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Dark Shadows Episode 301 - 8/21/67

Willie says he almost regrets telling Barnabas that Burke proposed to Vicki. Barnabas says Devlin is an obstacle that must be dealt with. He must be removed permanently. Willie tries to dissuade him. He asks what his plan is. Barnabas says he will deal with him like he did with Jason McGuire. Willie points out that everyone was expecting Jason to leave. Burke has roots in Collinwood, so people will notice if he vanishes without a trace. Willie tells him it will be worse than the search for Maggie Evans. They'll search the house and find the coffin in the cellar. Willie convinces Barnabas that now is not the time to get rid of Devlin.

Burke and Vicki kiss outside the main house. He tells her he wishes she could have said yes to him tonight, and she thanks him for giving her time to think. They come inside and Liz greets them. She asks to speak with Burke for a moment, and Vicki goes upstairs. They retire to the drawing room. Liz says she's decided to sell Burke the house. He's very excited. He tells Liz that they've had their last conflict, and she suggests that they drink to that. She tells him not to let anything stand in the way of his happiness.

Vicki comes downstairs and finds Liz still in the drawing room. She tells Vicki that she told Burke she decided to sell the house to him. She asks Vicki if she's fond of him. Liz says he's fond of her, too. Vicki asks if she really thinks so. Liz says she doesn't need to be that perceptive to notice. She tells Liz that Burke asked her to marry him, and that she told him she had to think it over carefully. She asks Liz to help her decide, but Liz tells her she needs to decide on her own. She asks if Liz were strongly against it, would she say so, and Liz says yes. Vicki thanks her and returns upstairs.

Burke jokes with others in The Blue Whale when Barnabas arrives.

He leaves his company and offers Barnabas a drink before they close. Barnabas asks if he's celebrating, and Burke says he's excited about the future. Burke doesn't go into detail, noting it's a personal issue that's not quite final. Barnabas suggests that his prospects may not work out. Barnabas adds that he too may soon have something to celebrate. Burke asks Barnabas if they really like each other. They speak to each other like they're playing a high stakes card game. Barnabas describes their relationship as a duel; two master swordsmen. Burke says he prefers his simile, in which one either wins or loses, rather than life or death. Barnabas says Burke makes him out to be evil. Burke offers a toast, whether it be to cards or sabres. Burke says he'd like to get to know Barnabas better. Barnabas clarifies knowing him, or knowing about him. Burke brings up their prior conversation, where Barnabas mentioned living in London with his cousin. He asks his name again, and Barnabas reiterates Nile Bradford. The bar prepares to close, and after Barnabas leaves, Burke picks up the phone to place an overseas call to London.

Our thoughts

John: Everybody is taking turns talking Barnabas off the wall these days. This time, Willie was the one, despite constant threats of death from his boss.

Christine: Barnabas claims he always gets what he goes after. I guess that was sort of true about Maggie until his little sister helped her escape.

John: While I still don't buy that Burke and Liz are best buds, at least they addressed it in a conversation today. I guess we can say that hatchet is officially buried.

Christine: Speaking of burying the hatchet (or not), where the heck is Roger? We last saw him at the séance in Episode 281. He'd probably be more than happy to get together with Barnabas and talk trash about Burke over a nice glass of amontillado.

John: Burke and Barnabas have a nice tête-à-tête, and while Vicki's name never came up, they basically put their cards on the table. And now Burke has a new adversary to focus on. It will be interesting to see what (if any) information he digs up on Nile Bradford...

Christine: Burke was so busy looking off to his left that he took no notice of Barnabas abstaining from his brandy after their toast.

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  1. That last scene between Burke and Barnabas is Dark Shadows at it's best. Those two appear to be headed for a showdown, or a duel, if you prefer.