Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 308 - 8/30/67

Maggie is excited to see Joe. He comes with news from the sheriff—no one knows who Sarah is. None of the Sarahs in Collinsport fits the description of the little girl Maggie saw. Sam thinks Sarah is a wild goose chase. Maggie suggests that David Collins might be able to help them. Sam and Joe leave Maggie to go talk to David.

Sam and Joe arrive at Collinwood to see David. They tell Carolyn they have something urgent to ask about. Joe asks David to introduce them to Sarah. David says he will, but that he can't depend on her.

Sam and Joe wander the woods, looking for Sarah. 

Joe suggests that perhaps Barnabas will know something about Sarah. They make their way to the old house to see Barnabas. Julia opens the door. Sam is surprised to see her. She says Barnabas is out, and he's allowing her access to his library. Sam tells her that he doesn't believe her. She asks why, and he tells her she's been focused on Collinwood and the old house. He thinks she must have some lead, and she tells him that she does not.

Carolyn and David arrive home. Julia asks if they had a nice time. David tells her they got all kinds of things, and then excuses himself to get something to eat. Carolyn asks Julia about her interest in Sarah, and she passes it off as a simple curiosity.

Sam and Joe return to the Evans' place. They wake Maggie, who comes out of her room clutching a doll, and claiming that Sarah had been there.

Our thoughts

John: How come no one else in or around Collinwood seems to be able to connect the dots about who Sarah is?

Christine: I believe the past excuse has been that since she died so young, nobody really knows too much about Barnabas' sister, so they have no reason to conclude that she's another ancestral ghost roaming the grounds.

John: Sam and Joe seem to let Julia off the hook a little too quickly. Wouldn't you press a little bit further to find out what she's doing hanging around Barnabas, instead of focusing on her patient's care?

Christine: Perhaps they are assuming that there is some romantic involvement between the two that's taking her focus off Maggie.

John: If the sheriff's guards were really watching over the house, don't you think they would have noticed a little girl in sneaking in? Or did she just show up in the house, ~ghost like.

Christine: Let's hope that's the realization that Joe, Maggie and Sam have when we see them next.

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  1. That close-up above has such a fitting "Julia" kind of look. Almost no one could juggle a lot of secrets the way she could, and that smile seems to be because of knowing that.