Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode 57 - 9/13/66

Burke stops by the restaurant for a cup of coffee. Burke mentions how Bill Malloy gave him his start as a kid. Maggie breaks the news to him that Bill is dead. Burke describes Bill as the most honest man he ever met, and that's probably why he died. Maggie says honesty didn't kill Bill Malloy; he never learned how to swim, so he probably fell into the water and drowned. Burke asks if Maggie's Dad knows. Maggie says that he also took the news pretty hard. Burke goes to call the Sheriff.

Vicki arrives at the restaurant. They talk about Bill Malloy. Vicki says Liz and Carolyn were very upset. Burke asks how Roger felt, and leaves to see the Sheriff. Vicki asks Maggie why Burke suggested Roger Collins wasn't upset that Bill Malloy drowned. They talk about how Maggie told Vicki to turn around and go home as soon as she came to town, and Vicki explains that she came to Collinsport to find out about her past.

The Sheriff has Sam Evans tailed when Burke drops in to see him. While he's there, the autopsy report comes in. The Sheriff drinks a few cups of water before asking Burke about when he last saw Bill. He then asks what Burke was doing between 10:30 and 11:00. Burke asks if the Sheriff knew about the meeting at Roger's office at 11:00 with he, Roger, and Sam Evans. The Sheriff asks what the meeting was about. Burke says Malloy called the meeting because he had proof that could clear him of the manslaughter charge. The Sheriff says Roger also mentioned the meeting, but didn't know the reason why Bill called it. Burke asks if the Sheriff has spoken to Sam yet.

Maggie asks why Vicki thinks her father might know something about her past. She says he probably doesn't, but she has to find out. Maggie invites her to dinner that night.

The Sheriff asks Burke again where he was between 10:30 and 11:00. Burke explains he was at the Blue Whale before the meeting. The Sheriff pulls out a watch stopped at 10:45. He explains that he died of drowning, and that while he did have a blow to the head, they can't be sure when that happened.

Vicki arranges to pick Maggie up after work and drive her to the house for dinner. Burke asks Vicki about the rain check for dinner, and Vicki says she has plans with Maggie and Sam.

Our thoughts

John: How did Bill's watch end up in the Sheriff's office? And kudos to the Collinsport medical examiner for performing the fastest autopsy in recorded history.

Christine: Did the Sheriff pull the watch off the corpse? Does this guy know how to handle evidence? Maggie's so sensible to respond to Burke's theory that the good die young by suggesting Bill died because he didn't know how to swim. Of course, if he fell from the cliff into the water, it wouldn't have mattered. That could be how he hit his head or...

John: I think Burke does a good job proving his innocence, and while Roger will steadfastly stand by his story, the weak link in the chain is Sam Evans, who I assume the Sheriff will be seeing soon enough.

Christine: Sam is an artist who drinks too much and will be an easy target for the Sheriff to root out information.

John: Burke gives Vicki a new nickname, "the little governess." Carolyn will surely be jealous.

Christine: Especially when she finds out Burke is trying to hit Vicki up for dinner.  I am not sure what Vicki hopes to find out from Sam Evans about her past, but we shall see.

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