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Dark Shadows Episode 289 - 8/3/67

The storm keeps Vicki up at night. She listens to her music box when Carolyn comes in. They look outside where Vicki thinks she sees someone near a tree.

Outside the house, Barnabas lurks in the shadows.

Vicki suggests that they go to sleep in the hope of the storm being gone in the morning. Carolyn returns to her room and Vicki gets into bed. After she falls asleep, Barnabas appears in the room. He makes his way to her bed and leans over her. He once again backs away. He walks over to Josette's music box and opens it, leaving it playing as he leaves through the window he entered. Vicki wakes to the sound of the music box and shuts it. There's a knock at her door. It's Carolyn again, this time saying the power has gone out. She tells Carolyn that she thinks someone was in the room with her, and that she was in some kind of danger when something intervened.

Vicki and Carolyn make their way downstairs by candlelight. They find Julia in the drawing room, reviewing the family books by candlelight. She says Mrs. Johnson has some coffee brewing. Carolyn goes to get more cups, and Julia asks Vicki if she has any insights on Josette. Vicki does her best Barnabas Collins and describes Josette in great detail. She asks Vicki why she's so interested in her, and Vicki explains that Josette made several contacts through her. She says talking to Barnabas about Josette didn't hurt. She asks if it was his idea that she would wear Josette's dress to the party. Vicki confirms it. Julia asks what she's holding, and Vicki shows her Josette's music box. She tells her Barnabas gave it to her. She plays it for Julia, describing the tinkling sound it makes, which triggers a memory for Julia. Vicki tells her she plays it over and over because she loves it. Vicki also describes how Josette always wore Jasmine perfume. This triggers another memory for Julia. She says it's almost as if Barnabas is trying to recreate Josette.

Vicki is offended by her insinuations. She goes upstairs as Carolyn comes back. Carolyn says she might be upset about the music box, as she thought someone had been in her room. Julia asks Carolyn if Vicki has an inclination for the supernatural. The power comes back on, so Carolyn goes up to bed. Julia stays downstairs to finish her coffee. Once Carolyn is gone, she sneaks out the front door.

At the old house, Barnabas stares out at the main house. Willie comes in and points out that it's almost dawn. Barnabas tells Willie he wishes that he could make the night eternal, but that's a power he'll never have. Outside, Julia approaches the old house and peers in the window. Barnabas sends Willie to Portland to pick up some things. He tells Willie that he wants him to watch over the house. He doesn't want the Hoffman woman coming in. He says it's time for him to go downstairs, and that Willie should leave now.

After Willie leaves, Julia waits for the sun to rise and tries to sneak into the house. She tries the door and a few windows before she finds an open one. She works her way downstairs to where Barnabas' coffin lies. She lifts the lid and sees Barnabas lying inside.

Our thoughts

John: So in Collinwood they drink coffee when they can't sleep, get up when the power is off, and go back to bed once it comes back on. Maybe they're all vampires...

Christine: It's a topsy-turvy household. How is it that Vicki didn't wake up immediately when Barnabas opened the music box? I wouldn't think she'd be sleeping that deeply after seeing someone lurking outside her window on a stormy night.

John: Well that was quick. Julia has pissed off Vicki. So much for her being Julia's number one fan.

Christine: What does Vicki think Julia is insinuating when she says Barnabas is trying to recreate Josette? That he wants Vicki to participate in a perverted role-playing fantasy involving one of the ancestors? Well, he does, and Vicki must be upset because she knows it's true. It looks like Julia has the evidence she needs to connect Maggie to Barnabas. What will she do with it?

John: Damn! Julia certainly wastes no time breaking into the old house and making her way to Barnabas in his coffin! Not to mention her first to do so without quivering in fear, or getting grabbed by the throat!

Christine: And it's not even Friday! She looks excited to see that she was right about him, and her lack of fear makes is fascinating to watch, since it's not the typical reaction most characters have when finding a vampire in his coffin.

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  1. Grayson Hall is really breathing some life into this cast. We finally have a character that looks like she can go toe-to-toe with Barnabas and isn't afraid of ruffling the feathers of the others. Stay tuned...