Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Episode 52 - 9/6/66

Carolyn joins Vicki in her room in the middle of the night. She says no matter what anyone else says, she knows that they saw a dead man's body. Vicki thinks it's too coincidental for the body not to be Bill Malloy, and Carolyn refuses to believe that.

Maggie tries to convince her father to go to bed, but he says he's got too much on his mind. He's worried about Bill Malloy. He talks about evil forces in Collinwood. And he drinks. He asks if the letter he gave Maggie is safe. She said it's in the safe at the hotel.

Carolyn talks about ghosts and keeps hearing strange sounds. Vicki, sure that it's David, goes to investigate. He's sound asleep.

Sam tells Maggie to go to bed and leave him alone. He picks up the phone to make a call.

Vicki and Carolyn are awakened by a phone call. Sam says, "Collins," and when Vicki says hello, he hangs up. The girls hear sounds in the drawing room. A curtain moves, but no one is behind it. Vicki locks a window and blames the wind. The find the family history on the floor, and determined the book hitting the floor is the sound they heard. They can't come up with an explanation for how it fell, and place it back on a desk. After they leave, the book opens on its own to the page on Josette Collins.

Maggie checks in on Sam again. He makes up an excuse about being troubled about Burke's portrait.

Back in Vicki's room, Carolyn asked who called. Carolyn asks if it could have been Bill Malloy. Vicki says she's not sure; but calling and hanging up is something like a drunk would do.

Maggie tells her father that Bill Malloy put her through the third degree about him yesterday. She says she's going to read the letter. Sam says she has no rights to that letter, and demands she give it back to him. She swears she'll never read it.

Our thoughts

John: Sam lays on the melodrama pretty thick. At times it seems like he's acting in a different show than the rest of the cast.

Christine: He's an artist and a drunkard. Of course he's melodramatic, and perhaps somewhat abusive, though I agree he's a little over the top. Perhaps his fervent acting is what attracted Nancy Barrett to David Ford.

John: Who keeps the fire burning in the drawing room in the middle of the night? And if it's the ghostly members of the Collins clan, how come the girls don't think twice about it.

Christine: It's kind of a gothic thing to do, isn't it? Vicki says that so much has happened since she arrived that it's hard to realize it's only been a short while. Has even a month passed in Collinsport time? Carolyn says it's always been strange the way her mother never goes anywhere and that sometimes people drive by and stop and stare at the haunted house hoping to get a look at the witch and the witch's daughter. That would be cool if Elizabeth were a witch a la Madame Blanc. Maybe she's got rituals going on behind the locked door.

John: No sooner do we spot our first dead body than we get what can not be denied as our first official supernatural experience. And by that I mean since none of the characters witnessed it, they won't need to come up with a reason to deny it. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.

Christine: It seems the death at Widow's Hill has made the spirits restless.

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