Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 294 - 8/10/67

Maggie is begging for someone to help her.

Sarah appears and says she'll help her get home. Sarah looks around and says she doesn't like the room they're in. She tells Maggie she made a new friend, David. Maggie asks how Sarah will help her get home. Maggie tells her where to find the key to unlock the door. Sarah says she'll help her, as long as she does exactly what she's told.

Sarah tells Maggie to call the nurse. Maggie does, and the nurse opens the door to find Sarah sitting on the bed singing London Bridge. While distracted, Maggie sneaks out and closes the door behind her. The nurse tries to get out, and when she turns around she sees that Sarah is gone.

Barnabas, Vicki and Burke admire the old house Vicki saw.

Burke says he didn't see the no trespassing sign, and Barnabas points it out. Burke is surprised that Barnabas can see it so far away and in the dark.

Barnabas distributes candles so they can see as they explore the house. Vicki wants to explore everything, including the attic. Burke tells her they should be cautious, and Barnabas suggests that the house appears to be in fine shape. Barnabas offers to explore the house on their behalf. He goes upstairs, and Burke tells Vicki that the house could lead to a very rosy future.

Sarah and Maggie walk through the woods. Maggie asks Sarah how she got out, and Sarah says it was the same way she got in. They sing London Bridge as they walk through the woods.

Burke suggests they should head back, and tells Vicki to call Barnabas.  She calls to him, but there's no answer. Burke comments on how chilly the house is. Vicki say she thinks Barnabas likes the house more than Burke does. Burke suggests they can leave Barnabas to find his own way home. Barnabas comes downstairs and gives Vicki an embroidered handkerchief he found.

Barnabas, Burke and Vicki arrive at The Blue Whale. Barnabas offers to get them drinks. She thanks Burke for coming with her to the house. They discuss her fascination with the past. Barnabas returns with their drinks.

Vicki says she thinks that may be the only house she could be happy in for the rest of her life. Vicki sees Maggie enter the bar, and is speechless. Burke asks what's wrong, and she says it's Maggie Evans. Maggie slowly walks in, and while Barnabas ignores her, she faints, falling to the floor.

Our thoughts

John: Sarah sneaks Maggie out, and in no time at all she's walked all the way from Windcliff to The Blue Whale. Isn't that hundreds of miles?

Christine: Sarah seems to have suddenly become very resourceful. Perhaps she flagged down a ride and helped her hitch her way back to Collinsport.

John: Does Burke honestly think he has a chance with Vicki? She seems far too captivated by Barnabas.

Christine: Now that we've seen the house Vicki is in love with, I'm wondering what about it fascinates her. It looks like a murder house to me.

John: Barnabas is rather rude as he refuses to look at Maggie after she enters the bar. You'd think that a dead girl walking into a bar would attract everyone's attention.

Christine: Things look bad for Barnabas. The onlookers appear to be too stunned to notice his unusual reaction, though we'll see how it all works out tomorrow.


  1. "Perhaps she flagged down a ride and helped her hitch her way back to Collinsport."

    That would be fitting, considering the "phantom hitchhiker" tradition.

  2. How Maggie and Sarah covered that distance (I believe it was 100 miles) in such a short time is one of my biggest pet peeves of the entire series! However, it was worth it for that final scene that worked very well. Barnabas was obviously afraid that she would immediately recognize him as her kidnapper, thus his turning away from her as she entered the Blue Whale.