Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 63 - 9/21/66

Joe and Carolyn go to the Blue Whale for a drink. She refuses to dance with him. He tries to get her to stop thinking of Bill Malloy, but nothing works. A new song comes on the jukebox and she agrees to dance with him.

Matthew brings some firewood into the drawing room. He asks Liz if he can do anything for her. She asks if there were any marks on Bill's body before he pushed it out to sea, and he says no. She mentions the autopsy says he had a blow to the head. Matthew suggests that it must have happened after he pushed the body back out to sea.

Maggie arrives at the Blue Whale looking for her dad. Joe and Carolyn are talking about Bill Malloy. She sits down to join them and asks if they've seen her dad, or Burke Devlin. Maggie and Carolyn argue about Burke's intentions. She says she's going to go meet with her father's companion in crime.

Back at Collinwood, Matthew asks if Burke Devlin is going to continue bothering Liz. She says he'll continue to use Bill Malloy's death to make accusations.

A knock at the front door signals the arrival of Maggie Evans. She asks to speak to Roger. Liz asks what she wants to talk to him about. If it involves her father, Roger and Burke Devlin. Maggie explains that it does. That Burke made accusations about her father and she wants to know if they're true. Liz suggests that her father should be able to answer her questions. Maggie pleads to see Roger, and Liz goes to check if he's available.

Matthew arrives at the Blue Whale as Joe and Carolyn are leaving. He asks if she's seen Burke Devlin. He then asks her to tell her mother that everything is going to be all right with regard to the Bill Malloy business. They leave, but come back and Carolyn asks Matthew what he's going to do to Burke. Matthew suggests that Burke was responsible for Bill's death.

Liz tells Maggie that Roger is not at home. Liz tells her not to believe Burke's claims. Maggie starts to leave, unsatisfied. Carolyn arrives at home to hear her mother speak ill of Burke Devlin. She asks if Liz thinks Burke is capable of committing murder. Liz says yes.

Our thoughts

John: I kept waiting for Matthew to reveal he had a gun on him in the Blue Whale. He clearly means to rid Collinsport of that scourge, Burke Devlin.

Christine: Matthew may not be playing with a full deck. I wonder how he plans on straightening things out with Burke.

John: Maggie has survived her first trip to Collinwood, and while she didn't encounter any ghosts, she confirmed that inside it's just as dark and cold as on the outside.

Christine: I think Elizabeth was responsible for the chill factor inside Collinwood. She's rather imposing in her manner with Maggie.

John: Sad thing for Maggie is that even if she speaks to Roger, he's not going to be any more truthful with her than he has been with anyone else.

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