Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 292 - 8/8/67

Dr. Hoffman is at the old house when Dr. Woodard stops in to check on her. He asks what she's doing there, and says without more information, he's going to take Maggie away from her. She tells him that's too dangerous, and he says he won't leave until she tells him why. She says it's too dangerous for Maggie to go out into the world. She tells him that the work she's doing in Collinwood is the only thing that can help her. He explains that Sam and Joe are demanding to know what's going on, with Dr. Hoffman in Collinwood while Maggie is back at Windcliff. She tells Woodard that Maggie came face to face with the supernatural. She says she's going to make a breakthrough having to do with life and death, and the doctors involved will go down in history. She lets on that she'll need his help, but that for now he needs to keep Sam and Joe at bay. He asks her if there's something at Collinwood relating to Maggie and what happened to her. She says she doesn't want to tell him before she can protect him from it.

David finds Sarah in the woods, crying. She tells him she lost something. He asks what, and she says her friend, Maggie. He asks if she means Maggie Evans, and explains that they won't find her, because she's dead. Sarah laughs, and says she isn't dead. David is adamant that she's wrong. Sarah says she'd know if Maggie were dead. David invites her back to the house to play, and she says she's not welcome most places.

Burke Devlin arrives at the main house and meets Julia. He asks her about her work, and why she's investigating the Collins family. She says that her goal is to point out how far back the Collins family goes. He wants to know what she's looking for. She jokingly describes wanting jewels buried in the basement. Vicki storms in from outside and says something wonderful happened. She said she's in love. She found a house down the road on the coast. She says it's her dream house. Burke says he'd like to see it.

David arrives at the house with Sarah. Vicki comes out, and when David says he brought a friend home for dinner. Vicki asks where she is, and David turns around to see she's gone. Vicki says she may have gone home. David says he felt bad that she was crying about Maggie, who she thinks is alive.

Dr. Hoffman is startled by this, and asks if David has any other friends. He goes upstairs, and Julia tells Vicki that she wouldn't recommend encouraging him. Vicki finds Sarah's bonnet on the floor, surprising Julia.

Our thoughts

John: If I were Woodard, I'd definitely think Hoffman was a quack. I can't believe he's allowing her to continue on her wayward path.

Christine: Dr. Woodard is a bit of a quack himself, though it does beg the question of what sort of hold she has over him. Is it just the power of her personality or is there some unrequited love?

John: Burke starts to give Julia the third-degree until Vicki comes in talking about the house she found. That scene felt oddly out of place. Is this the launching point of a new story arc for Vicki?

Christine: Burke's become rather nosy and overbearing. What business is it of his what Julia is doing at Collinwood?

John: Why would Julia be surprised to hear David talk about Sarah, considering she knows about her from Maggie, and must be aware of her relationship to Barnabas?

Christine: It's possible she's alarmed that Sarah may have special knowledge about what went down between Maggie and Barnabas, and may tell David all about it. 

John: Also, today we wish a very Happy Birthday to Christine!


  1. Thanks, Grant! I'm still celebrating, so you're just in time. Thanks for the awesome cake, John. :)