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Dark Shadows Episode 307 - 8/29/67

Sam tells Maggie that it's too dangerous for her to leave the house. He assures her that it won't be for that much longer, and she tells him he can't stop her from leaving the house tonight. He threatens to keep her home by force. There's a knock at the door and Joe comes in. She complains about being trapped. She asks Joe to tell her father that a few minutes in town can't hurt. He says they're only trying to help her. She stomps off to her room. Sam says she should be safe in town if they're both with her. He tells Joe to go to The Blue Whale to get them all a table and he'll talk to her and then bring her along.

Joe finds Vicki alone and asks to join her. She lets him, and says Burke should arrive soon. He explains what's been going on with Maggie. Joe says the only things Maggie remembers are a piece of music, and a little girl she met. Vicki asks about the little girl, and says she was telling the truth. She talks about Sarah figuring into Maggie's sequence of events. She thinks that Sarah might know something the rest of them don't know. Sam and Maggie join them, and Joe tells them that Vicki might have figured things out. Vicki talks about all of the Sarah sightings recently. Joe reminds Sam that Sarah told him where to look for Maggie. Vicki says that David might be able to help them find Sarah.

Burke shows up, and when he leans in to kiss Vicki she pulls away. He gives his regards to Maggie.

Sam, Joe and Maggie leave Burke alone with Vicki. He asks what's bothering her, and she tells him that he is. She raises his investigation of Barnabas. Burke tells her that if Barnabas' background is clean, it won't matter. But he says he thinks Barnabas is hiding something. Burke asks Vicki why Barnabas doesn't talk about his life in England. Burke tells her that Barnabas gave him a name of who he stayed with in England, and that person died 130 years ago. Burke also points out that while Maggie didn't recognize the others when she returned, she did react to Barnabas. Vicki tells Burke that if he continues to malign Barnabas, she'll never marry him.

Our thoughts

John: It seemed odd to me that Sam wouldn't even let Maggie go out escorted by Joe, but then he came around and allowed that to happen. Not that they stayed long. Just long enough for Burke to show up.

Christine: Blue Whale jukebox aficionados might like to know that the popular tune that's playing on the jukebox when Vicki meets Joe at the Blue Whale is from the 1966 film, Un homme et une femme. The last time we heard anything close to pop music at the BW was when muzak versions of the Beatles' songs, Yesterday and Michelle, played on the jukebox in Episode 156. I have a fondness for the Bob Cobert tracks myself, though it's nice to hear something novel every now and then. Dan Curtis must have been in the mood to splurge.

John: I look forward to the villagers taking up torches in search of Sarah. Wait until they find out she's a ghost!

Christine: I think this is the first time we've seen Joe smoke on the show. It's especially noticeable when Maggie is having a conversation with Vicki as the camera remains oddly fixed on Joe. He appears to notice and then turns his head and nervously puffs away.

John: Vicki gives Burke the cold shoulder, and makes it clear that she's not happy with his bothering Barnabas. The wedge has officially been driven.

Christine: Burke is in a tough spot. He could continue the investigation on Barnabas and risk losing Vicki, or could halt his inquiry, allowing Barnabas to go unchecked, and risk losing Vicki.

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