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Dark Shadows Episode 300 - 8/18/67

Julia finds Vicki watching the sunset from the drawing room. She mentions having had a nice chat with Burke the night before. Vicki asks Julia if she knows anything about dreams. She says that she dreamed that someone had been in her room. She wasn't afraid, and she thinks someone was in her room, because her music box was open and playing when she woke. Julia says it doesn't make any sense, unless it was David playing a joke. Vicki says she asked David and he said he didn't. Julia suggests that Vicki likely opened the music box herself.

Liz walks in and asks how Julia's research has been going. She explains it's been going well, and that she's going to meet with Barnabas. After she leaves, Liz tells Vicki that Burke made a firm offer on the Seaview property. She says that she thinks Burke will be the new owner in a matter of days.

In the old house, Barnabas looks for Willie. He calls for him and Willie runs downstairs. He asks for an update, and Willie says Burke didn't come to the house, and Vicki never left. Barnabas tells him to follow them on their date and report back. Willie asks if Barnabas is afraid of losing her to Burke. He threatens to kill Willie and sends him away.

Julia tells Barnabas that the structure of his blood is changing. She says that the experiment appears to be successful. She says his skepticism will fade in time. He says she must cure him. She says she'll do what she can, but he must cooperate with her. She calls him out for sneaking into Vicki's room last night. He doesn't deny it. She asks why he was there, and he explains he was just looking at her. She tells him that he can't risk that again. She demands that he stay away from Vicki. He tells her that he's not accustomed to taking orders. She says he must do what she says, or the others will find out everything. He agrees. They agree that they have no choice but to trust each other.

Burke and Vicki kiss in the garden. He tells her he put a bid in on the house. Vicki says it would be perfect for him. He asks if she knows why he wants it, and she says that he loves it as much as she does. He tells her he wants it to be their home, and asks her to marry him. She's shocked. He asks for her answer, but she hesitates. She says there are a million things to think about. There's David, and the rest of the Collins family. Burke tells her that she's going to have to leave them someday. She says she needs some time to think. He tells her he'll ask her every day until she breaks down and says yes.

Willie watches them from across the garden.

Barnabas stops in to see Liz. He asks if she decided to sell the beach property to Burke. He says he had taken a fancy to the house, and hates to see it end up outside the family. Liz says that Burke and Vicki have been going out, and Vicki really loves the house. Barnabas says Vicki wouldn't consider marriage, and asks Liz if she would be opposed to that. She says that she wouldn't encourage or discourage her. She just wants Vicki to be happy.

Willie enters the old house looking for Barnabas. Barnabas returns home, and asks what Willie heard. Willie says that Burke proposed, and that Vicki asked for some time. Barnabas says there will be no marriage. He says Burke Devlin must die.

Out thoughts

John: That's one hell of a music box that plays all night long. Most only last a few minutes when fully wound.

Christine: Wait a minute. Barnabas has a heartbeat? And Julia says it's normal. I'm confused. I thought he was dead.

John: Funny that we all knew Burke was going to propose to Vicki, and she was the only one surprised. Maybe things would have been different if Mitchell Ryan was still playing Burke...

Christine: Oh snap!

John: How many unfulfilled declarations of death has Barnabas made now? Maggie must die... Dr. Hoffman must die... Burke must die... Yeah, whatever, Barnabas.

Christine: Maybe Burke will be the exception. Does Julia want Barnabas to stay away from Vicki because she's worried about her or because she wants Barnabas for herself?

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