Friday, August 25, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 305 - 8/25/67

David plays in the forest when Sarah surprises him. He asks where she lives and she says she can't tell him. She says it's hard to explain. He says he likes secrets. She says she told him that her friend Maggie Evans was alive. He says he likes that about her. He says people have been asking about her. They want to know who she is and where she lives, and since he doesn't know, he can't tell them. He says he has to go and she asks him to stay and play with her longer. He asks if she ever has to go home for dinner, and she says no. He asks if she can stay out as long as she wants, and she says yes. He tells her she's lucky, and starts to leave. She says she hates to be alone. She says if he stays and plays with her now, she'll show him a secret place nobody knows about. He asks where it is, and she says Eagle Hill. He tells her to show him.

Barnabas bids Willie a good evening. Willie says he's later than usual, and asks if anything is the matter. He says yes, and asks for Dr. Hoffman. He says something is affecting him. Willie asks if it's the experiments. Barnabas says he thinks so, and wonders if he should be Hoffman's guinea pig. He says he may need to end her experiments. He also says that he doesn't understand the presence of Sarah. There's a knock at the door, and Willie lets Dr. Hoffman in. Barnabas says something is happening to him, and he thinks it's her experiment. She says that it's taking effect, and they're making progress. Barnabas says they had better be. She goes downstairs to prepare for some tests. Barnabas tells Willie that he doesn't trust her. He tells Willie if he suspects she's harming him, he must destroy her, and Willie says he understands.

David is in Eagle Hill cemetery calling for Sarah. She appears and says she was right behind him. David says it's a pretty creepy place to play. He asks what's so secret about this place. She tells him to follow her, and they approach the Collins family tomb. He asks if her secret place is in there, and she says yes. She invites him in with her, and he hesitates. She tells him to open the door, and they enter the tomb.

Julia tells Barnabas that she's pleased with the test results. Barnabas suggests that she's lying, and that she'd say anything to continue her experiments. She tells him she's altered the cellular structure of his blood cells. He reminds her that her life is at stake. She asks if it's necessary for him to continually remind her of his threats. He asks how much longer the experiments will continue. He says if he continues to feel weak, he will put an end to the experiments. He says he needs his strength to deal with someone who is in his way. She asks if he means Burke Devlin, and Barnabas says yes. He's asking questions and interfering with his plans. Julia says if he's interfering with Barnabas' plans, then he's interfering with her plans as well. She thinks there's a solution that doesn't require violence. She asks him to let her handle it. He tells her to do it for Burke's sake, and for hers.

David asks Sarah what kind of games she plays in the tomb. She says sometimes she sits and thinks, and other times she cries. He says the place is a cool secret, and she says that's not the secret. She tells him to pull the ring in the lion's mouth, but he can't reach it. She says to stand on Naomi Collins' crypt and pull the ring. He does and a door opens.

They go inside and David points out the coffin. He asks her who's in there, and she says to open it so he can see. He thinks it's wrong, and she says he has to see. She helps him lift the coffin open.

Our thoughts

John: Has David just found the remains of Jason McGuire?

Christine: Surely he would have looked a little more horrified if he had just seen a rotting corpse. Sarah looks pretty pleased with herself though, so you could be right.

John: Doesn't Barnabas realize that Julia's experiments are going to make him human again, and therefore mortal? Of course he's going to feel worse.

Christine: It could be that he was more upset about being debilitated at a time when he needs all his strength to fend off Burke Devlin. It's also natural for him to be wary of Julia's motives, since most humans tend to destroy vampires, rather than befriend them, as Julia has.

John: So Julia is going to handle the Burke Devlin problem. That should be interesting...

Christine: Most certainly. She created an advantage for herself in cooperating with him to get Vicki to think less of Josette and more about becoming Mrs. Devlin.


  1. If you'll remember, Barnabas and Willie buried Jason underneath the flagstones in the secret room, so his corpse can't be in the coffin. Also, I always assumed that the coffin in the basement of the old house was the same one from the secret room, but apparently not.

    1. We never actually saw them bury him. We only saw Willie tossing some dirt with a shovel, which would strongly suggest that's where he was buried. However, considering the number of events that have been retconned on DS, there is a slight chance that David has just found Jason McGuire's body in the coffin, and I think that may be what the writers want us to believe. Wouldn't that be cool? We'll find out for sure on Monday! ;)

      I also used to be under the impression that Barnabas had Willie move his coffin from the secret room to the basement. Since Barnabas had Willie build a coffin for Maggie, he must have also had him make the one in the basement for him.

    2. True, we never actually SAW them put the body into the ground, but that would've been a little much for 1967 daytime TV. I always thought it was ironic that they buried Jason much the same way he supposedly buried Paul Stoddard. Still, it is a nice use of the "what's in the coffin" cliffhanger that the writers used on a few occasions.