Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 304 - 8/24/67

Burke goes to the old house to see Barnabas. Willie opens the door and asks what he wants. Burke says he needs to see Barnabas. Willie says he's gone. Burke calls him a liar. He says he saw Barnabas arrive before dawn, and he hasn't left. He pushes past Willie, saying he's going to stop him from seeing Barnabas. Burke calls out to Barnabas. He starts upstairs. Willie tells him to go ahead and call, and to go ahead and search the rooms upstairs. Burke asks where he is, and Willie says he doesn't know. Willie says he's seen him go to work with no sleep at all. Burke asks him what work Barnabas does, and Willie says he doesn't know. Willie asks why he's so curious about Mr. Collins. He says he wants to know a lot more about Barnabas, and he will, before storming out.

Vicki comes downstairs and finds Julia in the drawing room. She notices her looking at the bonnet David's friend left. Vicki said it was strange the way she ran away. Vicki wonders why her parents would dress her so strangely. She notes that they don't make things like that nowadays and says it's like it's from another century. David enters, and Julia offers to take David for a walk. Vicki thanks her and leaves. David asks where she wants to go, and Julia says they can look for his friend Sarah to return her bonnet. He says he knows where they might be able to find her if she's around.

David and Julia walk into the woods. Julia suggests calling for her. He does, and says she's not around. She suggests waiting for her, and David says he doesn't want to. Julia says she'd like to meet Sarah. She asks him to tell her about Sarah. He describes her as having long hair and sad eyes. He says they play games. He says that he heard something, and they walk a few feet away. They circle back around and the bonnet is gone.

David and Julia return to the main house. He runs upstairs and Vicki comes in and thanks her again. There's a knock at the door and Burke enters. He says he needs to speak to her urgently. Julia offers to look after David. Vicki goes upstairs to get her sweater.

Burke asks if Julia is still spending a lot of time in the old house. She says she's been getting a lot of valuable information there. He asks her opinion of Barnabas Collins. He asks if she finds him odd. He asks if she's ever seen him in the daytime, and she says she has on several occasions. She says he has business matters to attend to during the day. Burke says he hears that a lot. He says Willie said the same. Burke says that he gets a strange vibe from Barnabas, and thought Julia might too. Julia says if Barnabas is unique, it's because he's a perfect gentleman. She says she doesn't know what he's thinking, but she's sure he's wrong. Burke asks her if she thinks it's odd how much he looks like his ancestor. She agrees the resemblance is striking. He says it's uncanny. Vicki comes downstairs and she and Burke leave. Julia approaches the portrait of Barnabas.

Julia asks Willie about what Burke did. Willie explains how Burke followed Barnabas home and saw that he didn't leave. Julia puts Willie on the spot for not coming up with more convincing lies for Burke. She says she needs to do something to curb Burke's suspicions.

Burke and Vicki arrive at The Blue Whale. He orders them a couple of coffees. Vicki asks him what he wants to talk about. He says he needs her to do something for him that she won't understand. He asks her to promise that she won't go to the old house, and that she'll stay away from Barnabas Collins. He says he has good reasons.

Our thoughts

John: Burke is hot on Barnabas' trail. Will he be the one to finally utter the 'v' word?

Christine: I wonder what Barnabas will do when he hears Burke was snooping around at the Old House.

John: Now that Burke has let Julia know he has suspicions about Barnabas, it seems like it's going to be the beginning of the end for him. Julia needs to get Barnabas healthy enough to appear in the daylight soon, or she'll have to start hypnotizing everyone in town before Barnabas kills them!

Christine: Julia admitted her feelings of fondness for Barnabas. Could romance be in the air?

John: I guess we'll see how Vicki reacts to Burke's request tomorrow. I don't think she's going to take too kindly to his controlling behavior before they're even married.

Christine: She probably won't take kindly to it after they're married either. I have a feeling Vicki will disregard his orders.

Bartender Bob Rooney has the day off and this is the classy dude serving up drinks at the BW today.


  1. Christine's last comment makes a lot of sense. Dark Shadows is full of female characters who think for themselves. Any time one of them doesn't, that's the exception.

    1. We'll soon see how Barnabas is coping with Women's Lib.