Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 302 - 8/22/67

Barnabas reviews a book of family portraits. Julia enters to tell him she'll be giving him his injection soon. Barnabas points out that Jeremiah Collins resembles Burke Devlin, and if Burke were also dead, he would be content. Julia reminds Barnabas that he's agreed not to harm anyone. He tells her he finds getting orders from a woman quite unattractive.

She brings up his sister Sarah, and asks if he's focused on her. He tells her that Sarah has been dead for 200 years. She tells him that it's egotistical for him to think that only his kind as the ability to come back from death. She says that his concern about Sarah could be impeding her treatment of him. She says that if Sarah has in fact returned, they must find her before she destroys their plans. He confirms that Sarah is back, and that she confronted him the other night. Julia asks where he was. He admits that he heard her singing when he was in Maggie Evans' room. He said he had to convince himself that she wasn't a threat. Julia asks what powers Sarah has over him. He speaks of her innocence and beauty, and the holiness of her heart's perfection. He admits to loving her like no other. Julia asks if it was Barnabas that willed Sarah to return. She suggests that Sarah may represent that side of himself. They head downstairs for his injection.

Vicki sits in the drawing room when Liz enters. She says she's waiting for Burke to arrive. Liz asks if she's decided about his proposal. She tells her not to let anyone rush her decision. Julia enters, and tells Liz that his cousin is fascinating. Vicki steps outside to wait for Burke, and Julia says she may see them later as Barnabas is taking her into Collinsport. Julia asks Liz about Sarah Collins. Liz says that all she knows is that she died as a little girl.  Liz expresses interest in Julia's work, and asks what other books she has written. Julia says she wouldn't be interested in them. Liz tells her that if she's as nimble with the written word as the spoken word, she must be quite a writer. Liz says that in no time at all she turned the conversation from being about Julia to being about Liz.

On the terrace, Burke kisses Vicki. She chides him for being late, and asks if there's ever any time he doesn't work. She tells him that she needs to know before answering his question. She asked what information he was getting, and Burke says he was just getting some information from London. Vicki tells him that she doesn't know a lot about him. Burke tells her that he can offer her love and security in the future, but not the past, so she should forget it. She breaks down and tells him that she'll marry him.

Barnabas stops by to see Liz, who is still with Julia in the drawing room. He credits Julia and her stimulating conversations on his current happiness. Liz tells Julia that many think Barnabas has a monopoly on old world charm. Vicki and Burke come in, and she announces to the group that they are going to be married. Julia asks if they've set a date while Barnabas turns away, and says, "Jeremiah." Liz congratulates Burke, and Vicki approaches Barnabas. He says he's in favor of anything that will bring her happiness. He excuses himself as he promised to take Julia into Collinsport. After they leave, Liz says Barnabas was in such good spirits when he arrived, only to leave rather depressed.

In the garden, Barnabas bemoans Burke Devlin. He asks Julia how much more time her experiments will take, and the chances of complete success. She points out it should be a few more weeks, and the chances were good. Barnabas explains that once he's cured, he'll ensure the wedding of Burke and Vicki never takes place.

Our thoughts

John: Stylish smoking jacket on BC today. One of the nicer pieces we've seen from the Ohrbach's collection.

Christine: He is certainly the well dressed man about the house. What a delightful interaction between Barnabas and Julia to begin the show today! They sound like an old married couple. I love how she tells him that he seems sensitive in response to his chauvinistic remark about the unattractive habit of women giving orders.

John: For a second, it looked like Burke was going to blow his chance with Vicki. But rather than press him, she basically forgot about all her issues and agreed to marry him.

Christine: It makes it hard not to lose a little bit of respect for Vicki.

John: Liz was starting to grill Julia, who like Barnabas doesn't seem to have a full fake history mapped out. How long will she be able to maintain the charade of being a historian?

Christine: The terrace has been the hot new set lately. The gurgling fountain is a nice touch.

"Well, doctor, I was beginning to think that you weren't going to come out of your little playroom for the rest of the evening." -Barnabas


  1. The show is really starting to fire on all cylinders with these last two episodes. It's easy to see why the ratings were starting to go up during this period. Frid and Hall make a wonderful team. It's also nice to see Liz actually smiling for a change. The only thing that doesn't ring 100% true is Vicki and Burke. Anthony George just looks uncomfortable with all the kissing. Too bad Mitch Ryan didn't get a crack at these episodes...he had a spark that AG just didn't quite possess.

    1. I agree, Paul. Frid and Hall definitely play well together. I didn't initially have the impression that Anthony George looked uncomfortable with all the kissing, but perhaps that's what makes it so unpleasant to watch. #299 was especially bad. blech! I'm definitely missing MR.