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Dark Shadows Episode 299 - 8/17/67

Barnabas startles Vicki in the garden. He apologizes, and points out the silence, and how soothing it is. He then goes on about the moon, and only being out at night. He asks her if a lifetime of moonlight would appeal to her, and she says it might. He says he's discovered some rare family histories, and he invites her over to see them. She apologizes, saying that she has a date with Burke Devlin that night and the next night.

Julia joins them in the garden, and Vicki goes upstairs to change for her date. Before she goes, she thanks Barnabas for the invitation, and asks for a raincheck. After she's gone, Julia says he told her he was going to leave her alone. She explains that he can never be more than friends with Vicki. She tells him that Vicki is in love with Burke Devlin, and Barnabas dismisses the thought. She tells him she won't argue with him, and warns him to stay away from Vicki. 

In her room, Vicki considers dress options for her date. There's a knock at her door and Julia is there to see her. She asks if she can help Vicki prepare for her date. Vicki asks her to help choose a dress. Julia suggests a blue dress. She also offers advice to Vicki. She suggests that she not go to see Barnabas. She explains she's gotten to know him very well, and he's a very sensitive person. Vicki doesn't understand her. Julia explains that Barnabas is a bachelor, and Vicki is a young, attractive girl. Vicki assures her that she's wrong, and Julia tells her that she's sure she's right. Julia says if she doesn't want to hurt Barnabas, Vicki should stay away from him.

Vicki and Burke are in the garden. He points out that she's been quiet all evening. She apologizes, and he says he's fine spending time with her, even when she's quiet. He then points out some stars to her. He says his father taught him. He then mentions his father ran out on his family. He says he shouldn't complain to her, but she talks of happy times at the foundling home. Burke tells her that she must know how he feels about her. And he doesn't need her to say anything. They kiss, and Burke mentions that when he arrived a year ago, all he was focused on was the destruction of the Collins family. He didn't know that he'd find someone like her.

From across the garden, Barnabas watches Burke and Vicki kissing.

In the foyer, Burke and Vicki continue kissing. They make arrangements to meet the next night when Julia bursts in on them. Vicki says goodnight to Burke and goes upstairs, while he asks Julia into the drawing room to talk to her. He tells her that the legends of Collinwood have caused Vicki to imagine things that aren't there. He thinks that's bad for her. Julia tells him that she agrees with him. She says she'll do her best to discourage her. He thanks her for her cooperation.

 At 3am, Vicki is asleep in bed when Barnabas visits her room. He leans in, and then stands up without harming her. He moves to the end of her bed and watches her. He then goes to her night table and opens Josette's music box. He leaves the room as the music plays. 

Our thoughts

John: After Julia sends Barnabas away, the music builds to a crescendo leading us to believe something bad is about to happen to her... and then nothing. That can't have been on purpose, can it?

Christine: That is Cue 142: "Circular, Fear, Tremolo Curtain," and I think it implies something bad may happen to Vicki rather than Julia. The cue plays after Julia warns Barnabas to stay away from Vicki, and the next time we see him, he's back in Vicki's room working up the courage to bite her. Julia's threats obviously don't carry much weight, and he seems to be coming closer to doing the deed with each visit he makes to Vicki's room.

John: Burke and Vicki sure aren't kidding around. Seems like the writers are moving their relationship along in high gear all of a sudden. I wonder what Carolyn will have to say about that.

Christine: Anthony George seems to have a lot of enthusiasm for his role today. I don't think we've ever seen so much kissing on the show before. I think Carolyn is over Burke, though it may make her dwell on her lack of a romantic partner, especially now that Joe has Maggie back. Buzz is history, so what eligible bachelor is available for Carolyn? Willie? Sam?

John: Gotta give Barnabas credit. While he's still a creepy stalker, sneaking into the rooms of young girls in the dead of night, at least he's refraining from biting them. I don't know if that music box alone is going to be able to counter Burke Devlin AND Julia Hoffman.

Christine: Did he just walk in through the front door to get to Vicki's room? What happened to the usual way of entering through the window?

This is just creepy.

This is also creepy.

This is creepiest.

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  1. I really don't have a one-track mind about this, but when I see Grayson Hall getting friendly with another female character and "helping her pick out clothes," it's hard not to think of her "Night of the Iguana" character. Even though the meaning of this scene is completely different.