Friday, August 4, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 290 - 8/4/67

Julia makes her way to the basement of the old house where she finds a coffin. She lifts the lid to see Barnabas sleeping inside of it. She backs away from him.

Doctor Woodard tells Julia she doesn't believe her. He wants an explanation and she refuses to give him one. He threatens to take Maggie away from her. She asks why he thinks she's not treating Maggie, and he says she's 100 miles away from her. She says he's angry he hasn't gotten a day to day report. She says she hasn't had any success yet in her time at Collinwood. She uses that as an excuse why she hasn't been giving him reports. He calls her out, asking if she's lying to keep him out of the way. He says she always knows what she's doing and where she's going. She tells him she's very bored. She then confirms he'll let Maggie stay at Windcliff.

As Woodard leaves, Barnabas arrives. He says he didn't know she and Dr. Woodard were old friends. She asks if he's reconsidered cooperating with her. Vicki says she's glad he's going to talk to her. He asks how she has been enjoying the books. She tells him she's confused about the past and the present. She says she hope he won't be offended, but she says she needs to give Josette's music box back to him. He explains the music can't hurt her, and that he'd be hurt if she gives it back. He tells her she should allow it to become more familiar.

Barnabas apologizes to Julia for his behavior the other day. She asks if he can tell her about his namesake and his sister, Sarah. He reiterates that he'd rather not discuss it. She says his ancestor is most fascinating. He asks what she discovered, and she says she offered to tell him everything she knew if he would do the same. He offers to speak to her tomorrow at the old house. She suggests morning, then afternoon. He tells her he can meet in the evening. As they exit the drawing room, she mentions that she can't believe how much he resembles the portrait in the foyer.

In her bedroom, Julia opens the window. Vicki knocks on her door and she comes in to talk for a few minutes. She says she's concerned about getting trapped in the past. She hears dogs howling, and she mentions how she heard them on the night Maggie disappeared. She leaves to go back to her own bed

A few hours later, Barnabas approaches Julia's bed. From behind him, she bids Barnabas a good evening, and tells him she's been waiting for him for a very long time.

Our thoughts

John: Julia is once again playing Woodard like a fiddle. You'd think by now he'd pick up on this, but no, he's wrapped around her finger.

Christine: I like how it was set up to have us think that Julia was telling Dr. Woodard what she found out about Barnabas, by opening the scene having him say he didn't believe her. It leads us to wonder about Dr. Hoffman's unusual reaction to discovering a vampire, and motivation for keeping that knowledge to herself.

John: Were they building a new set during today's shoot? It sounded like Willie was remodeling on the main house while Vicki and Barnabas were chatting...

Christine: Somebody had better go see what David is up to in his room. All that noise is making Barnabas even more tongue tied than usual.

John: Julia may have laid a perfect trap to catch Barnabas, but I don't know if she's got anything to protect herself from him. I guess we'll find out next week!

Christine: She seems to have some reason for feeling confident that Barnabas will not kill her. I enjoyed their conversation in today's episode, with Julia practically giving away that she knows what he is. Vicki's statement that she's afraid she'll get so far in the past she won't be able to get back may foreshadow events to come.

The portrait of Isaac Collins in now hanging in Julia's room. Maybe it's like a Hogwarts portrait that allows him to move from room to room through the other portraits. It could explain why he's never in the same place.


Paul Haney said...

Just when you think Dr. Woodard actually grew a spine, he kowtows to Hoffman once again. He's such a pushover. Wonder if Julia can work the same magic on Barnabas.

Lisa said...

So tired of hearing Barnabas say he is going to kill someone!

Christine said...

Ha! Better stop watching now, Lisa! Actually, don't. This show is a lot of fun. Hope you're enjoying it (despite Barnabas' incessant death threats) and are having as much fun as we did commenting on the show. Thanks for your comments. It's always great to hear what others have to say about it.