collins family? Neither Vicki or Barnabas seemed to know that, and Burke didn't mention it when they were checking it out, even though today he knew to approach Liz about purchasing it. Your writers are getting sloppy, Curtis!

Christine: It's obviously one of those sentient evil houses possessing Vicki and anyone else who comes near it, including the writers who are clearly making it up as they go.

John: Once again, Julia just happened to arrive in the nick of time to curb Maggie's memory from returning. If Barnabas finds out how quickly the hypnosis seems to wear off, Julia might find herself in a world of trouble...

Christine: I like how Julia does a quickie mind wipe with her hypnotic medallion while Vicki is making tea. Maggie's recurring memory is obviously going to be a persistent problem. I wonder if there will be a permanent fix, short of killing off Maggie.

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